Secret confession

Secret confession

Information about the failure of military exercises in Kamchatka is confirmed. But not officially.
A source of the newspaper VIEW in the General Staff of the Navy confirmed that the results of the Pacific Fleet maneuvers in Kamchatka last week were disastrous. Previously reported by bloggers. The press service of the Navy for the third day declined to comment on this issue. Nevertheless, some eyewitnesses to the teachings call them "bright and enchanting."

The source of the newspaper VIEW in the General Staff of the Navy confirmed the earlier information that during the maneuvers stage last week the ships of the Pacific Fleet completely failed the shooting in Avacha Bay on Kamchatka.

“In fact, this is a very serious failure. I do not know how they will understand this situation on the spot, whether reprimands or resignations will follow, but you can be sure that the information about what happened will not reach the very top. To understand this, just look newsin which they do not get tired to say that our defense is strong nowhere else, ”said a senior officer from the General Staff.

According to the newspaper's interlocutor, he is well aware of the level of training in the Pacific Fleet: “Literate guys after a massive reduction of officers remained, but the educational level is clearly not enough. Imagine that the officers changed to sergeants. Yes, there is no one to take the literate, no one from the universities ran there, there is no one to train specialists. Although the problems, of course, are not only in personnel. ”

The failure of the naval exercises in Kamchatka, the interlocutor of the newspaper VIEW argues, is not an isolated example, it is difficult to maneuver in other branches of the military either.

“The exercises in the Astrakhan region also raised many questions. Although I personally did not attend there, it seems that during almost all of our recent exercises there was more pretentious than real results, ”he argues.

Although after three days of shooting in Kamchatka, it was already three days, the press service of the Navy on Friday again refused to give comments, citing the fact that "the exercises were defense ministries." Such a motivation can be puzzling, since both the Pacific Fleet and the entire Navy belong entirely to the Ministry of Defense.

Recall that the failure of shooting during maneuvers in Kamchatka was first told by the Kamchatka journalist Igor Kravchuk. In particular, he reported that none of the fired missiles hit the floating target, which used the floating box (PKZ-35). He learned from the local military that “not a single rocket reached the target, and the crew of the nuclear submarine was completely embarrassed, since the three missiles prepared for successful target destruction were not even able to be entered into the pre-launch preparation mode by the submarines.”

As Kravchuk explained, old equipment should be blamed for the failure - all the weapons that took in the maneuvers were released back in the 60 – 70s. According to Kravchuk, the whole and unharmed target itself, the military towed the next day back to Avacha Bay.

Not less criticism from the observer went to the ships involved in the exercises, the bottoms of many of which "were thickly overgrown with shells from long standing on a leash", and "some could not reach Kamchatka and broke down on the way." Newspaper VIEW Kravchuk himself said that "Russia still lives in many ways on what was built in the Soviet Union," therefore, surface warships are "morally outdated." Physically, they are supported by the remaining specialists in shipyards, crews, ”said Kravchuk, adding that the only thing that was new was the outfit - berets with shoes.

No slip at night

The stage of the exercises of the Pacific Fleet, about which Kravchuk spoke, was also followed by about three dozen journalists, including those who arrived from Moscow. Among them was a special correspondent for Mir TV, Valeria Balaban. She did not confirm the gloomy estimates of the Kamchatka blogger.

“I don’t know where Kravchuk was. Maybe in the most floating chamber if he says that the target was not hit? Shooting took place at night. Removal of the target from the coast was 270 kilometers at least (Kravchuk speaks about 200 km - comment of the newspaper VIEW). The missiles were of such a range that it was not visible where they should go. The military told reporters that everything went well, even though it was night time, and all the targets were hit, ”said Balaban.

Speaking about the sensations from the exercises in general, Balaban noted that "they were very large-scale." “We were told that the tasks that were set were completed on the“ good ”grade. What we saw was a very bright and enchanting battle, ”the journalist admitted.

Add that on the eve of the same Avacha Bay there was a new incident - in the nuclear submarine (APL) standing there of the Pacific Fleet "St. George the Victorious" seiner "Donets" crashed. As a source at the Pacific Fleet headquarters explained to the VIEW newspaper, everything happened during a seiner’s divergence from the small fishing trawler “Kormchy”. The crew, which, as it turned out later as a result of the inspection, was drunk with full force, did not notice the submarine standing on the roads. As a result of the impact, the submarine's hull received light damage. No one was injured from the crew.
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