Military in Chechnya

LJ user abra-akbar writes: So, with the evening horse with the evening plane I and the second blogger (twower, who else could it be!) set off from Moscow to Grozny. We met on the plane - we bought tickets nearby.
We flew in at night, arrived at the location of the 18 separate motorized rifle brigade, steamed in a bath in the garrison in Khankala and lay down to sleep. And in the morning it turned out that today we will have nothing to shoot in the garrison, because on the proving ground near the village of Sernovodsk there are training exercises and, in fact, all the most interesting and “tasty” there. It turned out to be a long drive - more than 200 km along the road, then kilometers of 30 about gravel and dirt roads. At the test site a couple of times I almost got lost, but we got to the site number 3, where everything was already happening. Naturally, no one was waiting for us, since the exercises were not indicative - for the sake of two bloggers, no one would be sure to show off anybody.

Military in Chechnya

1. / This photo just reminded about the movie, which was spun and twisted, but which I did not see. And I'm not ashamed! /

2. So, on this day (and it was Wednesday), a maneuverable retreat was practiced at the test site - a tactic that allows you to retreat before numerically superior enemy forces, minimizing your losses and exhausting the enemy troops. According to the military authorities, this tactic was being worked out for the first time.

At the observation point, everyone is busy with their business: someone thinks something, someone commands, someone looks into the distance ...


4. Something was shooting from the side, something was exploding in the distance. In general, the fact that we were late and we were not expected affected our awareness ...))


6. People also worked at the observation point with their own tasks. They coordinated the departure of equipment from the position, as far as I understood.

7. The technique went into retreat, that is, we were late for the teachings of the minutes on 30-40 for sure. ))

8. The technique previously disguised in the folds of the area, treated with shovels and shoulder blades, is unmasked.

9. A fleeing maneuverable retreating MTLB rushes past (if I do not confuse anything again)


11. I would also begin to retreat maneuverable. The explosions are getting bigger and closer!

12. Here and other equipment starts to be unmasked for relocation (what words do I know!).

13. Camouflage net removed - you can go.



16. Since this is not just a retreat, but a maneuverable one, the retreating troops not just lined up and sped away into their own rear, but moved in zigzags, hiding behind protruding objects on terrain such as hills and trees, and firing from the attacking enemy.

17. Here rumbled another copy of the ambush.

18. Disguise net can not throw - come in handy!


20. They load the fighters from the temporary command post - they don’t give up theirs! We rushed through the fields on the UAZ and overtook all the profits at the new command post.


22. Garden leaves fields.

23. The block post on the way to the rear

24. A convoy of vehicles approaches the next defensive position.



27. In the second section of the landfill is no longer a temporary command and observation point, but quite a stationary.


29. Exercises in full - all the necessary machines are involved in the battle.

30. The command and observation post unfolds for about 10-15 minutes, if I watched correctly. Although 10 minutes we have already rode through the fields.



33. The twower blogger is purposefully scratching somewhere.


35. Masked on the ground again.


37. For some divisions (for example, for gunners) there are separate small command and observation posts disguised on the ground.

38. Do not pay attention, the teachings as well as the war - they fight and clean up after themselves. Boxes of shells in the fold of the area.

39. Equipment and fighters occupy new positions




43. “Zaryazhaaaay!”



46. Comrade Lieutenant Colonel is trying to figure out what signal the new phase of the exercise will begin with. We got into the field without any means of communication, and we don’t call the command and observation point on the mobile ...

47. The fighters are ready for battle.





52. All guns are charged, yeah.


54. Something is half-masked - it makes no sense to completely mask myself, because the enemy forces have already noticed.

55. And here the observers noticed the enemy, three green whistles of signal flares soared into the air and drove off!

56. To the enemy did not see us, it is necessary to smoke the territory.


58. A tank near shoots VERY loud. Then for some time I did not hear anything and my ears were ringing ...

59. Shooting and smoke filters set fire to dry grass at the landfill.


61. I think that after such a maneuverable defense from the enemy, little was left ...


63. But this gun was beating in bursts and over the ears, even more painful than a tank
Shl. On vehicles, putties are visible here and there - I smeared the side numbers on the pics. Asked. Technique still performs combat missions in reality outside the teachings.
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  1. Victor 27 September 2011 12: 52 New
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    The most pleasant thing in this article is that the author, not being a professional militarily, does not try to build a great specialist out of himself, just keeps track of events, without any kind of “rotten” comments that are so inherent to ZhZhists. I like it. Anyone who needs and who knows what they’re talking about will understand what was happening there.
  2. Siberian 555
    Siberian 555 April 15 2012 09: 38 New
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    the same photo. 84 above