Crashes at airshow

Since the Wright brothers have risen to the sky, many have been striving there. But, unfortunately, the sky is not always friendly to man. Here is a selection of photographs on the subject of aircraft crashes at air shows over the past several decades.

Crashes at airshow

1. Two acrobatic planes from the Zelazny group collide during a performance at an air show in Radom, Poland, September 1, 2007. Both pilots died in the accident, the audience was not injured.

2. Three Italian jet planes collide at an air show at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, 28 August 1988. One of them exploded in a fire, and crashed into a large crowd, killing 70 and injuring more than 400 people. Ten years after the catastrophe, the survivors, for the first time, are trying to obtain compensation for the emotional distress experienced.

3. The old B-17 bomber II lies in the trees after it slid off the end of the runway at the air show, August 23 1987, West Mayfield, Pennsylvania. The accident injured 11 passengers. There were no dead.

4. The burning plane will fall to the ground after three Italian jets collided at an air show at Ramstein Air Base. Victims who are trying to win compensation for emotional suffering received support, on Saturday, April 14 2001, the former German Interior Minister and lawyer who remained among the 82 survivors, Gerhart Baum, confirmed that he would lead the lawsuit against the US Department of Defense . Experts argued that inadequate security measures were created at the base.

5. A giant ball of flame erupts on the audience in front of the stage, Ramstein Air Base, West Germany, August 28, 1988, 43 people died and 100 were injured. The image is taken from the TV.

6. The flaming plane falls in the direction of the crowd at an air show during a stunt, Ramstein Base, West Germany, August 28 1988. The plane collided with two other aircraft, resulting in the death of three Italian pilots and more 40 spectators.

7. Shipowners watch a jet plane from the Canadian aerobatic team Snowbirds explode when they fall into Ontario Lake near Toronto, Canada, 4 September 1989, after a mishap during an air show. The pilot of the plane was killed in the accident.

8. French gendarmes inspect the wreckage of the Soviet MiG-29 fighter, which crashed during aerobatic tricks, 8 June 1989, at the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget Airport. The pilot ejected, but was wounded.

9. The pilot from Colorado died when his single-engine plane crashed on Saturday afternoon during an air show at Santa Fe airport. The plane was piloted by the pilot Richard Bobbitt Parker, he did the aerobatics - a corkscrew, but the engines failed, however, he did not catapult.

10. The collapse of the biplane “Pitts”, which lies on the ground. Nearby are local sports pilots, the airport is 100 kilometers west of Vienna. The accident occurred during an acrobatic flight on Saturday, 10 August 1996, the pilot and 53-year-old Austrian hotel owner were killed.

11. The Coast Guard and the workers will inspect the fragments of the Clarence “Clancy” biplane Pitt Spil, they dragged him from the Ohio River in Pittsburgh after an unsuccessful stunt, 6 August 1996. The workers had to remove Spils' body, destroying the plane even more, because it was tied with seat belts.

12. Part of the F-117A stealth fighter falls during the airshow, Maryland, Sunday, September 14 of the year 1997. The fighter crashed into two houses. The pilot ejected safely.

13. Two biplanes collide in the air at an air show in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday 19 April 1998. The pilots, James Lovelace and Randall Drake, from the Flying Group of the Red Baron, died in the accident.

14. The plane explodes on the runway, 29 July 1999, during the test of the experimental aircraft of the Association AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. One person was hospitalized, according to witnesses, the pilot catapulted.

15. British Royal Air Force bomber Nimrod fell into Lake Ontario during a national Canadian show. TV image. The plane flew low over the lake and made a sharp turn when it crashed a mile from the shore. Killed a crew of seven.

16. The Su-27 fighter crashed into a crowd of spectators at an air show in Lviv, Ukraine, Saturday, July 27 2002. After the accident, the city officially declared mourning for two days. 83 people were killed and 116 was injured in one of the deadliest air shows.

17. A huge fireball spans the airfield, after the Su-27 fighter crashes to the ground, crashing into a huge crowd of spectators at an air show in the city of Lviv. The Su-27 combat aircraft performed aerobatics at the Sknilovskaya air base when it crashed into a crowd of hundreds of spectators before the explosion. Two crew members ejected and survived.

18. The photo shows how Captain Christopher Stricklin catapults from the plane less than a second before his collision with the ground at the Air Force, Idaho, 14 September 2003 air show in Mountain Home. No one was injured during the accident.

19. The Thunderbird jet crashes into the ground during the 14 September 2003 airshow, in Mountain Home, Idaho, this is an image from a video. The pilot, captain Chris Shelby, from Alabama, successfully catapulted from a single-engine F-16C Fighting Falcon for a split second before the crash. The 31-year-old pilot was not seriously injured. The plane worth 23 million exploded when it hit the ground in front of a crowd of 85000 people.

20. Two flight masters collided in the air while performing a stunt, catching their wings, the third plane flies in the background, Saskatchewan Air Show at Moose Joe, July 10 2005.

21. A trash fireball falls from one of two planes during an air stunt.

22. Behind the line of trees you can see the flames and smoke after the stunt plane at the air show in Titusville, Florida, 16 March 2007. The pilot, Eilon Krugman-Kadi, from Gainesville, Fla., Was killed in an accident.

23. Fire after jet crash of Blue Angels jet aircraft, 21 on April 2007, in Beaufort, South Carolina. The plane fell during an air show in the vicinity of a small house, the pilot was killed.

24. Soldiers run past the wreckage of the Su-27 fighter, the elite Air Force of the Russian Knights group, after it crashed near the village of Denezhnikov, north of Moscow, on Sunday, August 16, 2009 year. Two Russian Air Force fighters clashed during a rehearsal of an air show near Moscow.

25. Super Decathlon in flight over the ground, before it crashed during an air show in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, 24 September 2010 of the year. A small plane fell and caught fire during an air show that hundreds of schoolchildren came to see, not far from the capital of Indonesia. The pilot was the only person on board a single-engine plane, he was taken to hospital in critical condition. No one else was hurt.

26. Super Decathlon on fire.

27. The CF-18 fighter explodes after crashing during a test flight at an air show at the airport of Lethbridge, 23 July 2010, Alberta, Canada. Pilot - Captain Brian Beuves ejected by parachute before hitting the plane on the ground.

28. In this archive photo (23 July 2010), pilot Captain Brian Beuves catapults with a parachute, while his CF-18 falls to the ground.

29. In this archive photo (23 July 2010), pilot Captain Brian Beuves catapults with a parachute, while his CF-18 falls to the ground.

30. In this photo, from September 17 2011, an exploded T-28 aircraft during a demonstration flight, Martinsburg, West Virginia.

31. Airplane P-51 Mustang over the heads of the audience right before falling on the show, 16 September 2011 in Reno, Nevada. The plane fell into the stands.

32. This Friday, September 16 2011, the Mustang P-51 is approaching the ground right before its crash during an air show in Reno, Nevada, the old World War II fighter aircraft, piloted by Jimmy Levard, fell into the stands during the annual air show.

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