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It's time to learn to fight with someone else's hands!

It's time to learn to fight with someone else's hands!The ability to stand "above the fight." Reflections

Lately, seeing the unprecedented patriotic upsurge of our people (which is very pleasing), I often come across these phrases: “Yes, we’ll crush all our enemies with one hand, to someone, and we’re used to chasing any enemy in the tail and mane. .. "

Of course, our army almost always fought, but one comment on one military forum made us seriously think: “Yes, we can fight well. But what we absolutely cannot do is to stand“ wrestling ”competently and skillfully. after all, it was rightly said - we didn’t fight like that! And if they did, it is very rare. And it’s a pity - how many lives of Russian people could we save! After all, the ability to win and divide all trophies and acquisitions without engaging in a hot war and not Putting the heads of his soldiers in the fields is a great skill!

I have long thought about this question: why история not just once or twice, but constantly confronting our people with vile injustice, when the exploits and victories of a simple Russian soldier, officer and Russian bayonet are shamelessly appropriated by all who actually have nothing to do with it, or if they do, very insignificant.

I understand that the topic on which I want to focus attention is very ambiguous, because it is not a national feature of our direct Russian character. I understand that it will cause a clear rejection of some readers, who are especially tuned in to “hurray-patriotism” and hats and moods in this regard.

However, I believe that we definitely need to talk about this, discuss and learn this, since this science will bring much more benefit to our country and our people, without sacrificing the priceless lives of Russian people and Russian soldiers. Russian soul, not nationality.

We have to learn how to fight with someone else

The Russian warrior has long been known to the world for its ability to fight, perseverance, intransigence, ability to stoically endure all sorts of hardships and adversities, and at the same time almost always defeat any opponent. And to fight with someone else’s hands is kind of like a curiosity for us, not in our own way, not in a Russian way! The Russian is used to fighting any enemy face to face, in open battle: with a sword, bayonet, demining shovel, machine gun, helmet, or a piece of stick, or just bare hands, if there are no other means. The Russian is ready to go on the attack and crush, like a dashing princely squad, like the Suvorov grenadiers or the Soviet marines, everyone who meets on the way. To drive the enemy to its capital and on its ruins to end any war. Of course, it is convincing and uncompromising. Of course, the soldiers and officers who are exactly THAT smash the enemy deserve great respect and are rightfully called heroes. So basically all our history was.

But at what cost is such a victory achieved? Indeed, in such open battles die the best representatives of the people. And die in large numbers. Is such wastefulness justified by the living, talented, patriotic, and therefore priceless lives of real citizens of their country? Yes, when the situation is critical, there is no other way to attack - it is certainly justified. When a country or a nation on the verge of death is certainly justified. When the result of a battle, an operation, a war depends on you and on your determination, it is certainly justified.

But there is another side to the coin. Here, for example, the Anglo-Saxons. We absolutely despise them for their cowardice, because they are unable to face a serious adversary, and only know how to bomb from the air, and preferably those who have backward illiterate peasants with XDUMX-18 gunners of the century, or no air defense at all. The second, of course, is best, because in the first case, a harsh lead large-caliber artifact of past centuries, with an accurate hit, usually intolerantly breaks the delicate blades of refined "democratic" technology. Or if they fight, it is only in unions! To skillfully hide behind the backs of the allies, so that those (fulfilling various "obligations") actively climbed the walls and went to the bunkers with chains (and the more - the better), grinding themselves and enemies in uncompromising chops, while sitting around in warm dugouts, trenches or on their islands-continents, so that after stepping over the mountains of the corpses of enemies and allies, enter through the front door and declare themselves "uncompromising" winner, having appropriated all the trophies or the most tasty morsels.

And in fact, if you delve into the history, then you can find a huge number of such examples. Where the Anglo-Saxons were constantly in alliances and always and to the full, as they say, coil, enjoyed the fruits of victories mostly not their army. And do not go far.

Here, for example, the Great Patriotic War. Or for them - successfully forgotten World War II. The terrible tragedy of our people, which killed 25 millions of Soviet citizens (of which 8,6 million - the military).
(I deliberately do not mention here the blatantly Russophobic 90's ravings - the beginning of the 00s, when all "democratic" impostors were promoting the losses of our people, adding extra zeros. People who are interested in losses know their names perfectly well.) United Kingdom, sitting on their islands and trusting in a huge fleet, prayed that Hitler would turn east, leading huge crowds of dumb and passionate Germans there. So it turned out. At the cost of enormous losses and great heroism, the Russian soldier stopped the huge hordes of Western barbarians gathered from all over Europe, grinding on the Eastern front almost 90% of manpower and equipment of Nazi Germany and her jackals-hangers-on. Judge for yourself - Germany and its allies lost almost 7,6 million soldiers on the Eastern Front, while no more than 300 thousand on the Western Front. The Soviet army took Berlin and buried the next failed "lord of the world" and its so-called "supermen", who were in fact only "super-fools" who decided to grab the eastern piece of land, plunder and enslave the Soviet citizens. As a result, the so-called “superhumans” were broken up in their own capital and generously, in Russian, left to exist on earth a sinful one, - for all that these failed invaders were doing on the lands of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

No sooner had the guns been silenced, the Allies, squealing with joy, immediately began to shred the defeated Germany on absolutely equal rights, despite the apparent imbalance of contributing to the overall victory in comparison with the Soviet Union. Even pitiful France was included in this repartition, which for 40 days folded its paws and surrendered to the "Fuhrer" on "first demand." And even the most important Russophobes on the continent - the Poles, and thus they unfastened a significant piece of East Prussia. The British, who applauded the uncompromising slash of the USSR and Germany, sat on their islands throughout the war and occasionally "spit in the compote" of the Germans employed on the Eastern Front, grabbed themselves very fatty pieces. The Americans, who, seeing how the Red Army famously drove the whole Nazi Eurosaud back to the West, decided that it was time for them to join the common division of the already almost Germanic pie, did not leave themselves deprived.

However, the Soviet soldier, the Soviet people, paid in full for these tasty allied pieces. For the Anglo-Saxons even had nothing to dream about and it was at least somehow resisting the Germans on the continent. Sluggish attempt was, but quickly failed. And if the operation "Sea Lion" on the landing of the Wehrmacht on the British Isles would still be implemented, then I am sure the Germans would have finished the job there pretty quickly. The so-called air "Battle for Britain" before Hitler's eastern adventure is a petty fuss. This victory is not forged in the air, where, in fact, there is nothing to do, but on the ground.

The second example is the First World War. The British, as always, are in the union, and, as always, the Allies on machine guns, while they themselves are in the front door. While Russia was storming East Prussia, fought in Galicia, accomplished Brusilovsky’s breakthrough, held the longest and longest front (Eastern front was 2 times as long as Western — 980 km in the East, against 480 in the West) against three enemies - Germany, Austro - Hungary and Turkey, while the French, bleeding profusely, quickly retreated to Paris, the British did not fight very hard in the West. And when all the opponents and allies, both in the west and in the east, were already drained of blood, the Anglo-Saxons with a bang rushed to finish off the almost defeated Germans. Immediately, seeing the close sharing of the already finished cake, the Anglo-Saxons from the USA are also connected. Austria-Hungary was already on the verge of collapse and was almost taken out of the war by Russia, Turkey was defeated by the same Russia on the Caucasian front. Russia itself, barely holding onto three enemies at the same time, was rapidly falling apart and rolling into the abyss in the same ways, and its army was decomposed not by day but by hour. What is the result?

England and the United States were in fact the main winners and the main dividers of the entire common victory. All the other former powerful empires - both enemies and allies - were left with nothing, turned into completely collapsed and decayed territories - Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, Turkey. And France, with its catastrophic human losses in the 1,3 million irrevocable, was severely undermined (the consequences of the losses in the First World War for the French will stretch for many more decades). All reparations, indemnities, land redistribution, profits, influence, dictation of conditions - all to the Anglo-Saxons! Russia, holding three enemies, the largest and longest front, having lost 1,7 a million soldiers, fulfilling all obligations, infinitely advancing / retreating and constantly unloading allies, delaying more than half of the Axis forces, received nothing. In addition to the coup, scrapping of age-old foundations, terrible devastation and bloody civil war, where more people died than in the First World War. The question is, why 1,7 killed a million heroes and what did a huge Russian army fight for; more than 1 a million soldiers of which for their feats on the fronts received St. George's crosses? Why have almost two million lives of Russian soldiers and officers gone nowhere? But how much benefit these country heroes could bring to the country! How many talented citizens — future scientists, teachers, doctors, workers, engineers, builders, designers, artists — could Russia get? Could the Russian Empire with Nicholas II lead in this war in such a way that the main fruits of the common victory were not Anglo-Saxons, but Russia?

Certainly could. If the captain of the huge Russian ship and his entourage would not be without a rudder and without sails.

Here is a third example — the Crimean War, unsuccessful for both Russia and its allies. As a rule, all the battles were fought on themselves by the French, they stormed Sevastopol and were also killed on the approaches, mostly by the French. The British, as a rule, tried to hide behind the French and did not particularly climb into the inferno.

And there are a great many such examples. Do not list everything. If the Anglo-Saxons are in alliance, then allies fight and "fulfill obligations", as a rule. And if Russia is also in this alliance, then the Anglo-Saxons will not rejoice! To set Russia on enemies and force the Russian soldier to crush the common enemy and to die at the same time himself — this is a holy cause for the Anglo-Saxons! First, the victory in such a union is already guaranteed, and its fruits are in the Anglo-Saxon pocket. For to fight and divide the skin are different concepts, and the Russians are just strong in the first. To the joy of the Anglo-Saxons, the Russians are fighting, and the Anglo-Saxons are fighting over the islands, on their islands ... Reaping the fruits of another's victory. Clever? The main thing is beneficial - they didn’t muddle themselves, but there were plenty of acquisitions!

Someone will say that it is mean and vile. May be. But politics has always been a dirty business. And I think that we should not shun this when it comes to their own interests! I agree that this is absolutely not in Russian. But this is not disgusting, but the fact that our soldier, who in all respects is the best in the world (this is generally recognized, if not explicitly, then in our minds for sure), is constantly dying for FOREIGN interests. More precisely, the leadership of our country cannot learn to use the convincing victory of the Russian weapons in the interests of Russia above all, and not providing the fruits of these victories to those who have little to do with these victories. This is really disgusting. Therefore, I want to repeat that we have to learn how to fight with someone else’s hands a long time ago! Approximately as the same Anglo-Saxons do. They do it all the time and consider (and not unreasonably) this as a well-considered and correct policy. And we have something to take from this our weapon.

The ability to stand "above the fray" and use the fruits of someone else's victory to achieve OWN interests, saving your invaluable people and warriors, is worth a lot! We NEED to learn this!

In the 21 century, Russia finally began to do something about this issue, when at last strong politicians began to appear in the country. For example, use for its own purposes the NATO invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. While the Americans and the British were climbing behind the Taliban in the Afghan caves, the southern borders of Central Asia were calm. Quite a long time. Here you can thank the Anglo-Saxon so-called "partners" who, with OWN SOLDIERS, covered us for the south. I hope that we can continue to use the NATO and other Western adventures for our own purposes, without sending Russian soldiers for slaughter.

For with our bayonet we are able to wield the best in the world anyway.

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  1. Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 13 March 2015 06: 26
    Someday you have to go to London and put an end to these descendants of the Romans.
    1. saag
      saag 13 March 2015 06: 47
      Quote: Ecilop
      Someday you have to go to London and put an end to these descendants of the Romans.

      So far only the Romans succeeded, their goal was to create the Roman Empire
      1. 1812 1945
        1812 1945 13 March 2015 07: 30
        Great article! Essentially and about the main thing. It would be worth starting the history books with it. Clever, competent articles on various topics often appear on "VO", but so that the main thing that explains the mistakes of the past and determines the fate of Russia can be seen behind the details - a rare case ... Thanks to the author!
        1. vorobey
          vorobey 13 March 2015 08: 17
          Quote: 1812 1945
          Great article! Essentially and the main thing.

          I agree ... one question ... our opponents have long been fighting with the wrong hands, including against us ... and now attention is a black box ..

          name at least one victory won in this way ..

          the goal of such a war is not victory - the clash and maintenance of the conflict ... with the goal of weakening the enemy, and then capturing him by other, financial structures
          1. duke
            duke 13 March 2015 09: 52
            Vorobey: "name at least one victory won this way ..
            the goal of such a war is not victory - the clash and maintenance of the conflict ... in order to weaken the enemy, and then capture him with other, financial structures [/ quote]

            Yes, even the Afghan conflict and then the collapse of the USSR, taking control of not only the former allies of the USSR, who are now jumping in NATA, but also many republics, or do you think that finance is not a weapon? How then did Russia lose in the 90s, according to various estimates, from 10 to 20 million people, after all, there was no war, and still cannot get out of the Fed? So finance is a very weapon, and what else, in "competent" and cynical hands ...
            1. guard
              guard 14 March 2015 04: 28
              To fight with the wrong hands, you need to manage world finances, which means you need to be mean, meticulous to the smallest detail, and maybe even a petty person, are these qualities characteristic of a Russian person, I think not, the financiers in the past manage world finances, and who are they? I think you expect who!
              1. sergi-i
                sergi-i 15 March 2015 09: 25
                Well, you need to learn from them, and to cooperate with some in our country.
                Among them there are quite sincere patriots of Russia.
              2. yehat
                yehat 15 March 2015 21: 14
                I can not agree.
                let's take stasi activity in foreign intelligence.
                They did a lot for the USSR, while not being a part of it, and the USSR was not a financial dominator. Therefore, your opinion is not true.
                1. guard
                  guard 15 March 2015 22: 09
                  many local conflicts on earth are artificial. In order for the conflict to go into a hot phase, a financial injection into both warring parties is necessary, but if they support only one side, such as Ukraine, then they will bring to power that force that is not acceptable for the other side i.e. Of Russia. What power do you know in Ukraine now? Hence the reaction of Russia is not difficult to assume.

                  But at the expense of Stasi did not quite understand ..
              3. Kunar
                Kunar 16 March 2015 06: 28
                This is obvious! Over the past 300 years, ALL wars have been fought with English money! Who pays, he dances .... It's time to stop this vicious practice bully
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. bucha12
          bucha12 13 March 2015 08: 21
          I support the opinion of the author FULLY !!!!!!!!!!!
          1. Akuzenka
            Akuzenka 14 March 2015 00: 15
            Article +. Nikolai Starikov described everything in more detail about the "allies" and colorfully, with historical examples, in his book "Faithful Russia". Fascinating reading and extremely informative. I read for XNUMX hours - I could not tear myself away.
        4. banzay46
          banzay46 13 March 2015 09: 13
          Crappy article! First, we will fight with someone else's hands, then we will learn how to "throw" allies and rip off the defeated as sticky, and then we ourselves will not notice how we will cease to be RUSSIAN!
          You must not learn to fight with the wrong hands, but choose your allies wisely and not bend under Western Wishlist!
          1. 1234567890
            1234567890 13 March 2015 10: 50
            Quote: banzay46
            then we will learn how to "throw" allies and rip off the defeated as sticky

            What are these "allies"? Wise Tsar Alexander III still used to say that Russia has two allies - the army and the navy. And these same "allies" threw us, and constantly.
            As for the vanquished, one must be guided exclusively by pragmatic considerations. If it is in our interests, then the last leaky cowards are not a sin to take away.
          2. rodevaan
            13 March 2015 17: 40
            - Please - Crimean scenario! Not a single Russian soldier died, and a whole strategic peninsula became part of the Russian Federation! And this despite the fact that now it is very difficult to call Ukraine a friendly country that fulfills Anglo-Saxon interests.
          3. The comment was deleted.
          4. Nrsimha42
            Nrsimha42 14 March 2015 00: 19
            Not certainly in that way...

            We should adopt from the Anglo-Saxons their Roman tactics - "Divide and conquer" - in the sense of pushing our enemies with their foreheads, so that they thus weaken themselves, playing into our hands.

            After all, similar tactics were used by our units in Afghanistan - against dushmans! ..

            And "raking in the heat" with the hands of our allies and "throwing" them is indeed a shameful thing and it does not suit us. Everything needs to be done according to conscience ...
            1. rodevaan
              14 March 2015 08: 46
              Everything must be done in good conscience ...

              - So we always did in good conscience, throwing millions of Russian soldiers for fat-bellied Basurman interests into senseless offensives and wars.
              THIS IS NOT A MATTER! In politics, there is NO gram of conscience! And we must take this into account.
          5. I am human
            I am human 14 March 2015 19: 55
            poorly said, it is necessary to fight in different ways, if circumstances so require ...
        5. sub307
          sub307 13 March 2015 09: 55
          Very good thoughts ....
        6. The comment was deleted.
        7. user
          user 13 March 2015 10: 49
          Ability to stand "above the fight"

          Yes, we do not have this skill at all, but look at our site 1 year ago and you are tortured to count the calls for the introduction of Russian troops into Ukraine. VP made an attempt to stay "above the fight" until it works, but there are big doubts that this will last long.
          1. vit8180
            vit8180 13 March 2015 11: 17
            While it turns out to "stand above the fight" - you need to stand and accumulate strength for use at the right moment. "If you want to make" Good "- do it yourself!" nobody canceled!
            1. The comment was deleted.
            2. matross
              matross 13 March 2015 12: 45
              The author, this is not a strategy, this is a mentality. Your reasoning is a system error. Yes, and to draw direct parallels between the two world wars is not true. Joining a war and repelling aggression are not the same thing. And here is another opposite example for you - the entry of the USSR into the war with Japan - then who took advantage of whom and what? Another thing is that in each specific situation it is necessary to soberly and deeply calculate the consequences and not to forget that war is the LAST means. I put a plus for your article - the article makes you think, and let the truth be born in a dispute.
        8. Alexandre
          Alexandre 13 March 2015 12: 48
          I advise both you and the author of the article to read the book by N.V. Starikov "Who made Hitler attack Stalin"
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. matross
            matross 13 March 2015 14: 01
            I guess I read it ... although by name, and even in the context of the discussion, I am not afraid to make a mistake - the Anglo-Saxons made. This opinion is commonplace and I will not argue with the majority here. It seems so. But what does this prove? Aggression of Germany has happened. The USSR repelled it. Or did it have to spite the plans of overseas and overseas partners to surrender? Enter the Axis and jointly fuck the whole world?
        9. Aleksander
          Aleksander 13 March 2015 14: 55
          Quote: 1812 1945
          Great article! Essentially and about the main thing. It would be worth starting the history books with it. Clever, competent articles on various topics often appear on "VO", but so that the main thing that explains the mistakes of the past and determines the fate of Russia can be seen behind the details - a rare case ... Thanks to the author!

          But on the contrary, I did not like it. The author says the obvious things — it’s better to fight with the wrong hands. Who is arguing? But Russia - because of its geographical location, vastness, a large number of diverse interests and contradictions - simply could not avoid conflicts — just like Germany, France, Austria-Hungary — they also could not avoid them. And the Angles sat out across the seas. And wishes ... well, wishes are good, but unrealizable ....
        10. The comment was deleted.
        11. andr327
          andr327 14 March 2015 19: 24
          article is normal. well, almost, but the main wars were directed all their lives against Russia, the USSR, and the Russian Empire. And how will we fight on our land with the wrong hands! No mercenary will protect your house: Your own skin is more expensive! So you cannot protect your country with the wrong hands!
      2. inkass_98
        inkass_98 13 March 2015 07: 33
        Quote: Ecilop
        with these descendants of the Romans.

        Where are they descended from the Romans? Angles and Saxons are Germanic tribes, invaders. In addition, there were Normans who conquered Britain in 1066, brought the French language as the language of the nobility. From the Romans there remained only settlements, expensive and tin mines.
      3. Grenader
        Grenader 13 March 2015 10: 15
        Quote: saag
        So far only the Romans succeeded, their goal was to create the Roman Empire

        In 1066, William of Normandy conquered England.
      4. Tulip
        Tulip 13 March 2015 10: 49
        They will interrogate that we will have another goal - to destroy the Great Roman Empire.
      5. vjhbc
        vjhbc 13 March 2015 13: 03
        In general, this is precisely what the sect of witnesses of the cunning plan deals with. He enjoys BDSM and asks not to interfere.

        One wrote to me as an argument confirming "Russia's getting up from its knees" - "but Syria was not pissed away."

        Good argument?

        What can you say to this?

        Yesterday, after a text about corruption, one of the readers wrote that the system cannot be broken, because if you break it, it will not seem like a little. That is, "let them steal"?

        He suffered typical answers and defeatists. You can’t answer - the enemy is just waiting for this. You can’t give back - there will be a war, and immediately nuclear. We must defend Russia, but only so that no one notices, otherwise there will be a war. No need to make sudden movements. No need to rock a boat.

        I understand this so that our boat is so flimsy that you swing a little - right at the bottom.

        So all the same, Russia has blossomed and got stronger, or "if you rock a little - right to the bottom"?
        Got up from her knees or not?

        Or does he get up, but only very slowly, so that no one will notice, because if they notice, then war is right away?

        Somewhere here a contradiction is felt. And not even one. We fight with enemies, but for some reason they are not getting smaller. We are defending Russia, but we cannot answer that there is no war. We get up from our knees, but only very slowly, by a little bit, by 1.75 in 15 years.

        We defend the Russians, but only in the Crimea. And in the Donbass can not. That there was no war.

        They defended the Russians in Crimea, got a war, but we don’t enter it, so that there is no war ...

        The Putin sect has another favorite argument. When all other arguments run out, they say - "Look at Ukraine - it's better here."

        The argument is fantastic. You can even compare with Afghanistan. Or from Somalia. It also turns out that we live well. And on the moon in general, without a spacesuit can not live, but we can. Good!

        Why should Russia be compared with Ukraine?

        Ukraine is a part of Russia, a fragment of the Russian and subsequently Soviet empire. Who came up with the idea of ​​comparing Russia with its fragment, which is also undergoing a deep crisis and war?

        For some reason, it seems to me that Russia needs to be compared with countries of comparable size and comparable history. Let's compare Russia with Germany, France, the USA. There, too, by the way, not everything is great, but the comparison will not be as profitable as with Ukraine. To put it mildly.

        But sectarians do not break through these arguments.

        The sectarians of the cunning plan are doing well. Sectarians live well, thrive, get up off their knees, defend the Russians, they have more money, they have Crimea, they have stability, they can’t answer faster, they can’t join the war, the enemy is just waiting for this, you can’t drown the boat, it’ll drown, Donbass is impossible, it is impossible to steal less - the system will collapse, Crimea is Russia, Donbass is Ukraine ... but Syria has not been drained! Hooray!

        And on the other hand, the argument is no better:
        1. kassandra1991
          kassandra1991 13 March 2015 15: 34
          Absolutely the same impression of what is happening in the foreign and domestic policies of leadership. Absurd absurdity in trying to explain the logic of their decisions to the people. For fools we have been held for a long time and very successfully. They have already brought us to the situation of murder. ..or rather suicide. How to call what is happening in the Donbass, other than suicide? And they steal under the guise.
        2. Bear
          Bear 13 March 2015 17: 12
          I am ashamed to ask, what will be an indisputable sign of Russia's rising from its knees for you? Isn't the indisputable fact that the Russian leadership dared to declare out loud its disagreement with the "general line of the party", was not afraid to get hit on the head for this, not forgetting to put on a cotton comforter at least so that the brains would not go wild?
          A sign of getting up from your knees is, first of all, not a rabid throwing into a fight, not defending "the interests of the Russians," but defending the interests of Russia as a state. The defense of Donbass, unfortunately, is secondary here, as well as the protection of the interests of the Crimeans. They were just lucky, it just so happened ...
        3. Camel
          Camel 14 March 2015 00: 57
          The sectarians of the cunning plan are doing well. Sectarians live well, thrive, get up off their knees, defend the Russians, they have more money, they have Crimea, they have stability, they can’t answer faster, they can’t join the war, the enemy is just waiting for this, you can’t drown the boat, it’ll drown, Donbass is impossible, it is impossible to steal less - the system will collapse, Crimea is Russia, Donbass is Ukraine ... but Syria has not been drained! Hooray!

          Well then you probably offer the best solution?
          How to reconcile LDNR and Ukraine, how to live on? It is obvious! It just doesn’t work crying
        4. Sergei 1961
          Sergei 1961 14 March 2015 21: 14
          I, like any normal person, am afraid of war, but I think that a terrible end is better than endless horror.
        5. The comment was deleted.
        6. Angor
          Angor 15 March 2015 18: 10
          I like your thoughts. In this world it is no longer possible to live with dignity. There are only two options: to fight or deceive others in your favor. Everyone chooses for himself!
      6. mihasik
        mihasik 13 March 2015 19: 30
        Quote: saag
        Quote: Ecilop
        Someday you have to go to London and put an end to these descendants of the Romans.

        So far only the Romans succeeded, their goal was to create the Roman Empire

        Zhirik as president and get to London, and to Washington, and to the moon!)
        1. Nicanor
          Nicanor 14 March 2015 22: 42
          Zhirika for the presidency: and all to heaven, to the moon!
      7. jktu66
        jktu66 15 March 2015 20: 14
        So far only the Romans succeeded, their goal was to create the Roman Empire
        Well, not only the Romans, the Normans also distinguished themselves smile
    2. Mihail29
      Mihail29 13 March 2015 09: 52
      These are the descendants of the Celts and Britons, and there is very little Roman blood there.
    3. andrew42
      andrew42 13 March 2015 11: 23
      Something completely obscure. Where are the descendants of the Romans?
    4. vjhbc
      vjhbc 13 March 2015 13: 02
      Russia is to blame, Europe will help us, America will help us, Ukraine is on the path of freedom and democracy, the Maidan was popular, terrorists shoot at home, Ukraine is at war with the Russian army, Crimea has been taken away, federalization is impossible - these are the machinations of separatists if it weren’t for a war with the economy everything would be all right, Yanukovych, Putin’s agents, enemies, intrigues of enemies, enemies around ... would bring the country to a pen ... but independence! Hooray!

      The saddest thing is that they don’t even understand how really similar they are.

      How similar their arguments are, how similar they are in their reluctance to understand the mechanism of what is happening, in the causes and effects, similar in their reluctance to assess the past and look into the future - into the real future, and not in their pink snot.

      Some do not see the connection between the Maidan and the war, while others do not see the connection between the Crimea and the war. The Strelkov is to blame for some, if it were not for the Strelkov, war would not have happened. For others, it’s all about the Donbass referendum, if the people obeyed Putin and canceled the referendum, there would also be no war.

      On the track, early in the morning, two rams met ...

      Two sects. They rested on both sides, each in their own, and are ready to die for their savior. For some, the universal savior - this is Europe - will be saved from all troubles at once, and the point will save it, a guarantee of 100% is not discussed. Others have a universal savior - this is Putin - also from all troubles, Russia holds the same atlas, no one will replace it, only he and no one else, a 100% guarantee, are not discussed.

      Both sects are united in one thing - whoever disagrees with them is the enemy.

      And they will believe to the grave. Some will believe until the Euro-Association is completely buried, others will believe until someone else replaces the irreplaceable in the end.

      And then they will probably say that they were not given. Enemies drove into the coffin of their savior ahead of time. Still a year, five, ten, one hundred, a thousand years - and everything would be fine. It would bloom guaranteedly and along the entire length ...

      It would bloom, bloom ... already blooming. Especially in Russia. Just look at these flowers - they are all on a private territory, behind a fence, with security, under lock and key.

      And those flowers that are in the public domain, after careful consideration, turn out to be colored bags of garbage, after which a garbage truck has not arrived for a long time.

      Alex rusin
    5. vjhbc
      vjhbc 13 March 2015 13: 04
      Another statistical focus is the averaging over the entire population of Russia, which includes 10% of very wealthy people whose incomes over 15 years have increased 100 or more times, even in dollar terms. And the main expense item for the wealthiest part of the population is not food and utilities, but just imported goods, the prices of which almost did not rise before the ruble fell.

      As a result, it turns out that the real inflation for the main part of the population, from which 10-20% of those who live in their own special world should be excluded - "people's inflation", so to speak, is much higher than that indicated in the Central Bank's reports. On the contrary, income growth is lower.

      And the growth of "people's GDP", from which Gazprom, Rosneft and other "property of the elite" must be subtracted, will not be able to reach even up to 1.75%.

      But it is not possible to explain all this to Putin’s witnesses.

      There is more money, life has become better, Russia is rising from its knees, our Crimea ...

      Well, more, more, convinced. More, better. But how much and in comparison with what? In comparison with the lowest point of the fall after the collapse of the USSR? We have become one and a half times higher plinth? And this need to shout hurray?

      In the economy there is such a concept - "correction" - this is recovery after a sharp recession, after a crisis. Correction always comes in one way or another. No crisis is everlasting. Cases when the correction does not come for a long time are very rare. And correction is not a feat, it is the most common occurrence. So - the growth of GDP by 1.75 times in 15 years is exactly a correction. Moreover, this is an extremely weak indicator even for correction, given how strong the economic decline was after the collapse of the USSR.

      And now the question is - how much longer does it take for prosperity from Sochi and the center of Moscow to spread to the rest of Russia if it took 10 years to bring about 15% of the country into a relative order?

      How many years does it take to bring Russia closer to Germany in terms of living standards, not at the expense of the exorbitant incomes of 10% of the population, in terms of the "average temperature in the hospital," but at the expense of the income growth of the bulk of citizens?

      What are the prospects for approaching Germany, if after 2008 of the year, GDP growth has generally dropped to a few percent a year?

      I understand when the most developed economies show several percent growth. They just reached the ceiling, they have nowhere to grow. But Russia is hanging somewhere in the hole between Europe and Africa - what could be a few percent a year?

      However, I forgot - now we have sanctions. Now an economic war has begun against us. It explains everything. We must make an amendment to the war.

      But then let's fight!

      If a war is being waged against us, if we are blaming economic problems on the war, if we have already gotten together, let’s fight! Let's turn the neck of the Bandera-fascists, return to the place of the territory, barbarously separated by Yeltsin. If Khrushchev’s mistake with the Crimea was corrected, then Yeltsin’s mistakes with the Belovezhsky conspiracy must be corrected.

      No, you can’t fight. We are for peace. Who wants to drag Russia into the war is the enemy. So recorded in the manuals.

      So fighting or not fighting?

      If we are not fighting, then where are the sanctions from?
      If we are at war, then why cannot we defeat a handful of enemies?

      It turns out that as if we were fighting, but as if we were not fighting.
      That is, they are at war with us, but we are not.

      It turns out that they beat us, and we just defend ourselves.
      They beat us, and we consider them partners ...

      Do you know what it's called?
      When does one hit and the other calls him a partner?

      This is called either beating or bdsm.
      1. Anatolich
        Anatolich 13 March 2015 18: 35
        It looks like a monologue by Mikhail Zhvanetsky.
    6. vjhbc
      vjhbc 13 March 2015 13: 05
      But in Russia there is nothing of the kind. Moreover, on the state channel Vesti-24 itself, you can turn on the "Course of the Day" and there periodically appear economists, our Russian economists, who talk about a lot of problems with the Russian economy - about the lack of reforms, about the unsuccessful reforms of recent years - all this is said directly on state channel and is not a secret. There is a parliamentary hour, there are interviews of deputies ...

      No, all that is said about the problems is the machinations of enemies. Where the machinations of the enemies on the state channel come from is not known. Yes, it doesn’t matter. Intrigues of enemies and a point. We are fine. The country has flourished over the past 15 years. Along its entire length.

      And the fact that the machinations of enemies appear on the state channel, claiming the opposite - this only proves how hard it is for Putin to fight some sort of column there, surrounding him from all sides.

      It is not clear, is Putin fighting at all?

      How he fights, if for the last 15 years the enemies both surrounded him and surround him. And even if they change, then it is very leisurely. Serdyukov alone could not be replaced for six whole years. Kudrin was changed for several years. Medvedev will now take twenty years to replace. Shuvalov apparently never replaced. Nabiullina is generally eternal.

      Putin fights and fights against enemies, day and night, and they all surround and surround.

      And he fights with them exactly?

      Looking at the result, it seems that it is not fighting, but rather the opposite. Lure.

      But this is a heretical thought. So you can not think. You can only think about the flourishing of Russia along its entire length.

      Previously, the argument about multiple GDP growth over the last 15 years was often repeated.

      They started to count - it turned out that adjusted for inflation, GDP grew 1.75 times. Not even two. When I wrote a separate text about it, a real hysteria happened in the comments. It turned out that I work for enemy intelligence and get money for such publications personally from abroad. Although the data I cited exclusively from the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

      Recently, people have begun to remember less often about the multiple growth of GDP. They write more abstractly - "there is more money."

      It is curious that "there was more money" continue to write even after the collapse of the ruble exchange rate.

      Money over the past 15 years has indeed become more. Only prices in stores have significantly grown. Moreover, there is reason to believe that official inflation data are greatly underestimated. Because official data takes into account a certain “average temperature in the hospital,” and not real spending of the population.

      For example, prices for electronics and household appliances almost did not grow until the ruble fell. That's just the cost of electronics in the majority of the population make up a small part of the budget. But the costs of housing and communal services and foodstuffs eat up almost the entire budget and these costs over the past 15 years have grown more than.
    7. vjhbc
      vjhbc 13 March 2015 13: 05
      It has long been concluded that we are dealing with two sects of state scale. The sect of witnesses of the Maidan on the one hand and the sect of witnesses of the cunning plan on the other.

      One sect to the grave for Europe, another sect to the grave for Putin.

      To whose coffin? Whose before ...

      In general, there is a persistent suspicion that many will be corrected only by their own coffin. The coffin of European integration will no longer help. The coffin is cunning too. They will later say that if she (he) had not bent, then everything would have become chocolate, if only she had to wait another ... fifty years. Forty-nine years of slowly getting up from his knees and struggling with the horns, and in the fiftieth year - immediately chocolate and forever.

      Maidanutykh to some extent can even be understood.

      They have good arguments. Previously, Yanukovych prevented them from building a bright European future, and after the ouster of "bloody Yanyk" and the arrival of Gunpowder, "clean hands" interfere with the bright future of the beginning of Russia. Previously, Russia also interfered, but did it not so aggressively, and after the Maidan it unleashed a whole war.

      To object to such arguments is rather difficult. To prove something to people who watch what is happening through Ukrainian TV is not an easy task. The sectarians are sure that Russia is satisfied with all the intrigues against them, and their own leadership is white and fluffy - and that’s all. And even the count on the head is comic.

      At first glance, the Maidanut people are very upset. But it seems only until you start talking with Putinoids.

      Putin’s witnesses are doing well.

      Nobody bothers them to build a bright future. Only the enemy environment of Putin himself. But despite the hostile environment, a bright future is being successfully built at a faster pace. All the last 15 years. Before that, Russia was plundered and destroyed, and after the main destroyer appointed the main patriot as his successor, Russia flourished.

      Attempts to explain what flourished in Russia, to put it mildly, not everywhere, but mainly in several corporations and related structures, a little in the public sector, there are a lot of Forbes ratings in Sochi, in the center of Moscow and in the centers of some other major cities .. . yes, there are places where it has blossomed, but just calling them Russia is not always correct.

      Useless. I can’t explain. Apparently witnesses to the cunning plan themselves live in those places where it bloomed. Trite spread their personal feelings throughout Russia. And all the possible facts, statistics, data of the central bank, reports, even if these are reports of deputies ... nonsense, not an argument. All nonsense. Statistics are a lie. Reports are the machinations of enemies. Everything that interferes with the thesis about the heyday of Russia along its entire length - everything is angrily discarded as a disinformation. In about the same way as witnesses of the Maidan angrily rejected the information that the Crimeans themselves voted for reunification with Russia, and the Donetsk residents did not want to live in the same state with Bandera. This cannot be simply because it can never be - this is their universal argument. There cannot be a point.

      And here is what is interesting:

      The Maydan people have recently had tough propaganda. Russian TV channels are disabled and banned. Ukrainian TV works at full power, creating a strictly defined picture.
    8. Skif83
      Skif83 13 March 2015 16: 12
      And the essence is in this phrase:
      Certainly could. If the captain of the huge Russian ship and his entourage would not be without a rudder and without sails.

      The trouble is one, sensible captains rarely become at the helm.
      There was a favorable wind (oil prices for scrap), so there was no one to give a command to raise the sails, the captain was preparing for the Olympics, and before that he was gaining aftaritet; The wind ended, someone decided to raise the sails, only late. The captain decided to strain the rowers (i.e. the people), but they forgot to give the oars, they say, row with improvised means (because the production base was asked ...
      Yes, and the people then see that the captain then typed a command - tear it and throw it away.
      Where to sail, now?
      We will swim out, we will try, only not thanks to the "top", but in spite of!
      1. Camel
        Camel 14 March 2015 01: 06
        Yeah, everything is as always. And the king is good, and the thieves are noble. Himself is not funny?
        By the way, so that they won’t identify them in the Kremlin boats, I don’t support his reforms in everything, but the army even began to receive weapons.
        P / S. A lot of other things are happening, but calm for the army soldier
    9. Will
      Will 13 March 2015 17: 33
      But it is much better that they "undermine" themselves, as they did with the USSR ... I agree with the author.
    10. I am human
      I am human 14 March 2015 19: 52
      Quote: Ecilop
      with these descendants of the Romans.

      With these scum
    11. Sartorius
      Sartorius 16 March 2015 06: 09
      They have nothing to do with the Romans. Just the tribes seized the territory of the Roman Empire.
  2. Gans1234
    Gans1234 13 March 2015 06: 34
    But rightly so, it's high time!
    On the other hand - in the Donbass, no matter how it sounds, now this is happening - Russian men are fighting for the Russian idea and Russian interests, but without the direct participation of our army
    1. Sma11
      Sma11 13 March 2015 10: 46
      But it’s right - it’s high time!

      A very harmful strategy, however. The British in the 18th century were proud of their Empire, over which "the sun did not set." Two world wars "by someone else's hands" and now Britain is an ordinary European state. The great one remained only in the name. The Americans, like their cousins, followed a similar path. Now their empire is beginning to come apart at the seams. Russia also had a similar sad experience. Under the Union, there was a sea of ​​allies who have now turned sirloin.
      1. goblin xnumx
        goblin xnumx 15 March 2015 11: 27
        so everything is bad in Britain that the fairy tale is over - and America will die tomorrow - are you from the Ministry of Emergencies - the ministry of miracles and fairy tales? - the first article is not from hurray - we will defeat everyone, is it really not all zombies :)
  3. Per se.
    Per se. 13 March 2015 06: 35
    We have to learn how to fight with someone else
    Hey, two of the casket, identical from the face, must be fought with the wrong hands!
    1. Per se.
      Per se. 13 March 2015 08: 20
      Seriously speaking, we must learn to fight, to fight competently, and not "by someone else's hands." The United States and England are thieves and bandits in life that robbed and continue to rob the whole world, their goals and objectives are different, the geography is different. With what "wrong hands" does the author propose to fight Russia, and where? The good calls of this article are actually calls to wash your hands and look for fools who would shed their blood in the interests of Russia. Maybe it's about Novorossia, about a brilliant strategy with a cunning plan, because it's not strangers who are fighting there, but ours, Russians. They are fighting for the idea, defending women and old people, the Russian people who did not want to live under the junta. And the bitter difference is that the Russian government recognized the Kiev junta, but the DPR and LPR are not. Maybe this is about Syria, which bleeds to death, is also fighting for our interests, and to which we did not dare to supply new weapons for so long, but which we sell right and left around the world? Maybe China will fight for us, or the EU will quarrel with the US and beat each other in the face? Russia has national interests, and they need to be defended, defended already at distant approaches, and not wait for the war to come to our doorstep, looking for these "alien hands". The Soviet Union defended its approaches from Cuba and Vietnam, to Budapest and Prague. Who will do it for us now? Speculation on good desires to save the lives of Russian soldiers, and cleanliness-utopia, if not a provocation, in fact, is the opinion about this curly article.
      1. goblin xnumx
        goblin xnumx 15 March 2015 11: 32
        Che said, he himself didn’t understand, it was necessary to defend on the far approaches, but not with the wrong hands, and why not, and why not look from the side at the fuss of China and America? - in Europe, too, the Mona Theater will be found, everything will not be with us with my sanctions, and about Afghanistan, I think the author of the article is right, let them boil - Mona and catch splashes at the borders and not boiling water
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 13 March 2015 06: 36
    I hope that we will continue to be able to use NATO and other Western adventures for our own purposes, without sending Russian soldiers to the slaughter.

    I do not know. While Western adventures come to us sideways. And NATO’s participation in the war in Afghanistan is absolutely not our merit, but their stupidity. We didn’t fight anywhere with strange hands, for the simple reason that Russia did not stir up military conflicts around the world.
  5. MolGro
    MolGro 13 March 2015 06: 41
    There was such a country the British Empire, she loved to fight with the wrong hands!
    and then when they needed their own, they were gone!
    And there was small Britain!
    The same case was with Rome!
    1. Boos
      Boos 13 March 2015 07: 03
      The dirtiest empire, the British, was getting fat on the slave trade and the opium trade. The English gentlemen are aristocrats who sell drugs, how about you?
    2. Gans1234
      Gans1234 13 March 2015 07: 05
      Yes, they are masters. Their tactics went down in history under the term: "The Third Rejoicing"
      For centuries, under the protection of the shores of the strait and the fleet, and with the help of secret behind the scenes diplomacy, they hone this skill ... and nurtured the USA on their own heads - the students turned out to be bad - so far they have been acting rudely, but they have less than 100 years of experience, and not whole centuries
    3. VEKT
      VEKT 13 March 2015 14: 03
      But the British Empire did not disappear anywhere, it disguised itself, look what the British Commonwealth is. Canada, New Zealand and Australia are generally almost direct colonies of Britain. What is the language of international communication? They just came up with a new way of control, and it stands at a higher level than direct military control. And the holy principle of governance that the British follow their entire history - divide and rule, there should always be a reason for war. They left India and left not one country but 2 as a result of the conflict for 60 years. Yes, we ourselves were held hostage to this formula. Only a very naive person thought that a war between Russia and Ukraine would not be provoked. Well, if you need to fight on your own, there are Americans on it.
  6. Boos
    Boos 13 March 2015 06: 43
    The author did not forget that the presence of "Anglo-Saxon" soldiers in Afghanistan ensured an unprecedented flow of heroin to Russia. And heroin kills as well as a bullet, only more slowly. At the same time it provides the addict's relatives and friends with a "headache".
  7. 34 region
    34 region 13 March 2015 07: 06
    It’s time for us to learn how to beat these hands before they reach us. We do not need Napoleons and Hitlers with their armies in our territory. This applies to both military and economic confrontation.
  8. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 13 March 2015 07: 06
    The Pentagon and those around it will always find a way to spoil Russia, and for this they were created. And the stronger Russia is the more crap.
  9. slizhov
    slizhov 13 March 2015 07: 16
    And there is nothing to argue about.
    England has always been like her fat, cowardly and lazy Churchill.
    But we continue to lose people in the Donbass, forcing the militia to remove tanks from the Second World War from the pedestal.
    You can cunningly clever installation - raaaz and ... point ...
    All the same, everyone speaks about our intervention :)
  10. Miklukho Maclay
    Miklukho Maclay 13 March 2015 07: 22
    The leadership of the DPR and LPR approved a new plan of action, after taking Kiev, Berlin, London will be the next capital. laughing
  11. topynambur
    topynambur 13 March 2015 07: 43
    we don’t get nichrome not in a patsansky way to shoot it in the back
  12. smith7
    smith7 13 March 2015 08: 15
    "If the Anglo-Saxons are in an alliance, then, as a rule, the allies are at war and" fulfill their obligations. " this is a sacred cause for the Anglo-Saxons! "
    Maybe that's why the Western world considers us subhuman? For the Russians are so short-sighted and stupid (or their leaders are corrupt) that they allow themselves to be used. But the article is definitely a plus. If one could learn to "stand above the battle", then the price of victory would be lower and the reward more significant. True, there is another side ... in the form of the risk of losing one's own spirituality and the ability to "use the bayonet best of all," plunging oneself into liberalism and hedonism. Isn't this what happened to the proud and warlike tribes, the ancestors of the European peoples?
  13. Vadim12
    Vadim12 13 March 2015 08: 35
    I read it correctly somewhere: in 38 days the Nazis took France, in Stalingrad they crossed the street in 38 days.
    Listen, we must take China as an ally urgently. And they have large human resources ...
  14. RUDY
    RUDY 13 March 2015 08: 51
    article is good! good
    If my memory serves me right, in terms of losses - about 14 million civilians and 12 million actually the military.
  15. alicante11
    alicante11 13 March 2015 08: 52
    We do not have the most important thing - a ditch in the form of the Atlantic, or, at least, the English Channel between us and our enemies. So the point here is not that we "do not know how" to fight with someone else's hands, but that with such open and extended borders it is simply impossible.
  16. Intensive
    Intensive 13 March 2015 08: 53
    England and the United States were in fact the main winners and main divisors of the overall victory.

    Well, not yet.
    The problem is that we are forced to remain in the minority. The reason is that many unions do not suit us because they are concessions to the "devil". And, in the case of the conclusion of such an alliance, we simply cease to be ourselves. The Holy Roman Empire repeatedly offered us its protectorate and all kinds of unions, but our ancestors understood the consequences of the conclusion of these unions.
  17. kit_bellew
    kit_bellew 13 March 2015 08: 56
    For with our bayonet we are able to wield the best in the world anyway.

    Therefore, we know that we never hid behind other people's backs.
    And to say that, it is not so simple. Recall the local conflicts of the second half of the twentieth century: Korea, Vietnam, Syria, Egypt and others like them.
  18. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 13 March 2015 09: 01
    You can still give an example of the Napoleonic wars, because in fact Napoleon fought not with Russia or Austria, but with Great Britain. For all the Napoleonic wars, the British never fought the French, but the Battle of Waterloo is considered almost the main battle of this war. ask near-minded people like emperor Alexander, what the hell did you put so many Russian soldiers into? To get lush Poles in the Duchy of Warsaw? There’s no good acquisition of words, just wonderful, but that’s all. Such victims and all to no avail. And the British sat all the war on their island got out and removed all the cream. And you can still remember The war for US independence, when the British begged soldiers across Europe, sent Hessian mercenaries there, and the wise Empress Catherine of England sent three letters at once and this time left with nothing. So I completely agree with the author, where there is an opportunity to preserve the precious lives of Russian soldiers you need to use any other meat, even NATO, even the Chinese, is not important.
  19. Mantykora
    Mantykora 13 March 2015 09: 17
    The author raised a good topic and seems to have written everything correctly.

    But it seems to me that the main thing has not been written - the war has many layers - diplomatic, economic, military, ideological, industrial, scientific, etc. The Russians, over the past few centuries, have shown their strength on the battlefield, then almost all merging, signing a peace treaty.

    The most striking example is the war with the Ottoman Empire 1877-1878. They liberated the Balkan countries, reached Constantinople, but did not take it because of the threats of England to enter the war. The San Stefano Peace Treaty was concluded, which was then rewritten under pressure from England, Austria and Romania !!! in Berlin.
    The result - the strategic goal to occupy the straits important for Russian trade - has not been fulfilled. There is no control over liberated Bulgaria, saved by Serbia and Montenegro. They also allowed cutting the territory of Bulgaria by rewriting the treaty to countries that did not participate in the war at all. Bulgaria itself was placed in vassal dependence on the Ottoman Empire. That is, almost completely abandoned military victories.

    In World War I, all merged, as the author writes correctly.

    The question is even to stand above the battle, but in the readiness of forces and means to control after the war both the victors and the vanquished. Non-military methods and so that they themselves are happy with this control.
  20. Vladimir1960
    Vladimir1960 13 March 2015 09: 23
    The only thing I can agree with is that it’s time to stop fighting, protecting the interests of others. If you fight, then only for your country and your people or, in extreme cases, for your most faithful allies. And sharing trophies is not our method. All that we need, we ourselves will earn and create. Curly-faced comrades know how to stand above the battle. Therefore, they are the richest and most intelligent. For this, they are all "loved."
  21. 1-ST Engineer
    1-ST Engineer 13 March 2015 09: 29
    An interesting article has something to ponder. It seems like it's really cheaper to sit back and look from the side, well, and then share the skin ... it's me, it's me again, and I don’t wear it ... Yes, the fact is that the Anglo-Saxons are instigators in any respect, military or economic Yes, they hate each other for pennies, they can even substitute wondering why they say English humor - that’s a less crap ... But the Russian soul, open under vodka, will tell everything ... and do it - then the last comedy with Svetlakov where he Vlad rushed off because the soul is open, and they are glad to try to get out of it ... So they have it in their blood, foolish themselves and by what means they will find a choice ... They can do it best of all, bleed people and nations, and then watch from the side. And we are different, if somewhere our army appears, it is only for counterbalance, but how not to undermine the situation so that everyone kills each other and we are on the side ... Where is our army there is construction and creation everywhere ... Because we are Russian .. .
  22. Balcony
    Balcony 13 March 2015 09: 43
    Yes, this great science is above the battle! It is imperative to use all the opportunities to save your soldiers and there is nothing to be ashamed of. And this is not one day, but decades. The horror that occurred in the Donbass is the mistakes made not yesterday, but decades ago, and now the United States is howling with us with the wrong hands of Bandera. The world is vast and there are countries of Africa and Asia there is also a confrontation once the USSR once gave weapons and ideology, and Russia cannot be locked in itself!
  23. alex770784051
    alex770784051 13 March 2015 09: 44
    Words from the famous song "And we need one victory, We will not stand the price." We didn’t stand, but we should have stood!
  24. Mihail29
    Mihail29 13 March 2015 09: 51
    I basically agree with the author, but there are questions. In the Crimean English they had to fight on their own, there they got such ... that all of their dead were considered heroes. And most importantly
    However, I believe that we definitely need to talk about this, discuss and learn this, since this science will bring much more benefit to our country and our people, without sacrificing the priceless lives of Russian people and Russian soldiers. Russian soul, not nationality.

    This is what all these remarks, amendments, etc. mean. Russian soul where did it come from? Did not the concept of "Russian spirit (soul)" appear in people with Russian nationality? How long will it continue that people will be shy or afraid of the phrase Russian nationality like fire? in newspapers, on the Internet, on television. Are you afraid that you will be accused of nationalism and chauvinism? Who's to blame? Such people as Shenderovich, Kasparov, Makarevich - so these super-democratic "people", wish this Russian people to drink, then to be reduced to 80 mil. person, etc. etc.
  25. The centurion
    The centurion 13 March 2015 09: 53
    The Anglo-Saxon political mentality has the outstanding feature that, with a violent desire to crush everyone, everything and everyone that does not meet their geopolitical interests, they prefer to do it not only with other people's hands, but also with other people's wallets. This skill is honored from them as the highest political aerobatics and there is something to learn from them. But centuries pass, and we don’t have these lessons for the future. The Russian people, as our unforgettable prince-baptist Vladimir the Red Sun, used to say, are too simple and naive for such a politeness. But our political elite, much of which, even in its external appearance, cannot deny (and often does not deny) the presence of a powerful stream of Jewish blood in its veins, has been completely fooled by Anglo-Saxon tricks and twists for many centuries. It is simply shame, shame and disgrace and defies any reasonable explanation. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that some of our leaders sometimes showed enviable examples of dexterity and skill in politics in history that even the British Bulldog was drooling from envy and admiration. But these were only brief episodes in our endless stupid and rustic military-political history, when the sacrificial masses of Russian infantry, cavalry and sailors died in wars in wars for the interests alien to Russia. However, this is such a global topic for analysis and reflection (and not at all for the average mind) that it deserves a separate and in-depth study. I, perhaps, will not work on such a titanic work, I dare to suggest this abundant, though slippery, topic to the powerful head of Wasserman.

    From the article "Cossacks in the Patriotic War of 1812. Part II. The invasion and expulsion of Napoleon"
    IN 27 November 2013

    Taki author ventured to dig this topic. Worthy.
  26. Naiman
    Naiman 13 March 2015 09: 58
    About Afghanistan, I do not much agree. The production of raw opium has grown tens, if not hundreds of times, with NATO troops. As a result, as much heroin now goes, and how many people are dying. Did you not take this into account? What really cover for the southern borders at the expense of the British, I do not understand. And the notorious that they are the Taliban will go to the North. What should they do there? Nothing to do. Communications zero. Try walking Turkmenistan through the sands. Or through overpopulated Uzbekistan.
    1. rodevaan
      13 March 2015 17: 42
      - Yes, please, another example is the Crimean scenario! Not a single Russian soldier died, and a whole strategic peninsula became part of the Russian Federation! And this despite the fact that now it is very difficult to call Ukraine a friendly country that openly complies with Anglo-Saxon orders.
  27. Astartes
    Astartes 13 March 2015 10: 01
    The topic is correct, but not entirely well considered, it just so went that Russia, possessing vast territories, was never a conscious aggressor, well, the Russian people do not need this, since it would have to master their world. Therefore, there are no goals in the world for which the Russians would like to fight. BUT all this European and other "hadina" constantly came to Russia, and how can you fight with someone else's hands ?? Therefore, in order to pursue a cunning policy, you must first set goals, and then try to achieve them by cunning and deception. You can practice in Ukraine while there is an opportunity, because the most patriotic Russian people are now dying there.
  28. Orlenok ILLI4A
    Orlenok ILLI4A 13 March 2015 10: 14
    IMHO, we don’t have to fight with someone else’s hands, that’s how cowards (Americans, etc.) act, I’ll repeat myself, just turn up, you’re ready to fight, I (we) are ready to die for HIS !!!!!!!!!!!
  29. Victor Demchenko
    Victor Demchenko 13 March 2015 10: 17
    read the article, read the comments and ... thought. I agree with the author in many ways, but I don’t agree with this, because we need rulers with an admixture of this very blood, simply because even ONE red blood cell from there is a direct way to betray the interests of Russia and the peoples living in it. this is my opinion, you can minus, but I do not get tired of criticizing while OUR government, it makes a lot of mistakes, its actions aimed at provoking unrest and unrest in the country are very directional and obvious! sad
  30. Nitarius
    Nitarius 13 March 2015 11: 10
    London IT HAS ALREADY NECESSARY TO BACK TO THE MIDDLE AGES ...... THESE DIGGERS have done a lot of good for us!
  31. kursk87
    kursk87 13 March 2015 11: 15
    I agree with the author of the article. Anglo-Saxons are a very vile nation. Only a dollar scam is worth it. They appropriated the laurels of winners everywhere and in everything. They call themselves an exceptional nation, forcing the peoples of other countries to work for this nation (crooks, scammers, liars)
    SAILOROLD 13 March 2015 11: 25
    The correct article! ..
    Here it is SO needed somewhere:
  33. 1234567890
    1234567890 13 March 2015 11: 27
    The question in the article is posed correctly - timely and to the point.
    Inability to stand above the battle, to pit enemies, to fight with the wrong hands, stupid cleanliness and a view of the world through rose-colored glasses is a chronic vice of domestic foreign policy.
    In no case do I urge you to exactly copy the behavior of the Anglo-Saxons. But our politicians have a lot to learn from them in principle, namely, to put national interests ABOVE ALL. Including, in some cases, and above allied obligations, since the so-called. "Allies" in our entire history have not been distinguished by their honesty and loyalty (and this is to put it mildly).
    After all, if you look at what we despise the Anglo-Saxons for? For defending your interests? No way. We despise them for their petty meanness and a kind of naive insolence, as in juvenile idiots from special boarding schools. For the fact that they build their tricks demonstratively, not embarrassed and especially not hiding, not bothering with cunning combinations. And drag from this (not from a great mind, one must think).
    So, without copying the bestial behavior of the "partners", you just have to defend your interests extremely rigidly and less complex on the topic "what the civilized world will think of us". It is clear: the civilized world and public opinion are fictions, just like human rights, freedom of speech, etc. Well, if anyone is so concerned about this question, normal people think that such a consistent and tough position will be understood correctly.
    And do not about the Russian national character and soul, which is so disgusting. Or does someone think that Russians in life should behave like suckers and holy fools, step on the same rake and walk through this business with forever broken faces and snot to the knee?
  34. zoknyay82
    zoknyay82 13 March 2015 11: 31
    Article of course +, but! It’s not important to learn how to fight in the wrong hands, the main thing is to firmly defend your interests by all means (preferably bloodless), but for this you need to defeat internal enemies with your own hands! Only they can defeat (and sometimes defeated) Russia.
  35. andrew42
    andrew42 13 March 2015 11: 35
    The author is captivated by ideas about some mythical "evil and insidious Anglo-Saxons". With the same success one can "fight" against the Scythians, Assyrians, Trojans and Drevlyans. Anglo-Saxons have not decided ANYTHING in England since 1066. It is a shame not to know the history of Britain, and to fire a non-existent defendant. The author is fighting with whom? With what kind of "Anglo-Saxon" windmills? Britain is the "ancestral nest" of the Rothschild clan and similar usurious families that developed there, spread their influence over Europe, and then founded a second promising "base" in the United States. This is the explanation for all the methods of the policy of the Britain-USA pair. And nothing else. It should be noted that the British fought "with their own hands" and a lot, but .. before the bourgeois revolution of the 2th century. Even so, military aggressiveness was the legacy of the Norman elite, not the Anglo-Saxons. The last passionate Anglo-Saxons ended up in the service of the Byzantine emperors, fleeing Britain in the 17th century. The author, teach "materiel".
  36. Intensive
    Intensive 13 March 2015 11: 39
    I agree, the Anglo-Saxons are the Rothschilds scapegoats).
  37. Bepeck
    Bepeck 13 March 2015 11: 48
    Ability to stand "above the fight" and take advantage of the fruits of someone else's victory to achieve OWN interests

    It sounds nice, but will we still be truly Russian? Not in our opinion, not in Russian ...
  38. Vladimir 23rus
    Vladimir 23rus 13 March 2015 12: 02
    About Afghanistan, the example is not very. In connection with the heroin problem after the strengthening of NATO troops there. And so everything is correct. We know how to win the war, but others use the fruits of victory.
  39. Raroc
    Raroc 13 March 2015 12: 13
    The total degradation of the US population is the price of their victories with the wrong hands. "On someone else's hump in Paradise, do not enter." I consider the article harmful and immoral.
  40. Russia
    Russia 13 March 2015 12: 35
    I do not agree with the author.
    It is not necessary to fight, but TO PREVENT WAR. This is the first and foremost.
    Second - someone else's hands - they are always ALONE! The closest examples are Alkaeda, ISIS, FSA, ("free Syrian army"), Libyan "rebels", Ukraine (war and chaos are only growing, where the US is fighting proxy, and the junta has no brains to stop the war). At first they do what the "owner" needs, and then they just get out of control. It is almost impossible to predict the consequences and cost of such wars by someone else's hands.
    The third. Acting in this way, we simply turn into tracing paper with the United States - another gangster state.
  41. bombardir
    bombardir 13 March 2015 12: 37
    politics has always been a dirty business
    Because of scoundrels who justify themselves by saying that politics is a dirty business.
  42. not Russian
    not Russian 13 March 2015 12: 53
    The author suggests descending to the level of the Anglo-Saxons. This is disgusting. And then they will offer to just as softly forget that we are RUSSIAN. Interested in this smart guy. You just need to learn how to prevent the outbreak of wars and so that not only in Europe and America but throughout the world not a single bastard will not only shoot but also dare to fart without the permission of RUSSIA
  43. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 13 March 2015 13: 10
    Quote: banzay46
    Crappy article! First, we will fight with someone else's hands, then we will learn how to "throw" allies and rip off the defeated as sticky, and then we ourselves will not notice how we will cease to be RUSSIAN!
    You must not learn to fight with the wrong hands, but choose your allies wisely and not bend under Western Wishlist!

    Just put things in order in your country, at least as in Belarus. And with the enemies, stop behaving like "gentlemen", UKRAINE HAS ALREADY FUCKED UP, HAVE BEEN AWEED TO SUPPLY GOOD WEAPONS, they could not "capture" several complexes near Debaltsevo. NO !!! ???, Central Asia is left, work with Uzbeks, Turkmen and others.
    By the way, there’s not enough people to fight anymore !!! As a proposal to send the entire FSKN service to Novorossia, let them fight instead of those who KILLED AND CONTINUE TO KILL.
    1. jamalena
      jamalena 13 March 2015 17: 45
      + + + + + + + + + + + +
  44. VladimS
    VladimS 13 March 2015 13: 26
    I often I come across some phrases like this: "Yes, we will crush all enemies with one left, for someone, and we are not used to chasing any enemy in the tail and in the mane ..."

    Where does this "often" happen? That's just interesting!
    And so, I agree with the author. True thoughts.
  45. ma_shlomha
    ma_shlomha 13 March 2015 14: 40
    The analysis of the actions of any combatants, on any theater of operations, in various historical periods is the main task of military historians. It is necessary to revive the authority and scientific significance of military-historical knowledge. A lightweight attitude to the past, superficial judgments about it serve as a bad example to a new generation of military specialists, giving rise to excessive self-confidence and amateurism in solving complex problems.
    In Soviet times, the leaders of the USSR Armed Forces understood this well, especially since it was known that the potential enemy was paying considerable attention to military history, ideological and political-educational work in their Armed Forces. For example, in the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR. KE Voroshilov in 1946-1947 allocated 12,5 percent of all hours of training to the study of military history. In those days, it was understood that the order of conducting new warriors had to be changed. But with the arrival of the liberal forces, the training programs for military-political specialists were subordinated to new trends: fraternization with "overseas and other partners." Although at present, at West Point (USA), a large proportion of teaching hours are devoted to this subject, along with strategy and tactics courses that rely mainly on the analysis of past battles) more than 14 percent of the teaching time).
    Today, in the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, hardly any questions are devoted to the study of military history - three to four percent.
  46. vanavatny
    vanavatny 13 March 2015 14: 50
    wait and see soldier
    1. Koloradovatnik
      Koloradovatnik 13 March 2015 20: 30
      Quote: vanavate
      wait and see soldier

      Tricky plan ??? wassat
  47. andrey_lev
    andrey_lev 13 March 2015 15: 05
    What does it mean to fight with the wrong hands?
    Engage in incitement and incite conflict? - No need to belittle us to the level of the Anglo-Saxons.

    To help defend oneself from the aggressor without getting directly involved in the conflict? - Well, we have enough of such examples.

    And Afghanistan, it was a serious mistake, where we just screwed up and set ourselves up. Just as they screwed up in the First World War, putting other people's interests above their own.

    Ultimately, it all depends on the country's leadership and the competence of law enforcement agencies ...

    You must be able to fight yourself, and be able to do it better than anyone. But at the same time, never fight for someone else. War is a bad thing, you need to enter it only when there is no other way out.
  48. aleks700
    aleks700 13 March 2015 15: 10
    We absolutely rightly despise them for cowardice, for the fact that they are unable to resist face-to-face with a serious enemy, and can only bomb from the air, and preferably those who play the role of air defense retarded illiterate peasants with berdanks of the 18-19th century, or generally no air defense.
    Cowardice. And they are calling us to learn to fight with the wrong hands. Then where is the difference? Ability to bomb from the air. I do not see anything wrong with that. It is better to destroy the enemy at a great distance without substituting fighters. Fire fighting in extreme cases.
  49. belarus
    belarus 13 March 2015 16: 53
    The reasoning by Alexa Rusina (vjhbc) is very good, judging by the rest of the comments, no one noticed them. The text of the commentary - there are opinions of a third party, I will not deny the existence of a "sect of witnesses of a cunning plan" in this, too, there is truth!
  50. Just seraph
    Just seraph 13 March 2015 18: 55
    Fight with the wrong hands? This is mean. I am aware that real life is TIN, as it is. I just don’t want to be like an adversary. Although I may be wrong.
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 15 March 2015 17: 12
      Even meaner in relation to his people to send him to slaughter for the interests of others. By the way, this also applies to the Germans. Both our states constantly pitted to the advantage of the Anglo-Saxons.