The fastest helicopter will create in Russia

The fastest helicopter will create in RussiaThe Russian Helicopters holding is conducting pre-design work to create a high-speed helicopter of a new generation, said Alexander Tutushkin, head of the department of innovation and strategic development of the Russian Technologies corporation, which includes the Russian Helicopters holding, on Thursday.

"This is a military helicopter. Now the helicopters are the maximum that they give out in terms of speed - 300-320 km per hour. Here, probably, somewhere 500, maybe 450 km per hour," said Tutushkin, RIA "News".

According to him, this project costs several tens of billion rubles.

Tutushkin also said that Russian Technologies in 2011-2020 "will direct to the resource support of the program for the innovative development of 1 trillion rubles."

"Perhaps this amount will be significantly exceeded. Basically, the money will be spent on research, development and technical modernization," he added.

Investments will be directed, in particular, to projects in the field of aviation, energy efficiency, advanced training of employees of the corporation, including the training of innovative specialists.

"Our task here is to prepare 10 in thousands of specialists in 4 years, approximately 400 people per year," said Tutushkin.
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