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Nuclear submarine after a collision with a seiner arrived at the base in Vilyuchinsk


Strategic nuclear submarine "St. George the Victorious" Pacific fleet (Pacific Fleet) arrived at the base of the 25th Strategic Missile Submarine Division of the Pacific Fleet in Vilyuchinsk, Kamchatka, after a collision with the Donets fishing seiner in Avacha Bay. This was announced to ITAR-TASS today by a representative of the press service of the Pacific Fleet Roman Markov.

As reported on the eve of the State Maritime Rescue Coordination Center of the Russian Federation, on the evening of September 20, the fishing seyner “Donets”, owned by Rybnoye LLC, followed the port pier and collided with a submarine. At this point, the seiner made a maneuver by diverging on a collision course with the trawler "Helmsman".

A spokesman for the Pacific Fleet explained that at the time of the incident, the submarine was stationary without any movement, with signal lights turned on. As a result of a collision with a seiner, the body of St. George the Victorious, covered with a thick layer of rubber, received minor damage. No harm done.

An inspection team from the crew of the submarine landed on the seiner crashing into the submarine cruiser. According to the submariners, the crew of “Donets” “was in inadequate condition,” in other words, the sailors were drunk, a spokesman for the Pacific Fleet reported.

Currently, the incident is under investigation.

The St. George Pobednosets nuclear submarine K-433 is a strategic submarine of the Kalmar project 667BDR. Launched 20 June 1980 of the year. November 3 The 1983 of the year was introduced into the 25 division of the 2 th flotilla of submarines of the Pacific Fleet based in the Krasheninnikov bay (Vilyuchinsk).

The displacement of the ship 13 thousand tons, the maximum speed - 24 node, the depth of the dive - 320 meters, crew - 130 people.
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  1. Vadivak
    Vadivak 23 September 2011 09: 05 New
    The sailors drink, the pilots drink, the rulers drink, will someone put things in order? No longer laughing
    1. Foamas
      Foamas 23 September 2011 09: 19 New
      If you look at the photo, the fishermen did everything right, and suddenly attacked the enemy boat HMS "Vanguard".
    2. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 23 September 2011 09: 44 New
      The law and the inevitability of punishment of those guilty, regardless of their positions and the thickness of the wallet, will also bring about.
      1. Uncle Sam
        Uncle Sam 23 September 2011 09: 58 New
        Yes, only the law doesn’t help, people who drink in Russia are catastrophically a lot, but they don’t drink from happiness - it means that until people find meaning and joy in life, nothing will change. It seems to me that this will happen until the level of well-being of the people grows. And for this we need a state program, and this program should be of the highest priority, and finances should be invested here first of all. Because people are the country. You can take any programs, develop something, etc., make a bunch of weapons, but if the majority of people are unhappy, but I repeat, they drink from this - there will be no sense
        1. Varnaga
          Varnaga 23 September 2011 11: 46 New
          If my memory serves me right, Russia is at the end of the top 10 European countries in alcohol consumption, so there is no need to exaggerate and transfer your fantasies to the entire population.
          In fact, how did the fish have to revel in order not to notice the large-capacity liner?
    3. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 23 September 2011 18: 26 New
      While we ourselves do not realize that we live in shit and do not begin to launder ourselves, no one will help us. The West will gladly swallow us.
      1. Varnaga
        Varnaga 26 September 2011 13: 38 New
        You did not confuse a branch?
  2. подводник
    подводник 23 September 2011 10: 34 New
    In general, all this is very sad, if not suspiciously-objects of any kind of accident, catastrophes and mail. nuclear submarines become exclusively new and expensive projects, is counterintelligence slumbering?
    1. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 23 September 2011 18: 25 New
      Check each other for strength. Almost like in the gateway - do you respect me?
  3. sancho
    sancho 23 September 2011 11: 35 New
    I agree with "Uncle Sam", all the roots of troubles are not from happiness, people do not have it. For many years, our Hobbits have been running around with their Gazprom projects, petrodollars. Oh, what's the point? I cover my eyes with raising pensions ... but at the exit? These increases evenly offset inflation. As the grandmother sat counting pennies for bread and milk, so she sits. Where is the money? Why doesn’t it reach people? What for us these Sochi 2017? When half the country sits without housing! With our resources and open spaces. And still driven into a bondage mortgage for life. Is this caring for people? Petrol! Our native Russian gasoline, bl ... I am more expensive than Pindos! Is this a concern? Our children go to school, how much money we roll off! Is this the state’s concern for its future? Have a drink here.
    Do not praise the captain of the seiner, he must certainly be punished to the fullest!
    Pilots (civilians) cannot fly!
    Engineers are drinking!
    Bus drivers are sleeping! etc.
    The Minister of Transport both sat and sits. The Minister of Education both sat and sits. The Minister of the Interior, both sat and sits. Minister of Defense ........ EH! EH! EH!
    Ah, you have to see the root of the trouble!
    1. hundert
      hundert 24 September 2011 13: 00 New
      yeah, piss in the front door because Putin is bad wink
      it is necessary to begin first of all with oneself, with society. only then can an adequate leadership of the country appear.
    2. oper66
      oper66 24 September 2011 13: 20 New
      that's something bad that they’re not sitting there where it should be
  4. Sergh
    Sergh 23 September 2011 18: 45 New
    It was necessary to give these poachers right away, on the spot! I know that these fishermen do not knock on a bolt at all, "wherever I want, I fly there."