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8 March. The best day!

Today is 8 March. One of the favorite holidays in Russia. Beloved by many generations of our beautiful women. Although why only women? And for us - men - this is one of those days, which gives a wonderful mood. The holiday is light, spring, feminine, fragrant with the scent of full-blown mimosa. He gives warmth and joy.

The idea of ​​the holiday itself was devoted to equalizing women's and men's rights. As they say, the idea has been fully implemented, and therefore today it is no longer possible to say that there are purely female and especially male professions. Women storm political Olympics, women work in the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Defense and other security structures. Women stand in the ranks and are ready to defend the frontiers of our Fatherland no worse than men. The women military are no longer just medical nurses or doctors, “scribes” and financiers, they are representatives of the winged infantry, military personnel of the EKR and others.

On the eve of International Women's Day, the Russian Ministry of Defense spread information that the number of military higher educational institutions of the country, which charming women have the right to enroll, is increasing from this year. At the moment, the list of military universities accepting documents from girls who want to wear officers' shoulder straps is as follows:

Marshal of the Soviet Union Budyonny (St. Petersburg);

8 March. The best day!

Universities of the Airborne Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: AF Mozhaisky Military Space Academy (St. Petersburg) and the AF Mozhaysky Military Space Academy (Yaroslavl);

Military Medical Academy. CM. Kirov (St. Petersburg);

Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School named after Army General V.F. Margelov;

Volsky Military Institute of Material Support (VVIMO) (Saratov Region);

Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces named after Peter the Great.

If you believe the official statistics of the Ministry of Defense, then about 9% of the numerical strength of the Armed Forces of Russia are women, which in this case certainly cannot be called the “weaker sex”. These women proudly wear military uniforms and perform all the tasks that are the foundation of the defense capability of the Russian Federation.

In these difficult days for Ukraine, for Donbass, many women decided to protect their native land, their homes, their children from the invasion of the new plague - the one that swallowed the minds of an imposing part of the Ukrainian people and brought to power the people engaged in serving the interests of the West, building business on blood of civilians. Donbass girls took an active part in the battles for the Donetsk airport, in operations near Lisichansk and Debaltseve, defended the frontiers in the vicinity of Slavyansk, Lugansk, Gorlovka. Women even on the front line try to remain women, which somehow especially underlines the horror of the civil war in the south-east of Ukraine.

But Donbass women resist violence not only on the front lines. Tens of thousands of women, having a very modest family budget, are ready to share, in the literal sense of the word, the last piece of bread with the defenders of Novorossia, are ready to go to the medical center and donate blood for the wounded soldiers who suffered as a result of shelling of old people and children. Such courage, namely this word here is the most appropriate, worthy of the deepest respect.

The Russian (in the widest sense of the word) woman has an enormous kind heart, but at the same time she is ready to take the most decisive steps to save the family hearth, protect the shelter, resist the floods of dirt and lies that the “well-wishers” are trying to pour out today. .

In the creative team and among the readers of the Military Review, there are also quite a few women who deserve the most flattering words.

Dear women, dear girls, this day “Military Review” is in a hurry to congratulate you on a radiant holiday. We would like to sincerely wish you happiness and goodness, light and joy, health and happiness! Wish a peaceful sky over your head. The peaceful sky is necessary for all of us! It is necessary to raise our children, work, develop the country, move forward! All the flowers of the world on this day, lovely and beautiful women, YOUR!

Happy holiday! Hooray!

The sun crept into the room
Fresh morning bedroom filling.
Splashed hair without a trace
Beauty, to my own pain.

On the pillow, from under the blond bangs -
Closed eyelashes stiffened.
Your dreams are a mysterious smile
On beautiful sensual lips.

Grudgingly minutes grind eternity
Holy guarding your peace.
You are like a star dust tiara,
Manish the milky light behind you!

I bow to you in the bow of the earth,
For the hundredth time, thanks to fate.
And whisper in your ear gently:
"Happy holiday, my love!"


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  1. fomkin
    fomkin 8 March 2015 06: 24
    Just joining. You can’t say better anyway.
    1. Момент
      Момент 8 March 2015 06: 37
      Happy holiday, the beauties of Russia. Happy holiday, girls of New Russia. Happiness, love and peaceful sky to everyone.
      1. tronin.maxim
        tronin.maxim 8 March 2015 06: 50
        My congratulations ALL THE SOUL!
        1. APASUS
          APASUS 8 March 2015 15: 36
          Happy holiday Dear women!
          1. Andriuha077
            Andriuha077 8 March 2015 19: 56

            Brain with congratulations today.
            And the people will be in power.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 8 March 2015 06: 26
    I heartily congratulate you, dear women, with special respect from the participants of the Military Review!
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 8 March 2015 07: 50
      Join the basket!

      Happy holiday to all, both Russian and Novorossiysk, and Ukrainian, and Belarusian, and Kazakh!

      All the one and only! And such - all.

      Spring, health, happiness!

      Especially to residents of Donbass: a long and high peaceful sky!

      By the way, yesterday in Donetsk held a beauty contest among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity in the militia. There will be a photo essay about this event as soon as the correspondent will come across. During the voting, his jaw was knocked out and his brain shook slightly.
      1. Viktor Kudinov
        Viktor Kudinov 8 March 2015 09: 22
        Happiness to you, and - that all your men be alive, healthy and glad of you! love
      2. asar
        asar 8 March 2015 11: 33
        Novel! Good afternoon!
        It was him so Beauty shocked ?! )))
        And congratulations to our Beloved, Only, Desired !!!
      3. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 8 March 2015 17: 03
        Quote: Banshee
        There will be a photo story about this event, as soon as the correspondent comes up. When voting, his jaw was broken and his brains were slightly shaken.

        what a holiday without a fight ... wassat
    2. self-propelled
      self-propelled 8 March 2015 11: 30
      all the girls with a HOLIDAY! nice, tender and beloved - I congratulate you all! you all very, very ... well, but in general, always remain fragile, tender and ... FAVORITE!
      and, even if the uniform suits you, never put it on - your path is the family hearth (in which it is always warm and cozy) ...! the war does not suit you (the war does not have a female face) ...
      If women put on a uniform,
      That many men get hurt.
      Not ! Not for this, if you decide
      What suddenly became insulting to the man.
      A beautiful woman in shape
      The shape will decorate any "individual",
      But this is not what the conversation is about:
      Do we need such a calico?
      Examples in our history were,
      When all the people wore overcoats,
      The common grief brought us all together
      But that rule became an exception.
      The burdens of service for women are difficult
      That's why in the midst of war
      Our men understood everything
      They covered their chest with bullets.
      And, only with victory did the fire die out,
      They immediately sent women to the reserve.
      After all, the appointment of women is different -
      Peaceful, gentle, ... even holy!
      The shape is strict, one-sided, linear,
      Less freedom, more dullness.
      To really convince you -
      How is it in her
      with the mystery of a woman to be? ...
    3. Duke
      Duke 8 March 2015 11: 43
      Dear women with HOLIDAY !
      1. DRA-88
        DRA-88 8 March 2015 11: 56
        1. SRC P-15
          SRC P-15 8 March 2015 12: 06
          Happy Holidays to you, dear women!
          I wish you to have the opposite smile :
          1. lelikas
            lelikas 8 March 2015 15: 23
            Quote: СРЦ П-15
            I wish you to have the opposite: smile:

            Less huts and horses!
            Happy Girls! Love, happiness, good luck, peace, do not lose your men and do not fight.
  4. Federal
    Federal 8 March 2015 06: 26
    Happy holiday to our dear women!
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 8 March 2015 06: 27
    For many years, women, on a par with men, have been fulfilling military duty, and moreover have completely cope with their tasks. There are women generals in the Russian army; I’m not even talking about colonels. It is planned to attract women to serve in the Navy. Wherever you look around a woman. Happy holiday to you! I would also like to congratulate regular visitors to this site.
  6. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 8 March 2015 06: 30
    Arberes, said for everyone! yes left to join! hi Happy Holidays, our dear !!! love (9 would be more likely ...) lol
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 8 March 2015 10: 08
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      (rather 9 number ...)

      "SMS came in the morning" The subscriber is back online. You can call him "And that's it! It's too late! I'm already sober!
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 8 March 2015 14: 23
        Quote: Egoza
        Quote: Andrey Yurievich
        (rather 9 number ...)

        "SMS came in the morning" The subscriber is back online. You can call him "And that's it! It's too late! I'm already sober!

        laughing Why Elena! laughing happy holiday! drinks
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. a.hamster55
        a.hamster55 9 March 2015 07: 59
        I join Andrey Yuryevich
  7. Bort radist
    Bort radist 8 March 2015 06: 41
    With the holiday of spring, the entire female composition of VO, as well as girls, women, grandmothers, are our support and hope.
  8. shishakova
    shishakova 8 March 2015 06: 41
    Thanks for the congratulation!
    Women can do anything, but their main role in life is the education of moral children.
    Moral children are a success in education and a hope for changes for the better in our world!
    1. s.melioxin
      s.melioxin 8 March 2015 06: 53
      Quote: shishakova
      Thanks for the congratulation!
      Women can do anything, but their main role in life is the education of moral children.
      Moral children are a success in education and a hope for changes for the better in our world!
      We are sure of YOU! Women can do anything!
      1. shishakova
        shishakova 8 March 2015 07: 36
        Quote: s.melioxin
        Quote: shishakova
        Thanks for the congratulation!
        Women can do anything, but their main role in life is the education of moral children.
        Moral children are a success in education and a hope for changes for the better in our world!
        We are sure of YOU! Women can do anything!

        Thank you, Sergey!
        Happiness to your loved ones!
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. s.melioxin
          s.melioxin 8 March 2015 08: 02
          This is for you !!! From me and US !!! Good luck to you !!!
  9. andj61
    andj61 8 March 2015 06: 44
    Congratulations from the whole soul!
  10. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 8 March 2015 06: 45
    Dear ladies! Happy holiday to you! Peace, happiness, love!
  11. Stalker
    Stalker 8 March 2015 06: 50
    Happy holiday dear women !!! Particular respect for the defenders and residents of New Russia !!! love hi
  12. mamont5
    mamont5 8 March 2015 06: 51
    Happy 8 March Dear women! love
  13. Aleksandr72
    Aleksandr72 8 March 2015 06: 57
    I am pleased to join everyone who congratulated our dear and beloved on the holiday! In general, March 8 is an international women's day, but at the same time it’s a real masculine holiday, because on this day we men try to pay all our attention to our beloved women at least once a year, to surround them with warmth and care, forgetting at least a day about the bustle of boudin. Happy holiday, our dear women!
  14. orphan 63
    orphan 63 8 March 2015 07: 00
    Thank you for your congratulations! love And these videos are for the mood! laughing

  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. Name
    Name 8 March 2015 07: 08
    Girls, girls, with YOUR HOLIDAY! love love You are at our clever!
  17. Vityok
    Vityok 8 March 2015 07: 08
    Dear women! I congratulate you on International Women's Day !!! I wish you love, happiness and health! love drinks
  18. aszzz888
    aszzz888 8 March 2015 07: 10
    Just look at our beauties, and also in uniform !!!!!
    Well there is no more beautiful than our girls and women !!!!!
    Happy Spring, our dear friends !!!!! love
  19. kursk87
    kursk87 8 March 2015 07: 11
    love Congratulations to all women on a holiday! I want to wish everyone happiness, love, warmth and peace !!
  20. Hairy Siberian
    Hairy Siberian 8 March 2015 07: 13
    Dear women since March 8! Today is everything for you. love
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 8 March 2015 08: 55
      Quote: Hairy Siberian
      Today is everything for you

      "Today the pork chops turned out to be simply amazing. And all thanks to my wife, who pissed me off in the morning" (c) laughing

      Thank you, our dear men! It is very nice to accept your congratulations!
      However, VO men delight us not only on the 8 of March, but on all other days.
  21. Anatole Klim
    Anatole Klim 8 March 2015 07: 14
    Congratulations to all the women on the Spring Festival, especially the wives of the officers and all the military, my Mom for 28 years of father’s service changed 7 places of service with him, 7 travels from Sakhalin to the Caucasus and the coast of the Barents Sea, the most difficult conditions, worked as a nurse, telephone operator, and a bread maker. ..and I never heard complaints from her. Happy women, without you.
  22. yurikh
    yurikh 8 March 2015 07: 36
    I join in the congratulations. Our dear girls thank you for everything!
  23. ALABAY45
    ALABAY45 8 March 2015 07: 50
    The "weaker" sex is stronger than the "strong", due to the weakness of the "strong" to the "weak"! This state of affairs suits me perfectly! Happy Holidays!
  24. thinker
    thinker 8 March 2015 07: 51
    Women in uniform! Women of our forum! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
  25. foma2028
    foma2028 8 March 2015 07: 57
    All women, ladies, girls and young ladies on the occasion of spring!
  26. pest
    pest 8 March 2015 08: 04
    Happy holiday, dear ladies, from March 8! That all life would pursue you only love, health and beauty!
  27. fomkin
    fomkin 8 March 2015 08: 04
    Not for the holiday will be said. Any series is the main suspected woman. The victim is also a woman. Our TV people seem to be fixated
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 8 March 2015 09: 20
      Quote: fomkin
      Any series is the main suspected woman. The victim is also a woman. Our TV people seem to be fixated

      This is because the series are filmed by men ....
      "Dad, tell me ... is your wife for a long time?
      - For life son!
      - is she even worse than school ?! "
      “Dad, what's the difference between a rifle and an assault rifle?”
      - A huge son! Remember how I say and how your mother says ...
      1. Kuznik
        Kuznik 8 March 2015 17: 08
        Remember how I say and how your mother says ...
        laughing subtly noticed ...
        Happy holiday to you, Elena! love
        Add a few lines:
        Have you ever seen flying saucers? ... get married ...
        If the seventh pancake is lumpy, to hell with pancakes, bake the lumps!
        - Yasha! I’m here in a bowling club ... My ball hit the bar counter ...
        - Well, shaw there?
        - Strike!
        Yesterday morning a busty woman had a fight with me. We went into the elevator, I looked at her chest. She said: “Can you finally press?” And then something went wrong ...
        It is a pity that Cinderella lost her shoe ... that would have lost her panties ... and the fairy tale would have been more fun!
  28. Sakhalin.
    Sakhalin. 8 March 2015 08: 09
    Dear women, mothers, grandmothers, girls, girls. I sincerely congratulate you on International Women's Day, I wish you warmth of smiles and happiness !!!
  29. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 8 March 2015 08: 20
    Happy holiday to you, dear representatives of the "weaker" sex. Although I don't think so. Fate demands more responsibility from you than from men. But the first word that any person of any nationality utters in life is addressed to you - "MOTHER". And the most gentle word "LOVE" is also addressed to you. I wish you love, happiness and do not know grief.
  30. Gray 43
    Gray 43 8 March 2015 08: 21
    Surprisingly, the article is not negative)))))))) All women a happy holiday! We always love you, and not just March 8!
  31. Karlsonn
    Karlsonn 8 March 2015 08: 23
    All comrades of the "Military Review" Happy Holidays! love hi
    All the best to you and the very best!
    1. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 10 March 2015 00: 55

      With his head held high,
      Catching up beloved ones and brothers,
      Through the fire of revolutions and wars
      You passed without losing beauty.
      Not "glamorous kitties" in furs,
      Not a princess with a dream of a miracle.
      But about you in winged verses
      Harsh people spoke.
      You don’t need a tropical beach,
      And a playboy hoppy hug.
      You face combat camouflage,
      And a flying summer dress
      And a discreet business suit,
      And the astronaut’s elastic suit.
      Are you ready for work and battle
      What to bring beautiful tomorrow.
      Our sisters, comrades, you
      I congratulate you on the spring holiday,
      Let it spin you like a waltz
      And give the delight of inspiration
      And a perky fast pulse
      And a happy feeling of flying.
      You do not wait for concessions, but let
      Love and care will surround you.
      Stay tender but strong
      And as light as brave birds.
      You are the harbinger of Red Spring
      Her light particles live in you!
  32. kush62
    kush62 8 March 2015 08: 37
    Happy spring to you, our dear women !!!
  33. Colonel
    Colonel 8 March 2015 08: 45
    Happy holidays, girls! You are the best in this best of the worlds! Be happy!
  34. Agarkov Vitaliy
    Agarkov Vitaliy 8 March 2015 09: 05
    Happy holiday, dear girls and women! love
    1. Antropos
      Antropos 8 March 2015 15: 08
      At first it seemed that the dumplings were laid out. laughing laughing laughing
      1. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich 8 March 2015 17: 06
        Quote: Anthropos
        At first it seemed that the dumplings were laid out. laughing laughing laughing

        the same garbage ... laughing drinks
  35. EvgNik
    EvgNik 8 March 2015 09: 08
    I join all the congratulations expressed earlier!
  36. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 8 March 2015 09: 09
    Happy Girls! and wearing shoulder straps and not - you are all wonderful with us!
  37. Normal
    Normal 8 March 2015 09: 17
    I congratulate you!
    My spouse, daughters, visitors to the site and ALL women of Russia. YOU ARE THE BEST!
    I wish you health, love, a cozy hearth, peace of mind, many children and even more grandchildren.
    Let you never have to pick up a weapon.
    love love love
  38. I am Russian
    I am Russian 8 March 2015 09: 28
    I join all of the above !!!!! hi
  39. Apsit
    Apsit 8 March 2015 09: 32
    I join in everything that has been said and listed above and happily congratulate all the grandmothers, women and girls on March 8! I wish you more such days in your life! love
  40. Agat
    Agat 8 March 2015 10: 16
    Thank you for your congratulations! love Peace be with you and your families!
    And this is for you to better understand us!
    L. Tolstoy "A woman is such a subject that no matter how much you study her, all the same, everything will be completely new."
    V. Bryusov "You are a woman. And by that you are right"
    Indian poet Tirukural "I love more than anyone!" - I once exclaimed. Gloomy: "Who is this - all?" she asked. wink
  41. atos_kin
    atos_kin 8 March 2015 10: 29
    Virtual brothers, take care of real women! Today we will tear off the fifth point from the support for the fulfillment of Her (Their) desire! love
  42. asar
    asar 8 March 2015 11: 37
    Wait for me and I will come back.
    Only very much wait,
    Wait, when you are sad
    Yellow rains,
    Wait, when the snow is swept,
    Wait, when the heat,
    Wait, when others are not expected,
    Forgetting yesterday.
    Wait, when from distant places
    Letters will not come,
    Wait, when you're tired
    To all who wait together.

    Wait for me and I will come back,
    Do not wish good
    To everyone who knows by heart,
    What to forget is time.
    Let believe the son and mother
    In the fact that there is no me,
    Let the friends get tired of waiting,
    They'll sit at the fire,
    They will drink a bitter wine
    To remember the soul ...
    Wait. And with them at the same time
    Do not rush to drink.

    Wait for me and I will come back,
    To all deaths to spite.
    Who did not wait for me, let him
    He will say: - Lucky.
    Do not understand, not waiting for them,
    As among the fire
    Waiting for
    You saved me.
    How I survived, we will know
    Only you and I
    You just could wait,
    Like no one else.

    We love you! And we carry on hands! You are the Most-Beautiful, Beloved, Unique!
  43. calocha
    calocha 8 March 2015 11: 38
    Happy holiday lovely women!
  44. Kuznik
    Kuznik 8 March 2015 11: 45
    Lovely women, good faithful,
    With the new spring of you, the first drops!
    Peaceful sky to you, the radiant sun,
    The cherished happiness, the purest!
    A lot of affection, warmth, kindness to you,
    May your dreams come true!

    Beautiful verses and beautiful postcards are not able to convey true feelings to those whom we love and by whom we love.
    But a warm word is never superfluous. Simple words - thank you, thank you, well done, clever girl, said to our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, wives, daughters - caress their ears and warm their souls, healing everyday scratches of everyday life. Speak them more often, because it is so simple - to love and be loved ...
    1. Kuznik
      Kuznik 8 March 2015 11: 59
      My daughter brought a picture with a similar expression winked

    2. Kuznik
      Kuznik 8 March 2015 12: 04
      Well, as they say
    3. Kuznik
      Kuznik 8 March 2015 12: 12
      Well, a bit of humor ...
      1. chehywed
        chehywed 8 March 2015 14: 52
        Quote: KuzNik
        Well, a bit of humor ...

        He’s not trampling to the hut burning,
        And the horse will not jerk the bit,
        Because the man is REAL,
        Do not take up BABY affairs! laughing

        Happy holiday, lovely women.
        1. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 8 March 2015 17: 12
          Quote: chehywed
          He’s not trampling to the hut burning,
          And the horse will not jerk the bit,
          Because the man is REAL,
          Do not take up BABY affairs
          1. Kuznik
            Kuznik 8 March 2015 18: 48
            There is a funny tale, I think it’ll be fun for everyone on holiday, and he’ll finish Andrei Yuryevich laughing
            The pig has an orgasm lasting thirty minutes. (thirty minutes! Nifigase ... I want to be a pig in my next life!) Catfish have more than twenty seven thousand taste buds. (And what is so tasty at the bottom?) The cockroach lives without a head for nine days, after which it dies of hunger. (I’m thinking about a pig ...) A flea can jump three hundred and fifty times the length of its body. Anyway, a person will jump over a football field. (thirty minutes .. ... lucky pig ... just imagine!) Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump. (It’s even better.) Some lions mingle more than fifty times a day. (I still want to be a pig in my next life - quality is more than quantity!) Cat urine glows in ultraviolet light. (I wonder who was paid to find out?) The ostrich’s eye is larger than his brain. (I know a few of these people) A starfish has no brain at all. (And such people I know) People and dolphins are the only species that have sex for pleasure. Hey! But what about the pig?
            1. Andrey Yuryevich
              Andrey Yuryevich 9 March 2015 04: 07
              Quote: KuzNik
              But what about the pig?

              and the pig, to carry out the stew plan ... yes
            2. Kuznik
              Kuznik 9 March 2015 12: 15
              Ahh !!! belay
              Your Bunny Wrote !!! (your rabbit wrote)
              I had to agree to a restaurant ... crying
              Lovely women, all of you with the past! Well, it's time for us to clean ...
      2. strong man
        strong man 8 March 2015 22: 56
        Page of humor!
        1. Aleksandr72
          Aleksandr72 9 March 2015 12: 44
          Well, that clarified the humor. If I were a woman, I would certainly be offended by comparison with these ghouls. am
  45. Igarr
    Igarr 8 March 2015 11: 54
    Happy Spring, girls!
    May God give you happiness.
    And we will try to help him.
    Health and success for life.
    And a sober husband, constantly. Yes?
  46. asar
    asar 8 March 2015 12: 07
    "- Oh, you are mine! Gray-haired already all!"
    Wife gently rubs her hair
    - After all, the old one, do you run around the fields ?!
    Not fought, old are you mine?
    How many times have I been waiting for you, and you again ... And I dragged my guys along with me!
    Maybe it's enough to run, jump ?! "
    Well Sorry, Darling! I knew who you were marrying! Do not blame me, my sun!
    Happy holiday, my dear!
    1. asar
      asar 8 March 2015 14: 49
      From my Boys to the Women of Russia - "We love you! Happy Holidays! You are our only ones!
      For our rear! Raise children! There is no us without you! We are with you! Together we will win!
  47. drags33
    drags33 8 March 2015 12: 44
    The word "woman", like the Universe, must be written with a capital letter - Woman!!!
    Happy spring holiday for all Women! Well-being, health, happiness, female joys, positive anti-crisis mood to all Women !!!
  48. Deadmen
    Deadmen 8 March 2015 12: 46
    all women with a holiday. Hooray hooray hooray
  49. sds87
    sds87 8 March 2015 13: 21
    Dear Women, from March 8, you!
  50. attuda
    attuda 8 March 2015 13: 38
    Sudden Composition:

    Girls and Ladies,
    Grandmothers and Moms
    Holiday Spring
    Our best of the best!

    In the heat of battle, tension and insanity
    International Women's Day!
    I wish Happiness, PEACE, and Orgasms
    Love, warmth, and ALL good luck in everything!