Great Victory in Photos

9 May 1945 of the year goes further and further, but we still remember how much our fathers and grandfathers paid that day and every year we celebrate this wonderful and tragic holiday with veterans. The photos captured the last moments of the war, happy moments and the joyful faces of the soldiers.

2.Soviet soldiers in the car of the Berlin tram.

3.Maria Timofeevna Shalneva, the corporal of the 87-th separate road maintenance battalion, regulates the movement of military equipment near the Reichstag in Berlin 2 in May 1945.

4.Soviet soldiers with harmonica on a street in Berlin.

5. Soviet soldier in Goebbels apartment in Hitler's bunker near the Reich Chancellery.

Great Victory in Photos

6. Soviet mortar soldier Sergei Ivanovich Platov leaves his autograph on the Reichstag column.

7. The British soldier leaves his autograph among the autographs of Soviet soldiers inside the Reichstag.

8.Lidia Ruslanova performs Katyusha on the background of the destroyed Reichstag. May 1945.

9. Return from the front of the pilot, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Mikhailovich Skomorokhov (1920 — 1994). He made 605 combat missions, conducted more 130 air battles, shot down 46 enemy planes in person and 8 - in the group, 7-th result in the list of Soviet fighter aces. Skomorokhov himself during the entire war was never wounded, was never shot down.

10. A photograph of a Soviet soldier hoisting 2 in May 1945 over a red banner taken by the Reichstag, which later became known as the Victory Banner - one of the symbols of World War II along with the famous Kombat picture. This is one of a series of shots taken by Eugene Chaldeem on the roof of the Reichstag. Yevgeny Khaldey said: “There were four of us [on the roof of the Reichstag], but I well remembered the resident of Kiev, Alexei Kovalev, who tied the flag. I took long photographs of him. In various poses. I remember that we all prostrated very much then ... He and I were helped by the foreman of the reconnaissance company of the Guards Red Banner Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky of the Zaporozhye Infantry Division Abdulhakim Ismailov from Dagestan and the Minsk citizen Leonid Gorychev. This version was published in the official Soviet sources in a retouched form: the contrast of the image was enhanced and the clock was removed from the officer’s right hand (according to another version of the compass), which could give rise to accusation of looting by the Soviet military.

11.Official, retouched version.

12. One more options.

13. Residents of Leningrad on fireworks in honor of the Victory.

14. Soviet soldiers drink for Victory - on the general construction of the unit, the Victory over Nazi Germany 9 of May 1945 was announced.

15. The Soviet cavalryman talks to a Russian girl who was hijacked to work in Germany and is now returning home.

16.The German division on bicycles is being pushed to the place of surrender.

17.Anglishans disarm the surrender of the Germans in the city of Sost. 10 May 1945.

18. Meeting of the Soviet marshals G.K. Zhukov and K.K. Rokossovskogo with British Field Marshal B. Montgomery at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

19.The chief of the General Staff of the German Army, General Krebs infantry (left), who arrived on May 9 at the location of the Soviet troops in order to draw the High Command into the negotiation process. On the same day, the general shot himself.

20. Soldiers who stormed the Reichstag. A platoon of intelligence 674 rifle regiment 150 th Infantry Division Idritskoy. In the foreground is Private Grigory Bulatov. It is believed that he was the first to hoist the red flag on the Reichstag. However, the version that the now famous Mikhail Egorov and Meliton Kantaria were the first to be distributed.

21.Mikhail Egorov and Meliton Kantaria leave 1 May on the roof of the Reichstag to set up the Victory Banner there.

22. Poet Eugene Dolmatovsky with the sculptural head of Hitler in Berlin. May 1945 of the year.

23. Evgeny Dolmatovsky reads poetry at the Brandenburg Gate.

24.Soviet soldiers, resting on the steps of the Reich Chancellery, consider the German awards, which were never presented. Berlin. 2 May 1945.

25.Red banner in the quadriga of the Brandenburg Gate.

26. Salute in honor of the Victory on the roof of the Reichstag. The soldiers of the battalion under the command of Hero of the Soviet Union S. Neustroev.

27. Court of the Reich Chancellery shortly after the end of the fighting for Berlin. This photo is interesting because it captures a rare armored car. In 1933, Wilton-Fijenoord manufactured three armored vehicles for the Dutch East Indies.

28. General photo of the Soviet delegation during the signing of the Act on the unconditional surrender of all the armed forces of Germany. In the center is Marshal Zhukov. 8 May 1945.

29. Echelon “We are from Berlin!”, On which Soviet soldiers return from Berlin to Moscow.

30. Rest at the “We are from Berlin!” Train with the Soviet military.

31.Girls snipers.

32. Meeting the victorious soldiers at the Belorussky railway station in Moscow.

33. Officers of the 3rd Belorussian Front take Germans surrendering along with armored vehicles, including those from the 4th tank divisions. Scythe Frisch-Nerung, May 9, 1945.

34. Soviet soldiers on the T-34-85 against the background of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The tank is closed with mesh screens that protect against hits from "faustpatrons."

35.The German capitulation on the Frisch-Nerung Spit, East Prussia. German officers accept from the Soviet officer the conditions of surrender and the order of surrender.

36.9 May 1945 on Red Square.

37. The Soviet tank crews on the EC-2 and T-34 rejoice in the Victory. Berlin, 9 May 1945.

38.Soviet sailors, the heroes of the storming of Berlin, pose for the American war correspondent.

39. A soldier returning from the front kisses his son.

40.Artillers of the 144 Rifle Regiment of the 49 Guards Rifle Division in German helmets.

41. Squadrons of the 88-th separate heavy tank regiment at the Reichstag.

42.American soldiers who came to Berlin's Tiergarten to exchange wristwatches, communicate with German girls. In the background is a group of Soviet soldiers. At first, after the end of the war, the Tiergarten garden became a place of barter exchange of goods.

43.American girls-soldiers salute the Soviet traffic controller in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate.

44. Polish citizens who had survived the war (residents of the city of одód которых who were forced into Germany for forced labor) huddle along the railroad tracks in Berlin, hoping that the British military would take them with them.

45.Son regiment Volodya Tarnovsky puts an autograph on the Reichstag column.

46.Soviet gunners are fighting in the streets of Berlin. April 1945 of the year.

47.The Soviet assault group is moving to the Reichstag.

48.Soviet soldiers are fleeing to a new position in the battle in Berlin. In the foreground is a murdered German sergeant from the RAD (Reichs Arbeit Dienst, pre-conscription labor service).

49. Ivan Alexandrovich Kichigin at the grave of a friend of Grigory Afanasyevich Kozlov in Berlin in early May of 1945.

50. A captured German soldier at the Reichstag. The famous photo, often published in books and on posters in the USSR under the name "Ende" (German. "End").

51.German prisoners of war on the streets of Berlin, captured by Soviet troops.

52. Column of prisoners on the streets of Berlin. In the foreground, Germany’s last hope, are boys from the Hitler Youth and Volkssturm.

53. A captured German is crying.

54.Soviet fighters and the head of the Berlin Medical Police Service, Major General of the Medical Service Karl Emil Wrobel. 2 May 1945 captured.

55. German children playing with abandoned weapons (rifles, submachine guns) on a street in Berlin.

56.Soviet medium tanks T-34 in Berlin taken.

57.Soviet convoy on the streets of Berlin.

58. Fighters hand out food to the people of Berlin. April 1945 of the year.

59. Aerial view of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin taken.

60. The German police of the post-war administration in Berlin.

61.Parad Victory. Soviet soldiers with defeated standards of Hitler's troops. 24 June 1945 of the year.

62.Parad Victory. Marshal Zhukov before the troops. 24 June 1945 of the year.

63. Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General A.V. Gladkov with his wife at the end of the Victory Parade.

64. Victory Parade of the Allied Forces 7 September 1945 of the year in Berlin. Soviet soldiers on the spectator platform.

65. Victory Parade of the Allied Forces 7 September 1945. Marshal Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov travels around the troops.

66. Victory Parade of the Allied Forces 7 September 1945. Column of Soviet tanks EC-3.
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    1. Dovmont
      24 September 2011 09: 09
      Honor and Glory to our grandfathers and great-grandfathers !!!
      1. +3
        24 September 2011 10: 09
        Photos 51 and 54 children, how they differ from today's IMHO
    2. +8
      24 September 2011 12: 08
      Low bow to all who conquered and forged VICTORY in the rear! And the Western "democracies" are reminded: "Whoever comes to us with a sword will die by the sword!" - the RUSSIAN EARTH stands and will stand on that!
      1. LESHA pancake
        24 September 2011 13: 39
    3. +1
      24 September 2011 14: 19
      Glory to the people of the winner. !!!!!
    4. wolverine7778
      24 September 2011 18: 35
      On 41 photos. American soldiers with M1 Garand rifles do not part even at the end of the war
    5. +3
      24 September 2011 21: 29
      What beautiful faces our soldiers have! I am very proud of them that the majority are not with us, we would be calmer next to such people and probably there would not be what we have now
      1. zczczc
        25 September 2011 00: 57
        PanchoThose who went through the war wouldn’t get the shit-stealers close to power.
    6. zczczc
      25 September 2011 00: 56
      This is the best article on the site!
    7. +3
      25 September 2011 01: 04
      This is a class, this is an article !!! It would be possible to make a whole branch, according to military photographs .... I also have something to add from my grandfather.
      Well done !!!!
    8. +1
      25 September 2011 11: 38
      Thank you to the best soldiers of the world!
    9. Priest
      3 October 2011 02: 03
      Without a past, there is no future.
    10. +15
      30 October 2017 21: 27
      So the road is there for them
      Bryansk street leads us west

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