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I am ashamed of the fact that I am Ukrainian

I am ashamed of the fact that I am UkrainianI am ashamed of the fact that I am Ukrainian

I am Ukrainian. I am 32 of the year. I am a family man. I have three higher education. Honors degree in Humanities. I work as a manager at a large and still successful industrial enterprise. From 32 years - 32 live in the Donbas. My city is a city of miner and combat glory! Leisure is dedicated to the family, world cinema, reading the classics of world literature. And how beautiful is Russian poetry: Tsvetaeva, Akhmatova, Akhmadulina, Vysotsky, Nekrasov, Yesenin ... I am interested history native land, and even more - his perspective. Until recently, I connected and identified my future and the future of my own region with Ukraine. Now there is no! There is no desire to associate your life with an increasingly degrading puppet poor public education. Arguments?

1) This country will never protect my family with an efficient army and does not guarantee a peaceful sky for my city.

2) This country has stupidly lost the Crimea and shamefully betrayed the citizens of Ukraine in the Crimea.

3) The dimensions of corruption are grand, all-consuming, ubiquitous, and already irreversible.

4) Ukraine has low-grade cultural heritage and “inheritance” (incompetent writers: there are no worthy literary classical and modern works, artists and composers tend to zero, poor cinema, everything is so miserable and has a pitiful appearance that you can’t look without tears ... )

5) The achievements of Ukraine in the world of sports in the international arena are close to zero.

6) The anthem of Ukraine is poor, especially the words. Ukraine has not yet died ... but already in the blood and it stinks in some places. How could the words be approved to the Ukrainian anthem? You have to be crazy and to create it. It would be better if the anthem was without words at all!

7) There is no single Ukrainian nation, forming a monolithic, strong, united, at least viable state. West and East of Ukraine openly hate each other. The center wanted to spit on the regions and the periphery. Donbass sick of Ukraine and soon vomits. Transcarpathia dreams of separation from Ukraine. Crimean dreams have already come true. Lviv and Lugansk are farther apart than a pig from a hedgehog. Galicia and Donbass, Volyn and New Russia are antonyms. Every day the advertised "unity" of Ukraine is becoming more and more depressing.

8) All the presidents of Ukraine are scoundrels, to say the least. It would be better if they did not give birth to their mothers. Perhaps many countries suffer from inadequate rulers. In Ukraine, presidents with a retinue are selected, high-grade scum. The results of each can be confidently compared with the consequences of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Especially already pleased recently crowned president of the Maidan. The promised world, in the spirit of its American friends, the leader of Ukraine carries bombs with which he fairly waters the cities of eastern Ukraine.

9) The basic law in this country, the constitution, is an empty sound and a profanation for ordinary citizens and the subject of empowering those in power to have an insatiable asshole. Nobody thought, why are they so eager for power? To the trough? All the "newly appeared" Maydanov muzzles were constantly in power. That, I apologize, sucked, licked, arrogantly arched before the authorities, getting the currency for it, and now they have become patriots, svidomi? It's funny ...

10) Ukraine is a vassal and protectorate of other states that rule world politics.

11) Ukraine is a commodity appendage of China.

12) Ukraine - raw materials, with a claim to agricultural, an appendage of the European Union.

13) Ukraine is a political appendage of the United States.

14) Ukraine is a territorial appendage of Russia.

15) Especially loving Ukraine, its citizens respect and honor the existence of national armed formations that benefit the fascists during the years of the Great Patriotic War: UPA, SS division Galicia. The actions of these gangs were convicted by the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal and found guilty of crimes against humanity.

16) Ukraine ranks first in Europe for: drug addiction, unemployment, child mortality, corruption, oncological diseases, tuberculosis ...

17) Ukraine occupies the last places in Europe by: standard of living, quality of medical care, energy efficiency of the economy ...

18) In Ukraine, all the authorities are completely corrupt, especially the courts, the police, the prosecutor's office. They take everything: from the ordinary lace to the general - the only question and the stumbling stone is not the principle “I don’t take bribes, it hurts me for power”, but the actual price of the issue and the size of the offering.

19) The system of higher education has been thoroughly eroded by corruption.

20) The real monetary unit of Ukraine is not a national currency, but the currency of the country of which Ukraine is a political appendage.

21) The state of Ukraine does not perform any functions in front of its citizens, except for one thing - regularly and without stint, it collects predatory taxes and extortions from citizens, which are subsequently unconsciously and opaquely spent on what. Ukraine collects taxes from citizens in order to subsequently buy bullets and bombs for the execution of these same citizens. Donbass works, despite the hostilities, taxes are deducted accordingly. They go to Kiev. Kiev is bombing the Donbass. Well, Ukraine is one !?

22) The genocide is being carried out in Ukraine: in 23, the “independence” of Ukrainians was less by 8 million (from 52 to 45 million)

23) Ukrainian medicine successfully treats only diarrhea, heartburn, flat feet, and several other diseases. Indians treat more.

24) Ukrainians are pathologically unable or unable to choose a decent power for themselves - moral freaks and scoundrels, scoundrels and rogues, verbiage and thieves, gay men, are all the time in power.

25) The only thing that can be proud of in Ukraine is the ability of people to gather and organize themselves into a rebellious mass, however, the result of which always becomes the statement mentioned in paragraph 24.

26) In Ukraine, the blood flows. In Ukraine, there is a civil war. Sons of Ukrainian mothers are dying. Died soldiers of the National Guard under the militia of Donbass. Mothers from all over Ukraine mourn their sons, young, beautiful, unique! At the same time, the power, which is “for the people,” did not send to the war and did not bury a single child. These Ukrainians jackals are poisoning Ukrainians. In the Donbass terrorists, cattle, drunks, dirty miners, criminals, why stand on ceremony? All under the knife?

27) Ukraine, being a winner in the Great Patriotic War and having lost millions of its citizens during the Second World War, ceased, however, solemnly to celebrate the only heroic date in its history, sprinkled with the blood of millions of compatriots - 1945 Victory Day. For modern Ukraine, Victory Day is an empty sound. Since then, the name of the country "Ukraine" must be written in small letters.

28) On the national currency of Ukraine, the hryvnia, only mediocrity, traitors, mediocrity, and little-known persons are depicted. Ask your neighbor or friend who Hrushevsky is, what famous Mazepa is, what did he read from Lesya Ukrainka?

29) The work force of Ukraine is not working at CERN, but also in Western Europe, only on plantations, or at home in chemical plants.

30) With fatal regularity in all elections, crooks and puppets always win in Ukraine! Ukrainians are simply deaf, blind, blind, and before the elections, the aggressive democratic shock with convulsions falls into the national line and they just constantly get blunt.

31) There are no memorable state dates in Ukraine at all. The only thing that the population knows is when Chernobyl (Chernobyl) exploded.

32) Any national holiday is one part of the country notes, the other is not. Western Ukraine rejoices on Independence Day, oriental Ukrainians have goosebumps from this holiday. Eastern rejoices on Victory Day and still marks the canceled February 23 and November 1,2. On the day of the constitution they wanted to spit all over Ukraine. Finally, at least one thing that unites the whole of Ukraine.

33) Ukraine is not a full-fledged state. This entity has no clear state signs and attributes: there is no single territory, there is no single nation, there is no single authority. The territory is terribly divided and tends to separatism. Ukrainian nation is not formed. It is better to keep silent about the authorities: not recognized by the entire population, illegitimate, stupid and corrupt.

34) And here are some statistics. This is where Ukraine is today in the world:

- Social ratings: press freedom index in Ukraine - 131 place from 187;

- by the number of suicides - 8 from 106;

- for life expectancy - 120 from 191;

- for the proportion of prisoners - 25 from 215, etc .;

- Political ratings: democracy index - 67 from 167; global index of the world - 69 of 153, the insolvency index of the states - 110 of 177, etc .;

- Economic ratings: GDP per capita - 113 from 181, index of economic freedom - 164 from 179, competitiveness index - 89 from 139, business ease index - 145 from 183, etc.

35) In Ukraine, there are at least any national heroes of national scale. Is that Khmelnitsky. There is no one to set an instructive example to the younger generation. There are, of course, shabby heroes, but in one part of the country they are accepted almost by the Messiahs, in the other part by traitors, cheaters, murderers (Bandera, Shukhevych, Melnikov, Mazepa).

36) As far as insane is needed, to overthrow one pro-Russian puppet with criminal abilities, put a pro-American oligarch puppet on the throne of Kiev. How did the Ukrainians, who were hoarse for advocating for a reboot of power, for renewal, brought the president to power, who for many years had held the highest government posts with all anti-people governments? When Yanukovych was even the Minister of Economy. With all the presidents, the current business was successful, although the rest of the business screamed and lay on the shoulder blades. The newly appeared guarantor made billions under Yanukovych. Fair? Nonsense! Ukrainians, why are we so politically short-sighted and illiterate. We do not see beyond our own nose. It happens with enviable consistency.

37) All infrastructure in Ukraine, all industrial facilities, all housing and communal services are on the verge of a man-made disaster. Already just falling apart and exploding houses. It happens against the background of some endless empty political chatter, national demagogy, nationalist nonsense.

38) 90% of the housing stock of Ukraine, 80% of industrial capacity, 80% of infrastructure facilities created in the USSR. Ukraine has practically created nothing new. More than half of the above funds are in disrepair and created more than half a century ago.

39) The fraud in Ukraine has been elevated to the rank of government policy. This is manifested in all areas of life. Fraudsters head the ministries, universities, banks, courts, committees, funds, city councils, regional councils, write history books ... mass employment.

40) The hryvnia over 18 years of its existence has depreciated 7 times! What kind of confidence in the monetary unit and the country's banking system can we talk about?

41) Donbass residents pay taxes to the Kiev treasury. Do we have the right to expect that we will be addressed by the face, and not the backside. Why do our mothers in Russian maternity homes give young mothers brochures about breastfeeding and upbringing in the Ukrainian language? Why mock? Mom needs to solve a pressing issue, not translate texts. Since we have food in Ukraine, let us issue such brochures in Lviv in Russian without any alternative. Let them learn to love their homeland in this way.

42) Well this is necessary to think of, to rename the street Gagarin in the street heroes Maidan. What is Maidan and who is Gagarin? What is the scale? One needs to be seen through a microscope, the other has thrown humanity onto a new face. Through the years, Maidan is used and forgotten, like a drunken frenzy, like a riot of insanity and the triumph of narrow-mindedness.

43) State education of Ukraine does not bring any benefit to its citizens. Rather, conditions are created for extinction, degradation, emigration. People still live not because of the authorities, but contrary to their efforts. Sustainable caught. For my 32 of the year, I did not receive any help, support, even advice from this country. He paid for everything, he achieved everything himself, received nothing from the state, due to the constitution. Everything that I live and use is achieved by myself. And at home, roads, buildings and facilities, the entire state fund - even from the Soviet government. Maybe this is good? Then give me back all the taxes I paid!

44) Ukraine in its current format - a defective, thieves, clan-oligarchic state, gray, impoverished, corrupt, criminalized, incompetent, useless country without past, future and prospects, torn by nationalists, thieves and crooks.

45) Nothing else I want to write about this poor country. It would be desirable only one thing, so that peace soon came in the native land, and Ukraine ceased to exist, finally and irrevocably.


I am ashamed of what I am Ukrainians !!!

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  1. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 6 March 2015 05: 57
    He looked into our nineties ... Now you understand what kind of pit they got out of .... And they could and even had a chance to become a ruin ... hi
    1. Sunjar
      Sunjar 6 March 2015 06: 14
      Self-flagellation will not really help solve problems. Some people like to apologize and be ashamed of their people: either Germans, Russians, or Ukrainians. Shame is not enough, it would be necessary to change the situation for the better in word and deed.

      And so in general, regardless of the country, the people receive the government they deserve. The Germans wanted revenge - they got it (they wanted something else, of course), the people in the USSR relaxed - they didn't see that liars and rogue traitors had come to power, they themselves wanted democracy, get it, sign it. Here and in Ukraine the same thing: they endured, and basically encouraged the nationalist-minded lad, so they got a civil war (they also thought that they were about to become "Tse Europa").
      1. Lukich
        Lukich 6 March 2015 06: 41
        Quote: Sunjar
        Shame is not enough, it would be necessary to change the situation for the better in word and deed.

        well, some think differently
      2. sssla
        sssla 6 March 2015 09: 11
        Quote: Sunjar
        Shame is not enough, it would be necessary to change the situation for the better in word and deed.

        That's when you remove Chubaysyatin in Russia, that is, as you say by deed, you will show that you are with iron between your legs, then your words will be the sword of truth and justice. I'm so sorry
        1. vladkavkaz
          vladkavkaz 6 March 2015 12: 59
          sssla (7)
          As you say, Chubaysyatina, compared to lyashkovitsa, avakayatina and piglets in chocolate ... sorry guanosousa, is even less harmless, and lately it has been completely horrified and does not purr.
          1. sssla
            sssla 6 March 2015 14: 12
            Quote: vladkavkaz
            even less harmless

            Come on! ))) Electronics checked ???
            1. vladkavkaz
              vladkavkaz 6 March 2015 16: 39
              sssla (7
              And why should you, or rather why check Svidomo, all their dirt, on the surface, bloody, you must recognize the dirt .. like their spiritual leaders, Bandera and Shukhevych, all these Lyashka-Avakov-Yaroshi and other powders with Kolomoisky ..
              1. sssla
                sssla 6 March 2015 23: 02
                Quote: vladkavkaz
                more precisely

                You are the only one who said and immediately got better) Well done) This is what I want to convey)))
                1. vladkavkaz
                  vladkavkaz 6 March 2015 23: 11
                  ssla (
                  C'mon .. not all of Ukraine went crazy .. herd that jumped on the Maidan, this is not all of Ukraine.
                  I do not think that in Ukraine, these ..... hold on for a long time.
                  People look, see, feel HOW they began to live, recalling the very same Yanukovych, they say yes, they stole it, but there wasn’t such savagery as with the bloody junters ..
        2. Mariner
          Mariner 6 March 2015 14: 18
          And no one says that everything is perfect with us, but we, although not quickly, are moving forward. Whoever says anything, but the state is strengthening is obvious.
          1. sssla
            sssla 6 March 2015 14: 29
            Quote: Mariner
            And no one says that everything is perfect with us

            Maybe they don’t speak, but having the same guano will teach others. That's what is not good!
            1. velf
              velf 6 March 2015 17: 16
              It’s interesting when your eyes open. You have to be such blind men! Nobody teaches you. Just look back at your country, what you did to your country in just a year. And your answer will be: Russia is to blame. Until then, you will think so , look on the side of the culprits of your troubles, never get off your knees. And while you're on your knees.
              1. sssla
                sssla 6 March 2015 22: 52
                Quote: velf
                I wonder when your eyes open.

                Personally, mine are so open that I even forgot how to BLINK this for centuries !!! )))
              2. sssla
                sssla 8 March 2015 10: 50
                Quote: velf
                You have to be such blind men! Nobody teaches you.

                What is there on the Mistrals do not tell me ???
            2. rapid1934
              rapid1934 6 March 2015 20: 16
              Yes, no one is going to teach you. It’s just a pity to watch yourself raping yourself. hi
              1. sssla
                sssla 6 March 2015 22: 55
                Quote: rapid1934
                Yes, no one is going to teach you. It’s just a pity to watch yourself raping yourself.

                Uv Vladimir I belong to straight people without perversions hi And to perverts political vn Ukraine my opinion is the most severe and inapplicable
            3. berenika
              berenika 6 March 2015 22: 06
              we don’t destroy our own. we don’t kill the children of old women. we don’t bomb civilians. even at 90 this wasn’t. and if we had this nightmare our men would not run to another country to seek refuge, they would defend their children mothers of wives, etc., it’s on a genetic level. You want to eat fish and ... sit down.
              1. sssla
                sssla 6 March 2015 22: 56
                Quote: berenika
                we do not destroy our own. we do not kill the children of old women. we do not bomb civilians.

                Let's not talk about this because if you give examples that this is, to put it mildly, not so, then we will quarrel hi
      3. vladkavkaz
        vladkavkaz 6 March 2015 13: 04
        The author did not engage in suicide and scourging, but he didn’t understand what happened to Ukraine in general and to him in particular- "36) How insane it is necessary to overthrow one pro-Russian puppet with criminal abilities, to put on the Kiev throne a pro-American puppet oligarch. How Ukrainians, hoarsely fighting for a reset of power, for renewal, brought to power ... "

        To this day, he is in Svidomo amazement, thinking that in general someone needs Square .. "44) Ukraine in its current format is a flawed, thieves, clan-oligarchic state, a gray, impoverished, corrupt, criminalized, mediocre, worthless country without a past, future and prospects, torn apart by nationalists, thieves and crooks. "
        He thinks that "UKRAINE" is some kind of value, for which someone should fight again .. yes, the raguli from the cock's corner of Europe, Galicia, probably worth it, just this, who else needs it?
        I, as a Ukrainian who has been running around the garrisons of my Great Motherland of RUSSIA all my life, do not need such a "Ukraine" for nothing.
    2. Sakmagon
      Sakmagon 6 March 2015 06: 16
      And there is. Ukraine has not emerged from the "dashing" times ...
      But for some reason the people didn’t particularly indignant ... so, the chatter on the benches ...
    3. 3axap
      3axap 6 March 2015 06: 17
      Quote: Russian quilted jacket
      He looked into our nineties ... Now you understand what kind of pit they got out of .... And they could and even had a chance to become a ruin ... hi

      In my country in the 90s there was everything, but so, we did not reach the hatred of our country. hi
      1. Basia
        Basia 6 March 2015 21: 50
        In the 90s, we all had one country.
      2. Basia
        Basia 6 March 2015 21: 57
        In the 90s, we all had one country.
        Quote: Aleksiy
        do not want to fight, do not send others to war

        super! simple and capacious!
    4. Gans1234
      Gans1234 6 March 2015 06: 19
      Emotionally, epithets are gorgeous
    5. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 6 March 2015 06: 24
      and this, Author Anton Karamazov, a quote from The Brothers Karamazov-Dostoevsky ... chaos, at least hit me with all the horrors of human disappointment - but I still want to live, and as I fell to this cup, I won't tear myself away from it until I master it all! "" ... so ... live. you are part of this country, and this is how it became with you.
    6. Lukich
      Lukich 6 March 2015 06: 44
      Quote: Russian quilted jacket
      As in our nineties I looked.

      it seems to me well said ...
      1. Russian jacket
        Russian jacket 6 March 2015 09: 07
        All right ... hi
      2. berenika
        berenika 6 March 2015 22: 12
        yes! yes! yes! just recently I said all this to my children. thank God they know at least the edge of our history. read the picule. and consider their great homeland
    7. Private IITR
      Private IITR 6 March 2015 07: 36
      this article has already been
      1. EvgNik
        EvgNik 6 March 2015 11: 29
        Repetition is the mother of learning.
    8. Denis fj
      Denis fj 6 March 2015 12: 18
      The feelings and emotions of the author are generally understandable ... It's a pity, there is a lot of text: a lot of controversial statements and premises. For a serious and mutually beneficial discussion, a whole discussion is required with assessment and commenting on almost every item ... As for the shame about "being Ukrainian" - everything is simple here: FRIEND, DO NOT BE THEM AND RELAX! After all, a lot has been said about the fact that a Ukrainian is essentially the same Russian living on the outskirts of Russia. The division within the Russian nationality is rather arbitrary and far-fetched, and most often does only harm to everyone. Are you ashamed to be Ukrainian? BECOME RUSSIAN! THIS IS NOT DIFFICULT! AND BE HAPPY! Good luck, my Russian brother from the outskirts!
    9. Docent1984
      Docent1984 6 March 2015 12: 32
      Let's be honest to the end - in fact, were her in 98m. With one difference - the Nazis did not erect monuments, because there was simply nowhere for such figures to come from - fortunately, there wasn’t their own galicia. And thanks to Primakov and a few other people for getting out of this soft part of our back.
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 6 March 2015 06: 06
    He listed the points for which he was ashamed. And the points are correct, but paragraph 2 confuses
    This country incompetently lost the Crimea and shamefully betrayed the citizens of Ukraine in Crimea.

    So he believes that the Crimea had to fight with Russia?
    1. Uruska
      Uruska 6 March 2015 08: 56
      No, he believes that Ukraine has betrayed the Crimea, so he returned back to Russia!
    2. Karabanov
      Karabanov 6 March 2015 08: 59
      Ukraine has turned into some kind of caricature state, quasi-education. I do not want to say that everything is fine with us, and being critical, a number of items from the list can (and should) be applied to Russia. It’s just that it is brought to an extreme, absurd and is already a complete farce.
      And about the Crimea, I got such a demo ...
  3. miv110
    miv110 6 March 2015 06: 10
    Shame should not be for nationality, nationality has nothing to do with it. One should be ashamed of such a state and managers who, hiding behind national ideas and speculating in them, simply destroy their people for the sake of a foreign golden calf. Sorry for the pathos. This applies not only to Ukraine.
    1. Ruswolf
      Ruswolf 6 March 2015 08: 56
      Shame should not be for nationality, nationality has nothing to do with it. It’s a shame to have such a state and managers,

      Well said!
      If Obama was not black, but German, or French, then from this he would not cease to be Obama.
      Only caricatures would change, instead of a monkey they would draw either a pig or a frog.
      Nationality is not an acquired property. People should be proud of their nationality. It is necessary to be ashamed of actions for actions or inaction.
      During the Second World War, millions of Ukrainians did not think who they were and went to the front and made a victory! Thousands of Ukrainians are now repeating the fate of their grandfathers in New Russia! Freeing their homeland from the new fascist plague.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Docent1984
      Docent1984 6 March 2015 12: 34
      What does nationality have to do with it? Where did you get the idea that there is a nationality "Ukrainian"? No, it never was, and never will be. A Ukrainian is a citizen of a state about which it is already bad or not ...
  4. Armored optimist
    Armored optimist 6 March 2015 06: 10
    Writes beautifully! But - "I devote my leisure time to family, world cinema, reading classics of world literature."
    And others at this time are fighting for his ideals.
  5. Kakaktus
    Kakaktus 6 March 2015 06: 13
    Yes, independence is expensive wassat
  6. Lukich
    Lukich 6 March 2015 06: 15
    Quote: armored optimist
    And others at this time are fighting for his ideals

    typical representative of mine the war has been going on for almost a year, and he only now became ashamed
  7. Motherland Russia
    Motherland Russia 6 March 2015 06: 15
    Truly, I wrote the whole truth.
  8. silver169
    silver169 6 March 2015 06: 22
    Do not be ashamed, brother, there is already a little endure left. I believe that the country "Ukraine" itself will soon disappear from human memory and its name embodying all the most vile - betrayal, cowardice, hypocrisy, treachery and duplicity. All this dirt will soon be erased from human memory.
  9. Sergey Sitnikov
    Sergey Sitnikov 6 March 2015 06: 25
    Yeah (((three towers, why? Demo-pedigree skillfully, but doesn’t want to slaughter? Or maybe build roads?
  10. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 6 March 2015 06: 32
    Yes-ah! If you dream like this at night, you won't wake up. And we could be there, what saved? Our size, or is it still Russian? EBN in a drunken stupor could easily have brought us there, remember his immortal: "Take sovereignty as you want!"
    The nationalist "stratum" that emerged at that time is still stirring. It is impossible in our multinational and multi-confessional country to flirt with nationalism, Islamism and other isms.
    And I'm proud to be a citizen of Russia.
  11. Zomanus
    Zomanus 6 March 2015 06: 32
    Damn, this was written about Russia in the 90s. Almost one to one. Well, what can I say to the author ... It's easy to find fault with your state when it goes through difficult periods of its existence. I even remember the times when "Russian" was considered almost an insult. We just realized at one time that you cannot build a state on enmity, like Chechnya. The question is whether the Ruin will have time to figure it out.
  12. fa2998
    fa2998 6 March 2015 06: 35
    It is written with an anguish, convincingly, in many respects the author is right. There is no future for such a country! + hi
  13. RU-Officer
    RU-Officer 6 March 2015 06: 41
    Posted by Anton Karamazov:
    Lviv and Lugansk are farther apart than a pig from a hedgehog. Galicia and Donbass, Volhynia and Novorossia are antonyms.

    Further purely geographically, but in fact - as in the picture: hi
  14. Mantykora
    Mantykora 6 March 2015 06: 41
    Any part of the country celebrates any national holiday, another does not. Western Ukraine exults from Independence Day, Eastern Ukrainians have goosebumps from this holiday. East rejoices from Victory Day and vseravno celebrates the canceled 23 of February and 1,2 of November. On the day of the constitution, they wanted to spit throughout Ukraine. Finally, at least one thing that unites all of Ukraine.

    That's for sure! For congratulations on October 14 in the face earn!

    I never considered myself a Ukrainian. Even the article does not say about the Ukrainian language - even in Ukraine no one needs it - unless you fill out the documents (and that is not always the case). Even in Western Ukraine, if you want to watch the latest movies for fast, play computer games - use Russian.

    Ukraine ceased to exist, finally and irrevocably.

    Donbass is Ukraine, and the rest is the territory occupied by the Americans since February last year. Donbass became New Russia, so Ukraine actually no longer exists.
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 6 March 2015 10: 43
      Ukraine is like Esperanto (they made such a language from different languages, but nobody needs it, except for a bunch of freaks). So this "country".
  15. Curious
    Curious 6 March 2015 06: 47
    Correctly! Ukraine is a temporary, artificial entity that is rapidly moving toward disintegration.
  16. Aleksiy
    Aleksiy 6 March 2015 06: 59
    Why are you ashamed? Born in the USSR, after it turned out, Shaw is Ukrainian. The mentality corresponding to the environment, why be ashamed? And about the fight, so let the skinny decides for itself, fight, al no. DO NOT FIGHT that with Toronto, that with Moscow, al Rostov is equally effective. I am Ukrainian, and I’m not fighting, so why should I write to someone - take Kalash, go to the front? The same rule also works for the Russians, do not want to fight, do not send others to the war, whoever wants and feels - it is necessary, he will go. Well, sayings, like: now, if I were in such a situation, if I had a bbbbb, they would have neither power, nor sense. You can do something to help, AND YOU WANT to do it, do not want to do it or not, but with snot there’s no sense.
  17. Sibiryak13
    Sibiryak13 6 March 2015 07: 04
    When the ass pressed immediately so wiser. And where were you before the disrespectful ruins? Now when there is nothing to eat, everyone will lament about scammers in power. Just don’t feel sorry for you at all. Get what is due.
  18. AID.S
    AID.S 6 March 2015 07: 06
    I served in the army, and I don’t laugh at the circus, but here I dug up a scoop, maybe I won’t be proud.

    You are not free, you are poor
    Not blissful - announced,
    You called the killing freedom
    And be proud of the rotten breed.

    For you black is white,
    This shows that you succeeded,
    You are not bent before the "kats",
    Do not bend and - become Taty.

    Bloodshot of the eye, fierce anger,
    And all the memory is that under Kruty,
    Remember the good, no time
    And you without a clan, you without a tribe.

    And you have leaders - every one else,
    Black spiders in a jar of congestion.
    All entangled - cobwebs
    What remained Ukraine.

    With blood, like rain, everything is poured here,
    Weed in the head ... Do not weed!
    You are an annual grass murava,
    Not about you, Russia, millennial.

    Never seen were brothers
    The knife was held sharpened behind
    And if there were, then they were Cain to us,
    That envious, defiled.

    Not great, but cowardly.
    Your souls flew away pigeons ...
    By gentlemen, you are obedient.
    And you hang out in the same hole.
  19. Mantykora
    Mantykora 6 March 2015 07: 37
    Quote: Sibiryak13
    When the ass pressed immediately so wiser. And where were you before the disrespectful ruins? Now when there is nothing to eat, everyone will lament about scammers in power. Just don’t feel sorry for you at all. Get what is due.

    "Immediately smarter" - and we were not stupid.
    Where have you been before? in the same place as now - not on the Maidan.
    Fraudsters have always been in power, just now not only scammers, but also killers.
    There is nothing to eat? - who will find food with brains. Although, of course, we live worse than a year and a half ago.
    “I don’t feel sorry for you at all. Get what is due” - I feel sorry for even a homeless cat, not to mention people. So you are a heartless "person" who, for some reason, rejoices with malicious joy.

    And try to think for yourself, not using the clichés of the Internet and propaganda. They even hinted to you in the article that - by direct test they said - not all "disrespectable residents of the ruins", as you put it, are Bandera, Pravosek, etc. By putting labels on others, you are putting it on yourself first. And if you don't respect others, you don't respect yourself.
  20. valokordin
    valokordin 6 March 2015 07: 37
    No need to be ashamed, Ukrainian sounds proudly, but what about Kozhedub, Kovpak, Poddubny. You are not Porubiy, Bandera and Yarosh.
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 6 March 2015 10: 46
      No, these people are Soviet, and then we didn’t really think who you are by nationality. There was one friendly people. Not without minor problems, of course.
  21. oracul
    oracul 6 March 2015 07: 52
    One feels that the author is boiling. And though something doesn’t converge in some details, in general he is right. And do not blame him for not being at the front. Do not be a judge, not knowing a specific person.
    In order to write such an article, one also needs to have courage - not only friends are around, but also enemies. Not many people are ready to write so decisively and boldly. Thanks to the author.
  22. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 6 March 2015 07: 55
    The article is emotional .. And yet you cannot engage in masochism! As Shevchuk sang "Motherland .. although you are ugly, but still you are my Motherland ..."
  23. wadim13
    wadim13 6 March 2015 07: 55
    But I’m not ashamed of the fact that I am Ukrainian. Let them be ashamed who brought the state to such a state. What I am really ashamed of is because of our miserable presidents, who have been put on our neck since 1991.
    1. berenika
      berenika 6 March 2015 22: 19
      you planted them yourself
  24. kush62
    kush62 6 March 2015 08: 03
    I am ashamed, I am offended, I'm sorry ... Well, when will the good uncles liberate the country from Nazi evil spirits and will be fine again. Well, what no one does for us.

    I personally read this from the letter.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Ruswolf
      Ruswolf 6 March 2015 11: 57
      I am ashamed, I am offended, I'm sorry ... Well, when will the good uncles liberate the country from Nazi evil spirits and will be fine again. Well, what no one does for us.

      I personally read this from the letter.

      For some reason I did not see the word there:
      I am ashamed that I am not doing anything so that my people can be proud of their country!
      It would be beaten by the words, though not men, but not the boy!
      IMHO hi
  25. isker
    isker 6 March 2015 08: 14
    If someone yesterday saw the evening broadcast of the meeting of Ukraine’s delight, then he could see with his own eyes that Ukraine is finished as a country! now it is only a territory that is waiting for its neoplasm - how many parts of the raspadets and to whom how many dostanets ...
    well, "Ukrainians" are not able to form, and even more so - to build any state!
    waiting for the end of the banquet ...
  26. SPACE59
    SPACE59 6 March 2015 08: 35
    Social Ratings: Press Freedom Index in Ukraine - 131 out of 187

    I thought it could not be worse than in Ukraine with the press, but it turns out they still have much to strive for.
  27. SveTok
    SveTok 6 March 2015 08: 45
    New Russia has great prospects.
  28. veksha50
    veksha50 6 March 2015 08: 49
    Something like it was already, only, it seems to me, this article has been finalized and expanded ... Finalized in the style of a propaganda leaflet ...

    In many ways, I agree with the author, maybe he didn’t even take everything into account in his points, however, to his phrase:

    "Nothing more I want to write about this wretched country. I would like only one thing, so that soon peace will come on my native land, and Ukraine will cease to exist, finally and irrevocably"...

    I would like to ask a question: Who will bring peace to this country if its citizen wants HIS country to cease to exist ??? Who will help to cure this country ??? Neighbors??? Why do we need this if you yourself do not want to be treated ???
  29. _umka_
    _umka_ 6 March 2015 09: 04
    It should be a shame for idiots in the government, and nationality then.
  30. 97110
    97110 6 March 2015 09: 50
    This country incompetently lost the Crimea and shamefully betrayed the citizens of Ukraine in Crimea.

    Ukraine is a territorial appendage of Russia.

    And this is written by a person with more intelligence than the majority of the population of Ukraine. No desire to comment. Only an increasing sense of danger, as at the sight of a mad dog.
  31. Bearded
    Bearded 6 March 2015 09: 51
    Hmmm ..... 45 shades of black ....
  32. R150
    R150 6 March 2015 10: 08
    what the fucking fake? and this is mud ... a bad person "with three higher education" for the last 23 years in the astral plane? or kraina in one day such as it is now? people you are being led to all sorts of crap? you look at our managers, but they don't care about the country and the people, they are all loot! Who is this badagu plus, but you read it, this is nonsense, it's a pity you can't swear.
  33. Pushkar
    Pushkar 6 March 2015 10: 25
    Disappointed Nezalezhnik. The army, you see, is not able to defend it, Ukraine is a territorial appendage of Russia, etc. From the same opera as the "anti-war" protests of Ukrainian mothers - "give our children good weapons and body armor." Minus these "revelations".
  34. fax66
    fax66 6 March 2015 10: 45
    What are all the righteous maximalists gathered here! ....
    Do you even go to the polls yourself? Do you participate in meetings - meetings? And what was going on in the 90s ...? who was to blame for this? Then they also sat in the kitchens (then there was no network) and washed the bones of power to bureaucracy officials: all scoundrels, thieves, bribe takers ... everyone around was to blame for the lawlessness, but not us ...
    So who is the first to throw a stone at this "Ukrainian" (he is the same Russian as we are ....)
  35. 1536
    1536 6 March 2015 12: 03
    But I'm not ashamed that I served with the Ukrainians, I work with the Ukrainians and think about the Ukrainians. But I hate those who sold and betrayed our Motherland, starting from the obscure "heroes" of the Middle Ages, Mazema in modern times and Khrushchev in modern times. Alas, they were all Ukrainians, so I'm ashamed of them! And calm down, gentlemen, Ukrainians, about Crimea. Mr. Khrushchev, having committed a crime, was removed from all posts by his own accomplices and died of "alcoholism" in exile. Therefore, all his "accomplishments" are the essence of a crime against the country and the people, having deceived which, stealing the glory of the people's achievements and attributing it to himself, he climbed into the top of the party and began to squander the country, no one knows whose order! The people of Crimea made their choice in March 2014, and no one will go against the will of the people!
  36. mihasik
    mihasik 6 March 2015 12: 12
    How much it is necessary to be insane in order to overthrow one pro-Russian puppet with criminal abilities, to put on the throne of Kiev the pro-American puppet-oligarch.

    And where did the author get the idea that Yanukovych is pro-Russian? Because he hid in Rostov-on-Don? This person in power only did what he blackmailed the Russian Federation, forcing it to make discounts on gas, help with loans, etc. He simply "earned" on those to whom his hands reached out. And there is as much pro-Russianness in Yanukovych as in any of the five presidents of Ukraine! Those. zero without a stick!
    Yes! And Ukraine switched from coupons to the hryvnia in 1996, (he himself witnessed this action in the Crimea), and this is not 18 years ago. Well this is so, for reference to the Ukrainian.
  37. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 6 March 2015 12: 16
    An appendage, an appendage, an appendage ... in short appendecitis in a state of peritonitis! And it hurts and don’t cut off, you’ll die. But honestly!
  38. fomkin
    fomkin 6 March 2015 12: 18
    You have nothing to be ashamed of, you just became Russian again.
  39. 79032617340
    79032617340 6 March 2015 12: 28
    I recall the expression of Pushkin (approximately): "I despise the shortcomings of Russia, but I will never discuss them with a foreigner and I will not allow him to express anything like that in my presence." In this case, I would not condemn the author of the article. Assuming that he is sincere, I do not have enough further conclusions for him to complete. I think that the goal was not to pour mud (as a representative of an ethnic group) and put up a shame. There must be some positive way out. Pushkin does not have him, he is Russian and that’s the point! But the Ukrainian has it. On the surface and already beaten up - I'm Russian, living in Ukraine. And with a sincere reflection on this fact, there is no betrayal. This is then truly sincere self-awareness as part of the Russian people, the Russian world, as a superethnos in the terminology of Lev Gumilyov. And if now the Chechens and Ossetians are proud to be part of it, what prevents the Ukrainian from relating himself to him? Leo Gumilyov wrote that smart Ukrainians cease to be Ukrainians and become Russian. Here is a really cool test! And then all the achievements of Russia in all areas become yours, especially since many of them were created by "Ukrainians". But I still realize how difficult it is. I’m even afraid to put myself in this place. If a person most of his life was raised by the environment in "Ukrainism", as in its worst manifestation, and these images were loaded both in consciousness and in subconsciousness. For a person with complex mental organization, this can be destructive. And the author, as a connoisseur of Russian poetry, is probably one of those. Well, will he have enough strength to "demote" himself from a representative of a state-forming nation of the largest state in Europe to simply a "resident of Russia in a certain region" or "a citizen of Russia" - that will be his choice. And Ukrainians have to go through this purgatory. The question arises - for what? Answer: for betrayal. For the betrayal of the roots, Russia, me. I remember how a referendum on independence was held in Ukraine. How is it that everyone joyfully wanted to become independent. Everyone, including residents of the "Russian" regions! And even those who recently moved there from the outback of Russia! "our fat has been eaten!" I felt betrayed! And I have a grandmother and further ancestors Ukrainians! And I And those delightfully nagging Ukrainian songs that my grandmother sang, and which I considered mine, were part of me. And they told me - you are not ours! And I stood astounded, and my grandmother, too, sat silently and looked at the table. She later said that her mother, after returning from the camps in the 30s, changed the entry in the passport in the "nationality" column, and from Ukrainian she turned into Georgian. The Georgian was her grandmother, who in 1828 fled with a young Chernigov officer who served in the Caucasus. That’s the only reason I could find an excuse for myself. To the question of the grandmother - why did you do this? - the answer: "Ukrainians betrayed me, I do not want to have anything to do with them." Since then, my grandmother, laughing sadly, said: "My father is Russian, my mother is Georgian, and I am Ukrainian." So in my family, the issue of betrayal has a long history.
    And what is the author's fault, like many young Ukrainians, because he did not participate in the referendum because of his age? Children are not responsible for their fathers! Yes, according to human laws, not in the answer. But there are higher laws. You can call the law of Karma. "The sins of the fathers will fall on the children" - this is already from the Bible. And the wisest thing would be to understand this, and accept, and realize your responsibility. And make your own internal choice, different from what was done before.
    I apologize for having spread it, it did not work out in the genre. But maybe someone will help.
  40. KSP
    KSP 6 March 2015 12: 48
    Article exactly in the top ten. There’s nothing to add. I speak as a recent Odessa citizen who left this senility in a smaller one.
  41. Selevc
    Selevc 6 March 2015 13: 19
    Ukraine as a state once again gets on the same rake !!! If you look back at the history of this country, unlike other countries, Ukraine has always been torn by external and internal contradictions .... The main reason is the colossal greed and venality of the elites !!!
    Ukraine of the model of the 91st year is a state with many problems but with huge development potential ...
    Ukraine of 2014 was no longer a state, but a ravaged and plundered territory torn by war ... Who is to blame? Of course, those people who led Ukraine and led the country to such a wretched situation !!!

    With a smart foreign and domestic policy, Ukraine would be a prosperous state and establish constructive contacts with both the West and the Russian Federation ... But there are no smart politicians - there are only thieves and puppets !!!
    Hence one global conclusion - A lasting state cannot be built on lies !!!
  42. Selevc
    Selevc 6 March 2015 13: 28
    By the way, a "funny" fact - if Yanukovych had not been overthrown, there would have already been elections for him and for him, and so few people would vote ... It turns out that if it were not for Maidan, we would now have already elected a new president - WITHOUT BLOOD AND WITHOUT WAR !!!
    And it’s even more interesting - those who were Maidan in an attack of revolutionary-chaotic schizophrenia destroyed all the monuments to the Creator of the state of Ukraine, and now the state has gone into oblivion after Lenin !!! As the saying goes - a fool will pray and his forehead will break !!!
  43. Carlos
    Carlos 6 March 2015 14: 22
    I read, everything in my chest contracted. It was worse only when I read the letter of the wife of a firefighter from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Well ... pa.
  44. lexx2038
    lexx2038 6 March 2015 14: 43
    With three higher educations - it came a long time to a person, but what about ordinary people, without higher educations? Well, once I understand, pick up a machine gun, go, change, modernize your country. And then one half of the ruins rely on the Americans, the other thinks that the Russians will come to help, but what do they do? Even here in Siberia, refugees are sitting in a pioneer camp, they are successfully absorbing social assistance, but they don’t burn with desire (to put it mildly), it’s cold, sometimes small, sometimes slippers. We must already do something ourselves, because when they were separated from Russia in a joyful frenzy, it was understood that they would have to work now.
  45. The comment was deleted.
  46. Independent
    Independent 6 March 2015 15: 15
    Just do not call Yanukovych pro-Russian.
  47. Victorio
    Victorio 6 March 2015 17: 53
    I haven’t read it to the end, but I don’t agree with points 4 and 5.
  48. Prickly_58
    Prickly_58 6 March 2015 18: 27
    Article minus, propaganda nonsense. To be ashamed of your nation is bad. IMHO. I do not agree, do not like it, try to change something. But it’s unworthy to engage in such self-abasement.
  49. Aleksandr1961
    Aleksandr1961 7 March 2015 03: 38
    You state everything correctly. but ... you didn't tell the main thing. Is your place today? Militia or watching from the "couch". 32 years. To whom, if not you, to defend your ideals, your Motherland?