The unofficial motto of the Strategic Missile Forces - “After us - no one”

Writing dervishv: 8 September 2011 of the year, as part of a press tour conducted by the Ministry of Defense, a group of bloggers and journalists went to the 28-th Guards Red Banner Rocket Division in the city of Kozelsk.

The Red Banner Missile Division was formed in the city of Kozelsk on the basis of the 198-th engineering missile brigade 3 of May 1961. The basis for the formation of the 198-th missile brigade was the 28 Guards gun-artillery Red Banner Brigade, which was formed on the basis of the 2-x artillery regiments in October 1943 of the year. The division is armed with a missile system with missiles UR-100N UTTH (SS-19, Stilleto). For more than 47 years, divisional servicemen perform complex and responsible tasks to protect our state. Currently, the Red Banner Guards Missile Division performs the tasks of combat duty and maintaining combat readiness as part of three missile regiments.

The unofficial motto of the Strategic Missile Forces - “After us - no one”


2. The visit began with a base military camp located in the city of Kozelsk.

3. Barracks.

4. Everything is the same as everywhere else.

5. Gym.

6. Video Library.



9. Shift is preparing to intercede on duty.

10. Canteen.

11. Zampolit invites you to dine in the soldiers' canteen.

12. Here is my lunch.

13. The outsourcing system allowed the rocket unit to abandon the duty of personnel in the kitchen. The personnel in the canteen are civilians.

14. After lunch, the tour of the facilities of the missile division continued.

15. Command post. The combat launch complex UR-100НТТХ includes 10 missiles in mine-launchers, a command post and a repair and technical base.

16. - But I will not show you the button ...)))

17. Anxiety!

18. Soldier RVSN.

19. End the training alarm.

20. The program included moving on a light armored KAMAZ-43269 armored car.

21. - And I have a steering wheel from SUBARU - the driver boasted.

22. It was very comfortable to ride on betonka on an armored car.

23. The territory of the silo-launcher, even without a rocket, is seriously guarded. The automated security system includes: - the "M-200" module (sensitive underground seismic sensors); - the PION-T radio-beam detection system; - the "approach and touch" system (on distance to 2 m "Radian"; - dangerous for an intruder (defeat by current 800, 1100, 3000 B, depending on the current operational situation) electrifying fence system, the so-called P-100 grid, operated either directly from the guard house position ii BSP, or c remote duty UKP change.

24. System electrifying fence "P-100".

25. The firing point. Citizens walking through the woods in the area of ​​military facilities must be extremely careful and not try to penetrate the protected area, as this can lead to tragic consequences. The combat protection can be not only open, but also hidden. According to regulatory documents, combat guard has the right to use against unauthorized persons illegally in the territory of a protected military facility, weapon. Be careful!

26. Mine PU is a vertical well, which houses the supporting structures, mechanisms and equipment for launching a rocket. From above, the silo closes with a protective device (charger) - a high-strength roof, equipped with a quick opening mechanism before launch. The charger can open on a hinge, like a door, or move in a horizontal plane. The weight of the protective device is 150 tons.

27. Bloggers and journalists were given the opportunity to go down the missile mine.

28. Earlier there was a rocket on duty - RS-18A, according to NATO classification - SS-19 (Stiletto) - a Soviet intercontinental ballistic missile of a mine based.

29. Two bloggers descended into the 30-ty depth of the rocket mine.

30. A "bell" is installed at the bottom for distributing the exhaust during a "hot", gas-dynamic start.


32. KAMAZ-43269.

33. The next point of the tour, repair and technical base (RTB).

34. They refused to visit the barracks in the RTB, they are the same everywhere, both in the infantry and in the Strategic Missile Forces.

35. On the third floor of the barracks, closer to God, housed the regimental church.


37. In the repair and technical base, we were shown special equipment for transporting missiles.

38. The equipment is in perfect working condition.

39. Missile officers answered questions from bloggers.

40. Thanks to the press club of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for interesting excursions.
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