Foggy future of the MiG-35

Russian military experts are worried about the planned US and its allies procurement of more than fifth-generation F-2000 35 fighter aircraft of various modifications. Domestic designers will not be able to quickly create a replacement of the outdated morally and technically MiG-29 (this may take from 15 to 20 years), and this may reduce Russia's position on the world military aircraft market, they say.

According to a source at the Ministry of Defense, the estimated start of production of the Mig-2013 at Nizhniy Novgorod Sokol plant in 2014-35 was questionable. So far, the management has not abandoned these plans, but according to experts, due to the approach of the MiG-35 to the upper limit of the cost and the maximum mass (more than a billion rubles and 30 tons, respectively), it is possible that the preference will be on the modernization side of the existing fleet of MiG 29.

Recall that this year the Mig-35 failed at the Indian Air Force competition for the supply of an average multi-role fighter worth 10 billions of dollars. Then the favorites of India were Rafale from France and the European Eurofighter Typhoon. According to Igor Korotchenko, India does not want to fall into military-technical dependence on other states, and she has already signed many aviation contracts with Russia. In the total volume of export shipments of all Russian weapons India takes up more than half of 10,1 billion dollars over 2010 a year. Apparently, these reasons became decisive in deciding the future of Mig-35.

Since there are few chances for the MiG-35 now, the Air Force’s hopes of upgrading the air fleet are now linked to the Sukhoi Su-27CM3, Su-30CM, Su-35C fighters. The company’s statement about the successful tests of the Su-35 fighter, which showed the superiority of flight characteristics over foreign analogues, played a fundamental role. The developers of Sukhoi claim that the Su-35 surpassed the combat performance of such machines as the Rafale and EF-2000, as well as the upgraded F-15 and F-16, F-18 and Mirage 2000. But still I would not like to give up such a good car as the MiG-35.

The 4 ++ MiG-35 multipurpose fighter aircraft is a development of the MiG-29 model in the direction of improving combat and operational characteristics. During their development, the requirements for integration of fifth-generation information and sighting systems into the onboard systems of electronic equipment were taken into account. These systems include the Zhuk-AE multifunctional radar with an active phased array, which, due to the extended frequency range, allowed increasing the number and range of detectable and tracking targets, and achieving the ability to work simultaneously on airborne and ground targets. Distinctive features of the radar are increased noise immunity and survivability.

Foggy future of the MiG-35

OLS (optical-location station) with infrared, laser and television sighting equipment provides recognition and capture targets in a circular sector with the measurement of the distance to them, regardless of the time of day and light. The detection range of the tank 20 km., Boat 40 km. In addition to the built-in system, the aircraft has an outboard OLS in a container. The optical-location station together with the helmet-mounted target designation system are integrated into the aircraft armament control system.

The defense complex in the MiG-35 is represented by means of electronic intelligence and radio countermeasures. For the detection of flying missiles and laser irradiation of an aircraft at distances up to 30 kilometers, an effective optical-electronic system is provided. In combat conditions, a system of ejection of false targets is used, which knocks down aiming to the enemy in the infrared and radar modes. Airborne defense complex contributes to the survival of the machine in battle.

The power plant includes an 2 engine TRDDF RD-33MK with increased to 5400 kgf. FADEC type full responsibility electronic control system. The engines used a modular design, which increases their reliability and overall life up to 4000 hours. At the request of the customer, the aircraft can be equipped with a version of the RD-33MK engines with a deflected thrust vector, the movable nozzles of which deviate by an angle to 15 degrees. vertically and up to 8 hail. horizontally, worked out on a prototype MiG-29 OVT, this provides the car with an overwhelming advantage in highly maneuverable air combat.

Reliability of the aircraft paid special attention, almost all systems are duplicated. On board are two interchangeable onboard computers, one of which is constantly in standby mode. The power supply system has a 4 generator, twice as much as its predecessor, the MiG-29. Each engine has its own remote unit box, which provides the aircraft with electric and hydraulic energy. When the engines are broken, the box drive from the starters allows you to fully check all the aircraft systems without connecting external power sources. This enables the MiG-35 to work on non-equipped airfields.

Aircraft armament consists of 30-mm gun GSH-301. On 9, external hangers can be placed up to 4500 kg of weapons in various configurations. These include medium-range air-to-air missiles P-27 and RVV-AE, X-31 A and X-35 anti-ship missiles, X-31 anti-radar missiles. X-25 ML, X- anti-radar missiles. 29, unguided rockets. The suspension of adjustable bombs KAB-500KR / L and free-fall bombs in caliber from 100 to 500 kg, tanks with napalm is possible. There is also a suspension of containers with various electronic warfare equipment and laser distance measuring stations.

As can be seen from the above description, the aircraft is quite competitive and it would be extremely imprudent at the stage of full readiness to curtail its production.
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