In the future, Kazakhstan may purchase the most modern air defense systems in Russia.

In the future, Kazakhstan may purchase the most modern air defense systems in Russia.

Russia and Kazakhstan are planning to create a joint air defense system that may appear in the near future, said Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Colonel-General Valery Gerasimov during a video link in the RIA News».
According to him, “we already have such bilateral regional air defense systems with Belarus and Armenia, in the future we plan to create a similar air defense system with Kazakhstan,” RIA Novosti reports.

Currently, the air defense system of Kazakhstan is included in the unified air defense system of the CIS.

According to TSAMTO, the creation of a bilateral regional air defense system of Russia and Kazakhstan means that Astana may in the future purchase new modern air defense systems in the Russian Federation.

In particular, for equipping the air defense forces of Kazakhstan, the C-400 “Triumph” can be purchased. The adoption of these complexes, along with the solution of more complex tasks of intercepting air targets, will reduce the cost of training and operation, since IWOs have experience in operating the previously set C-300 SAMs.

The S-400 ZRS is designed to engage jammers, radar detection and control aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft, strategic and tactical aircraft, tactical, operational-tactical ballistic missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles, hypersonic targets and other modern and promising airborne weapons. attacks.

To ensure military air defense, it is possible to acquire the Buk-М2Е medium-range air defense missile system, as well as the Tor-М2Э short-range air defense missile system.

At the moment, according to TSAMTO, the Krug, Kub, S-125, C-200 and C-300 complexes are in service with NWO of Kazakhstan.

At the military parade held on August 14 in Astana on the Constitution Day and the 30 anniversary of the independence of the republic, the air defense forces were represented by the C-20, C-125 and C-200 complexes.

The parade also showed tank support fighting vehicles (BMPT).

As part of the mechanized column, the parade included the MBT T-72B and BMP-2 of the Land Forces of Kazakhstan. In addition, the TOC-1 "Buratino" heavy flamethrower system was recently demonstrated, which was recently commissioned by the Kazakh army, as well as the Strela-10M and the Shturm-S self-propelled anti-tank missile system.

A novelty of the military parade was the demonstration of the BTR-XNUMHA. The X-NUMX-mm howitzer D-82, the artillery 122-mm howitzer "Msta", the 30-mm self-propelled mortar "Tulpan" passed in the mechanized column of the combined rocket-artillery regiment. Following were MLRS "Smerch", "Grad", "Hurricane", mobile station radio interference "Tsikada".
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