Military Review

Ruins of Debaltseve and Uglegorsk

Before the outbreak of hostilities, the population of Debaltseve was approximately 26 thousand people, and almost all of them left the settlement before and during the fighting. According to the "Red Cross", now about 5 thousands of people live in the city, mostly old people. The death toll of civilians remains unknown. This photo essay contains pictures taken in the destroyed cities of Debaltseve and Uglegorsk at the end of February.


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  1. EwgenyZ
    EwgenyZ 5 March 2015 05: 58
    It’s painful to watch .... And once upon a time there lived people, there was a laugh of children ......
    1. svp67
      svp67 5 March 2015 08: 44
      Quote: EwgenyZ
      And once upon a time there lived people ..
      They still live there and will live. DESPITE EVERYTHING.
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic 5 March 2015 12: 42
        Quote: svp67
        They still live there and will live. DESPITE EVERYTHING.

        Anger takes that many as in the summer will again believe in a truce to return home and they will start to be killed again from Grad ... And as long as there is phishington this will never end, any country in the post-Soviet space could become the next ...
        Fushington sooner or later must answer for his crimes ...
  2. 0255
    0255 5 March 2015 08: 08
    Pity people crying The West will again blame the militias and Putin
  3. Russian Uzbek
    Russian Uzbek 5 March 2015 10: 04
    when I look at it, I always think: will no one really answer for this ??? not a dill small thing, although it is bloody but a trifle and everything is clear with them! but the main butchers are obsessed with the thirst for murder and destruction? maniacs at whose will and with whose help and sometimes with the direct participation of which they destroy cities and entire countries, killing millions of people - will all these mega-war criminals be called to account? of all these biden, mccain, obama, rumsfeld, albright, clinton, bush? against which even old Kissinger is white and fluffy?
    SAVA555.IVANOV 5 March 2015 11: 08
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    Kristina, 04.03.2015/13/01 57:10:XNUMX XNUMX
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    Svetlana, 04.03.2015/12/24 16:XNUMX:XNUMX
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    Alexander, 04.03.2015/12/25 59:XNUMX:XNUMX
    Visiting the fraternal people. angry
    1. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 5 March 2015 14: 01
      Quote: SAVA555.IVANOV
      Visiting the fraternal people.

      As if ordinary people in Russia live many times better than in Ukraine, or elsewhere in the CIS.
      If at the interstate level among the heads of state of the CIS collective actions were taken to solve problems in Ukraine last year, all this could have been avoided.

      People would stay at home, rather than wandering around the corners. The GDP talked about this, but it seems that apart from the Belarusian president, he didn’t take it seriously then.
      Even in the seediest villages, such a law still lives. When a neighbor’s house burns, the fire is put out by the whole village. Otherwise, do not survive.
      Has the CIS really become so bad that it is worse in development than the most mean village (village, village, etc.)?
      How did we get to such a life? recourse
  5. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 5 March 2015 12: 00
    Quote: 0255
    Pity people crying The West will again blame the militias and Putin

    As recently as yesterday on TV, one of the participants in the televised debate was already creeping around - arguing that "Ukrainian troops do not shoot at populated areas, I don’t know who is shooting! .."
  6. Horst78
    Horst78 5 March 2015 12: 42
    New Russia is turning into one big Pripyat sad
    1. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 5 March 2015 14: 09
      Quote: Horst78
      New Russia is turning into one big Pripyat

      All of Ukraine, too, at the same time:
  7. valokordin
    valokordin 5 March 2015 14: 18
    Hold on, the Russians will not leave you and will not let you starve to death, they themselves do not live well, but socially close ones to your oligarchs live comfortably and are in no hurry to help their neighbor. Boeing them in the ass.
  8. Hubun
    Hubun 5 March 2015 16: 44
    people lived rather poorly, but now they’ve lost everything
  9. andr327
    andr327 6 March 2015 18: 29
    Achievements Democracy!
  10. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky 9 March 2015 20: 52
    I'm sorry for the people, sorry!