Concentration camp inventors

Human rights in the XX century acquired unprecedented previously significant. Not least due to the fact that the colonial policy some empires wore a truly inhuman character. Today, the states that have not spent their imperial ambitions are pulling the strap of the struggle for human rights. Hiding behind the slogans and human rights organizations, the policies of these countries literally wash their hands in the blood of other nations. But their dishonor will come to an end sooner or later. Historical justice boomerang always overtakes the scoundrels, even if they hide behind sheep skins.

One of the most devilish inventions of the last century - concentration camps. Do you still think that they were invented by German fascists? You are mistaken. Hitler was a well-known Anglophile; therefore, he borrowed such a sophisticated means of destroying human nature from his English friends.

The first concentration camps were invented and built by the British during the Anglo-Boer War of the 1899-1902 years.

The Boers are poor and uneducated farmers in South Africa, mostly migrants from the Netherlands, who did not want to obey the totalitarian regime of the British Crown, for which they paid with their lives. Not surprisingly, the British Empire won in a terrible and bloody war. It was not the first time to offend the weak colonial invaders.

A simple victory for the bloodthirsty English was not enough, so for the first time in human stories they used against poor farmers scorched earth tactics.

This is a way of fighting, when everything that is in enemy territory is destroyed. In general, everything, including shelters, communications, industry and so on.

In addition to this, the British invented concentration camps deaths in which two years have killed about 30000 Boer women and children.

Concentration camp inventors

The whole thing was, as usual, in the geopolitical interests of Britain. The path to fabulously rich India led just right past the African coast. The interests of the Crown have always stood above any human values, which is why the current “fighters for the rights” of man had to occupy the lands of others and turn them into another colony.

Famous writer and traveler Mark Twain wrote about boers:
"The Boers are very pious, deeply ignorant, stupid, stubborn, intolerant, unscrupulous, hospitable, honest in their relations with whites, cruel to their black servants ... they really don't care what's going on in the world."

Of course, it was necessary to “enlighten” and “civilize” the ignorant people. This necessity became especially acute for the British when the largest diamond deposits at that time were discovered on the territory of the Boers. The natural resources of other countries have always ripped off their heads.

Moreover, when the richest gold mines were found in the Transvaal, 1886, the question of the second colonial war against a small people was practically solved. The thirst for wealth and human blood was so high that by the summer of 1900 (just a year after the start of the war) both capitals of the Boer states (the Orange Republic and Transvaal) were taken by the British.

The next two years, the war became the work of the Boer guerrillas. All residents who were suspected of assisting the partisans were severely punished — their farms were burned and put in concentration camps. Nothing like? But that's not all. To suppress the last remnants of freedom, the British invented a system of blockhouses (DOTs), which entangled all the travel threads. I do not know about you, but before my eyes stand pictures from books and films about the Second World War.

As a result, on May 31, 1902, under Pretoria, the Boers signed an enslaving treaty in which they recognized the annexation of their states by the British Empire.

When today from the West there are attacks on the recognition by Russia of the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia after repelling the Georgian aggression of 2008, it becomes ridiculous. Who shouts the most about his innocence? The one who feels guilty. Therefore, in the realities of today's world, the States and England so actively form the opinion of the world community on a wide range of important issues. Therefore, the “independent” media so actively throw mud at their enemies in any case, and the “independent” funds sponsor the "opposition" different countries objectionable to them. Therefore, when they see how well they live in the present free states, they immediately try to bring “democracy” there, through revolutionary chaos and the destruction of the foundations of statehood.

I think that the Georgian Fuhrer did not use the same scorched earth tactics during the Ossetian genocide in August 2008. Apparently, his teachers were experienced in this matter. Not only ties were taught to eat.

But it is not all that bad. Thanks to the widespread use of the Internet, people can learn the truth. They can join forces and try to change something. Everything secret always becomes clear, and our "partners" did not have long to go in sheep's clothing.
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