The path to the new Middle Ages

The path to the new Middle AgesThe economic situation in the world gives rise to the instability of the social platforms of the current authorities. The world was in such a state that some cannot, others no longer want. Everything, as the old man Marx once said. Moreover, in the recent past, revolutionary shifts were observed only in the countries of, say, the Third World or those standing on this shaky line. Today, some analysts allow themselves statements in the spirit of the fact that in the near future we can witness a real “orange” revolution in one of the developed European countries and even in the United States! This somewhat phantasmagoric picture is not devoid of sense, if only because in the last few years both the European Union and the USA are experiencing a real economic depression that can provoke a social upsurge.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that instead of solving their own economic tasks, which have long been turned, expressing the terminology of Russian textbooks, into problems with an asterisk, the leadership of the European Union and the United States are trying to arrange a witch hunt. Then they declare that this is the current China that is crushing the economy of the New and Old World with its cheap goods, then it comes to numerous Turkish, Libyan, Pakistani and other migrant workers who dump the labor market in the EU and the US, making it difficult for the indigenous people to get countries. However, should we now talk about the problem of immigrants or the level of Chinese growth, if for a couple of decades the authorities of united Europe and the States simply turned a blind eye to the solution of these issues. Continuing to live at the expense of solving their debt problems by other countries, including China and Russia, the United States and their European “partners” did not move their brains to find other options for further development of the situation.

In this regard, the deepening of the European and American economies into the shifting sands of public debt sooner or later should have led to the current collapse. The S & P agency, which has become world-famous, is adding fuel to the fire, which with enviable regularity lowers the credit ratings of states. After lowering the rating of the United States, S & P said that Italy, too, had long lost its credibility to the holders of its debt obligations.

Well, if neither America nor Europe is trusted by an analytic financial agency, then why should the people endure their ongoing impoverishment. Yes, yes, it is impoverishment. According to a recent study, income levels in the United States have declined by more than 15% over the past three years. Note, for the first time since the Great Depression, when strikes overflowed American industrial cities. At the same time, the unemployment rate has increased significantly. The head of the US Federal Reserve, Mr. Bernanke, at a recent meeting, in fact, did not offer anything that could change the situation in the US economy for the better in the near future. On television, President Obama continues to “delight” US citizens with new measures to overcome the crisis. These measures are mainly in new borrowing, which America is going to take under its regular bonds. However, these measures are not only far from the real tools for overcoming the economic depression of 2011, but in general seem absurd.
In such conditions, the number of dissatisfied with the policy of the authorities and the reaction of financiers begins to grow in the United States. The enrichment of the rich is accompanied by the impoverishment of the poor. The law that a fair distribution of public and private revenues leads to a revival of the economy does not matter much. It can be said that the economic crisis, the germ of which appeared in 2008, not only managed to be born, but also grew in size, so much so that it threatens to cause a social rebellion.

If you look at the civilian population of the States today, this is such a motley crowd that any spark can blow up stability in a country that has long won a democracy. Muslim communities are unhappy that they have to assimilate into the public secularization system of the United States. Numerous immigrants from Latin America are fighting for their rights and earnings increases. Private business is trying to swim out from under the transnational corporations. And all these groups have their own claims to the US government.

Just recently, the Americans associated all their troubles with the eight-year-old George W. Bush (junior). Against the background of progressive election rhetoric, Barack Obama received a chair in the Oval Office. However, the crisis crushed his rhetoric and himself. This suggests that the current political elites, regardless of their party foundations, cannot control the economy that is swollen from immense debts. In such a situation, America can indeed receive an internal impulse to self-destruction. After all, none of the fairly wealthy states (California, Florida, etc.) do not want to pull the burden in the form of subsidized states (Utah, Nebraska).

If such a scenario comes true, then the next world empire will collapse, sowing real chaos and a new Middle Ages.
Alexey Volodin
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