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The myth of "European Russia-Ukraine"

Ukraine continues to create the myth of "Rus-Ukraine", destroying the memory of a single stories Russian land and united Russian people. Moreover, the falsification of history in Ukraine has moved to the highest political level. The head of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, signed a decree “On honoring the memory of Prince of Kiev Vladimir the Great - the creator of the medieval European state of Russia-Ukraine.” As a result, the Russian prince Vladimir was declared the founder of Ukraine - a medieval European state.

Poroshenko’s decree says: “To preserve and establish the traditions of Ukrainian statehood, a reminder of the role of the historical heritage of Russia-Ukraine in their formation, recognition of the importance of adopting Christianity for the development of Ukrainian society as an integral part of European civilization, in memory of Vladimir the Great - an outstanding state and political figure , Prince of Kiev, founder of the medieval European state of Russia-Ukraine, and in connection with the millennial anniversary of his repose, which is celebrated in 2015, I decide to develop the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with the participation of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, public organizations and approve an action plan to honor the memory of Prince of Kiev Vladimir the Great ”.

As part of the millennial anniversary in Ukraine, they are going to hold a number of “scientific” events that are aimed at promoting the theory of “Rus-Ukraine” and “events of the Ukrainian history of the corresponding period”. It is also proposed to hold celebrations, put into circulation coins and postage stamps dedicated to the activities of the great Kiev Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich. Foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine, which will hold events dedicated to the memory of Prince Vladimir, should join this work.

Thus, in Ukraine, Ukraine continues the Ukrainization of the common history of the Russian land. Right before our eyes, the myth of the existence of the “ancient Ukrainian state of Rus-Ukraine” is finally consolidated at the state level. It is clear that Russia's geopolitical opponents will support this very promising idea. The example of the Polish Minister Grzegorz Schetyny is still fresh. Not only the period of the Second World War, but almost the entire history of the Russian people is subject to revisions and falsifications.

All this fits perfectly into the Western model “Russia is Mordor”, the modern “resident evil”. The main battle is in the field of meanings and images. The West needs to crush the cornerstones of Russian history, chop off the roots of the Russian people so that the Russians lose their source of power. Russians are trying to declare the main culprits of the start of World War II and the current global confrontation. No wonder that American President Barack Obama has put us on a par with the Islamic State militants and the Ebola virus. It creates an image of an enemy who must be crushed by the "forces of Light and Democracy", that is, the West led by the United States and other countries of the world community, that is, the satellites and serfs of the American Empire.

In Ukraine, a long-term and dangerous experiment continues to split the single Russian civilization and the single super-ethnos of the Rus (Great Russians-Russians, Little Russians-Southern Rus and Belarusians). We see how certain forces interested in resolving the “Russian question” turn history into a farce right before our eyes. They show that history is written by winners. And you can make the story of almost anyone, because the media allow literally in one generation to make the myth the dominant theory.

You can also recall that similar informational and psychological technology was run in as early as the Third Reich. Then, in just a few years, the earlier marginal and esoteric theories about the "chosenness" of the Germans, the Nordic birthright of the Germans became dominant in the minds of the German elite and society.

Then, to crush this myth, it took years of bloody war. The lives of tens of millions of people were brought to the altar of false concepts. Only by military means, when the German Empire was crushed, and the Germans (first Western, and after the death of the USSR and Eastern) became slaves to the owners of the Anglo-Saxon project, it was proved that not only Germans are "true Aryans." The Russians never claimed “chosenness” and “birthright,” but it was they who, by direct and honest force, proved their direct affiliation to ancient military cultures.

A similar technology is used in the Ukraine. To the deceived and confused southern Russians, the Rusas are told that they are the "true heirs" of the Old Russian state. That Kyiv princes Svyatoslav, Vladimir and Yaroslav the Wise were "Ukrainians". That the "Ukrainians" have kept their Slavic essence. And the Slavs who colonized the Oka and Volga regions allegedly mixed with the Finno-Ugric peoples, then the Mongols, and lost their "Slavic blood." They say that “Muscovites” are an explosive mixture of Slavic, Finno-Ugric and Mongolian blood, and they have no rights to the Old Russian state (Kievan Rus). Our common history was assigned only to Ukraine.

From this, the theory of the “exceptional aggressiveness of Russians” is also derived. Allegedly, their Mongol roots make the Russians constantly fight and capture the neighboring countries. So the Russians at one time seized Siberia and the Far East, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Poland, the Caucasus, Finland and Central Asia. Now the Russians allegedly “restore the evil empire” and again try to seize Ukraine. Therefore, the world community should “for the good of all mankind” deprive the Russians of the remaining “occupied” areas of the North, Siberia, and the Far East. The Russians, according to this theory, should live within the “historical Muscovy” - part of the East European Plain, which in the east is bounded by the Urals.

The myth of "Rus-Ukraine" makes it possible to separate tens of millions of southern Rus-Russians from the Russian super-ethnos, to reduce the territory of the Russian land and to poison the Russians among themselves. Enemies of Russia, including parasites who seized power in the Ukraine and Ukraine and are subject to anti-Russian centers in Europe and the United States, apply the ancient strategy of divide and rule (Latin divide et impera). After the dismemberment of "Greater Russia" (USSR) in 1991, Ukraine was rather quickly turned into "AntiRus". The masters of the West very skillfully use the resources of the Russian civilization for its self-destruction. Without the direct intervention of the occupying forces, the Russians themselves wage war on the destruction of other Russians. They are destroying the infrastructure inherited from the Soviet Union, which will rather quickly fulfill the dreams of Westerners-Russophobes about “optimizing” the Russian people to the number of 20-30 million people who will serve the “pipe”.

Enemies of Russia use history as information weapon, allowing in rather quick terms (less than in one generation) to turn peoples into “ethnographic material”, “biomass” and to mold everything from it. So the "Ukrainian Chimera" allowed to set off Russians with Russians. The descendants of the proud winners of almost all of Europe are transformed into "ukrov-aborigines" who, with wild whooping and dances, destroy monuments of the common Russian-Soviet history, losing their historical memory and turning into "cannon fodder" to fight with those Russians who have not completely lost their "Russianness". As already noted, if you take the images of "The Lord of the Rings" - the dark forces disfigure the psyche, culture, language of the part of the ethnic group of the Rus, turning them into "ukrov-orcs" and throwing them into battle with other Russians. This is a very terrible process and extremely dangerous, since it carries the potential of a new full-scale civil war on the territory of Russian civilization. The war in the Donbass is already the center of such a war, and it gradually covers the whole of Little Russia, which turns into “Ruin-2”.

At this conceptual and historical-chronological level, this process needs to be set against the true history of the Russian people, to reject the theory of the existence of the “Ukrainian people” at the official level. It is necessary to actively promote the facts known to historians, that well-known sources on the history of Russia in the 9th and 13th centuries, which reproduce the ethnic and toponymic terminology of their time, for five centuries, as the ethnonyms for the name of the population of Russia, use the terms: "Russia", "Russian kind", "Rus", "dew", "Russian people", "Rusyns", "Rusich", "Russian land". All the terms are based on two keywords - “Russia” and “Russian”.

That is how the inhabitants of the Russian land self-identified themselves at that time far from us. They did not call themselves “ukrami”, “Ukrainians”, “Ukrainians-Russians,” “Little Russians,” “Eastern Slavs,” or “Russians.” They were proudly called "Russian" and "Rusy". All later terms are artificial and invented by historians and public figures for various purposes. In particular, the Great Russians, although they did not call themselves that, in the 19th century, residents of the northeastern, Great Russian provinces began to be called, and the Little Russians called Russians living in the South Russian and Western Russian lands, in Little Russia-Russia. All of them were Russian, differing by insignificant local ethnographic features, in clothes, way of life, songs, dialect, etc.

In the same way, in Russia then, and even now, more than a dozen of “independent, independent nations” can be created. In particular, the Pomors, the Cossacks of different regions, Siberians, Muscovites, etc., have their own characteristics. In the XVIII-XIX centuries. All the differences between the inhabitants of the former independent principalities and the lands of Russia - Ryazan, Tver, Moscow, Smolensk Novgorod, etc. have not yet been erased. It should be noted that now certain forces continue to work to create local ethnic or regional separatism, creating the preconditions for the dismemberment of Russia.

State ideology should be based on the fact that the Russian people initially identified their nationality as Russian and did not crush it, did not divide it into “branches”, “fraternal peoples”, “moskaley” and “khokhlov”. Therefore, in order to restore the objective picture of the true history of the Russian people, we must once and for all reject the false Marxist and Ukrainian theories that are false and destroy the unity of the Russian super-ethnos as pseudo-scientific, anti-historical and provocative, helping the enemies of Russia.

Our country since ancient times, including the era of "Kievan Rus" (also an artificial name, the Russians did not call their land as such), was called: "Russian (Ruska) land", "Russia", "Ros", "Russia", "Rustia" . They are based on one word - "Rus". Only later did the Greek equivalent of "Russia" appear. Our Motherland has never been "Ukraine" or "Rus-Ukraine". The sources contain the word "Ukraine", "Ukraine", but always in the sense of "border", "border area, region", "margin". Such a “Ukraine-outskirts” could be Pskov or Siberia. The toponym "Ukraine" in the sources of ancient Russia is not! According to all sources, the princes Svyatoslav, Vladimir, Yaroslav, Daniil Galitsky and all other princes were “Russian princes”, “princes of Russia”. And not "Ukrainian princes." Daniel Galitsky, who went to the union with Catholic Rome, even visited the “King of Russia” (and not “Ukraine” or “Russia-Ukraine”). The grandsons of Daniil Galitsky, Andrey and Lev Yuryevich, were "by the grace of God the princes of the whole Russian land, Galicia and Vladimiria," and not "Ukraine."

The myth of "European Russia-Ukraine"

Seal of Yuri (Georgy) Lvovich. Caption: "S [igillum] Domini Georgi Regis Rusie" - "Seal of Sovereign George, King of Russia."

Nothing has changed in the following centuries, when the Western Russian lands were occupied by Lithuania, Poland and partly Hungary. The ethnic composition of the West Russian lands has not changed. Representatives of the Western Russian elite accepted the Catholic faith, married Polish women, sent their children to Polish educational institutions, where they were successfully brainwashed, switched to Polish and became “Poles”. But almost all the rest of the population of the city and the villages of Western Russia ("Little Russia", as it was called in Byzantium) was still Russian, interspersed with Polish and Jewish ethnic groups. Practically all the princely and boyar clans of Western Russia quickly got into a mess and pledged. The majority of the people remained Russian.

It is clear that the three hundred year Polish-Catholic dominance left its mark. Uniatism arose. Polonization of the Russian language has begun, which in modern Ukraine has been brought to a logical conclusion, when the Russian words are changed into Polish words and remakes. Russian education was ousted, the replacement of Russian traditions and customs with Polish began. In particular, the phenomenon of the “Ukrainian nobility” arose - an analogue of the Polish pancy, the nobility, with its unhealthy elite habits and the desire of an insignificant minority to parasitize the people, which the pans called “cattle” (“cattle”). The current Ukrainian oligarchy, in fact, continued this tradition.

The Vatican and Poland created the project of "Ukraine" and "Ukrainian people", systematically pursuing the policy of denationalizing the Russian people. Polish ideologues in the XIX century. they will justify the existence of a separate “Ukrainian people”, different from the “Muscovites” - the descendants of the Finno-Ugrians and the Mongols with an insignificant admixture of Slavic blood. This idea will be picked up by the “Ukrainians” - some marginal intellectuals, as the “national traitors” would say now. By the beginning of the 20th century, a small group of Ukrainian intelligentsia will exist on the sidelines of the public life of “Little Russia” and will be able to realize their project only because of the destruction of the Russian empire, when the Ukraine project, to weaken Russia, will be supported by Austria-Hungary, the German Empire, and then Second Rzeczpospolita. Then the project "Ukraine" will use for their own purposes the Third Reich and the United States. In modern times, the main external sponsor of this project is the USA.

Returning in the XVII — XVIII centuries, it is necessary to say that the assimilation (dissolution) of the tops of Western Russia - Little Russia did not lead to the assimilation of the masses. Although the people suffered serious cultural losses, having lost the opportunity to develop Russian education, art, language, etc. However, the people as a whole organism did not lose their Russianness, retained the Orthodox faith, the Russian language and basic traditions.

For complete assimilation, grinding and polonization took many more centuries. The current powerful media (if necessary, misinformation and zombies), which allow black to make white and vice versa, inspire the young generation with nonsense about the “ancient ukrakh” and eternal enemies-moskalyah ”, was not there.

All this predetermined the national liberation struggle of the Russian people against the Commonwealth in 1648-1654. and the historic decision of the Pereiaslav Rada on the reunification of Little and Great Russia. By the way, hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky, speaking of the war with the Poles, "wanting to eradicate the Church of God, so that the Russian name is not remembered in our land," very clearly showed the highest meaning of that cruel war and prophetically pointed out the nature of the current opposition in Little Russia.

For the liberation of Little Russia from the Polish yoke, it was not the mythical "Ukrainians" who fought, but the Russian people. Nothing has changed in the following centuries. Before the beginning of World War 1914, most of the same Galicians, who are now the concentrated core of the “Ukrainian chimera”, identified themselves as Russians, and this awareness was corroded only by mass genocide by the Austro-Hungarian occupation authorities, when the most prominent were physically eliminated representatives of the local Russian intelligentsia, the most passionate Russian core.

The “Ukraine” project was finally drawn up - the Ukrainian SSR was created and the existence of “three fraternal Eastern Slavic peoples” (Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians), already Bolshevik internationalists, was officially announced. Trotsky and other internationalist Bolsheviks then essentially fulfilled the external "order." It was necessary to exsanguinate, dismember the united Russian people — by singling out from it the “Ukrainians,” who were declared a separate “people.” After that, all the power of the state machine was directed to the creation of Ukrainian statehood, the development of the Ukrainian “language”, which was artificially separated from the Russian language. There were even punitive "three Ukrainization", which transferred the Russian population to "MOV". There was a Ukrainization of documentation, signs, newspapers, in institutions began to forbid to speak in Russian. The nationality “Ukrainian” was recorded in the passports, official status was assigned to “movoy” not only in the territory of Little Russia (Western Russia), but also in the always-former Russian regions - Novorossia, Crimea, Donbas, Chernihiv, Slobozhanshchyna.

Thank God, Kievan Rus was not presented to Ukraine at that time. However, now this process comes to its logical end. The period of the Old Russian state is taken away from the Russian people, chopping off its roots from the beginning of Moscow-Vladimir Russia.

Then the process of total Ukrainization of Russians and total Russophobia in Little Russia was stopped by a “big purge,” by Stalin. In 1937, the most rabid fanatics of the Ukrainians fell into the "enemies of the people" and thousands went to the camps. True, the official Ukrainization was not abolished, but its intensity dropped sharply. Processes began to develop implicitly. Apparently, Stalin did not realize the significance of the whole danger of the project "Ukraine" and the creation of the "Ukrainian people", and there was no time, there was enough other things.

During the German occupation, a new wave of Ukrainization began. Hitler had far-reaching plans for Ukraine-Little Russia and planned to permanently tear her away from Russia. Hitler wanted to reduce the number of Russian people at any cost. Therefore, the taking of each city in Ukraine was accompanied by the closure of Russian newspapers, only Ukrainian could be printed. The same processes took place in the field of education, documentation, administration, etc. The liberation of Little Russia by the Red Army troops again put an end to active Ukrainization.

Then Ukrainization was intensified under Khrushchev, who did a lot of mischief in the country. However, under Brezhnev, everything went underground again. Hidden "Bandera", officially the former Communists, continued their destructive mission, but the scale was not the ones to affect the masses. No plans were made to expand the use of the Ukrainian Newspeak, and without state support, Ukrainians were doomed to natural death. The death of the Soviet Union made it possible to start a new wave of Ukrainization of Little Russia. Ukrainians received complete freedom. The 23 of the year was broken and bruised the all-Russian and Soviet legacy, fostering the younger generation of the Nazis.

The results are sad. The oligarchs, the “national traitors,” who are the lackeys of various Western centers hostile to Russia, received power. Neonationalist, neo-Bandera movements came to the official level. The Donbass, which refused to accept this reality, is in ruins, there is a war. Attempts by Russians in other areas, which still preserved the remnants of Russian and Soviet culture, are suppressed by the power of the state and private oligarchic apparatus. The tendency to spread war to other areas of the Ukraine is dominant. The perspective of the Ukraine is “Ruin-2”, the mass exodus of the population to Russia and the countries of Europe (hundreds of thousands of people have already fled), the destruction of the remnants of the Soviet infrastructure, famine, epidemics. The final victory of the criminal revolution, following the example of Kosovo, where the drug business, the arms trade and black transplantology are the main sources of local government revenues. Already there has been a sharp increase in mortality due to the collapse of medicine and the inability to buy expensive medicines. There is a "recycling" of millions of Russian-Slavs - 55 thousands of people have already died, tens of thousands have been injured and crippled, hundreds of thousands have become refugees. A confrontation potential has been created on the ruins of Little Russia, not only Ukrainian nationalists and involuntary occupational regime of the Russians with Donbas militia, but also Russia and the West. The appearance in the United States of American, Canadian, Polish and British military instructors, while small deliveries of Western weapons - these are only the first formidable harbingers of the expansion of the "Ukrainian Front".

This is a war of annihilation. The masters of the West "wrote off" the Russians; Russia, according to their plans, should not survive the global war that had begun. Little Russia is successfully turned into a gigantic meat grinder, which must exterminate thousands of the most passionary Russians on both sides and in the long run lead to the death of millions of Russians. Moreover, war is not the main factor of destruction. Hunger, malnutrition, disease, the flourishing of crime (including the dismemberment of people into organs), the destruction of the socio-economic infrastructure will destroy even more people. The cannibal social and economic measures taken under pressure from the IMF and other Western structures will make the overwhelming majority of the population of Little Russia “unprofitable”. As a result, the socio-economic genocide greetings to the migration of millions of young people who flee to Russia or become “Euro-slaves”, and the elderly population is simply sentenced to death.

Thus, it is necessary to know and show to the whole world that the “Ukrainians” are ultimately the same Russians, and the appropriation of “non-Russian” names by the “national-traitors” of different times is a completely artificial phenomenon, initiated by the enemies of Russia, who seek to dismember and destroy the Russian civilization and superethnos ruses. The only way to save the southern Rus - is the reunification of Great and Little Russia!
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  1. Motherland Russia
    Motherland Russia 27 February 2015 06: 36
    If you follow the story, you need to disperse Ukraine.
    And the whole territory to attach to Russia.
    Why would the people need a country if they are only looking for whom to sell it to.
    1. Eragon
      Eragon 27 February 2015 07: 05
      Quote: Motherland Russia
      Why would the people need a country if they are only looking for whom to sell it to.

      The people can neither betray nor sell their country. Because he is the country. This power betrays and sells its people.
      1. Skif83
        Skif83 27 February 2015 10: 34
        Well ...., let's say, the peoples are also different.
        There are the "chosen ones" who are, in fact, cosmopolitans. For them, where they feel good (in the sense of shitting on others), there is their homeland.
        And there are peoples for whom the Motherland is not just a word. And Russia, so far, is one of the mainstays of such a world.
        USA - have never been so, because based on rabble from around the world, about whose homeland they need to talk about?
        Europa wants to become a united, read, middle-class being without a national memory, especially a homeland.
        Africa (black, there is still a part of the Semitic, that is, Arab) - blacks where they live, if only animal instincts work.
        Arabs - as practice shows, they are not bad in Europe, i.e. the concept of "Motherland" is as alien to them as to their fellow Semites, who are "bohoizbaannye".

        If we talk about the so-called Ukrainians, so only the illiterate does not know that as such they emerged at the end of the 19th century. And who were they and are they? Ukraine, or rather the outskirts and balls of the outskirts of the Russian Empire, where, again, gathered all the rabble, which is good, where there are no others ... :).
        Since then, nothing has changed.
        Another funny thing is that the president of the Semitic piglet teaches the origin of Ukrainians. That certainly will teach!
        And the first humanoid monkey on earth was some kind of ukranze or ukrangutan. Until now, it has remained humanoid, only bred on the border of the Great Russian Empire ...
        1. GDP
          GDP 27 February 2015 16: 17
          There were many Ukrainians in Russia:
          Pskov, Tula, Terskaya (Kola Peninsula), Ukraine beyond the Oka, etc. ... All of them denoted those or other outskirts of the Russian kingdom ...

          When the first patriot of Ukraine and the former soldier of the Polish army - hetman Vygovsky, immediately after the death of Bohdan Khmelnitsky wanted to break with the Muscovites and took the oath first to the Poles, and then to the Tatars, he came up with the title of hetman -Russian Principality, notice Russian, not Ukrainian .. .
        2. Akuzenka
          Akuzenka 28 February 2015 15: 09
          It is necessary to contact the UN to assist Bandera in the form of orderlies with haloperidol and cozy wards in a European madhouse.
      2. Spnsr
        Spnsr 27 February 2015 17: 12
        some kind of strange logic, Russia-Ukraine, something like that ...?
        although they probably want to say Russian - Ukrainians, that is, Russians living on the outskirts! or what? no, well, then don’t let it go, don’t go out of your way, there is only one logical conclusion, Ukraine is Russian and as a result Russian Ukraine! accordingly, it is logical to speak in Ukraine, Russian ....
        and that they’re scolding, Russia is Ukraine, whatever you say, Russians live in Ukraine, and not some fictitious Ukrainians there. they themselves said it, or rather even issued a decree, to celebrate that they were Russians living on the outskirts! what
        we must explain to all Ukrainians on the fingers that the parashenka issued a decree to celebrate, that they are all Russians living on the outskirts wink
        1. Curculum
          Curculum 27 February 2015 21: 35
          Quote: SpnSr
          some kind of strange logic, Russia-Ukraine, something like that ...

          This is not logic, it is Grushevskovism, i.e. idiocy. By analogy: I would look at a modern Turkish scholar who would try to put forward the thesis of the origin of the Ottomans from Byzantium - Turkey wassat How long would they kick him? I think not, because one hit would instantly hit the head. And even the Ottomans are worthless kicking a corpse.
        2. Aleksander
          Aleksander 27 February 2015 22: 22
          Quote: SpnSr
          strange logic some, Russia-Ukraine, something like that ...?

          This is for a normal person, strange. But in reptilian svidomitov everything is elementary and logical, according to their theory, then those living simply DIDN'T KNOW that they live in ... Ukraine (there were such ignorant and ignorant people)! belay fool But they, Svidomo, armed with today's knowledge and wisdom, summarizing all the available data -KNOW! And what is there to argue? Here we must immediately them in a madhouse, and they-they rule in schools ....
        3. The comment was deleted.
    2. Pervusha Isaev
      Pervusha Isaev 27 February 2015 09: 17
      with the advent of Photoshop, the process of falsification of OLD CARDS has now begun, and given the falsity that Ukrainian historians, that in general historians, we can "find" any map on which "Ukraine" will be in black and white ...
    3. knn54
      knn54 27 February 2015 10: 55
      Poroshenko called the Galicians "the basis of Ukrainian statehood." “There is no doubt, Oleg Mikhailovich (Governor of the Lviv region Oleg Sinyutka). On the contrary, I believe that the Galicians are the basis of the statehood of Ukraine, ”said the President
      So whose HE is the PRESIDENT ...
      1. Alex Kruglov
        Alex Kruglov 27 February 2015 11: 48
        Here is ALL Ukrainian psychology - AROUND THE ENEMIES!
      2. svd-xnumx
        svd-xnumx 27 February 2015 23: 20
        Read the article at
        Galicia: a chronicle of the first Russian genocide in Ukraine
    4. dobrjak
      dobrjak 27 February 2015 12: 47
      Give restoration of historical justice!
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. Drmadfisher
      Drmadfisher 28 February 2015 02: 38
      is Vladimir the Great's Day a hint of GDP?
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 27 February 2015 06: 38
    The head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a decree "On honoring the memory of Prince of Kiev Vladimir the Great - the creator of the medieval European state of Russia-Ukraine."

    This humanoid pig indulges in all serious sins!
    Agony before retribution!
    1. Russian Uzbek
      Russian Uzbek 27 February 2015 08: 41
      the funny thing is that the state of Russia appeared much earlier than Vladimir became the prince ...
  3. siberko
    siberko 27 February 2015 06: 40
    The only way to save the southern Rus is a reunion of Great and Small Russia!

    Our state must fight Western European propaganda, for which it is necessary to develop our culture, create at least some ideology for our youth, pay great attention to the study of history not from the 5th grade, but starting from kindergarten, and absorb the younger generation of patriotism and pride in Homeland
  4. Nagaibak
    Nagaibak 27 February 2015 06: 46
    Russia-Ukraine ...))) Russia-Tartaria is the same garbage. Only Ukraine has been splashed now returning to pieces in blood. The question is not to spoil Tartaria.))) That Siberia would not have to be returned.))) Of course I exaggerate, but it all starts small. In Ukraine, at first, the Natsiks were also looked at like fools. Therefore, I take all talk of Tartaria as laying mines for our history, territorial integrity, the very existence of Russia.
    1. Grenader
      Grenader 27 February 2015 09: 03
      Quote: Nagaibak
      Russia-Ukraine ...)))

      Poroshenko is something modest. He could well have called his kingdom Ukraine-Khazaria or Ukraine-Israel and it's time for them to shout the appropriate slogans - "Ukraine is Israel". After Maidan x @ the trash at home no longer belongs to anything.
    2. Pervusha Isaev
      Pervusha Isaev 27 February 2015 09: 20
      Quote: Nagaibak
      The question is not to spoil Tartaria.)))

      Duc is already in the process of Putin until the new year he signed the law on the TOPs, so now the Far East will be full of narrow-eyed, well, and the Russians will either die or move to the center ...
    3. Ascetic
      Ascetic 27 February 2015 09: 55
      The main reason for this statement, or rather the reason for it, was not at all some well-thought-out theory of falsification of history, but a banal desire to once again push Russia in the spirit of everything we drive more expensive and ancient. Moscow did not decide to erect a monument to Prince Vladimir on the Sparrow Hills. Hence the clear desire to once again show that Ukraine is not Russia. In general, I myself will not eat so I bite request
    4. prishelec
      prishelec 27 February 2015 15: 59
      Quote: Nagaibak
      In Ukraine, at first, the Natsiks were also looked at like fools.

      In-in, and here they look, for these three years of my observation on this site, of the Tartar)) I did not see the Natsiks, but on the contrary I saw others, where they urged even to obliterate)) some peoples of our country, and no one I practically didn’t make a comment, on the contrary, they put pluses)) - these people are mine! .. unfortunately, there are probably Natsik everywhere, but from a certain side there are too many of them! This is a dangerous trend, Natsik of any nationality must be crushed to destroy, otherwise they will destroy our country!
  5. inkass_98
    inkass_98 27 February 2015 07: 00
    As usual, Alexander has many words and emotions. The conclusions are much simpler - it was necessary to conduct a national policy similar to that which was in the traditions of Rome, Byzantium, and imperial Russia - the children of high-ranking indigenous rulers were taken to the mother country and brought up in the right imperial spirit. In addition, there are no national-territorial administrative units, only satrapy (initially), province, province or region. Examples of the pernicious departure from such a canvas on the national question are Polish uprisings in the Russian Empire, which gave it greater autonomy during the division of part of Poland. Lenin’s national policy destroyed the centuries-old scheme, which is why, at the first hesitation of the supreme power, the state crumbled into national uluses. If Stalin had enough time, strength and desire to restore the former imperial scheme of the administrative-territorial division of the USSR, it is quite possible that the country would have remained in its former form.
  6. qwert
    qwert 27 February 2015 07: 08
    And who needs it? Who is the customer of the split?
    1. SveTok
      SveTok 27 February 2015 08: 48
      What kind of schism is there? Just one sick person is trying to give his sick fantasies without artifacts to the truth in the history of such obsessed adventurers.
  7. ivanzu87
    ivanzu87 27 February 2015 07: 13
    The most interesting thing is that the brainwashing machine in Ukraine works with fantastic efficiency.
    The creation of a nation with a "great history" is gaining momentum. The most "idiotic tools" were used:
    National chauvinism;
    Creation of an enemy who oppressed for centuries the freedom-loving spirit of the nation;
    The election of the nation;
    Refusal of history and its rewriting;

    The generation of the 90s and 00s (of course I don’t say everything, but the overwhelming majority, for sure) already hates its neighbor, and no turns of state policy will help anymore.

    This is terrible. This "Baltic few states" syndrome is no better than "National Socialism". Incitement to nationalism in its extreme manifestations ... this must be judged ...
    1. CIANIT
      CIANIT 27 February 2015 07: 22
      Unfortunately, not only the 90-00 generation hates a neighbor, but the older 80,70,60 and even 50 are prone to mass hysteria. Although they were brought up in ideals of advice. By the way, many former party organizers, now vehement nationalists and Russophobes.
      1. ivanzu87
        ivanzu87 27 February 2015 08: 29
        It is important to remember that everything that happens there is supported by the people of this country, he is also responsible for what is happening like Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, etc.

        Residents of Lviv, Ternopil, Odessa, Kharkiv regions ... I don’t feel sorry for them ... they were flattered by the idea of ​​being Europe, they accepted the idea of ​​"everything is to blame" ... Now they will pay their price for this in the form of coffins with their children, insane prices, lack of work, loss of family ties ...
        1. Aleksander
          Aleksander 27 February 2015 22: 34
          What does the inhabitants of Odessa and Kharkov? Even in the last thoroughly rigged election, ALL the Nazis, from Tyagnibok to Poroshenko, scored as much there 16% of votes voters. These cities are under a terrible occupation, all the more terrible because Russia has spoken out in favor of "fucking Ukraine."
        2. The comment was deleted.
  8. Dinko
    Dinko 27 February 2015 07: 29
    Ukrainians themselves ingots are good if they lend themselves to all kinds of propaganda !!!
  9. Kite
    Kite 27 February 2015 07: 37
    Nevertheless, they want to be called Russians, not dill (it’s hard and pitiful to refuse real affairs in history under the name of Russians). While they came up with Russia-Ukraine, then they will cancel the mention of the outskirts of Russia in the title.
    1. igordok
      igordok 27 February 2015 15: 11
      Quote: Kite
      Nevertheless, they want to be called Russians, not dill (it’s hard and pitiful to refuse real affairs in history under the name of Russians)

  10. common man
    common man 27 February 2015 07: 44
    In how simple it is. Decided, decided. Russia does not even mean Great Russia, but Maloukraine. And Little Russia, respectively, Great Ukraine. Au Belarusians. Poroshenko will call you White Ukrainians. Or white crests?
    1. ivanzu87
      ivanzu87 27 February 2015 08: 14
      You are wrong, in the north of Ukraine not Russians live, but Finno-Ugric peoples with an admixture of Tatar-Mongolian blood. In general, vile little people, Asians, slaves ... who hate freedom, Europe and everything Ukrainian.
      They have imperial thinking, they want to sleep and see how they expand their borders by organizing a famine.
  11. Dumb
    Dumb 27 February 2015 07: 45
    "Put the pig at the table - she and her feet on the table" - old and faithful
    wisdom ... and it is about "Ukraine".

    - In order to ask for something, you need to give something!
    You, besides anger and hatred, have not given anything to anyone.
    You betrayed Russia, which created you and fed it with a spoon.
    The whole world knows this!

    They don’t like traitors anywhere.

    They are only used.
    (Dominic Strauss-Kahn)
  12. Leader
    Leader 27 February 2015 08: 03
    If we transfer international relations to the everyday level, now Russia seems to be, though pumped up, but an intellectual who was surrounded by a campaign of drunken young gopniks with the question "Why are you walking down our street for free?"
    Trying to explain that you live and work here is pointless - for no one wants to listen; they make fun, wave their little hands, are drawn in front of each other ...
    Probably the best option in this situation would be:
    - visually identifying one or two of the most active members of this spontaneous, "unorganized criminal group", with a few quick and hard blows, mercilessly "knock out" them. After that, as a rule, the question of the passage becomes irrelevant ...
    Damn would be ahead of the country adventurers and usurers ...
  13. Boris55
    Boris55 27 February 2015 08: 33
    ... Poroshenko signed a decree "On honoring the memory of Prince of Kiev Vladimir the Great - the creator of the medieval European state of Russia-Ukraine" ...

    And before that there was another decree:

    Holidays, not only in Ukraine but in general, are intended to consolidate the desired ideology in the minds of the people.
  14. igordok
    igordok 27 February 2015 08: 58
    As proof of Ukraine as a state, Ukrainians refer to the map of 1648. We are talking about the map of the French military engineer Guillaume Boplan, which Boplan himself called Delineatio generalis Camporum Desertorum vulgo Ukraina, which translated from Latin means "General plan of unpopulated lands, usually called Ukraine". We are not talking about any state.
    On the map is the north below. In the east of Muscovy, and in the west of Russia, but this is not Russia, but the Russian state.
  15. Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 27 February 2015 09: 00
    At one time he tried to send Svidomo to historical literature written before the times of the USSR. The same Karamzin is useless, they do not want to hear anything and are absolutely sure of their "historical truth". It's impossible to talk. And this is not on the censor, but in quite decent social rooms ...
  16. -Bugor-
    -Bugor- 27 February 2015 09: 00
    It is easy for a pig to sign such decrees; he is not a Slav to say the least ....
  17. -Bugor-
    -Bugor- 27 February 2015 09: 00
    It is easy for a pig to sign such decrees; he is not a Slav to say the least ....
  18. Vasily Ivashov
    Vasily Ivashov 27 February 2015 09: 14
    The Ukrainian elite and most of the population want to build their life and business on hatred. and hatred, as you know, is not a constructive force, but a destructive one, and it is to them that they will destroy their state, that is, Ukraine, no matter what borders it may be, will always be under someone’s control. How tough this control will be is completely dependent on those who will carry out this control. There is too much hatred in Ukrainians.

    "Instead of killing your neighbor, even a deeply hated one, you should, with the help of propaganda, transfer hatred towards him to hatred towards some neighboring power - and then your criminal motives, as if by magic, will turn into the heroism of a patriot."
    Source address (you need to enter in the upper address bar):
  19. lelyk72
    lelyk72 27 February 2015 09: 21
    "The head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a decree" On honoring the memory of Prince of Kiev Vladimir the Great - the creator of the medieval European state of Rus-Ukraine. " - Yesterday I saw this news on the central channels, they showed a screenshot from a page from the website of the President of Ukraine. Only when I went to his website, I did not find the text of this decree there. Maybe someone knows how to use a search engine better than me and will post a link to this decree on the website of the President of Ukraine?
  20. lao_tsy
    lao_tsy 27 February 2015 10: 16
    At the time, Lenin insisted on the creation of a union state. Lenin and chekryzhil border. Stalin was in favor of a single state according to the principle of federation. It was from those times that the ancient Ukrainians and separatists went.
  21. alebor
    alebor 27 February 2015 10: 30
    And yet, in the calls and arguments of the author of the article to ensure that everyone understands that Ukrainians are also Russians (Little Russians), there is an involuntary irony in relation to Russians (Great Russians). Indeed, in Russia itself, the word Russian is very often replaced by the politically correct one - Russian (even in those cases when it is about ethnic Russians, and not about all citizens of Russia). How many times have I heard loud phrases about three fraternal Slavic peoples: Ukrainians, Belarusians and ... Russians. If in Russia we ourselves are ashamed of the word "Russian", then what do we want from the Ukrainians?
  22. gorgo
    gorgo 27 February 2015 11: 14
    An absolutely correct article. And we must begin by gradually removing the term "Russian, Russian people" from public and political life. In fact, today the ethnonym "Russians" is ownerless. At the official level, it is practically not used. This also makes it possible for our Russophobic forces to pick up this term and add it to the term ukraine.
    It is necessary to show in every possible way that the term "Ukraine" is a toponym, a geographical concept. Yes, it has existed since the 12th century (the first mention is the Word about Igor's regiment). But this is just the name of the territory, which for centuries "floated" back and forth across the south of Russia. You can call a citizen of Ukraine a Ukrainian. There is nothing criminal in this. This is the same as calling a resident of Crimea a Crimean or a resident of Siberia a Siberian. But this name does not define his nationality. Those. you can be Ukrainian, Russian by nationality. So the terms "Ukrainian" and "Russian" cannot be opposed. These are concepts of different categories. As well as the terms "Russian" (resident of the Russian Federation) and "Russian".
    Therefore, I suggest everyone use the words "Russian" and "Ukrainian" as little as possible, and use our true historical name - Russian - for all Slavic residents of the former USSR.
  23. 123321
    123321 27 February 2015 11: 24
    Quote: siberko
    The only way to save the southern Rus is a reunion of Great and Small Russia!

    Our state must fight Western European propaganda, for which it is necessary to develop our culture, create at least some ideology for our youth, pay great attention to the study of history not from the 5th grade, but starting from kindergarten, and absorb the younger generation of patriotism and pride in Homeland

  24. BigElectricCat
    BigElectricCat 27 February 2015 11: 34
    Yes, calm down ... your chronicle science is no less perverted than ours, and Petrusha does a good face with a bad game. If the state is bankrupt, then what holidays can you stutter about?

    The Slavs have been fed crap about their chronicles for the past 300 years, and nothing will change until you yourself stop bowing to the authority of scientists, and start digging up facts, literally digging up, with a shovel. A lot of exciting discoveries await you. Starting from stone roads in the outback (similar to "Roman" ones) and ending with the mass literacy of the old population and the well-established system of postal communications.
    1. lelyk72
      lelyk72 27 February 2015 12: 06
      Excuse me, but who is "you" for you, and who is "we"?
  25. Alexandrini
    Alexandrini 27 February 2015 11: 49
    In particular, the phenomenon of “Ukrainian gentry” arose - an analogue of the Polish papacy, gentry, with its unhealthy elitist manners and the desire of a small minority to parasitize the people, which the lords called “cattle” (“cattle”). The current Ukrainian oligarchy, in fact, continued this tradition. Unfortunately, the Russian oligarchy (Rotenberg, Abramovich and others) continue the tradition of exploiting the Russian cattle
    . The only way to save the southern Rus is a reunion of Great and Small Russia! Yes, but without a universal oligarchy (Akhmetov, Rotenberg, etc.)
    1. FM-78
      FM-78 28 February 2015 03: 04
      Is it nice to listen to a smart person? not really ???
  26. The comment was deleted.
  27. The comment was deleted.
  28. The comment was deleted.
  29. Alex Kruglov
    Alex Kruglov 27 February 2015 12: 15
    Don’t, ready to ride - a suitcase, a station - to Lviv!
    If it hurts to see Russians - a suitcase, a train station - on Rivne!
    you do not like - a suitcase to Warsaw!
    Toad crushes you for the Crimea - a janitor to work in Rome!
    If you love your "possession" - a suitcase - and Canada!
    If finished - straight to Washington!
    With an ass wanted embarrassment - the European Union is waiting for you!
    1. Angry
      Angry 27 February 2015 22: 12
      What are you, your tsar’s muzzle, scattering Russian lands - Exactly, Lviv, Warsaw? (with)
  30. silver169
    silver169 27 February 2015 12: 28
    And what do they smoke there, these dreamers of dill?
  31. Navy7981
    Navy7981 27 February 2015 12: 36
    I wonder what it is like to live in a country, to consider oneself a part of some "great" people, to believe in it and to realize it deeply, afraid to admit that all this is either stolen or invented. What does the latter have to do with geniuses, since this is a lie from all the cracks?
    By the way, Prince Vladimir for ukrov would be more profitable to consider an invader.
    1. Tor hummer
      Tor hummer 27 February 2015 17: 03
      Quote: Navy7981
      By the way, Prince Vladimir for ukrov would be more profitable to consider an invader.

      So he was an invader, he was a Novgorodian himself and captured the Kiev throne with the Varangian squad.
  32. FM-78
    FM-78 27 February 2015 15: 24
    Russia-Ukraine = outskirts of Russia
  33. rauffg
    rauffg 27 February 2015 15: 41
    “Russia is Mordor”

    Obama is Frodo ... laughing McCain - Holum
    1. FM-78
      FM-78 28 February 2015 03: 07
      for whom for us ??
  34. lactris
    lactris 27 February 2015 16: 24
    A pathetic attempt to create the history of a state that did not exist. Of course, anything can be downloaded to the youngsters' heads.
  35. Neophyte
    Neophyte 27 February 2015 17: 04
    Late! In the heads of ukrov reformatting occurred, not without reason the Germans
    contemptuously called them ossified Russians and subject
  36. Powder
    Powder 27 February 2015 18: 19
    Quote: ivanzu87
    The generation of the 90s and 00s (of course I don’t say everything, but the overwhelming majority, for sure) already hates its neighbor, and no turns of state policy will help anymore.

    I want to add an interesting fact, watching video clips of interrogations of captured ATO participants from the Ukrainian side, almost all of them speak Russian very well. Virtually no accent.
    What would it mean?
  37. lubesky
    lubesky 27 February 2015 22: 27
    Che somehow weakly ... if the roof is going - let it go loud. Why can’t the parasites prove to everyone scientifically that they are not Slavs at all, but a separate nation, the oldest Ukrainians. They are 140 thousand years old, i.e. the first bipedal man was forced to hide from ancient ukrov, who had already beaten mammoths for 100 thousand years by that time
  38. tiheros
    tiheros 28 February 2015 01: 39
    You can’t throw the words out of the song. To create a new nation, they first need to abandon the word Ukraine, because don’t be perverted, anyone who knows the Slavic language and does not know history will still think that this is the outskirts or border areas of a territory of the state .then, you need to completely change the language, since language is the main sign of national identity. completely change the names and surnames. and finally eliminate the Orthodox religion. but it turns out the language, names, religion are the same, the nationality is different. then than for example a resident of the Voronezh region . different from a resident of Ukraine? this is absolutely not real. even the South and North Koreans, although they are at war, consider themselves to be one people, like the Greeks, Cypriots and Greek Greeks, East and West Germans, etc., and here from scratch they try to create from nothing new nation. all of this is useless.
  39. B08aH
    B08aH 28 February 2015 06: 30
    An invented nation in an invented language writes an invented history of an invented country.
  40. sergei loginov
    sergei loginov 28 February 2015 11: 28
    -And today children, we will study the ancient theorem
    Ukrainian philosopher and mathematician - Pythagorenko.
    There is an ancient legend that when a scientist proved
    this theorem, he began to jump in place in his
    huge, painted bloomers, hence the expression
    Pythagorenko pants in all directions are equal.
  41. Anne
    Anne 1 March 2015 21: 45
    teachers and students on debilizm. It can be said about Gutting and its owners.
  42. yurta2015
    yurta2015 3 March 2015 05: 29
    The only way to save the southern Rus is a reunion of Great and Small Russia!
    Author Samsonov Alexander

    The question arises: How can this be done if the majority of the "southern Rus" are against such a reunification? Introduction of Russian troops to Ukraine? This is an inevitable war (in the minds of the zombie majority of Ukrainians it is already going on), and not only with the Kiev junta, but with the entire West, which in this case will be able to restore the whole world against us. At best, it will be a new Afghanistan for us. I think it would be more correct to fight not for all of Ukraine, which, unfortunately, has already been lost to Russia, but only for Donbass, or, if you're lucky, for the whole of Novorossia (or part of it).