ZRK RBS 70NG - universal weapon

ZRK RBS 70NG - universal weapon

The Swedish company Saab presented the next modification of the compact anti-aircraft missile system RBS 70NG. The modified anti-aircraft system is equipped with a new, automated thermal imaging sighting system, which allows to destroy targets with increased accuracy, regardless of the time of day and in any weather conditions. In addition, the new system has the ability to effectively defeat a wide range of airborne and ground targets: armored vehicles, infantry, various fortifications, cruise missiles, airplanes, helicopters, as well as ships.

A key feature of the RBS 70NG is a laser guidance system that is resistant to various interferences. Unlike the existing portable anti-aircraft missile systems, the RBS 70NG SAM system is aimed at the target chosen for destruction not with a conventional thermal targeting head, but with the use of a low-power laser beam that effectively closes the target at the set aiming complex. In this case, the laser is turned on only after the launch of the rocket, this feature practically does not leave a period of time to conduct a defensive maneuver. The imager allows you to secretly detect and recognize selected targets at a great distance - this positively distinguishes it from existing MANPADS requiring direct visual detection by eyes. At the same time, the RBS 70NG sighting system makes it possible to detect and track targets in automatic mode, which reduces the reaction time and increases the likelihood of a direct hit on the target for the entire length of the missile’s flight.

According to statistics collected by the Swedish company Bofors, the 1468 missiles launched by the RBS 70 90% missile system hit the selected targets. Installing a new sighting system will further raise the bar for shooting accuracy, which ultimately will make the RBS 70NG a real record holder in shooting accuracy among portable air defense systems.

A kind of record for a portable complex weighing 87 kg (machine, rocket and sight) is also the effective range of interception of the target 8 km, the height of the interception of the air target - 5 km. For comparison, the Strela-10 complex produced by Russia on a tracked chassis has an effective firing range of 5 km, interception height of 3 km, and ZRPK Tunguska - 8 and 3,5 km, respectively.

Complexes like RBS 70NG are in fact a new type. weapons. The system is able to translate into a combat position in 30 seconds, the time required for recharging, no more than 7 seconds, is resistant to various interferences and can destroy almost any kind of targets. Such qualities are inherent in the current trend of development of compact universal anti-aircraft missile weapons with enhanced capabilities for reconnaissance, surveillance and firing range, which completely excludes the possibility of calling back fire from motorized rifle subunits: tank guns, automatic infantry guns and mortars.
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