The planet needs the axis Moscow - Tehran - Delhi - Beijing

The planet needs the axis Moscow - Tehran - Delhi - Beijing The current reaction of Moscow, the Russian Foreign Ministry to the actions of the United States and NATO is ridiculous. Our geopolitical adversary, with whom we have been fighting for over a thousand years, is putting up its new outposts in Romania, Poland, and Turkey, threatening our strategic interests in Syria and Iran. NATO holds exercises near our borders. And the Russian Federation expresses “concern”, asks to provide it with “legal guarantees”.

The whole world just laughs at this verbal husk. On the planet, as well as three thousand, and a hundred years ago, the right of the strong, “the law of the jungle” prevails. The strongest and clever survives: the people and the country, capable of giving back, responding to the enemy, will live, others will have to give up "a place under the sun."

In fact, the current Russian government is occupied with empty talkers, while the US administration is pursuing a policy of a real empire. The United States is expanding culturally (Hollywood shapes the consciousness of our children and young people), informational (world media carry out such information that white easily becomes black and vice versa, so Chechen bandits turn into heroic insurgents fighting against the yoke of the evil empire), economic (control world currency), military (surround Russia, Iran and China with their bases).

It is time for the Russian leadership to “respond”, to pursue its long-term global policy aimed at asserting Russian values, culture, language, economy, strengthening our military security. We must follow the example of the Americans, who began by declaring North America a zone of their interests, then both American continents. Then spread their interests across the planet.

We must form our long-term strategy, where there is a certain gradation of the importance of countries and regions for Russia. Thus, the post-Soviet space and a number of countries bordering on us are of paramount importance for the Russian Federation. Stability in China, Afghanistan, Iran and Syria is also in the first place for us. The zone of our strategic interests where it is impossible to retreat is the Arctic.

Cooperation with NATO must be curtailed, since all the steps of this organization are a danger to the peoples of our civilization and the Russian state.

Then find common interests with the great powers of Eurasia. Beijing, Delhi, Tehran are very concerned about the actions of the United States and the West to destabilize the situation on the territory of our continent. They respond with an increase in the cost of their security, but this is not enough. Each of the powers has vulnerabilities, there are ways to "shake up" the situation, dismember the state, cause a civil war. And only by creating our own military-political union, we can be confident in security.

The Moscow-Teheran-Delhi axis - Beijing will create the possibility of a peaceful life for hundreds of millions of people. Restore the balance of power on the planet. At present, this balance has been broken, in fact, the West is terrorizing the planet. This can lead to very bloody events, the death of millions of people in the new planetary slaughter. The union of the great Eurasian powers will keep the peace, will return stability. Russia, Iran, India, China will be able to solve many global problems, for example, restore normal life in Afghanistan, destroying the Afghan drug problem.

Moreover, such an alliance can be created on the basis of the SCO - the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. If the current leadership of Russia cannot or does not want to work for the good of the Russian people, he must leave.
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