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International exhibitions of arms and equipment contribute to the emergence of new messages on various results of the defense industry. Now the UAE is hosting the IDEX-2015 exhibition, due to which a number of interesting people were published in just a few days News about the recent successes of the Russian defense industry in general and the Uralvagonzavod corporation in particular. This corporation is currently the only domestic organization involved in the development and construction of tanks. In recent days, some information has become known about her current work and plans for the future.

On February 20, Vedomosti published news about the next contract, which implies the cooperation of Uralvagonzavod with a foreign customer. With reference to representatives of the defense industry, it is reported that last year Rosoboronexport signed a new contract with Algeria, according to which a licensed assembly of the main T-90 tanks will be established in the African state. Probably, this is an export modification of the T-90С or its updated version of the T-90СМ. Russian specialists will train their Algerian colleagues and will also manufacture assembly kits. Ready tanks will be assembled from the supplied components at one of the tank repair plants in Algeria, which already has some experience in servicing Russian-made armored vehicles.

Uralvagonzavod Corporation News
T-90CA tanks of the Algerian army. Snapshot 2012 of the year (s) T800 /

As a result of the implementation of the signed agreement, the Algerian Armed Forces will receive 200 new T-90 tanks, which will complement their existing equipment. In 2010, the Algerian military ordered X-NUMX T-185 tanks from Russia. Deliveries of this equipment, delivered in finished form, ended several years ago. In 90, there was an order for the supply of about three hundred sets for the modernization of the T-2013 tanks that were in the army. Now 72 armored vehicles will have to join this technology, which meets the basic requirements of modern times.

The signed contract is of great importance for the domestic defense industry. According to various estimates, the total cost of assembly kits and related work can reach 1 billion US dollars. Thus, the new contract can be at least one of the largest and most expensive agreements for the supply of Russian military equipment.

Of particular interest is the approach of the Algerian military to the acquisition of Russian armored vehicles. The T-90 tanks of the first batch, delivered in accordance with the first contract, were fully assembled in Nizhny Tagil and were sent to the customer in finished form. This time, Algeria wants not only to update the fleet of equipment, but also to give impetus to the development of its defense industry. It is noteworthy that this approach has been actively used in recent years by India, which is also a reliable partner of Russia.

The current contract is a further continuation of Russian-Algerian cooperation in the military-technical sphere, which began in the middle of the last decade. In 2006, countries agreed to write off Algerian debt for future contracts. To date, the Algerian army has acquired from Russia various equipment and weapons worth about 10 billion.

Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" is currently engaged in the development of a promising main battle tank "Armata", which in the future will have to replace obsolete technology. A few years ago it was announced that for the first time the new tanks would be shown to the public at the 9 parade on May 2015. The latest news on this topic suggests that all works are on schedule. In early February, the general director of Uralvagonzavod, Oleg Sienko, announced that in February and March the Ministry of Defense would receive the first batch of new tanks. These cars will take part in the tests, and in May they will come to Red Square. After the Victory Parade tanks will return to the landfill. February 22 O. Sienko recalled the preparation of the first batch of tanks "Armata". These vehicles are already being prepared for delivery and will be handed over to the military shortly.

February 19 published a press release about the upcoming show of the new development of the Petrel Research Institute, part of the Uralvagonzavod Corporation. Specialists of "Petrel" developed a new uninhabited combat module designed for installation on various armored vehicles. The new system is a logical continuation of the ideas embodied in the project of the Atom combat vehicle shown earlier. The new combat module is a small turret with a set of necessary equipment and weapons. The main feature of the module, which determines its characteristics, is the used automatic gun caliber 57 mm. Such a “main caliber” is expected to maintain acceptable parameters for weight, recoil and ammunition, as well as provide a noticeable increase in firepower in comparison with existing 30 mm caliber guns widely used on various armored vehicles.

So far, only a few photos of a promising combat module have been published. Moreover, even its exact name remains unknown. In the near future, a new module can be installed on armored vehicles, which is now being worked on by employees of the Uralvagonzavod Corporation and related enterprises. It is reported that work is currently underway to integrate the new Russian module into the complex of equipment of the new armored personnel carrier with the wheel formula 8х8, developed by Emirates Defense Technology (UAE). This will probably be the new Enigma BTR, first introduced a few days ago at IDEX-2015.

Interestingly, the Atom project mentioned above should still lead to some results. A promising wheeled armored vehicle "Atom" was created by the corporation "Uralvagonzavod" together with the French company Renault Truck Defense. In accordance with the existing agreement, the French side was responsible for the base chassis, and the Russian side was responsible for the weapons complex and some other units. Last year, joint work on the Atom project ceased due to the introduction of sanctions by the EU against Russia. In this regard, the corporation "Uralvagonzavod" was forced to begin the search for a new partner for the implementation of a promising project.

February 22, on the opening day of the IDEX-2015 exhibition, general director of Uralvagonzavod spoke about the present and future of the Atom project. According to him, a new combat module was made (probably, the recently announced module with the 57-mm cannon was meant), and work began on the creation of a new basic armored vehicle. The corporation has a new foreign partner who wants to get a promising wheeled armored vehicle. A new project is being developed in accordance with the requirements of a specific customer, which, however, has not yet been named. Nevertheless, there is reason to believe that O. Sienko spoke specifically about cooperation with Emirates Defense Technology and its Enigma project.

The corporation "Uralvagonzavod" and its member organizations are engaged not only in the sale of existing and the creation of new types of equipment. Much attention is paid to the modernization projects of existing armored vehicles, aimed at improving their performance. The other day it became known about the completion of work on a new project for the modernization of export tanks. Now "Uralvagonzavod" is ready to begin serial construction and supply of T-90CM tanks, designed specifically for countries with hot climates. First of all, the states of the Middle East, including those located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, are considered as potential buyers of this technology.

February 24 online edition published an interview with the chief designer of the Ural Transport Engineering Bureau Andrei Terlikov. The specialist spoke about the main features of the new modification of the T-90CM tank, intended for delivery to countries with hot climates. To ensure the operation of the tank at high air temperatures, the engine cooling system was seriously modified. Now the diesel power plant can operate without power loss at ambient temperatures of up to 50 ° C. In addition, the machine is equipped with a set of air conditioners that cool the air inside the habitable volume. Also, operation at high temperatures necessitates completing the new tank with a barrel bend sensor.

Development of the "Middle Eastern" version of the T-90CM tank has already been completed. In addition, this machine is tested in difficult conditions. Last Sunday, O. Sienko, general director of Uralvagonzavod, said that T-90CM tanks had been tested in Kuwait. The machine has shown itself well in difficult conditions of high dustiness. Now several countries in the Middle East are exploring a new Russian armored vehicle and are deciding whether they need such equipment.

Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" is ready to begin mass production of new tanks in case of receipt of the corresponding order. At the same time accurate information about the possible supply is not yet available. Based on the latest news, it can be assumed that the updated export T-90CM can be supplied to Algeria in accordance with last year’s contract. However, exact information on this score is not available, and the details of the Russian-Algerian contract have not yet been published.

The latest news vividly shows how things are going with the corporation Uralvagonzavod, which now has all the tasks of developing and building tanks, as well as other types of armored vehicles. The implementation of several projects aimed at re-equipping the Russian ground forces and supplying equipment to foreign customers continues. In addition, some projects are being developed in collaboration with foreign colleagues. All this suggests that the domestic tank building could survive the crisis of the previous years and the armed forces will not be left without new tanks.

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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 25 February 2015 05: 56
    no "Armata" - no news ... recourse
    1. ayuric
      ayuric 25 February 2015 06: 14
      "These vehicles will take part in tests, and in May they will go to Red Square. After the Victory Parade, the tanks will return to the range."
      Will wait.
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 25 February 2015 06: 35
        T-a-a-a-g-and-l steers !!!! fellow
        1. Orel
          Orel 25 February 2015 06: 57
          The development of the "Middle East" version of the T-90SM tank has already been completed.

          Prepare the Armata tank for the parade on May 9, 2015. I would like to have a look at him.
        2. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 25 February 2015 07: 07
          Quote: Sid.74
          T-a-a-a-g-and-l steers !!!!

          and your Magnitogorsk does not steer or what ???
          1. Sid.74
            Sid.74 25 February 2015 07: 12
            Quote: Andrey Yurievich
            and your Magnitogorsk does not steer or what ???

            Did I offend you with something?
          2. igorka357
            igorka357 25 February 2015 11: 11
            Photos of drinking and smoking "women" otherwise it is not appropriate to name them here !!!
      2. dobrjak
        dobrjak 25 February 2015 08: 43
        Tagil well done! Keep it up!
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. cth; fyn
        cth; fyn 3 March 2015 08: 55
        You are so naive that I even feel sorry for you, I want to squeeze to my chest and say, don’t cry, everything will be fine, you just know the secrecy, well, then someday they will show, then ....
    2. 1234567890
      1234567890 25 February 2015 11: 54
      No need to spoil the surprise. A little bit left.
  2. wanderer
    wanderer 25 February 2015 06: 08
    In a word, - TAGIL RULES!!! (beaten phrase, but true))))
  3. ayuric
    ayuric 25 February 2015 06: 18
    more about Tagil: (clickable)
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 25 February 2015 06: 34
      Quote: ayuric
      more about Tagil: (clickable)
      No. here is Tagil's calling card! yes
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. wk
        wk 25 February 2015 07: 24
        Quote: Andrey Yurievich
        here is Tagil's calling card!

        this business card was made in 2 copies .... The Russian army was not interested in it. not accepted for service. "jumps" at exhibitions and okay ... although the tank is not for jumping .... I suspect that the share of these jumps is made easier by removing the thickness of the armor ... the t-80u could actually jump (although this is not necessary) due to the higher specific power GTE.
        1. Net
          Net 25 February 2015 09: 12
          They also invented pair dances with tanks ... They jump, dance and "have no analogs in the world." The idiot who came up with all this pop anti-advertising of the combat vehicle must be driven away. Do you want advertising? Shoot the T-90 with TOW and film it with all the special effects.
          1. Alex_Rarog
            Alex_Rarog 25 February 2015 15: 52
            Disagree tank dance is a show of maneuverability! T34-81 also danced a waltz! And make Abrams dance and figs there! PH overloaded trough with zero maneuverability!
            1. Robespierre9
              Robespierre9 27 February 2015 05: 24
              Dance is not for a tank, this is not ballet, this is war, "son" ...
          2. uwzek
            uwzek 25 February 2015 18: 34
            Quote: Netto
            take pictures with all the special effects

            With special effects, I’ll drown the aircraft carrier by shooting from a slingshot, and, apologizing, farting, I’ll destroy half the galaxy.
            Buy yourself a tank, a set of ATGMs. Have a fair shootout. Then tell who is cooler than the two of them. Such shows in real life rarely even allow themselves superpowers. Basically do with ordinary special effects.
        2. uwzek
          uwzek 25 February 2015 18: 16
          Quote: wk
          I suspect that the share of these jumps is facilitated by removing the thickness of the armor ..

          Do you remove the thickness of the armor with a skin or a scraper? There are no removable armor plates in our tanks. A diesel power of 1300 horses is enough for a tank weighing 45 tons for a jump. It is clear that such exercises are window dressing. Why should a tank jump - is it not a crest?
          1. wk
            wk 26 February 2015 15: 05
            Quote: uwzek
            A diesel engine weighing 1300 horses is enough for a tank weighing 45 tons

            the biggest power squeezed from the engine of the descendant of t - 34 is 1160 hp .... and that is completely arbitrary! the engine is prone to overheating, during actual operation it gives out no more than 60% of the power ... the engines of our tanks are a shame! .... I can’t presume, but I think for all kinds of ostentatious performances they pour miraculous fuel into them, they tune the engine to the best result with meaningful multiple reduction of its resource .... in short I DO NOT BELIEVE! for more than 70 years, they have not created more than one diesel engine for the tank, except to upgrade the T - 34, is 1 diesel engine endlessly, and even that one was purchased in the USA!
      4. The comment was deleted.
  4. qwert
    qwert 25 February 2015 07: 20
    57mm for the BMP is the most. 100mm BMP-3 unfortunately limits the caliber, and as a result the power of ATGMs. Therefore, it is better 57mm + separate installation of ATGMs, preferably the caliber 152mm, as in Sturm.
  5. Evgeniy667b
    Evgeniy667b 25 February 2015 08: 29
    Or maybe someone has data, how much T-90 in the Russian army?
    1. wk
      wk 25 February 2015 09: 28
      Someone who knew on the site gave information, but a few hundred ... something about 500-600, which is not enough ... but someone else from the tankers (real) on the site wrote that in those parts where the t-80u changed to modernized T-72 and T90 and put 80s on DH, the tankers were not very happy about these "new items"
      it seems that they started to re-equip the Kantemirov’s division for the first time on t-90, and they were at them at one of the parades, but the other day they showed a TV report from Kantemirovka, there are still t-80u ... maybe they stayed there ... the talk is about speech went about tank biathlon ... maybe after the failed shooting from the t-72 biathlon will be transferred to 80ki?
    2. The comment was deleted.
  6. Nayhas
    Nayhas 25 February 2015 08: 39
    In 2006, countries agreed to write off Algerian debt against future contracts. To date, the Algerian army has acquired various equipment and weapons from Russia with a total value of about $ 10 billion.

    ... again in debt, which will not be paid like the old one ...
  7. Wick
    Wick 25 February 2015 08: 45
    I think a photo of Azerbaijani soldiers. Or I'm wrong?
  8. dimasialyt
    dimasialyt 25 February 2015 10: 01
    hi For me, the most offensive phrase in the article is that UVZ is THE ONLY domestic organization engaged in the development and construction of tanks!
    1. avia1991
      avia1991 25 February 2015 12: 36
      Quote: dimasialyt
      UVZ is the ONLY domestic organization

      I think I should say thank you that THEY ARE! Could, with such "love for everything Western" that reigns in the liberal government, and without this enterprise remain!
      It’s good that they didn’t allow the collapse, the frames were not lost. Well done!
  9. wizarden
    wizarden 25 February 2015 10: 52
    When I read that some African country "bought" there are always doubts. Go to debt or bananas are calculated.
  10. valokordin
    valokordin 25 February 2015 11: 21
    And the T-80 is better, the modernized ones began to eat a lot less, have a smooth ride and do not depend on the dustiness of the terrain, and do not consume engine oil. It is a pity that the gas turbine engine is ignored. Probably someone needs it.
    1. avia1991
      avia1991 25 February 2015 12: 59
      Quote: valokordin
      It is a pity that the gas turbine engine is ignored.

      Listen, have you thought about the reasons, Vladimir? Surely they are, and not one! "Like an aviator to an aviator", offhand:
      1. Price.
      2. Motor resources
      3. Maintainability (especially in the field)
      etc. T-80 tank is good, of course, who argues? But nevertheless, the cost so far plays a decisive role, and here the gas turbine engine is not an opponent.
  11. wk
    wk 25 February 2015 11: 36
    once again read the article ... in short: all the pride of today's UVZ in a contract with Algeria .... namely, UVZ receives credit from the Russian Federation for the construction of tanks and assembly kits in Algeria ... Algeria's debts were written off for 2006 ... these of course they’ll also write off ... and don’t hesitate .... a good feeder for UVZ, there are already few people who are interested in the delivery price, and the quality (they don’t look at a gift horse in the mouth) is obtained for the national money of the Russian Federation armed with some army of Algeria, which not an ally of Russia and in general it is not clear where then these tanks will be? maybe in Ukraine in the Armed Forces, maybe the cannibals of ISIS or some other Libyan rebels .... in short, a muddy story worthy of a prosecutor’s check and an investigation of the IC of Russia is presented as a victory of the Russian defense industry. yes on Tagil you can see generally rams beguiled!
    1. Evgeniy667b
      Evgeniy667b 25 February 2015 12: 26
      So I’m talking about, it’s necessary to sell used, such as T-55, T-62, early T-72, but not new or modernized equipment. This is only for his army. India, China, Iraq and others go very far in the forest. It is time for the UVZ to go down to earth and realize what kind of world we live in. Otherwise, how should you hate your people and those who are fighting for the truth ???
      1. uwzek
        uwzek 25 February 2015 19: 24
        And there are no tanks of their own at UVZ, Neither a control unit, nor new ones. All cars are state-owned, even experimental ones. We all make tanks for Moscow ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Grumbler
      Grumbler 25 February 2015 12: 37
      so take a look at the map! Algeria is a useful place.
      1. wk
        wk 26 February 2015 15: 30
        Quote: Grunt
        so take a look at the map! Algeria is a useful place

        the place may be useful especially for smuggling weapons, only Algeria is not bound by any allied obligations with the Russian Federation ... there are a lot of useful places on the map ... this does not mean that the Russian Federation should supply weapons at all such useful places! consider the continuation of the comment as an insult, so I put an end to it.
    4. avia1991
      avia1991 25 February 2015 13: 08
      Quote: wk
      in short: all the pride of today's UVZ in a contract with Algeria ..
      And for some reason I think that not everything is so gloomy hi , Vitaly: after all, contracts of this kind, firstly, still give some financial profit, which is needed to maintain the factories of the corporation, the research and development that is underway, for the construction of new equipment. Second, the T-90, in today's sense, is "yesterday's tank". For a real "breakthrough" in equipping our aircraft, we need tomorrow's equipment! Which, I hope, "Armata" will perform, as well as new armored combat vehicles developed on the same platform.
      At least I still hope that now the President will be heading precisely for the most modern weapons for Russia. And the rest - let it be for sale, MO money will not be superfluous either wink
      1. wk
        wk 26 February 2015 15: 17
        Quote: avia1991
        still give some financial profit,

        Sergei! what profit are you talking about? loan money from the goat of the Russian Federation, which is debited with interest and all this goes to the loss of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation! this theft in its purest form!
      2. The comment was deleted.
    5. uwzek
      uwzek 25 February 2015 19: 20
      Quote: wk
      . a good feeder for UVZ, there are already few people who are interested in the delivery price, and the quality (they don’t look at a gifted horse) is some kind of Algerian army arming for the people’s money of the Russian Federation, which is not an ally of Russia and it’s not clear where these tanks will be then?

      Many times already he wrote here that in Russia not a single factory sells military weapons. All contracts are concluded by the state, which then pays the manufacturer a certain percentage (not necessarily in foreign currency).
      I would like to emphasize once again that our equipment sold abroad has deliberately low TTDs compared to those supplied to our army. If we talk about tanks, then this is a different armor, equipment and electronics settings. That is, there are technologies that are not allowed to be released outside the country. Nobody lets them out. For example T90MS "Breakthrough" and T90MS "Tagil" machines are very different.
      Our army, or rather the state, decided to acquire "armata". And the T90 of various modifications is going to be sold not only to Algeria. And at UVZ these orders are only fulfilled.
      1. wk
        wk 26 February 2015 15: 22
        Quote: uwzek
        All contracts are concluded by the state, which then pays the manufacturer a certain percentage

        maybe the state concludes, and villas on the Cote d'Azur, on Rublevka .... bank accounts in Cyprus grow with quite a few individuals who have access to these contracts!
      2. The comment was deleted.
  12. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 25 February 2015 14: 59
    Have you finally installed the "barrel bend sensor", you say? Oh well. In the "damned west" it has been installed on tanks for a couple of decades already, China has been putting it on its last tanks for about 7 years already, but we just installed it, wow, "it came just like a giraffe on the second day."
    1. uwzek
      uwzek 25 February 2015 19: 30
      A similar sensor is present on the fifth modification of the 2A46M barrel. This product is twenty years old. This gun was not ordered for our tanks, they were not allowed to sell over the hill. A more advanced cannon (also with a sensor) is put on the "armata" ...
  13. avia1991
    avia1991 25 February 2015 15: 52
    Quote: Monster_Fat
    came just like a giraffe, on the second day "

    And what - do we really need this sensor in OUR conditions? Or do we, in your opinion, have to "cram" into our cars EVERYTHING that the West has invented for itself?
    1. uwzek
      uwzek 25 February 2015 19: 35
      The thing is necessary - the accuracy of shooting increases sharply, A long-proven fact. Moreover, the thing is extremely cheap at cost ...
  14. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 25 February 2015 16: 34
    ".. And what - we need this sensor, in OUR conditions ...?
    And how do "OUR" conditions differ from "THEIR"?
    1. avia1991
      avia1991 25 February 2015 22: 36
      Quote: Monster_Fat
      And how do "OUR" conditions differ from "THEIR"?

      First of all, the weather characteristics. smile I will not argue with you - in principle, Andrei clearly answered your attack hi
      Quote: uwzek
      A similar sensor is present on the fifth modification of the barrel 2A46M. This product is about twenty years old.

      My reaction was caused by your dismissive attitude towards tank builders - they just know their business very hard - but they do not "make politics".
  15. itr
    itr 25 February 2015 20: 37
    No news
    It's time to ask Mr. Rogozin where is the tank?
  16. tank64rus
    tank64rus 26 February 2015 10: 57
    T-90SM is a good and promising machine, and on a well-developed basis. Armata is certainly a breakthrough, but like everything new requires a lot of money. Whether now in the midst of an undeclared war and a lack of finance of the Moscow Region, the big issue is the big question. Let's wait and see abroad until no one has decided to produce a fundamentally new car expensively, they are limited to modernizations in one form or another.
    1. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 3 March 2015 09: 00
      Turkey - MBT Altai
      China- Type 99, MW 2000
      Japan - Type 10
      South Korea - Black Panther
      Well, yes, no one.
  17. youdji
    youdji 26 February 2015 15: 18
    Quote: Andrew Y.
    Quote: Sid.74
    T-a-a-a-g-and-l steers !!!!

    and your Magnitogorsk does not steer or what ???

    especially extreme right bully