The confrontation of the submarines of Israel and Iran in the Red Sea

The confrontation of the submarines of Israel and Iran in the Red SeaThe commander-in-chief of the Iranian Navy, Admiral Sayyari, stated that Tehran is guiding a submarine (Varshavyanka, 877EKM Submarine, Russia) and a frigate to conduct patrols of the Red Sea. Submarines of the project 877EKM with a displacement of 3040 tons. Armament - six torpedo tubes caliber 533 mm, ammunition - 24 mines or 18 torpedoes. The maximum depth of immersion is 350 m., Autonomy is 45 days, the crew is 57 people. According to Sayari, the appointment of the task force, while in the Red Sea, is not only patrolling, but also demonstrating Iran’s combat power and capabilities.

This raid in the waters that washed the coast of the Arabian Peninsula and Africa is not the first for the Iranian Navy submariners in 2011. At the end of May, the Iranian submarine “Yonos” (also of the 877EKM project) for the first time history The existence of the Navy of this state made an unprecedented voyage in terms of duration and range, during which it crossed the north-western part of the Indian Ocean, passed the Gulf of Aden, and reached the ultimate goal of the cruise - the Red Sea. The stated goal of the trip was to quickly collect information. In July, the commander-in-chief of the Iranian Navy announced that his subordinates were expecting only “go-ahead” of the government of the states so that the warships would go even further. In the ambitious plans of the Iranian Navy is the presence of their own ships in the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and international waters. With a positive final decision, the ships will be sent to the waters of the Atlantic.

Tel Aviv, in view of this development of the situation, did not delay with a weighty response to the statement of the Iranian admiral Sayyari. The Israelis immediately sent two rocket boats to the Red Sea. At this time, the Israeli Navy has three submarines of the “Dolphin” class, built in Germany. They are a key part of the nuclear defense of a “defenseless” Jewish state. Israeli military cruise missiles with a range of 1500 kilometers can carry not only conventional, but also nuclear warheads. All three Israeli submarines are on alert in the Mediterranean. Periodically, one of them through the Suez Canal, accompanied by a corvette, passes for a short time into the Red Sea.

The presence of one submarine near the Iranian coast, according to Israeli strategists, should be a guarantee of a nuclear retaliation against Iran if the eternal enemies of Tel Aviv (Damascus, Tehran, the Palestinian movement "Hamas" and the Lebanese Hezbollah) cause significant damage to other components that constitute the potential of Israel’s nuclear deterrence. Immediately before the outbreak of hostilities, all submarines must be redeployed to the Persian Gulf in order to be able to keep the entire territory of Iran under a missile sight.

Israeli submarines "Leviatan", "Dolphin" and "Tecuma" have long been fully mastered the waters of the Persian Gulf. But if earlier they went there, bending around Africa, then in recent months their route passes through the Suez Canal and further to the Red Sea. Perhaps this is the secret of considerable attention to him from the Iranian Navy.

Today between the “Dolphins” of Israel and the “Warsawyans” of Iran there is a parity - 3 on 3. However, the Israeli Navy has already ordered two submarines of the same type in order to achieve superiority. There is no doubt that such a move by Israel will not go unnoticed by the Iranian military, and there is no doubt that in the armed forces of the Iranian Navy new submarines will appear in the near future as a response to Israel.
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