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America scare Russian missiles

The American magazine National Interest, which publishes the Nixon Center for Political Science, and its author is military analyst Dave Majumdar, considered a specialist in armory subject, published another sensational material, this time dedicated to the Russian strategic forces of nuclear deterrence. In the international information space, this article is called only “Five types of Russian nuclear weapons that the West should fear” (“5 Russian Nuclear“ Weapons ”of War the West Should Fear”). What kind of weapon are they?


In the first place, the magazine and its author put our strategic nuclear submarines “Borey” (project 955), which are armed with 16 ballistic missiles (BR) and are, according to Dave Majumdar, “the basis of Russian combat effectiveness in the issue of nuclear deterrence” . On the second line of his list are the intercontinental sea-based BR of the P-30 "Bulava-30", which, by the way, are armed with Borey-type submarines.

“This is an effective weapon that can hit a target at a range of 11 thousand km,” writes Majumdar. “Each Bulava carries up to 10 nuclear warheads, whereas usually ballistic missiles are equipped with only six warheads.”

Let us leave the statement about the six warheads on ballistic missiles, apparently, sea-based, if we are talking about them, on the conscience of the author. The fact is that liquid missiles of such Russian nuclear submarines, which, before entering the Borey-type SSBN, form the basis of naval strategic deterrence in our country today, such as the 667BDR (Kalmar) project and the 667BDRM (Dolphin) project , namely P-29P, P-29RL and P-29K can carry from one warhead (P-29RL) to three (P-29Р) and seven (P-29К). Not to mention the fact that the R-29RM missile, which is armed with the 667BDRM project cruisers, is capable of delivering four or ten nuclear warheads to the target.

But back to the rating of "American horror stories." The third place among them is National Interest and its author are assigned to multi-purpose atomic submarines of the “Ash” type (885 project) armed with anti-ship cruise missiles. The project is so good, Mr. Majumdar writes, that Rear-Admiral Dave Johnson, head of the American program for the development of submarines, keeps the model of the leading ship, Severodvinsk, in his office. In the fourth place among America’s domestic threats, in the opinion of the author of the magazine, is “the Russian arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons not falling under the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).”

“Although Russia's stocks of non-strategic nuclear weapons are not as large as they were in the USSR, there are about 2 thousand tactical nuclear weapons in Russia's arsenal,” National Interest magazine reports. - The delivery of nuclear warheads to their targets can be provided by such operational tactical missile systems (OTRK) as the Iskander.

The top of the American magazine 5 is closed by the Russian "solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missiles of mobile and mine-based with a split head of the PC-24" Yars ", which can carry up to four nuclear warheads of individual guidance." The author also mentions the Sarmat ballistic missile, which is being developed “as a means of overcoming the missile defense system and should replace the intercontinental ballistic missile ICBM Р-36М2“ Voivod ”, also known as“ Satan ”, on combat duty.

Mr. Majumdar did not lead the tactical and technical characteristics of the Sarmat (they indicated that the missile would presumably be fluid and could carry up to 15 combat units). Maybe because it is not yet in service and very little is known about its combat capabilities. Although the fact that it will be able to carry 10 nuclear warheads of individual guidance, and the range of its launch will be more than 11 thousand. Km, in the domestic press already sounded. As well as the locations of the proposed deployment of missiles. These are the surroundings of the village Dombarovsky in the Orenburg region and the city of Uzhur of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. That is, those areas where the latest P-36М2 “Voyevoda” missiles are located today. In addition, all Russian strategic missiles, both sea and land, have the means to overcome the missile defense system. Including the operational-tactical complex "Iskander-M". For some reason, the author of National Interest does not mention this.

But let us leave for the time being the next “List of Majumdar”. The fact is that a few weeks earlier, National Interest magazine and Dave Majumdar published another rating of Russian weapons that the Pentagon should be wary of. Among them were the Su-35 multipurpose fighter, the non-nuclear Amur submarine, the main T-90C tank, the supersonic anti-ship missile P-800 Onyx, on the basis of which the Russian-Indian multi-purpose cruise missile BrahMos was created, which can be used against surface and coastal targets, both from ships and submarines, and from ground-based launchers, and in perspective from aircraft. And closed the top five of the "chosen" anti-ship combined-cycle peroxide-hydrogen torpedo "53-65", created in Soviet times.


To argue with the author of an American magazine, which is described as a specialist in military subjects, and even more so to refute him about the weapons he has chosen, is pointless. One can only thank for the free advertising of domestic military equipment, which is really well sold on the international market. Tanks T-90S, for example, in the amount of more than 250 units, India purchased from Russia. And buys more. In addition, she produces them under her Russian license. Including from car kits delivered from Uralvagonzavod. T-90S was also acquired by Algeria, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uganda and several other countries of the world. How does he attract them?

According to National Interest, with relatively similar tactical and technical characteristics of the T-90 is much cheaper than Western tanks Leopard 2 and M1M2 Abrams. In the Russian tank, modern fire control systems, surveillance, communications and navigation are combined with effective protection systems. We will add only one detail: the gun on the T-90С is a smooth-bore gun, caliber in 125 mm, it charges automatically. It can shoot both traditional for tanks shells - armor-piercing, sub-caliber, high-explosive and cumulative fragmentation - and rocket, guided by the laser beam missiles "Reflex". The "American" - loading 105-mm guns - manual, that is, in the crew, in contrast to the Russian combat vehicle, not three people, but four. ATGM (anti-tank guided missiles), he, as, indeed, the "German", can not shoot. We will keep silent about other characteristics - mobility, maneuverability on the battlefield, off-road speed, effective firing range and other combat qualities. They require a separate conversation.

At the same time, one cannot keep silent about the tactics of using tanks, as the strike fire force of any army, its ground forces. What the American magazine does not write about. Maybe because it was not part of the task of the article he published. But still. The fact is that comparing different tanks, like other military equipment, as they say, in its pure form, in a kind of statics, like at international weapons shows, in my opinion, for military specialists is not entirely correct. Comparison of speed, security, firepower and other good for directories and directories. The ability to overcome off-road landfills and win tank duels is best checked, for example, at an event such as “Tank Biathlon” (the Germans and Americans, by the way, refused to participate in it last year, citing sanctions, although they had previously promised to send their cars and crews. In Russia they consider their “excuse” untenable. It was necessary to admit honestly - they were afraid to lose).

But on the battlefield, any tank that ours, which is not ours, requires serious support. In the form of a helicopter flying above it or a drone, it is possible on the ground as a tank support combat vehicle. Overview, as well as the ability to observe the battlefield, the tank commander, gunner and driver-mechanic are quite limited. They need "extra ears and eyes" that other means of warfare have. The same UAV or "turntables." Otherwise, not only a mine, but an enemy soldier, or even a terrorist, hidden under a bush or behind a stone with a grenade launcher in his hands, could be a mortal danger for a tank. It happened during the second Lebanon war (2006 year) of Israel, when the Hezbollah fighters burned down quite a lot of well-defended, considered to be invulnerable Merkava tanks, for some reason not supported by helicopters at that time.

And therefore, today, Russian designers and tank builders are creating not just a new tank, which in terms of their tactical and technical characteristics should surpass the T-90 and the best tanks of the most advanced militarily countries in the world, but a new Armata tracked platform. At its base will appear not only the tank itself with a powerful engine, an armored capsule for the crew, a new control system for a combat vehicle and fire weapons, a communication and navigation system, an aiming and computing system, an onboard information-control system and other combat support systems. But there will also be a tank support combat vehicle, an engine clearing vehicle, a heavy infantry fighting vehicle, and other equipment. It will become indispensable in a modern integrated, multi-functional battle next to the tank itself, integrated into the network system with drones, self-propelled artillery installations, aviation cover and support. It is possible, and with information support for spacecraft.

Armata is still a secret project. For the first time this car, apparently, should appear in public in March of this year, when preparations for the anniversary parade in honor of the 70 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, and then at the Alabino range, will begin. But 9 May in Red Square, as promised by the leaders of the defense industry and the Ministry of Defense, will become the star of the solemn passage of troops and military equipment, as well as other strike systems, about which National Interest has not written yet, but which Washington should keep in mind and Brussels, and other centers of power.

But back to the other types of military equipment, which tell the publication of the American magazine. His admiration for a multi-purpose, capable of working by air, ground and surface targets with the Su-35 fighter (NATO-class Flanker-E +) manufactured by Sukhoi has the right to exist. The plane, as Dave Majumdar writes, is a modernized version of the Soviet Su-27, although this comparison, in my opinion, is not very correct. From the Su-27 "thirty-fifth" took only a glider, and then in a highly improved form. The nozzles of its engines have the ability to change their design, deviate up and down or right and left, which allows the aircraft to practically “dance” in one place, move away from the enemy’s missile strike and perform other aerial acrobatics. Which, by the way, cannot be done by any American fighter. Even the ultramodern F-22 and F-35. National Interest notes that the Su-35 is very fast, able to rise to great heights and has a huge combat load. One of the main advantages of the Russian fighter is the combination of enhanced capabilities for intercepting high-altitude targets with lightning speed and a unique engine with increased thrust, according to the publication. Such characteristics in combination with the most modern avionics make the Su-35 an extremely dangerous enemy for American fighters, the magazine concludes.

America scare Russian missiles

Russian tanks have been holding the palm for many decades and surpass their foreign counterparts. Photos from the official website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

From our side, we add that in the "thirty-fifth" technologies of the fifth generation were used, providing superiority over fighters of a similar class. Distinctive features of the aircraft are a new complex of integrated on-board electronic equipment based on a digital information control system, a new radar station with a phased antenna array and a large range of airborne targets, as well as an increased number of simultaneously followed and fired targets (tracking 30 and attack eight airborne targets, as well as tracking four and attacking two ground targets). And he also carries on his suspensions the broadest complex of weapons capable of reaching the enemy at extreme ranges.

Yet again. Su-35 does not necessarily have to fight one on one with the enemy or in a link two against three, three against five and so on. But he will necessarily interact with command posts located on the ground and in the air (the A-50U long-range radar detection and guidance aircraft or the A-100 being created now), it is possible with the spacecraft, receiving the necessary information through it. He himself can become a command post that distributes targets to the fighters of his group, cover or support in battle the front attack aircraft Su-34 or fighter-interceptors MiG-31, long-range bombers of the Tu-22M family. The range of its tasks and capabilities is very wide. It is not by chance that this fighter is called the forerunner of a promising aviation front-line aviation complex (PAK FA) T-50, its elder brother. All that can "thirty-fifth", will be able to and T-50, and still everything that can not and will not be able to know the Pentagon. It will be the carrier of the most modern missile weapons and electronic warfare systems.

Americans still remember with horror how in April last year an unarmed, rather old Russian front bomber Su-24 spun around the destroyer Donald Cook, uninvited into the Black Sea, armed with the Aegis anti-missile system with SM-2 anti-missile missile systems with missile missile missile systems. Tomahawk radius of action. Then he turned on his system of electronic warfare (electronic warfare) "Khibiny". On the destroyer immediately turned off all the control systems of the ship and its weapons. Aegis became blind and deaf, rockets too. They say the panic began on the ship. Then, 27 members of his crew seemed to have written reports that they could not and did not want to serve on a watercraft that could not protect their lives (according to the principle “If the attack were a missile”). But this is so or not, and the American sailors had to think about whether it was worth brewing porridge with a country like Russia. And the National Interest magazine, it seems, also recommended it to them and not only to them.

Even Dave Majumdar, as we mentioned, wrote about the Amur diesel submarine of Russia (1650 project) armed with torpedoes, rocket-torpedoes, cruise missiles and mines. He recalled the P-800 Onyx supersonic anti-ship missile, on the basis of which the Russian-Indian BrahMos was created, the old vapor-gas peroxide-hydrogen torpedo for 533 mm caliber vehicles, which, once in the wake of a frigate, a destroyer and even an aircraft carrier, will not lag behind him until he strikes a blow to the most unprotected place in the body. And there are still supersonic anti-ship missiles "Mosquito" and "Granit", from which our sworn partners, as the sailors call them, have no protection.

But let's interrupt our story about the Russian military equipment, which was noticed by the American National Interest magazine and its author Dave Majumdar. Let us ask ourselves an obvious and simple question: why is it that they suddenly began to write about our weapons in such detail?


Dave Majumdar for a long time, almost 10 years, specializes in covering various, including Soviet and Russian weapons. He writes for the United States Naval Institute, American editions of Aviation Week, Daily Beast and others. Previously analyzed national security issues at Flight International, Defense News and the C4ISR Journal. Madjumdar was engaged in strategic research at the University of Calgary, and is currently studying stories naval forces. His numerous articles on Russian armaments translated into Russian can easily be found on the Internet. Including the promising Russian heavy platform, on the basis of which the Armata tank is being created. Recall, in the author's opinion, the Armat will surpass the best tanks of the most militarily advanced countries in the world.

There is in the world wide web an article by Mr. Majumdar about the fifth-generation Russian fighter T-50 PAK FA (a promising front-line aviation complex). And again he writes that the famous American F-22 fighter aircraft, which was created exclusively for the Pentagon, and the F-35 fighter aircraft, which the United States is ready to export, also surpasses the domestic aircraft in some of its tactical and technical characteristics. some of Washington’s allies in NATO and from other countries have invested. In particular, Australia. You can read in the journal Nixon Center, which collaborates with Dave Majumdar, and material about the "myths around US strategic nuclear weapons."

Its authors argue, in particular, that it turned out to be useless for the United States, to say the least. It could not be used against ISIS troops in Syria and Iraq, against the epidemic of Ebola, against the rebels in Afghanistan and in the Ukrainian armed conflict. "Since the end of the Cold War, the value of nuclear arsenals has decreased markedly," the news agencies quoted in an article from the magazine. And further. They expose the myth that at the moment the possibility of using US nuclear weapons is even greater than during the Cold War period. The publication cites the words of the former head of US Strategic Command, Lieutenant General James Kowalski, that the likelihood of a Russian nuclear strike on America is so small that it is not even worth discussing. This is also indicated by the size of the arsenals themselves. “If during the Cold War years, the United States and the Soviet Union had 30 thousand and 45 thousand nuclear weapons, respectively, now there are approximately 5 thousand warheads on each side, and“ in the US, the reduction of the arsenal to 900 or even to 311 units is discussed ” - notes the publication. Strange numbers, because, according to the US Department of State, published at the end of last year, Russia and the United States were listed on approximately 1500 – 1700 nuclear warheads. Anyway.

Denied by the authors of the Nixon Center and the assertion that the cost of nuclear weapons is not so high. Only in the next three years, they write, the US will spend about 1 trillion dollars on its modernization. At the same time, separate funds for the production of new nuclear missiles are being asked by the Navy and Air Force.

Let's stop on this. Let us think about why the National Interest magazine and its authors, among them Dave Majumdar, one of the most active, are so persistently publishing materials about nuclear weapons, which, according to their own words, lose their meaning? And why at the same time they are trying to scare their readers with the increased power of Russia and the high efficiency of its military equipment? Both conventional types of weapons, and nuclear. Is the American military industrial complex so dilapidated that it cannot create something that surpasses its Russian counterparts in its tactical and technical characteristics?

Of course not. With overseas MIC everything is in order. He even supplies weapons and military equipment to more than two times more than Russia does. Some arms markets, including European ones, are tightly closed for our defense industry. And the United States is already aggressively trying to occupy even those niches that once belonged unconditionally to Russian firms. Including in India. In addition, it is clear that the budget in 500 more than billions of dollars a year, approved by the Congress in 2015 for the Pentagon, can be ordered, purchased and put into the army and fleet much more ships, tanks, missiles, combat support systems and other things military property than the ruble equivalent of those 50 – 60 billion dollars allocated to the Russian military department.

But the trouble - and 500 billion "green" Pentagon and the US military-industrial complex is not enough. US President Barack Obama has already proposed to allocate billion dollars to 2016 for the future 561 for military needs. But the appetites of local lobbyists are much wider. And therefore it is necessary to frighten the population and the US elite with the superiority of Russian weapons, including nuclear ones. Publications in such a serious and authoritative edition of the Nixon’s political science center as National Interest are perfectly suited for this. No one will suspect whose mill is being flooded with a supposedly independent public institution.

Nevertheless, for one thing, why the authors of the journal diminish the importance of nuclear weapons for the United States, it’s still worth paying attention. If in Russia it is a strategic deterrent force, as evidenced by the position of the Military Doctrine. In the USA, nuclear weapons are viewed as a force forcing the enemy to surrender to the winner. Indeed, in all the wars that the Pentagon has waged in recent decades, and these were wars of aggression, no matter what anyone said in Washington about this - Vietnam, Somalia, Yugoslavia, twice Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, now Syria and ISIS Even Ukraine, where by and large the Americans are fighting not only with their private mercenary armies, but also through the Armed Forces of Nezalezhnaya, they did not have to use nuclear weapons. Although in Vietnam it almost got to this point.

Does this mean that the US is ready to give it up? Of course not. Today it is obvious that nuclear weapons are a guarantee of security and a sign of a great power. Even the DPRK, which either has it or does not have an atomic bomb, feels safe because it is blackmailing all its neighbors and the United States with such a bomb. Let the "dirty", albeit implicit. But no one risks contacting Pyongyang. Saddam didn’t have such a bomb, Gaddafi didn’t, and what became of them, no one needs to be reminded.

The power of those in the United States, of course, really wants to convince everyone and everything that nuclear weapons have lost their meaning today. Barack Obama received his Nobel Prize, by the way, on the call to abandon nuclear weapons. In those conditions when the Pentagon has a multiple advantage over any armies of the world in conventional weapons, one can say that “nuclear weapons have lost their meaning,” “they cannot be used in the fight against terrorists,” and “against Ebola - even more so ...”

True, such publications, like talking about the advantages of Russian weapons, cannot be misled by any serious people. Especially in our country, where the price of American spells is well known. We, as President Vladimir Putin has stated more than once, are not going to get involved in an arms race. We will have the necessary, but sufficient means to reliably protect our independence and the independence of our allies.

Dizziness from the success of the rearmament of the army and fleet neither in the Russian Ministry of Defense, nor in the defense industry. And although last year the State Defense order was 95% fulfilled by the domestic defense industry and there are difficulties with the supply of new military equipment due to the lack of some components due to sanctions (700 components are missing for 200 types of equipment), there is confidence that by 2020, domestic troops will be updated by 70%, it is not dying away. This means that new weapons will appear in the combat formation, which will not leave indifferent even our overseas partners. And here, besides the good, as my father said, there will be no harm.

And to those who are across the ocean as cool as National Interest magazine and its author, military analyst Dave Majumdar, advertise our really excellent weapon, special thanks. Moreover, our gunsmiths are not worth a dime.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 21 February 2015 19: 00 New
    All of these American "ratings" are PURSUITS for taxpayers, so that there are no questions why so much money is spent on weapons ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. tol100v
      tol100v 21 February 2015 19: 37 New
      Quote: svp67
      All of these American "ratings" are PURCHASES for taxpayers.

      We also have enough tax sawers, but several orders of magnitude less! HOW NOT offensive, but there is. I think it will pass like a runny nose in a child!
      1. sovetskyturist
        sovetskyturist 21 February 2015 22: 17 New
        America is frightened by Russian missiles, and NATO Russians. The main thing to spread fear and hatred is easier to manage. At first the world was frightened by Russian bears, now they are waging war against terrorists, then a terrible virus will appear and finally an alien threat.
        A Jew rides the subway and reads an anti-Semitic newspaper. Another Jew, who found himself in the same carriage, notices this strangeness and is very upset. asks the first one: “Moshe, are you crazy? Why are you reading a anti-Semitic newspaper ?! ” Moshe replies: “I used to read Jewish newspapers, and what do they write there? Jews are persecuted, Israel is being attacked, Jews are disappearing due to
        assimilation and mixed marriages, many Jews live in poverty. So I switched to anti-Semitic newspapers, and what do they write? Jews own all banks, Jews control newspapers, Jews are rich and strong, Jews rule the world. Here is the best news!
      2. Civil
        Civil 22 February 2015 02: 26 New
        We have enough tax sawers and we have

        Yeah especially not asked
    3. Samaritan
      Samaritan 21 February 2015 19: 38 New
      Here it is our charm:

      Buy 500 billion diapers and kill yourself on the wall!
      1. svp67
        svp67 21 February 2015 20: 40 New
        Quote: Samaritan
        Here it is our charm:

      2. ejov1976
        ejov1976 21 February 2015 21: 03 New
        You can argue about the superiority in power endlessly, for anyone who shoots first, dies second
    4. MIKHAN
      MIKHAN 21 February 2015 19: 40 New
      I found it .. computer graphics and yet what do the tank specialists say ..? Beautiful infection!
      1. svp67
        svp67 21 February 2015 19: 50 New
        Quote: MIKHAN
        nevertheless what say specialists tankers.

        It’s beautiful, but it’s not Armata, since this tank has a gas turbine engine, it’s because of architecture or say “underline”, this tank clearly belongs to the Omsk Design Bureau, there are a lot of “generic” features of the T80 and the Black Eagle "
        Beautiful infection!
        but in many ways strange, so to say “softly”. A special issue on the deployment of weapons. Having an uninhabited tower, it’s not just possible, but it was necessary to place the weapon “in tiers”, otherwise the meaning in building up the “trunks” is lost ...
        1. bender8282
          bender8282 21 February 2015 22: 20 New
          they will be replaced by an 80-ku, which this year will be drained.! I think the first serial will receive 2 guards Kantemirovskaya
          1. bender8282
            bender8282 22 February 2015 02: 16 New
            Guys? What are the minuses ???? remove 80ku from service! Not me, I myself served as a mechanic T80 at
        2. Corsair
          Corsair 21 February 2015 22: 38 New
          Quote: svp67
          Beautiful, but it’s not Armata, as this tank has a gas turbine engine

          And why did you decide that? By the nature of the "exhaust"? So the “2x tact” T - 64 is almost the same.
          Or did you hear the sound of the working ISU on the video belay ?
          1. svp67
            svp67 22 February 2015 04: 45 New
            Quote: Corsair
            And why did you decide that?
            Or did you hear on the video the sound of the working LSU belay?

            It is enough to know the mat.chast T64

            , T80UD,
            and T80 with HDT

            The first two, with the TD series engines, used ejection cooling, which, if used on our tanks, then all the elephants in Africa will die, there is a serious prejudice against it ... Moreover, pay attention to the presence of a gas duct to the right of the main exhaust on the T64 and T80UD, it is simply necessary for operation in the winter and the installation of an OPVT (left to clean the air purifier) ​​T64 And again, all this is due to the peculiarities of the cooling system of these tanks.

            But a tank with a gas turbine engine, the cooling system is simplified to a minimum, because an extra gas duct is not needed and the OPVT pipe is put in a different way

          2. svp67
            svp67 22 February 2015 06: 55 New
            Quote: Corsair
            And why did you decide so

            And now attention - the model of the "Black Eagle"

            And compare it with what is shown in that clip ... Do you notice anything?
        3. Dog of war
          Dog of war 21 February 2015 23: 39 New
          This is Armata, or rather a 3D model based on this model of an assault tank on the Armata platform.
          1. svp67
            svp67 22 February 2015 05: 38 New
            Quote: Dog of war
            This is Armata, or rather a 3D model based on this model of an assault tank on the Armata platform.
            You can’t even imagine “how much water has flowed” since the time when these “models” were demonstrated ...
            1. Dog of war
              Dog of war 22 February 2015 12: 44 New
              So we'll see in May whether there are a lot, nothing else, except for this layout, we have at the moment.
      2. poquello
        poquello 21 February 2015 20: 27 New
        Honestly, I didn’t understand how the tanks would scare the Americans, because they won’t reach America without transport platforms, and you won’t get a lot of stuff in Venezuela, but in general it’s nice.
      3. bender8282
        bender8282 21 February 2015 22: 19 New
        mere mortals we will see at the May 9 parade
      4. Corsair
        Corsair 21 February 2015 22: 49 New
        Quote: MIKHAN
        I found it .. computer graphics and yet what do the tank specialists say ..? Beautiful infection!

        Beautiful ... Although not a tanker, I dare to comment ...

        This circumstance confuses. HOW will the crew leave the car when the turret is turned back "?" If earlier the problem under certain conditions arose only for the mechanic, then with the new concept of the crew’s location, the “trunk” at the back of the tower will block the path of leaving the car EVERYTHING ...
    5. Su24
      Su24 21 February 2015 20: 21 New
      The "American" - loading 105-mm guns - manual,

      What kind of gun?)) Author, learn the materiel!)
      1. Alex_Popovson
        Alex_Popovson 21 February 2015 21: 44 New
        Everything is right, the most ordinary, and the rest is what the ILC or Arabs will require. German guns began to put recently.
      2. kenvas
        kenvas 22 February 2015 01: 16 New
        105-mm gun on M1A2 ??? Why did it happen? it is impossible to underestimate the performance characteristics of "potential partners"
        Caliber and brand of gun 105-mm M68 (starting with M1A1 - 120-mm М256)
        Type of gun rifled (starting with M1A1 - smoothbore)
        Barrel length, 50.92 calibers on the M68
        44.2 at M256
        M1 gun ammunition - 55 (with M1A1 40, M1A1HC 42)
    6. papas-57
      papas-57 21 February 2015 21: 44 New
      '' For the 'American', loading a 105-mm gun is manual, that is, in the carriage, unlike the Russian combat vehicle, not three people, but four. '' A small clarification - The American car has a crew of three people and a black man (manual automatic loader.)
    7. The comment was deleted.
    8. vodolaz
      vodolaz 21 February 2015 22: 02 New
      561 billion is not so much, considering how many military bases the USA contains around the world, they are stupidly lacking for normal development.
      1. jjj
        jjj 21 February 2015 22: 32 New
        Reading, of course, is interesting. But here is the calico that is being observed. The army of New Russia and the junta have the same (literally) tanks. But the militia tanks fight and win, while the junta tanks either burn massively or go to the militia. I'd love to read a detailed message of an understanding person on this topic
        1. poquello
          poquello 21 February 2015 22: 59 New
          Quote: jjj
          Reading, of course, is interesting. But here is the calico that is being observed. The army of New Russia and the junta have the same (literally) tanks. But the militia tanks fight and win, while the junta tanks either burn massively or go to the militia. I'd love to read a detailed message of an understanding person on this topic

          I don’t understand nifiga, but there were a couple of correct articles, I won’t give a link, briefly within the meaning of the first - the difference in the morale of the troops near Illovaysk, the second - the personnel all went to the militia
        2. Corsair
          Corsair 21 February 2015 23: 13 New
          Quote: jjj
          I'd love to read a detailed message of an understanding person on this topic

          Not completely developed and not quite from the "understanding", but I will try BRIEFLY.

          1) Most crews do not want to fight (about those who want - below);
          2) The technique breaks down;
          3) Those who do not want to fight break technology;
          4) Those who want to fight, their LITTLE, and do not always know how to fight. And the technology they still breaks ...

          These are the components of the success of the APU ...
          1. jjj
            jjj 22 February 2015 00: 26 New
            Thanks for the feedback, but it all lies on the surface and is understandable. I am interested in the specifics of the application, the experience of the crews, maintenance and repair. How it all works together
            1. Corsair
              Corsair 22 February 2015 00: 57 New
              Quote: jjj
              I am interested in the specifics of the application, the experience of the crews, maintenance and repair. How it all works together

              The generalized data on this will most likely (have?) The General Staff of the Russian Federation. But there will not be full access, es. To them, because this information is exceptional for understanding the specifics of such a "non-traditional" way of waging war ...
              At the APU, similarly, the information is closed, in addition to hide their miscalculations and criminal activity.

              Therefore, be satisfied with the "tops" ... But if you are lucky in the search, I will be very happy for your perseverance ...
            2. poquello
              poquello 22 February 2015 12: 00 New
              Quote: jjj
              Thanks for the feedback, but it all lies on the surface and is understandable. I am interested in the specifics of the application, the experience of the crews, maintenance and repair. How it all works together

              the tank crew needs to be trained systematically for a long time, otherwise it will end quickly
    9. Drmadfisher
      Drmadfisher 22 February 2015 02: 38 New
      cut there, on the go, cooler than ours laughing
    10. DUMYCH
      DUMYCH 22 February 2015 05: 54 New
      "Sarmat" will be done in Krasnoyarsk. And about the T-50, it’s better to write ours.
    11. sub307
      sub307 22 February 2015 06: 50 New
      "... which is characterized as a military specialist ..."
      It would be nice for TAM to have more of such "specialists", because of this, HERE is only better for us.
  2. Aspirin
    Aspirin 21 February 2015 19: 02 New
    Hurriedly to write off the tanks to the scrap tanks "theorists." laughing So it was necessary to say. As they were, they remained the most protected and armed combat vehicles.

    And rockets, airplanes, ships cannot capture territories.
    1. Eugene-Eugene
      Eugene-Eugene 21 February 2015 20: 55 New
      What an understanding. And the German blitz krieg mechanism works? and is the strategy of tank armies ideally justifying itself? Deer, laugh
      1. Aspirin
        Aspirin 21 February 2015 22: 42 New
        For such high-profile statements, you need to understand the German blitzkrieg mechanism. Air dominance plus strategic initiative plus excellence in mobility plus concentration of fire on centers of resistance or their neutralization.

        And which of this is not working now?

        By the way, the shitty tank has an attenuation coefficient of at least ten.
  3. vorobey
    vorobey 21 February 2015 19: 04 New
    Missiles, too, who launches about ... Russian frighten America ... I personally equally ... even though flatters

    Sheriff’s Negroes Are Not Interested In ... (American proverb)
    1. YohanPalych
      YohanPalych 21 February 2015 22: 19 New
      Quote: vorobey

      Sheriff’s Negroes Are Not Interested In ... (American proverb)

      How do you like hi such: "Give the black man a finger, and he will take away all arm"?
      1. Viktor Kudinov
        Viktor Kudinov 22 February 2015 14: 00 New
        Yes, how, how! If the sheriff hadn’t fooled, but shot like in Ferguson, then the Negro would rest from the presidency. wink
  4. moskowit
    moskowit 21 February 2015 19: 05 New
    So it’s already been scary for 6 for 60 years. Imagine how much money citizens collected for various defense projects as tax. In the words of A. Raikin, “cash in hand” ...
  5. vsoltan
    vsoltan 21 February 2015 19: 09 New
    Our weapons are excellent. Our army continues to improve. .. money is not necessary to regret. ..will be without delicacies. ..we have been at war for 20 years, of which only a few are relatively calm from about 2007 to 2013. rearm and maintain the army. ..and idots from behind the puddles let them get scared of horror stories from their own defense industry. ..who is not enough money. ..
  6. kamikaze
    kamikaze 21 February 2015 19: 09 New
    if they are afraid to mean they respect Russia. it’s not Yugoslavia, not Iraq. which they did not count. so America is afraid of Russia and the Russian spirit. only evil spirits are afraid of the Russian spirit; evil spirits are America and the Euroburls. for God be with Russia
  7. D_E_A_L_E_R
    D_E_A_L_E_R 21 February 2015 19: 10 New
    In addition to Russian weapons, mattresses need to be afraid of those who control these weapons, and even ordinary Russian men.
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 21 February 2015 19: 29 New
      Maybe we will live to see that .. I'm talking about the clip.
      1. AlNikolaich
        AlNikolaich 21 February 2015 20: 01 New
        Valera, the video was shot in America, but I assure you, now we have the same thing!
        I myself work as a Challenger engineer. In the video Challengers, John Deere, and
        Hesston or Gliner combine with Caterpillar engine!
        But now sanctions, the ruble exchange rate ruins the sale of imported equipment, and sanctions
        interfere with the sale of spare parts and accessories! Domestic industry of analogues
        doesn't let out! We’ll stretch it out for a year or two and then? Say goodbye to the rural
        economy at all?
        1. Barakuda
          Barakuda 21 February 2015 20: 18 New
          I mean, in order to produce such a technique ourselves. And then forever in the ass we look.
          And as for the ruble exchange rate, I personally do not care. Hands and feet are, I’ll earn money on bread. I really want to see the Central Bank’s horde under Kalash, who will run first?
        2. Armored optimist
          Armored optimist 21 February 2015 20: 54 New
          Plus. Weapons are necessary, but the fact that the economic war is also going on should not be forgotten.
          I hope that our design bureaus learn to slowly not distort the imported equipment, but "creatively recycle", compiling the solutions of the best models of aggregates (but not the samples themselves) and their developments.
          1. Grandfather 70-72
            Grandfather 70-72 21 February 2015 22: 10 New
            it used to be! served with a guy in a civilian way he gutted imported electronics and handed over to the engineers for consideration ...
          2. VOLCHOXURAL
            VOLCHOXURAL 22 February 2015 00: 45 New
            Quote: armored optimist

            I hope in our design bureaus we learn to slowly not overthrow imported equipment

            But for this you need to do one, but very necessary things! To overtake all managers (wreckers, thinking only about one-time, today's profit, and not about perspective) from engineering enterprises, and indeed everywhere, and return engineers to the head of production, then it’s not just about to start, but will go to takeoff!
        3. jjj
          jjj 21 February 2015 22: 35 New
          Quote: AlNikolaich
          and sanctions
          interfere with the sale of spare parts and accessories!

          Is this industry under sanctions?
          1. AlNikolaich
            AlNikolaich 22 February 2015 18: 26 New
            So many manufacturers came under sanctions, as components in the construction
            equipment or defense are still supplied! Sauer Danfoss and Husko all hydraulics for
            technicians supply. All over! And they are under sanctions!
        4. Corsair
          Corsair 21 February 2015 23: 52 New
          Do you want to say that in a couple of years - we won’t restore our harvesters, or at least Belarusian ones? So we’ll import Chinese
          our combines were no worse, just less equipped and comfortable. But with tractors of high power (bulldozers, pipe layers, etc., there have always been problems)
        5. lidiy
          lidiy 22 February 2015 12: 06 New
          “In 85, by the decision of the union government, the construction of the Kama Tractor Plant for the production of row-crop units began in Yelabuga. For three years they built buildings, spent a lot of money, but they didn’t understand why. The departmental designers give modern models of tractors suitable for mass production did not bother.
          I also had to deal with the problems of tractor construction. And people from Silaev’s team put sticks in my wheels. This was in '86, when I was still working at Pravda, and a front-line designer came to me, if memory serves me, from the Scientific Automotive Institute, which was located near the Belorussky Train Station. He asked: did I know that in recent years their department has not issued anything new. Tractor engineering is in complete decline, as is the entire engineering complex.
          Meanwhile, at the head institute of the country, young designers create, offer interesting options for cars, but big officials put projects on the shelves. And they imitate activities. We disassembled the American Caterpillar by bolts, copied the details, then they were cast for a long time in different molds. But the metal is different, heavy, and besides, to appropriate the authorship of the product, something changed - when they collected a copy, the tractor barely pulled its weight. How much time and money were squandered for empty work! By the way, it was this institute that pushed for the release in Yelabug the model of the MTZ-T42 the day before yesterday, which the lead designer Drong was developing in 1961, but it did not satisfy him. The impression, the designer said, is that someone intentionally pulls the industry back so that we buy abroad. "
          Poltoranin "Power in TNT equivalent."
          So why be surprised. This disease has long been going on.
  8. Federal
    Federal 21 February 2015 19: 10 New
    An excellent article, thanks to the author, from pride in arming his army, the breath is spinning in the craw.
    1. AlNikolaich
      AlNikolaich 21 February 2015 20: 07 New
      Quote: Federal
      An excellent article, thanks to the author, from pride in arming his army, the breath is spinning in the craw.

      Victor, finally proud of the country, the lack of production prevents me
      normal domestic tractor, for agriculture! And no prospects
      creating a modern reliable tractor! There are prospects for the tank, but no tractor!
      1. demon1978
        demon1978 21 February 2015 21: 22 New
        Quote: AlNikolaich
        Victor, finally proud of the country, the lack of production prevents me
        normal domestic tractor, for agriculture! And no prospects
        creating a modern reliable tractor! There are prospects for the tank, but no tractor!

        And so in ALL areas !!!! request am
        I work in the field of gas equipment service (for whom it hurts)
        The ONLY “domestic” company producing wall-mounted heating boilers is “GasLux” (a subsidiary of “Gazprom”) Actually:

        One can safely say about GAZLUX® equipment: it is a product of experience, knowledge and observations of all gas companies in Russia. Most of the elements have been developed and finalized by specialists and engineers who thoroughly know the features of operating domestic gas equipment in our country to the maximum. GAZLUX® is a joint project of Gazlux-Trade LLC, Gazprom OJSC, Gazpromregiongaz OJSC, and Giprogaz Research Institute. Creating a special, special product, the developers have guaranteed that the average average consumer in Russia will have high-quality, reliable, affordable equipment with which cold winters, severe winds, power surges are no longer terrible and in houses equipped with GAZLUX® devices there will always be warm and hot water. The development is Russian, and the factory
        The production of equipment is located in China. Russia's eastern neighbor is the largest world-class production facilities operating according to the European system of global quality control ISO 9000: 90001, these are huge production volumes, this is the place where the world's largest companies transfer their industrial activities. Therefore, the quality of GAZLUX® products is reliably protected.

        Yes, and the "Rostov" with the "Zhukovsky", at the moment, ours is only a "barrel", automatic, burned, BURZHU sensors

        YSKIE (though made most likely in the same China repeat )

        So I want to ask our Leaders: -WHAT HORSE ??? !!! request We do not need our production and jobs ??? !!! request Or we have hands, they grow from the wrong place !!! ???
  9. act
    act 21 February 2015 19: 11 New
    The arms business of the states requires new markets, especially in the centers of armed conflict they create. It is the “horror stories” about the threat from Russia that make us allocate more and more allotments for armaments.
  10. eternalmotor
    eternalmotor 21 February 2015 19: 23 New
    After reading this material, I caught myself thinking that I really got a mega-thrill from the fact that my homeland is Russia!
  11. Major Yurik
    Major Yurik 21 February 2015 19: 29 New
    Quote: Federal
    An excellent article, thanks to the author, from pride in arming his army, the breath is spinning in the craw.

    What our weapons and the army are capable of is evidenced by the constantly spoiled air in natoauditoriums, the European Union, and in the Polish-Baltic toilets, generally exceeding the plan for the export of products. Sit-be afraid, provocative cocks! am
  12. AleXL-77
    AleXL-77 21 February 2015 19: 30 New
    Tremble Busurmane !!!
  13. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 21 February 2015 19: 46 New
    So it is alas .. It's time to call everything by their proper names! Putin correctly said that the NATO Legion is fighting in Ukraine! So far they have given the go-ahead, but there’s still a wave ahead ... Until we hold on! soldier
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 21 February 2015 20: 01 New
      Absolutely correctly said.
  14. Motherland Russia
    Motherland Russia 21 February 2015 19: 46 New
    It seems that the people are dumb. How can you intimidate modern homosapience?
    So many ways to find out where the dog is buried!
  15. Stinger
    Stinger 21 February 2015 19: 50 New
    And we’ll make the BZHRK and lay the rails in Chukotka. We will ride it Vladivostok - Anadyr and vice versa. Run up then with your missile defense!
  16. Tribuns
    Tribuns 21 February 2015 19: 59 New
    "According to a number of European experts, Russia's air defense system is able to destroy up to 80% of any type of aircraft invading its airspace. Russian experts are more modest and estimate this number at 60-65%, but in any case, enemy aviation will simply suffer irreparable damage, from which it will no longer be able to recover. For 2010, the Russian air defense included about 2100 S-300 launchers of various types, S-400 deployed 9 divisions — 72 launchers, a total of 2020 divisions armed with this complex are planned to be deployed by 56. In addition, the troops have at least 22 short-range air defense systems - Shell-C1. It is air defense that is Russia's main trump card and its “umbrella”, which will protect the country from possible aggression. Under the protection of air defense until 2020, Russia will be able to significantly upgrade its ground forces and the air force, which will replenish with new military equipment. After 2020, the likelihood of a direct armed conflict between the US and Russia, which even now seems very unlikely, will fall to almost zero. " []
  17. vobels
    vobels 21 February 2015 20: 15 New
    He put the article +, the author correctly said "thank you" to this Majumdar (I almost broke the keyboard) - for advertising, and only for advertising! And we should not have dizziness from these written successes. It is necessary to keep pace faster, so as not to be left behind in this "competition". For many defense. the plants go under the state order for the development of the old years, but we can’t do the news, it turns out very expensive!
  18. Koshak
    Koshak 21 February 2015 20: 30 New
    At the expense of the Su-35, everything is not so rosy.

    “Back in 2009, Mikhail Poghosyan signed with the Ministry of Defense a contract for the supply of 2015 Su-48 aircraft by the end of 35. Under the terms of that contract, the first four aircraft were supposed to be connected to the state tests, and the next six from the 2012 party should already be in the army, trial operation.

    However, the military refused to take these vehicles to combat units, as test pilots from the Akhtuba GLITS gave them a negative opinion. They identified a number of serious shortcomings and demanded to refine them.

    But by hook or by crook, the planes nevertheless handed over to the Air Force, after which Mikhail Poghosyan was able to report that he had “fulfilled the obligations for this type of aircraft within the framework of the state defense order for 2012”.

    The pilots were indignant: you can’t fight on these machines. But you can show at air shows (PR above all!). "

    A source:
  19. Sharapov
    Sharapov 21 February 2015 20: 30 New
    Hinting at the weak awareness of the amers about the possibilities of our weapons. the author himself sits in a puddle. Why bullshit to drive that Abrams has a rifled gun 105 mm ??? /
    This caliber had tanks of the first modification, which has not been produced since 1984. starting with the modification M1A1 (1984) - 120-mm smoothbore gun. For this, the MINUS author ....
  20. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 21 February 2015 20: 33 New
    That’s the whole praised Amerian level of analysis (for the people who do everything!)
    The Russian public, armed with skepticism of knowledge, is looking at the root. Therefore, noodles rarely cling to gullible ears.
    However! Noteworthy is the prioritization of list No. 1 (SNF) and list No. 2 (conventional weapons). Apparently not in vain the inclined (quasi-ballistic) trajectory of the "Mace" across the throat became amer. Indeed, the Indians identified the T-90S as the second most powerful after nuclear weapons.
    So, again, bad luck for US analysts: Barguzin, Armata, T-50, PAK YES are coming ... In general, the question arises: Do these analitics look there !?
    Sadness, however!
  21. ZAM
    ZAM 21 February 2015 20: 33 New
    Article title: "America is scared of Russian missiles"

    Who is scary? They just get nervous ...
    10 blocks, seven or 4-re ... For the city of Washington, it doesn’t matter - one block will fly in ... and everything will be in chocolate ... And apparently enough is planned there - that's psychosis ...
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 22 February 2015 01: 12 New
      To deactivate all electronics on the North American continent, a twenty megaton thermonuclear warhead at an altitude of thirty kilometers must be detonated, and the end of the war.
  22. midshipman
    midshipman 21 February 2015 20: 37 New
    The United States is well aware that each of their oil wells is under the gun of submarines. Why war? Stop joking with Ukraine. It’s not good for you to end. I have the honor.
  23. dimaangel1996
    dimaangel1996 21 February 2015 20: 50 New
    How much more will this nonsense write about “Khibiny”?
  24. ando_bor
    ando_bor 21 February 2015 20: 52 New
    America scare Russian missiles.
    - What are we going to do?
  25. Vasilenko Vladimir
    Vasilenko Vladimir 21 February 2015 21: 14 New
    the article itself was written at the beginning of the month, the site has already been discussed, why these repetitions?
  26. chingis1981
    chingis1981 21 February 2015 21: 17 New
    Want peace get ready for war!
  27. cat hippopotamus
    cat hippopotamus 21 February 2015 21: 22 New
    Why scare anyone? Just beware and be careful. Nobody scares you with high voltage electricity on power lines, just do not go into it. So here, well, there are nuclear deterrence forces, well, don’t meddle with us, and we won’t use them. weapons, do not go to us with the war, for 200 tim.
  28. VeteranS
    VeteranS 21 February 2015 21: 26 New
    Whoever has not seen, I advise you to watch the new film of the wonderful journalist Arkady Mamontov's “Shield” (there are on YouTube) ... After watching, I have increased confidence that we have the most reliable Shield in the world! Glory to Russia !
  29. Ivan Ivanovich
    Ivan Ivanovich 21 February 2015 21: 30 New
    Fear pi ndos ny unfinished, there is something to fear ...
  30. sabakina
    sabakina 21 February 2015 22: 04 New
    Wow! For 70 years they have been scaring Russians, but we don’t attack ... That's bad luck ...
  31. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 21 February 2015 22: 04 New
    Bastards, specifically intimidate their population in order to enlist the support of those who are interested in increasing financial resources for the Pentagon
  32. svp67
    svp67 21 February 2015 22: 04 New
    America scare Russian missiles

    And our "trolls" Ukraine ... and judging by the comments, they believe
    1. aikon1974
      aikon1974 22 February 2015 17: 29 New
      Cool, but not a single domestic tractor. This is a shame. (((((
  33. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 21 February 2015 22: 06 New
    A beautiful clip and ... Eternal memory to all Russian soldiers who fell for Russia fallen for Russia!
    1. repytw
      repytw 21 February 2015 23: 43 New
      Strongly shot well done !!!
  34. bender8282
    bender8282 21 February 2015 22: 22 New
    why are Valuev afraid if you are not going to fight him?
  35. NEXUS
    NEXUS 21 February 2015 22: 24 New
    Gentlemen, I’ll tell you so ... Read Russian fairy tales, everything is accessible and clear. The nuclear weapons, tanks, nuclear submarines, etc. ... I’ll tell you what the Americans are afraid of and the enemies of the Russians in general. They are all afraid of the RUSSIAN SPIRIT. the same Babu Yagu with Kashchei was sausage from him. It is the RUSSIAN SPIRIT that allows it to stand in the Donbass, it was he who helped to survive in the Second World War. hi
  36. Leonidych
    Leonidych 22 February 2015 03: 04 New
    Amerdos is the most cowardly nation, for all time .....
  37. Evgeny59
    Evgeny59 22 February 2015 03: 30 New
    I read this article. Stupidly naive. it was not worth retyping it here.
  38. KsenofoB
    KsenofoB 22 February 2015 05: 49 New
    Of course, this is all true. Only they are afraid they need not Russian weapons, but Russian people who are ready to tear their teeth (and tear)
  39. stroibat1974
    stroibat1974 22 February 2015 07: 52 New
    Let them be afraid!
  40. cergey51046
    cergey51046 22 February 2015 07: 59 New
    It’s good when the enemy is afraid of you.
  41. vk.com522
    vk.com522 22 February 2015 09: 54 New
    For a non-specialist, this is pride in our military minds. am
  42. PWG
    PWG 22 February 2015 09: 55 New
    These bastards do not yet know that the best we have are not rockets, but soldiers! ...
  43. aikon1974
    aikon1974 22 February 2015 17: 22 New
    Until these creatures bloody yushku wash, so they will yap at Russia.
  44. aikon1974
    aikon1974 22 February 2015 17: 32 New
    I think we need to.
  45. Sendi7s
    Sendi7s 22 February 2015 23: 53 New
    Let the strategic deterrent forces of Russia always be one step ahead of the American and European ones! smile
    So that they could no longer dream of dragging Russia into the war.
    We believe in you, our dear military! Once again - happy holiday!