The secret plans of the Pentagon: created management responsible for the war in space

The Pentagon, without unnecessary pompousness and presentations in the media, created the directorate responsible for conducting combat operations in space. According to Bruce Carlson, director of the National Directorate of Military Space Intelligence (NRO), the new initiative is associated with a growing number of threats to the United States, "overpopulation" and the militarization of space.

The secret plans of the Pentagon: created management responsible for the war in space

Unmanned Shuttle X-37B. The United States already has the tools to conduct a space war, it remains only to develop its concept

Bruce Carlson calls the new joint space protection program (JSPP) "an ace in the hole" in protecting American satellites from military threats. US military experts will develop and apply new technologies to protect spacecraft from attacks and emergencies in orbit. According to the director of the NRO, space is becoming increasingly loaded, and in the near-Earth space there is not much space for the military: three or four orbital trains, so the armies of different countries are forced to act in the same space. The US military is wary of increasing Chinese activity, and JSPP will avoid accidental collisions in space, as well as fight off attacks against US military satellites.

According to Bruce Carlson, China and Russia are capable of launching satellites weighing in tons, but do not have the potential for space military operations, as in the United States. Apparently, he had in mind, for example, the unmanned shuttle of the US Air Force X-37B, which can launch small spy satellites, as well as move closer to enemy space vehicles.

Nevertheless, the Pentagon fears that in the future, China will be able to steal secret spacecraft directly from orbit, and this threat makes the protection of outer space a vital US interest. To prevent and counter such operations, as well as to develop new methods of waging space warfare, it was created within the framework of the JSPP program “Space Defense Administration”.
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