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Results of the week. “To betray in time is not to betray. This is to anticipate! ”

No boiler ... Now definitely not!

Representatives of the Republican Administration of the DPR reported that in the Debaltseve area there were only a few small groups of Ukrainian security forces, against whom cleansing tactics were used. During the week, the army units of the DPR and the people's militia of the LPR hoisted the flag of Novorossiya over the city, which became a symbol of the cessation of the existence of the next boiler in which, according to the militias themselves, at least 1,5 thousands of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and militants of the punitive battalions.

Results of the week. “To betray in time is not to betray. This is to anticipate! ”

And all the time while the forces of the DPR and the LPR closed the ring, forcing the Ukrainian grouping that was there to capitulate, President Poroshenko in Kiev said that he was “a springboard”. The uniqueness of this “bridgehead” was that the 99% in it dreamed of at all costs from the tenacious embrace of the “bridgehead” to break free. Some tried to break through with the battle, others were looking for "civilian" clothes to pass for civilians. They did not hesitate to draw red crosses on military trucks, or even use ambulances, crowding them in the guise of wounded civilians. Than this is usually completed, you can see on the video that publishes Russia Today (video is not recommended for viewing by particularly impressionable people):

Material about the destruction of the positions of the 128-th Mukachevo mountain infantry brigade:

In their positions, the Ukrainian security forces left many hundreds of boxes of ammunition for artillery, armored vehicles and RZSO. The number of captured ammunition for automatic and sniper arms, shots for grenade launchers are tens of tons. Militias seized the abandoned tanks, howitzers, MLRS, self-propelled howitzers - the very ones that the punitive used to attack residential areas of the cities of Donbass.

The inglorious end of the Debaltsev grouping, which was brought by the authorities of Ukraine as a regular sacrifice to personal ambitions.

Comments from our readers:

Quote Semenchenko: "The withdrawal of troops from Debaltseve carried out planned and organized."
And the plan is as follows: We throw weapons, equipment, raise the white flag, and march in an organized manner. "Glory to Ukraine" ... do not cry. Erysipelas are sad and guilty.

If you agree to the "green corridor" in some ports - let them go. Unarmed, frozen and fleaish, and even dishonored.
They hate Parashenka to the giblets. Not GDP and not Russia, but its power. Fuel ready for the Egyptian scenario of military coup.
+ They will tell every ten that: 1 - the regular Russian army is not there and never has been (if at least one of the soldiers, I don’t speak about officers, they still believe in it). There are militias. Who have learned for almost a year of war, snapping the APU as nuts. Miners, intellectuals who have lost everything. And the APU against them can not stand. Fighting on trophy and sold "fathers-commanders" for three hryvnia tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. 2 - they sow panic. They tell in detail what remains of the fighters, after the MLRS and other "charms of war" have fallen under the fire. As they are not fed, do not give warm clothes, you can forget about the salary. How natsgada and terrorists shoot them in the back.
Well, in the meantime, they will ripen to these still clever thoughts, the first of which is disarmament and exit "into the corridor" - two-hundred with the help of the MLRS, so that we can get it quicker. And the BCH to minimize losses. And they listened so that on the radio, under the whistle of rockets: "There is no boiler, no loss!"
However, I noticed that they are more willing to surrender in captivity than to go unarmed to their own. I think they fear that Vna 404 is waiting for them in prison.

When captured, they become poor and deceived. And when they went to kill, rape, destroy, they thought that it would take a ride. To bring down all, and to take foreign mercenaries, to show everyone and give to the population for mob law (especially Poles).

Debaltsev defeat

On the eve of the anniversary of the Bandera coup, in front of the entire world community, the Debaltsev “bag” of the APU and the National Guard under turned into a “cauldron”, it boiled and exploded. A sort of gift from Novorossia to the Nazi Kiev. How ukroarmiya reached such a life that got into the next, and the biggest "cauldron", said the representative of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR Vladislav Brig: "They are there (in the headquarters of the" ATO "- auth.) All small."

Malachny command "ATO" is found, as they say, with the naked eye. If, before being appointed to the post of Defense Minister Poltorak (then without the title “Debaltsevsky”), he could have made up his mind in the “south-north” or “north-south” of Lugansk by someone “captured by BTR-80”, then after the appointment everything went wrong at all. The disease of the “boiler house” command, apparently, Poltorak picked up from its predecessor Geletey Ilovaisky. In its turn, the SUPREME Poroshenko himself got into the affected area with bacilli, clearly spread by the FSB agents and scouts from the SVR and the GRU. "Glavkom" awarded the commander of the 128 th Mukachevo mining and infantry brigade, defeated in Debaltseve, the title of Hero of Ukraine, which somehow proves the connection of the current Ukrainian heroism with the urge, throwing subordinates, to rush "tick" from the boiler ...

Comments from our readers:

Ukraine still remember Poroshenko this war. And if the current leaders of the nation, the Americans, will not let this nation’s leader be consumed, then after the next Maidan (and he surrenders to me, not far off), he will not be able to dump him from Ukraine, and they will hang him revealingly and with particular cynicism!

There is no way for Poroshenko. Or war to the bitter end and the death of thousands of Svidomo, or just death. But only him as president.

The number of prisoners just need to show once again to hold them through the streets on the damn anniversary of the Maidan, as the first time, on the "independence day" of truth from the truth. Show them to the whole world, including those Ukrainians who believe in the official Kiev’s lies about a planned and organized exit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Debaltseve with minimal losses. To show that illusions about the next peremoga of neo-fascist banderlogov disappear.

What is your evidence? ..

The official representative of the US State Department, Jen Psaki, said that the US authorities have satellite images that prove that Russian volley fire systems and artillery are in the Debaltsevo area.

The satellite images show cloudy dark spots that Washington decided to pass off as clusters of Russian artillery and traces of its use. After the fake photos of Russian tank columns in the Donbass, which (in the photo) actually captured the movement of Russian equipment in South Ossetia in 2008, and after satellite images of combines in the Rostov region under the guise of artillery systems, and this image can only be used in one case, as the contents of a dustbin marked “1000 of the best evidence of Russian aggression from the State Department”.

But is it worth the fire of our beloved Jen for such trifles like fake photos ... After all, as it turned out, the speaker of the US Department of State leaves the department for maternity leave. That worked in his office ...

Sadness for all those who daily waited for her fabulous briefings ... And what will poor man Matt Lee do now?

But after all she was to us like our own. Although they say that there are no irreplaceable ones, but we definitely will miss Psaki! Such fakes, after all, not everyone will be able to “correctly” imagine ... And Jen has an obvious talent for this. Talent!

Comments from our readers:

Vatnik Igor
In democratic countries, they believe in the word, they said Russian - it means Russian. Take a magnifying glass and with a VERY great desire you will see: the artilleryman plays the balalaika, and from his pocket the certificate of the FSB agent sticks out.

Strange they ... I could not determine what even is depicted in these pictures, and "these" loudly
declare a specific weapon, and yes even about its accessories ... To call such a position frail - to say nothing.

As long as I do not see the portrait of Putin for the whole position, I will not believe that these are our Armed Forces.

The root of Ukrainian problems: blue should be below ...

Ukrainian parliamentarians do everything to saturate every new day with bright colors. At the same time, deputies of the All-Ukrainian Parliament of Ukraine give a reason to think again and again about the responsibility of those who call themselves “people's elected representatives”. One of those who gave such an excuse (with saturation with bright colors) gave, is a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Yevhen Rybchinsky, representing the “Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc”. Rybchinsky told his compatriots and the world about why Ukraine is now experiencing serious political and economic problems.

The root of the problems, as it turned out, was not at all in the fact that Western appointees and maydannye instigators from the Terry nepompetenschiny came to the power of Ukraine. The case, it turns out, is much more metaphysical substances. According to the deep conviction of the deputy Rybchinsky, the location of the colors of the Ukrainian flag is to blame. To Ukraine rose from head to foot, you need to turn the flag upside down. Blue above irritates the deputy Rybchinsky, and he desperately needs the blue to be from the bottom ... But with such proposals Rybchinsky should have referred to his Verkhovna Rada colleague - Deputy Lyashko ... He understands this.

Comments from our readers:

Oh! I beg of you ... a man dug up an old note, when the Square was just beginning, and its symbols were approved ... Then one Chinese artist-artist even wrote to the then Ukrainian Parliament or even the "President", in short, somewhere like that ... “What are you doing ?! Feng-shui color is blue - it means water, and yellow - metal. By placing colors on the flag blue-yellow, you will ruin the country. For iron will sink to the bottom, and water will flood everything from above” somehow. So plagiarism with a journalist deputy! Just spoke "prudently"!

Shl. By the way, at the very beginning many people confused HOW to hang out the flag. After all, in Ukrainian "yellow-blakytny prapor" i.e. yellow-blue. But they decided to post as Bandera was, however, on this fact, no one (Kravchuk tried) did not focus on this. And in vain. And he and everyone else would have to remember what Bandera and his "army" finished under this flag.

Apparently he is aware of this, having met Avakov and Lyashko in a dead end corridor.

Looks like they didn’t read the people's deputies grandfather Krylov. "And you, friends, do not sit down ..."

Ilovaisk took, Uglegorsk took, Debaltseve took ...

The Ukrainian media spread the statement of the head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, that in case of non-compliance with the Minsk agreements, the militia would “beat off” Mariupol and “take” Kharkov.

If the Kiev authorities do not adhere to the conditions of the Minsk agreements, do not divert their equipment from our borders, do not release our prisoners and continue to bomb our cities, then, of course, we will not just stand and wait. First of all, we will simply destroy the “Debaltsevsky Cauldron” with the Ukrainian military, where now there are from 6 to 8 thousands of people. Then we will defeat Mariupol from the enemy, and when this is done, we will throw all our strength into taking Kharkov.

This statement by Alexander Zakharchenko caused a flow of poisonous saliva and alarmism in Ukrainian publications. In one or the other media, materials began to appear in which any analyst was reduced to shouts: AAA! Aggression! Give us a gun urgently! AAA!

While shouting, Zakharchenko fulfilled the first part of his ultimatum: Debaltsevskiy cauldron ceased to exist. True, according to Poroshenko, who did not notice the boiler at all, it was “a carefully planned successful operation that disgraced Russia”. As a result, those who “disgraced Russia”, if they didn’t remain skewed on the side of a road that was shot through or were immured by collapsing bunkers, with wet underpants fled in the direction of Artyomovsk, where they organized the looting of shops and cafes. As a reward, Petro Poroshenko even distributed autographs on military tickets to the “re-haul” and posed for a photo. The fighters were "happy" ... Still! Such luck ...

By the way, during one of the visits to Debaltseve, the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, was wounded in the leg. He is being treated at the hospital. Ukrainian media have already managed to bury the head of the DNI-it means, will live long!

Comments from our readers:

His presence on the fronts of Donbass is especially impressive. And he is not hiding behind the backs of the militias. Fights like everyone else. This Russian man!

How did Kiev vilely surrendered his soldiers to Debaltseve, the height of cynicism!

Everything is logical! Mariupol is a strategic point, and Kharkov is a strategic and political one! Suffice it to recall that until June 1934, the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was Kharkov!

Pension, speak? You first live out ...

Due to well-known economic difficulties, representatives of the Russian authorities are looking for ways to increase revenue inflows into the budget. If the top leadership of the country sets the task of increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of the Russian economy on TV screens, then the proposals coming in on this occasion completely ignore both efficiency and competitiveness. If, as they say, to go over the list of proposals that representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development or the Ministry of Finance represent in the media, then the bulk of these proposals is associated with an increase in budget revenues due to a likely decrease in the level of citizens' incomes. It is the citizens of Russia who are defined as the main source of raising budget revenues - and the emphasis is not even on improving the quality and efficiency of labor, but on much more “clumsy” methods in the style: “but not to raise the retirement age to 63 years?” Or “ and not whether to increase the bar income tax to 14%? "

New statements by government officials (plus Kudrin) that it might not be possible to do without raising the retirement age and taxes are widely discussed in Russia. The main idea of ​​the officials: Russia began to live so long, and the pension recipients became so numerous that they need to do something with these pensioners ... Apparently, the “stunned” by the Ministry of Health statistics that the average life expectancy in Russia reached 71,6 of the year, in the Ministry of Finance they decided that such a demography "and for good reason ..." They say, tenacious ... - We must do everything so that the question of "excessive vitality" is resolved. As an option: let them work until 63's ... This is despite the fact that, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health, the life expectancy for men in Russia is 63,5. That is, the average Russian man has no chance to “retire” in retirement more than half a year ... Ai da Ministry of Finance ...

Comments from our readers:

With this government, its economic wings, we are definitely not on the road. We hope that this will come to the country's leadership someday. I'm afraid it will be too late.

34 region
The psychology of our leadership is clear. Share and take away. And how to give, so a sickle on the heart. The question is, who else will the people of pre-retirement age be employed? Today we have age restrictions for admission (albeit unofficial). We have problems: then there is no one to work, then where to put the unemployed, then where to zanyk money? How to organize the work? - the question is not worth it at all. Certainly they have a machine gun of that system. It is necessary to change it.

Once again reminded of the important. Yes, indeed, why not raise the retirement age with the new government and nationalization of all that passed into private hands on dubious grounds ... The restriction of capital movement (in particular, the withdrawal of currency from Russia) for the stability of the ruble, which should be not the main, but the only means of payment on the territory of Russia, as well as for the provision of goods and services produced in Russia. Limit the circulation of other currencies in Russia - and there would be no foreign currency loans, as well as problems associated with them. The banking system — expensive loans in Russia — is subject to criminal proceedings. A lot of work, but instead ...

“According to Siluanov, the retirement age in the Russian Federation should be 63 of the year for both men and women. According to the minister, it’s wrong to spend 4% of GDP on paying pensions“ right and left ”? And then what? Pension in 70 years? - but the big one is true, not everyone will live to it ... Someone stubbornly seeks for the Maidan in Russia, but this is not the merit of Navalny or Nemtsov, but of the Siluanovs and Nabiullins, as well as those who had a hand in getting them into power . In the people all this is called - to cut the branch on which you sit. From the point of view of the average person, I can not understand much, because I do not have the information completely, but when in such a huge country with rich natural resources (from which I personally have nothing) and quite literate and hardworking people find a way to improve my pension age - I'm sorry, I do not agree, and in vain I voted for you in the elections ...

You are not my brother ...

A few days ago, on the air of one of the Ukrainian TV channels, the leader of the Radical Party of Ukraine, Oleg Lyashko, admitted that his sister was fighting on the side of the militia in the Luhansk People's Republic. We are talking about the representative of the movement "Antivoyna" Victoria Shilova. Victoria, who, as she herself confesses, was attacked by journalists, decided to write about her “family ties” with Oleg Lyashko on the social network.

Victoria Shilova said that she was not Lyashko’s sister. At the same time, Shilova, who herself is not averse to posing with Lyashko’s characteristic pitchfork, does not indicate whether the radical rear-wheel drive deputy really meant her when he spoke of a certain sister who fights on the side of the LC. As a result, one political opportunist nakatala a whole opus with Facebook on another political opportunist, using the terms "his place in the dock at The Hague", "scum and the jester pea". At the same time, the “sister” herself manages to combine bare-breasted jumping and an obscene inscription addressed to the president with statements that the current Ukrainian authorities turned the Ukrainian people into a redneck and spat on the opinion of the south-east.
As they say, everything is mixed up in the yellow-blue house, which has become a real treasure trove for practicing psychiatrists working on a doctoral or doctoral (for readers from the Maidan help - not sausage ...).

By the way, about sisters and brothers ... Another Russian film “Brother-2” got banned in Ukraine this week. Apparently, the well-known prophetic phrase of the hero of the film performed by Viktor Sukhorukov about Sevastopol was crucial for the ban ... The same one ... And it came true - "answered"! ..

Comments from our readers:

Lyashko is a collective image of the whole of Ukraine: weather vane, opportunist, conformist. Where is warmer .. Well, there is the Motherland.

And there is nothing surprising, because the overwhelming majority of the Lyashko battalion participants are felons and convicts. Lyashko is not just a gangster in power, but a specific fascist, since his gangsters not only carry out extrajudicial killings, abductions, beatings, but, unlike ordinary gangsters, they do this to intimidate the population. The tactic of terror over political opponents is the first distinguishing feature of fascism.

Disputes about the “Ainet” remote blasting system

Information appeared in the media about the Ainet, a remote blasting system that is used to equip upgraded T-90CM tanks. Thanks to this system, the gunner-operator has the opportunity to enter data on the distance to the target into an electronic fuse, which undermines the projectile in the right place in the air. "Ainet" increases the effectiveness of the use of ammunition three times compared with conventional high-explosive fragmentation projectiles (FES) with a firing range of more than 4 kilometers.

It is strange that we are talking about the emergence of such an opportunity "as if" only now, although it is not a secret that such systems can not be called a complete novelty. Their potential is literally idolizing some and others perceive it with a fair amount of skepticism. According to the first, the remote detonation system is a “complete alles” for the enemy infantry and those who are preparing a strike from anti-tank missile systems. According to the second version, the tank crew still needs to be shown (aiming at the target), where the enemy with such systems has sat down, and this takes time, and tankers may not have enough of it to anticipate the strike. However, as is often the case, both of them are right, most likely, since the question also rests on a specific task: whether T-90CM is attacked or restrained by an attack. In any case, if the system is installed on this tank, then it will play its role, like a gun on the stage, taking into account the fact that every “gun” has pros and cons.

Comments from our readers:

This "option" was available to our tankers even on T-80U, so the "new" not so long ago forgotten "old" ...

"Aynet" on T-80U was not. And in general, this "option" was available even for the royal field three-inch. The "pipe" was exposed to an explosion at a certain time, and it was ready.

The “Aynet” system is an undermining of a shell over an opponent’s head. This is the principle of the shrapnel projectile, only a little automated. In old shrapnel shells, the distance was set on the fuse with a special key, manually. Now imagine that a projectile explodes above you and an "cloud" of fragments (shrapnel) instantly scatters and this cloud flies forward and in all directions from the projectile flight path. Few of the infantrymen or rocket launchers will survive. Trenches will not save. Wikipedia describes a case in which 16 shells destroyed a 700 man and as many horses in a cavalry regiment. The regiment ceased to exist.

Alex TV
With all the dignity of "Aynet" I will immediately tell you about the minuses:
- we have an analog recording control of the type of ammunition in AZ and MH. And a separate cell for RP missiles with the ZVM17 and ZVM18 fuses ... NO. Ie shells with fuses for “Ainet” are recorded in ONE memory cell with shells with conventional fuses ZV-21, i.e. in cell OF. In practice, this means that when fired with the “Ainet”, the crew displays the usual OF shot on the loading line and changes the fuse to electronic, then lowers the cassette into the AZ conveyor as the FIRST shot.
- it is difficult to CORRECTLY establish the required range, since the LD beam must "catch" an obstacle at the right distance.
- when shooting with “Aynet”, the usual algorithm of actions of the gunner is violated, the fact is that he has to FIRST perform the necessary measurement of the LD range, and then THEN press the AZ (MH) button at which the gun loading is activated and the automatic interval installer sets the range explosion at the fuse.
With the usual shot, the algorithm of the gunner’s work is different, and his work skills are developed to automatism ... This brings him down from work.

Crimean caches

Employees of one of the departments of the Federal Security Service of Russia report that weapons caches have been discovered on the territory of Crimea. According to representatives of special services, weapons and ammunition contained in the caches, intended militants from the "Right Sector", which were supposed to carry out in the Crimea about the same scenario, which was implemented in the center of Kiev or Kulikovo field in Odessa.

FSB: "Weapons caches discovered in the Crimea were intended for Ukrainian radicals"

The result of the FSB operation once again proves that the Kiev ghouls in the Crimea had special views. It is obvious that the Maidan scenario with bloody provocations against the peninsula was conceived, and it was conceived not without plans to use the accumulated discontent of the Crimean Tatar population. Arms riots in the Crimea are also proof that throughout the whole territory of Ukraine, at the height of the maydansky psychosis, there was a large-scale plan to reject all that is connected with Russia. And, in principle, it is not so important for whom exactly this weapon was intended - for pravosek or some other neo-Nazi group, because the result was supposed to be one. It was to achieve this result that Washington was speaking, as Obama admitted not so long ago, as an intermediary force for the Ukrainian anti-constitutional coup.

Comments from our readers:

They themselves shouted: a suitcase, station, Russia. What now rip something.

"The inhabitants of the Crimea kept saying:" And who does not like it, bring it down to Russia. " And finally, they said: "Well, persuaded, we are piling into Russia."

Works FSB, it pleases.

Well no! Not happy! KGB - worked, FSB - fixes! Has anyone ever seen, or body armor, or "tops", with the inscription "KGB"? Silent, silent, effective work.
“People in identical costumes” ... Maybe I’m getting old, but I saw “committee members” in action ... Impressive!

These caches, for sure, should have a surname, name and patronymic! Find, please! We ask the whole world!

Mr. Erdogan does not like Mr. Obama

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned the silence of the White House in connection with the murder of three Muslim students in the US state of North Carolina. He said: “Obama has not yet made a single statement. He could show a drop of respect for people. Three people with an enviable biography. And not even a word of sympathy. And silence in this case is simply reprehensible. If you remain mute in the face of such an incident and do not make a statement, the world will remain in relation to you. ”

In fact, Erdogan thickened paint. Or he didn’t follow Washington’s reaction to the tragic events badly and didn’t know if the American president said something.

Actually B.H. Obama made a statement. He condemned the killing of students, emphasizing that people should not be attacked for "how they look or how they pray."

Analysts suggest that Erdogan’s harsh statements refer not so much to the “inexpressive” President’s reaction, as to the incessant political attempts of the White House to pressure Ankara.

Comments from our readers:

Erdogan well done. If the EU and America are unhappy with the views of Erdogan, the one in BRICS, the SCO, etc., will enter, but will rush from NATO.

Erdogan is completely right. And his anger is understandable: the system of double standards has become central to US policy. In principle, it replaces all policies. States turn into a country of total lies, in which they will drown.

He's still that populist !. It is a pity there is no Russian, but in Turkish there is a bunch of videos with the cutting of his speeches in different years. Generally a completely different thing says every time.
And the funny thing happened recently. Erdogan said that income per person in Turkey is 10 thousand dollars, and Davutoglu said - 19 thousand. Now the entire opposition makes fun of them))

The more criticism of Obama, the better for a multipolar world. This their “exclusivity” will ruin them.

Expensive, Parisians!

India is ready to abandon the purchase of Rafale 126 fighters from France. According to the newspaper, the Indian side motivates its decision with the high price of French fighters. A member of the negotiating team from India said: “At the moment, it can be said with almost certainty that the Ministry of Defense (India. - Note.“ IN ”) will say“ no ”to the French manufacturer Dassault Aviation. According to the representative of the Indian contact group, the final price that was requested in France is too high compared to the proposals of other manufacturers.

Later in the media, there were reports that India would think about Rafale until March. That is, it will not be long to think. Some experts predict a negative response to Paris. The fact is that the Indians do not like not only the price of fighters, but also the cost of servicing these aircraft. The Special Committee in Delhi is just busy estimating the approximate costs that the Indian budget may incur for the entire life cycle of Rafale.

And the Russians are right there! February 18 RIA News" handed over the statement of the head of RSK "MiG" S. Korotkov. Russian industry is ready to offer India not only the Su-30MKI, which were discussed earlier, but also the MiG-35. About this com. Korotkov told reporters at the Aero India 2015 exhibition. Russia is ready to participate in new Indian tenders.

Hey, Parisians, how's the mood?

Comments from our readers:

And let the “Gallic Cockerel” not bend under the opinion of the black master. Then there will be other countries to respect France and cooperate with it !!!

Burp from "Mistral" went. Waiting for heartburn ...

And there is an ulcer on the way.

Same lech
Not yet a fact. But if the Indians still decide to conclude a contract with France, hehe ... Be ready: in a quarrel with the French, these planes will cease to function normally, as happened with the Hussein radar.

London's interests

The Times published an article in which the views of British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon are presented. This man openly stated the need for military influence on "Putin's Russia." Journalists of the publication, commenting on the words of Fallon, went further and said that “it is necessary to use force”, because “of their will the Russian bear will not give Taiga”.

Well, the Western peacekeepers have already agreed to the taiga ... Once, Britain was the mistress of the seas, then this "title" was safely lost. Apparently, wanting to restore the former high status even on land, the London minds encroached on the Russian taiga.

British journalists have a crazy mind, it seems, a little more than the minister. They are right: “of their own will not give the Russian taiga a bear”.

Comments from our readers:

The British completely lost fear. They speak to Russia very aggressively. It is necessary to double the number of strategic bombers flying near the English Channel.

And to triple the bomb bomb crashes. Oh, sorry, we didn’t want something to break.

Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors! How could the crown of the British Empire not be in the vaults of the Hermitage!

Red heat

It is known that Russia is the largest trade partner of Hungary outside the EU. It is also known that the Hungarian Prime Minister V. Orban is criticized for being too attached to Russia, compared with Putin, considered an autocrat and teased by his nickname “Viktor” (“Victor is a dictator”). Passions across Russia in the country have already reached such a degree that the mayor of Budapest suggested renaming one metropolitan park into the Park of Moscow. Western analysts believe that Putin’s 17 February visit to Hungary is an attempt to exert political pressure on Budapest through gas bargaining. Prime Minister Orban will be able to continue to be a “populist” with the help of cheap gas, while Moscow will get a strategic ally and widen the cracks in the EU building.

Viktor Orban’s “Eastern Turn” is based on serious economic prerequisites and cannot simply dissolve into populism. Say what you like, and the Hungarian economy is tied to cooperation with Moscow. The construction of expensive Paks NPP units, the provision of a large loan by Russia, despite the crisis, and now the gas agreements are not empty statements, they are real deals, and Budapest will have to work them out. Orban understands this, and therefore calls relations with Moscow “complicated.” They will remain so - just like Hungary’s relations with Western Europe, which (represented by Angela Merkel) Orban also does not get tired of curtsy.

It is difficult for Orban to sit on two chairs. It is difficult at the same time to be in the EU and NATO and move closer to Russia. Moscow, by the way, should remember that last year Hungary was counting on shale gas from the United States ...

Comments from our readers:

Trying to get cheap gas and electricity for the benefit of their country and people is populism, and when Poland and Bulgaria abandoned the gas pipeline in spite of the Russian Federation and the people, what is this? Except debilizm, called something difficult. But the leaders received gratitude from the owner. On the route of the gas pipeline branch the following meetings have GDP with Greek and Macedonian.

NATO and the EU will be destroyed from the inside, Comrade Putin is on the right track!

Armored optimist
Hungary, apparently, will blow up on the orange scenario. Friendship with Russia to the West as a red cloak for the bull.

About Orban: a tender calf sucks two queens. In any case, trying to ... Just do not get to be dvuhpopym at the present time. I agree with Zadornov: there are no semitones in the West. And I agree with those who believe that Hungary will not forgive flirting with GDP. Surely maidan some ...

Russia recorded in the enemies

The American Institute for the Study of Public Opinion Gallup conducted another sociological study on the main enemies of the United States. The first place in terms of "hostility" was taken by Russia (18% of those who voted). The DPRK (15% of respondents) and the PRC (12%) also entered the top three "main enemies" of the United States. In a similar survey Gallup for 2014 year, respondents considered China to be the main enemy.

Remember, in 2012, in the US presidential election, Mitt Romney called Russia "the number one geopolitical enemy" for the USA? The fact that it was only a loud pre-election statement turned out to be a gloomy prediction.

And it’s strange that Mitt Romney doesn’t want to run for president in 2016. This time he would have every chance of winning. “I told you, Americans!” - so pathetically could he begin his speech. Or so: "Citizens, you do not read" Military Review "? Do you know what the commentators are writing about? Russians dream of a red flag over the White House! ”

However, on the Russians with Kalashnikovs on the streets of Washington, Hillary Clinton can also tell the people. In addition, Mitt Romney - a man brought up. Place on the throne, he will give the lady.

Comments from our readers:

I thought they would put Obama in the first place.

The first time, or what? These guys have already built bomb shelters across the country, allegedly fleeing from the Soviet nuclear threat. Let them update or build more comfortable ones, although additional jobs will appear.

Native grandfather
With the trilineer and the PPSh, they used to go on tanks, they tore their throats with their bare hands for the MOTHERLAND, they stopped the columns of tanks with one gun, they never spared their lives for our mothers and our children. Throughout the ages, they fought in such a way that, on behalf of RUSSIAN, all the infidel evil spirits tremble and lose feelings. Yes, and nonche is no longer a wonder Kalash and guns with old enemies to burn and reverse the technique.

It’s a pity that the young people nowadays haven’t been raised by our grandfathers, but by foreign managers, history our yes feats of fathers and grandfathers trampling, FRIENDSHIP OF PEOPLES on tolerastov replaced. And whoever does not honor his ancestors and does not know the history of his Russian land, he also lives for his belly.

Do not worry, grandfather, not all are. There is someone to go to the attack, and who will think of a new bomb. And the young ... Well, the young have always been like this - and live with fire, and die with it. So do not let you down. Well, I will try.

"Mother Kuzma" over America

February 11-14 Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made a Latin American tour, visiting Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba. While the United States democratized Ukraine and fought weakly with the "Islamic State", the Russians agreed on strategic cooperation with the countries of the "Caribbean Triangle": Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba.

Analysts remind that earlier the Caribbean, washing the shores of Mexico, Central America, and the northern part of South America, was considered by the White House as the “inland sea” of the United States. But times are changing ...

While strategists in Washington were thinking about the “revival of the USSR” in the territories of Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic countries and further down the list, Russian flags became common in the “Caribbean triangle”. Togo and look, Barack Obama misses the appearance of a tricolor over the White House!

Comments from our readers:

Tricolor on the White House, hmm, it is tempting, but how it will look!

Perhaps the star looks bigger.

It would be nice to make a "square" of a triangle! Add more Mexico! Moreover, diplomatic relations with Mexico were established even 1891 year. It would be time to get closer.

Organize the joint venture "PMC them. Sudoplatova "in Central America is necessary - as opposed to the CIA and as insurance against coups over our friends!
Yes Yes!!! And the trade company “Ice ax, Ltd.”, as well as the network of ship repair workshops “Friend of the Indian.” In order for PMCs to have no problems with logistics. For completeness, you can establish a couple of airlines together with Cubans and Venezuelans. To call simply: “Mother of Kuzma” and “The Ugly Duckling”. And on the border ... sorry, to include in the fleet about a dozen passenger Tu-22М3 and office business jets Su-34, respectively.

The Ku Klux Klan condemned the tyranny of Washington

The Ku Klux Klan, registered in the Mississippi, called for arms to Alabama. The appeal was triggered by a federal court ruling that an amendment to the Alabama constitution prohibiting same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. The Mississippi Clan greeted Alabama's Chief Justice Roy Moore for decisively refusing to "bow to the yoke of federal tyranny," Keegan Hanks writes in Salon. Ku Klux Klan states that dealers from Hollywood, owners of large portals News “Shocked” by Alabama’s resistance to the “invasion of imperial homosexual communists”. The KKK regional office has called for protests against Washington's dominance. It smelled of civil war ...

KKK activists also stated that “white Christians” did not intend to calmly watch some people trying to intimidate the predominantly white and Christian population of the state, and called the federal judicial authorities a gathering of “wicked libertines”.

Well, of course, libertines, who else! This week, loyalty to the American flag at the White House was sworn by the new US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. So right during the ceremony, Vice President Joe Biden embraced the wife of this minister - pretty Stephanie. In humans. And even whispered something in her ear.

It is difficult to say what pushed long-bald Mr. Biden to Carter's wife. Probably youth, beauty and charm of the latter. However, we cannot exclude the spirit of Monica Lewinsky, since the days of Bill Clinton, who has soaked not only the Oval Office, but the entire White House. It is not surprising, by the way, that President Obama has trouble with his wife. Apparently, the depraved spirit will completely disappear from the White House in 2017, when Presidency Hillary Clinton will be inaugurated.

Comments from our readers:

Obama has something wrong!

... We are waiting for the final solution of the gay issue in the spirit of the pioneers of the Wild West (a couple of Colts and Winchester) from the harsh Alabama and Texas cowboys. Help the workers of the states of Mississippi and Colorado, the freedom of the Indians of Nevada and Utah! Carfah ..., ugh, Fashington, must be destroyed! ..

Yes, apparently, not everything is so simple there, and Obamka still got the people, since this people already openly begins to rebel against the federal government.

Somehow they have a bad defense minister begins ... Even his wife "to defend" from the old hunter can not. It is another matter if he gave him at a turnip reception or at least pushed aside so that he “stumbled, fell, regained consciousness, a gypsum”. And so, what a minister, such a defense will be.

Although, on the contrary, he may begin to compensate for failures on a personal front with carpet bombing in third countries, like Clinton at one time.

* “In time to betray is not betray. This is to anticipate! "- A phrase from the movie" Garage "
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  1. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 22 February 2015 07: 07
    Thanks for the article +. pictures pics good Well, kamenty!
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. BARKAS
        BARKAS 22 February 2015 07: 29
        Quote: Sid.74
        Comrades, an exposition was staged in Kiev, which "proves" the Russian invasion of Ukraine!

        That's when in the dill army between units and with the command all communications are cut down; the electronics ceases to work, this will mean the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine!
      2. Siberia 9444
        Siberia 9444 22 February 2015 07: 30
        Wait, where are the bears with balalaika laughing no it's not ours!
        1. Sid.74
          Sid.74 22 February 2015 07: 37
          Quote: Siberia 9444
          Wait, where are the bears with balalaika laughing

          And here’s the video from the show! Don't be nervous to watch! laughing

          1. Karasik
            Karasik 22 February 2015 08: 05
            Quote: Sid.74
            And here’s the video from the show! Don't be nervous to watch!

            In the first video, there is a burned-out passenger car among the exhibits. Really "Lada" ?!
            Well then - yes! Do not look away! What other evidence is needed?
            1. Sid.74
              Sid.74 22 February 2015 08: 12
              Quote: Karasik
              Really "Lada" ?!

              Grant, now they’ve definitely burned ..repeat
              1. APASUS
                APASUS 22 February 2015 10: 32
                Quote: Sid.74
                Quote: Karasik
                Really "Lada" ?!

                Grant, now they’ve definitely burned ..repeat

                And the fact that there was a crust in the documents with the inscription STATE DUMA, generally a demon chapel! Already deputies thought went into battle? Somewhere there should be a certificate of ................
              2. 222222
                222222 22 February 2015 12: 01
                Leaders of states are given two rights: to enter history or to plunge into it.
          2. Was mammoth
            Was mammoth 22 February 2015 09: 49
            "Killed" The USSR quality mark on Russian equipment. wink Where are the PCA and the three-rulers?
            1. _my opinion
              _my opinion 22 February 2015 15: 24
              "Killed" The USSR quality mark on Russian equipment. wink Where is the PPSh and the three-line?

              But how do you like a pack of cigarettes and cans of canned food? I personally amused ... but there will buy it ..
              1. dmi.pris
                dmi.pris 22 February 2015 17: 56
                Of course they’ll buy it .. The world community really doesn’t give a damn about Debaltseve .... but they were convinced that the Armed Forces valiantly left the bridgehead and the bridgehead ... They really threw the equipment, that something was out of order. Someone surrendered, most just escaped leaving everything down to the products.
                Quote: _my opinion
                "Killed" The USSR quality mark on Russian equipment. wink Where is the PPSh and the three-line?

                But how do you like a pack of cigarettes and cans of canned food? I personally amused ... but there will buy it ..
              2. Tourist
                Tourist 22 February 2015 23: 53
                Quote: _my opinion
                "Killed" The USSR quality mark on Russian equipment. wink Where is the PPSh and the three-line?

                But how do you like a pack of cigarettes and cans of canned food? I personally amused ... but there will buy it ..
                Yeah ... Sprats in a tomato are an old Russian weapon wassat
          3. MSL
            MSL 22 February 2015 12: 07
            An interesting disclaimer clause in the video number 3.
            "The equipment that participated in the ATO" - not "on the side of the separatists", not "invading Ukraine", it is clear that the equipment of the USSR and Russia, it does not have its own.
          4. Vadim237
            Vadim237 22 February 2015 15: 33
            They forgot to put bears, tigers, foxes, give them balalaikas and vodka - they would stopudov in the wheel of this ultramodern equipment of the Russian army produced in the 70s - 80s.
          5. Andrey Sanych
            Andrey Sanych 23 February 2015 06: 06
            But they did the right thing at the time that they took away nuclear weapons from the krajina. They are afraid of our brother. They are afraid, but they believe and wait. that a Russian soldier will come and stop this bacchanalia. In this situation, the main role is played by the militia of Novorosiya. There will come a time when Kiev with tears in its eyes will look at the tanks of the LPR and the DPR standing near the walls of the Supreme Rada
          6. van50man
            van50man 23 February 2015 10: 15
            ... ,, a terrible sight, a terrible sight, a nightmare! ,, Such ,, losses ,, the Russian army will not suffer! Crowds of indignant citizens hid in huts and caches and drink vodka for courage (or treat diarrhea) .Popularizers of aggression in a nervous isolation trample on their containers and evil curse the aggressor (few samples to show, dumb grandmas, do not skroll ...).
          7. Comrade1945
            Comrade1945 23 February 2015 22: 38
            And here’s the video from the show! Don't be nervous to watch! laughing

            Liked the comment from YouTube (punctuation and spelling saved):

            -1,38 Badge FSNP type cool, but that's bad luck "Since July 1, 2003 by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation V.Putin No. 306 dated March 11, 2003 the Federal Tax Police Service was abolished without explanation."
            -ZIL-based cars do not produce
            -chevron RV old-style
            - t 64 Ukraine:
            Ground forces of Ukraine - 1750 T-64 of which 650 are in storage, as of 2013
            Ukrainian Marines - 40 T-64, as of 2013
            - BMD-2 "Booth" Adopted in 1985. Ukraine - 78 BMD-2 as of 2012
            -BTR-80, entered serial production in 1984
            Ground forces of Ukraine - 395 BTR-80, as of 2013
            Ukrainian Marines - 50 BTR-80, as of 2013
            National Guard of Ukraine - a certain amount of BTR-80, as of 2013
            bumblebee 86 years
            passports are seized in a military unit
            -dries in any fishing or hunting store
            -Two coalesced Chinese cars
            Nursery of New Russia
        2. Viktor Kudinov
          Viktor Kudinov 22 February 2015 11: 36
          Maybe Gypsies should also be invited to make it more fun! wassat
      3. The comment was deleted.
        1. Sid.74
          Sid.74 22 February 2015 07: 43
          The comment is too big! Sorry .. recourse
          Who wants to see photos from this exhibition of irrefutable evidence ... to you in this LJ.

          1. APASUS
            APASUS 22 February 2015 10: 46
            Quote: Sid.74
            The comment is too big! Sorry .. recourse
            Who wants to see photos from this exhibition of irrefutable evidence ... to you in this LJ.

            Loved it, especially
            Russian head-to-door top-secret mobile communications space station, with the possibility of launching ballistic ones.
            Why is it sealed in a circle with seals with the emblem of Ukraine?

            And I found inenta a little help on military unit 4108
            - 8 PNU (military unit 4108, Zaporozhye) - formed in 1992 on the basis of 22 osmbm explosives; in 1995 transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;
            1. priest58
              priest58 22 February 2015 21: 43
              yes, okay. the commentator on the first video called him URAL
        2. Sid.74
          Sid.74 22 February 2015 07: 46
          Quote: svp67
          How much noise, and as a result - zilch. And where are the captured T72BZ?

          Why would they? T-64 showed and good. wassat
          1. Tersky
            Tersky 22 February 2015 08: 22
            Quote: Sid.74
            Why do they need it? They showed T-64 and it’s good

            And this is not the main evidence itself ... No. , the main and irrefutable evidence is the quality mark on board the ZIL ... (see video No. 2) fellow . Now the USSR stopudovo not unscrew in the Hague .. wassat laughing Eugene, hi !
        3. saber
          saber 22 February 2015 08: 26
          They would have brought the blackies from the nearest acceptance, laid out and signed - "a part of the horseshoe of an Altai armored-hoofed horse", "a piece of" Armata "destroyed with the help of Cossack ingenuity" a part of the T50 wing "," a piece of the Severodvinsk hull " wassat nor can they do anything normally !!!
          1. Tersky
            Tersky 22 February 2015 08: 46
            Smiled about the taiga interests of London. Michael Fallon would be better served by the sands of Iraq, Libya and Syria, where Great Britain's journalists are being cut off by the heads of Her Majesty's subjects.
            Review on +++! Alexey, Oleg good !
  2. avvg
    avvg 22 February 2015 07: 12
    Alexey and Oleg thank you for the added humor, material published on "Military Review."
  3. Teberii
    Teberii 22 February 2015 07: 18
    Yes, the world is a continuous mess, one can only hope that those who wish to rock our boat will be thrown out of time on time.
  4. brelok
    brelok 22 February 2015 07: 18
    As always a plus. A busy week
  5. Don Cesar
    Don Cesar 22 February 2015 07: 19
    to the very point!
  6. Baloo
    Baloo 22 February 2015 07: 21
    Everything is correct, objective, realistic, with humor. Standings 5+. hi
  7. jona
    jona 22 February 2015 07: 21
    Optimistic results this week.
  8. svp67
    svp67 22 February 2015 07: 25
    Quote: Joro
    "Ainet" was not on the T-80U.

    What are you saying ...
    So, for general development, infa from open sources
    Remote firing system "Ainet"

    Tanks T-80UK and T-90 are equipped with the "Ainet" system, which detonates the OFS at a given point of the trajectory. To use the system, the gunner measures the range to the target using a laser range meter before loading the projectile. In the process of loading, the projectile passes through an automatic interval setter, which adjusts the projectile to detonate when it reaches a given range; the prepared projectile is then sent out and ready to fire. This system makes it possible to effectively use the projectile against hovering helicopters and manpower and light armored vehicles located openly and in trenches at distances of 4 km or more. The characteristics of the fragmentation radius and firing accuracy at range are improved threefold, which halves the average consumption of projectiles per typical target. All the 125-mm OFSs in service are compatible with this system, provided that the standard 3V-21 fuse is replaced with an electronic 3VM-12.
  9. Lord of Wrath
    Lord of Wrath 22 February 2015 07: 27
    Regarding the events in Ukraine. I want to remember the story ...
    The civil war in the former Russian Empire proceeded differently.
    In Great Russia, everything was clear: the Reds and the Whites fought, the first invariably controlled the center, the second Siberia and the Don with the North Caucasus, only the front line moved here and there. Both had an organization and recognized leaders.
    In Ukraine, everyone fought with everyone.
    “And it began and continued for four years. There were 14 coups in Kiev,” Mikhail Bulgakov recalled.
    In addition to the Bolsheviks and the Whites, the Central Rada, the hetman Skoropadsky, the Haidamaks Petlyury, the Western Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, the rebel armies of Makhno, Grigoryev and Tyutyunnik, who, according to some sources, numbered thousands, according to others, tens of thousands of soldiers, because people constantly came and went.
    And in each district there are Angels, Marusi, Nosari and Chuchupaki. In January 1919, there were five "republics" in the former Kiev province alone. Reports were sent to Petliura's headquarters that their inhabitants "did not recognize any authority, considering themselves a separate state." In the museum of the Higher School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine there were karbovants printed by some ataman with the inscription: "Provided with the head of the one who does not take."
    The Makhnovist "republic of grain growers of Novorossia" never had clear boundaries. They said about the government of Petliura: "In the carriage of the Directory, under the carriage of the territory." In settlements, "the power changed" almost every week, as in the operetta "Wedding in Malinovka".

    The civil war in Russia does not know examples of the transition of large military formations from one side to the other, and in Ukraine this happened all the time.
    Sich archers were subordinate to Petliura, but when he, under the pressure of the Entente, recognized Galicia and Volhynia as part of Poland, some joined the Reds, some the White, or returned home.
    Makhno, before becoming a "bandit", traveled to Moscow, talked with Lenin and Sverdlov and was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.
    Nikolai Grigoriev, having not received the post of Minister of War from Petliura, went with his supporters to the Reds, in March 1919, he stopped the only attempt of the French interventionists to advance from Odessa to the north, capturing five tanks as trophies, and in May launched an anti-Bolshevik uprising.
    The reason was Trotsky’s order to come to the rescue of the Hungarian Soviet Republic. Grigorievites did not want to fight outside Ukraine. And to suppress their performance, the Bolsheviks were helped by the people of the Odessa mafia king Mishka Yaponchik.
  10. Stalker
    Stalker 22 February 2015 07: 29
    and after satellite images of combines in the Rostov region under the guise of

    ... Well it was, so what ?? It is our personal business how to use military equipment .... laughing

    1. Viktor Kudinov
      Viktor Kudinov 22 February 2015 12: 27
      Awesome! The picture is simply asking for a brand in the 1950s. good
      1. The point
        The point 22 February 2015 17: 10
        I'm afraid the enemies also have something to answer.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. Name
    Name 22 February 2015 07: 31
    Greetings to all! Lyashko is incomparable in his inadequacy, Parasenko was not standing nearby. From the last from Lyashko:
    “If I were in the place of US President Obama, without hesitation for a minute, I would allocate at least 100 billions of dollars of irrevocable financial assistance to Ukraine to carry out reforms.
    I’d also write off all Ukraine’s debts to creditors, for the USA it’s a penny ”
    - wrote this "wise politician" as always on his Facebook page.
    Well, from Klyachko pearl:
    1. Alexander_
      Alexander_ 22 February 2015 12: 42
      :) Moving consciousness switches while writing one sentence.
      1. gjv
        gjv 22 February 2015 19: 43
        Quote: Alexander_
        Moving consciousness switches while writing one sentence

        Unfortunately, more likely a slip of the tongue "according to Freud" from a member of the junta, a protege of Europe and the United States. And his patrons do not care how many Ukrainians will be killed before they know the luck of love and happiness! If only to bring the war closer to Russia. And without any regret, they are ready to sacrifice all of Ukraine for this, all 45 million Ukrainians - so that they do not know grief!
        When will the Ukrainians finally understand this and stop jumping to the tune of "mud ... p ... kov"?
        Really never? :-(
      2. The comment was deleted.
  13. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 22 February 2015 07: 33
    Today is the holiday of the comrade "Forgiven Sunday" ... Forgive us dill for the Debaltseve cauldron ..! wassat
  14. Federal
    Federal 22 February 2015 07: 34
    Thanks to the authors Alexey and Oleg for the weekly review!
    The official representative of the US State Department, Jen Psaki, said that the US authorities have satellite images that prove that Russian volley fire systems and artillery are in the Debaltsevo area.
    1. major071
      major071 22 February 2015 09: 32
      Many thanks to Alexey and Oleg! good drinks
      And we will walk a little along Janie, while it is still possible! laughing

      Jenny Psaki threatened us repeatedly
      Was the mouthpiece and voice of the State Department
      Black-headed Barack's crazy ravings
      According to her, newspapers always printed
      We were touched, simply neighing
      Sinned and beads and appearance
      Yes, this is nonsense! And new "pearls" were waiting
      Referring to the video of her amusing
      We thought the woman was not far
      That her mind is certainly not "seething"
      What phrases repeats like a magpie
      But it turned out simply - toxicosis tortured!
      Well then we'll tell you goodbye
      Give birth, then do not give the child a descent
      And what would be the correct upbringing
      You buy him the alphabet, of course, in Russian!
      1. orphan 63
        orphan 63 22 February 2015 11: 45
        lol laughing
        As you know, on February 19, the White House announced the pregnancy of Psaki. According to Psaki herself, Putin is to blame for this, as always. In this regard, sanctions against Russia will be strengthened, and all men of Russia are prohibited from entering the United States.

        We did not expect such a brutal sanction.
        Bring Psaki back! Why did you remove her?
        Who speaks to us the joy of Dumb Wizards?
        Maroussia Harp doesn’t count at all: She is not Psaki!

        I am writing a petition to the Senate: “Enemies, dogs!
        Get the clown back, Get the Psaki back! ”
        She was a star with us, A ray in the darkness.
        She became our mother, Return the Psaki!
        Morning. Psaki's husband is concerned:
        “Jen, you have no face.” Did you sleep badly?
        - Yes Dear. For the third consecutive night, the same nightmare has been dreaming. It is worth turning a blind eye as I find myself in Belarus. There Lukashenko comes up to me, shoves a shovel in my hands and orders me to dig the Belarusian Sea. Like she said that the sea is there - do it. So I dig all night and get very tired. I don’t know what to do.
        - And you, the next time you dream about it, don’t take a shovel, and say that you won’t dig anymore. And if he insists, say that you will complain to Putin. Lukashenko clearly respects Putin and will leave you behind.
        The next morning, Psaki wakes up completely exhausted:
        - She fell asleep and again ended up in Belarus. And again this ugly Lukashenko came up. I didn’t take a shovel and told him about Putin, as you taught.
        - Well then?
        - Lukashenko smiled and called Putin. And he said that I no longer dug the sea, but took a shovel.
        - Well, then it all worked out ?!
        - Not really - then I poured the Rostov Mountains all night ... One ... This fucking shovel ...
        1. Viktor Kudinov
          Viktor Kudinov 22 February 2015 12: 37
          This is how VO legends go to the hospital with a proudly protruded belly. laughing Probably soon the time will come and Lyashko! wassat

          - Is not it, Gene, we have nothing to do with it !? belay
          - Not true, Cheburashka! winked
    2. igordok
      igordok 22 February 2015 09: 37
      House of Lords statement: translation from diplomatic into Russian

      Taken from

      The day before, the head of the British Parliament’s upper house committee on EU affairs, Lord Christopher Tagendhat, published a report full of concern and regret, “EU and Russia: Before and After the Crisis in Ukraine”. Since the report is full of diplomatic maxims and streamlined language, I took the liberty of translating it from diplomatic into Russian. The text of the report turned out to be pulled by quotes that I collected from various sources, so there are no links.
      1. On the eve of the crisis in Ukraine, Great Britain and the European Union showed a catastrophic misunderstanding of the situation in the region = We assumed that Ukraine was already reformatted enough to rob it.

      2. European politicians, starting with Ukraine negotiations on signing an association agreement, could not understand the depth of Russia's negative attitude to this process = We hoped that Russia would not rock the boat and keep quiet while we tear Ukraine away from it

      3. The Committee believes that the European Union and, consequently, the United Kingdom, are to blame for having entered into this crisis without realizing it, like somnambulists = We entered into confrontation with Russia at the direction of the ocean, without any benefits

      4. The lack of strong analytical resources, both in the United Kingdom and in the EU, in fact led to a catastrophic misunderstanding of the mood on the eve of the crisis = Oh hell, when it comes to the mysterious Russian soul, our analysts are no good

      5. The British government could not play such an active and prominent role in this matter as it could play = The British government could not play such an active and prominent role in this matter as it could play if it were not for Russia

      6. EU relations with Moscow for too long have been based on the optimistic assumption that Russia is moving along the path of democratic development = Until recently, we hoped that Russia would return to the wake of our policy, or at least keep silent

      7. Ukraine will need a huge amount of assistance from the EU, but in order to receive it, Kiev must spend pforms and start an effective fight against corruption = Ukraine will not wait for help from the EU

      8. Although Britain is negative about the accession of Crimea to Russia and welcomes the sanctions imposed against Moscow, the EU and Russia should cooperate on political and economic issues, which is only possible if Brussels takes into account the legitimate interests of Moscow = We understand the justice of the annexation of Crimea to Russia, but we will always say the opposite aloud

      9. gradual removal of sanctions should be part of the EU negotiating position = These sanctions we are damn tired of ourselves

      10. The British Foreign Ministry should once again strengthen its units engaged in the analysis of Russia = We must learn to at least sometimes guess what this unpredictable Putin will do in the next moment!
  15. Name
    Name 22 February 2015 07: 39
    Sunday gag 1. American mixed martial arts fighter Jeff Monson donated his fee for the fight with Vladimir Nepochatov, which took place as part of the "Stronghold 108: For the Glory of the Fatherland" tournament, donated to Donbass. "I did not fight for money. This is not the main goal of my fight. I will donate all the fees from the fight to the people in Donbass," said Monson, who won this fight.
    1. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov 22 February 2015 09: 23
      I’ll add a little more ...
      A REAL MAN. .... An American athlete donated a fee to help residents of Donbass

      Jeff Monson, competing in ju-jitsu and mixed martial arts (MMA), also called on people to provide all possible assistance to the victims of the war in Ukraine.

      American athlete Jeff Monson, competing in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts (MMA), won the battle at the "Oplot 108: For the Glory of the Fatherland" tournament in Moscow and gave his fee for the fight to help residents
      Donbass reported on Sunday on the site

      "All the money I got for today's fight will go
      to help Donbass, they need children affected by
      conflict ", - said the athlete immediately after

      The athlete also urged people to provide injuries.
      from military operations to the residents of Ukraine all possible assistance.
      Monson is a popular athlete in Russia, where
      constantly takes part in various tournaments
      in mixed martial arts. He previously stated that he wanted to
      get Russian citizenship.

    2. tracker
      tracker 22 February 2015 10: 11
      Monson, a normal man, he was respected in Russia before this fight
  16. Federal
    Federal 22 February 2015 07: 43
    Journalists commenting on Fallon’s words went further and stated that “it is necessary to use force”, because “by his own will the Russian bear will not give up the taiga”.

    Already at the end they became insolent and called to the open for war, and gentlemen are not afraid that your Briton together with the landon may turn out to be a large submarine. Atlantis say, too, was a mighty country, but bad luck under the water they say all gone ....
    1. Name
      Name 22 February 2015 08: 03
      Well, everyone knows how to drive a bear out of the den, but no one has managed to drive him back! repeat
      1. Arberes
        Arberes 22 February 2015 15: 37
        Quote: name
        Well, everyone knows how to drive a bear out of the den, but no one has managed to drive him back!

        Well said, dear Namerek (6) hi

        Everyone knows how to wake a bear!
        Uma do not need-blather at the den?
        Just do not forget to unhook the skis,
        When you have to carry away your legs faster!

        And for what, I want to ask you (NATO countries)
        Do you need all these experiments ???
        A bear will catch, smash and devour
        And bring you in the form of excrement!

        You want it - follow!
        Do not you have to jump at the den?
        Great Siberia - gentlemen of the bourgeois,
        Enough for everyone to dig in!
  17. shishakova
    shishakova 22 February 2015 07: 43
    Thank you, clearly and accurately said!

    Well, in Ukraine, of course, the wrong arrangement of colors on the flag leads to failure))
    And in Russia, as always, those who are in power (the government) are to blame. Of course, at all times people are paying for everything and still want more justice.

    Seriously, it’s sad - people in the cauldrons lived out their lives, and this is not their choice (they were sent there) ...

    Why is there so much debate about whether there is a Russian Amiya in Ukraine. It seems to me that if she was there, then why would Zakharchenko risk his life at the front?
  18. andrei332809
    andrei332809 22 February 2015 07: 44
    I liked the KKK. I need to help them, send ropes, soap, matches and gasoline
  19. DUMYCH
    DUMYCH 22 February 2015 07: 53
    As usual, everything is on the shelves. Thanks guys!
    1. gunya
      gunya 22 February 2015 16: 27
      Only for some reason, the gaps on shoulder straps combined arms!
      Once again, movie connoisseurs crawled!
      1. gjv
        gjv 22 February 2015 18: 51
        Quote: gunya
        Only for some reason, the gaps on the uniforms of general arms! Again, film connoisseurs messed around!

        Petrovich, here you are a scout, but you just forgot a little. Clearance of burgundy, edging blue and blue - these are field shoulder straps of an aviation officer of the Red Army of 1943. Such was the form. Well done - filmmakers, were not mistaken in color reproduction.
        Although in my opinion, in traditional black and white, this film looks better, like "Seventeen Moments ..."
      2. gjv
        gjv 22 February 2015 18: 51
        Quote: gunya
        Only for some reason, the gaps on the uniforms of general arms! Again, film connoisseurs messed around!

        Petrovich, here you are a scout, but you just forgot a little. Clearance of burgundy, edging blue and blue - these are field shoulder straps of an aviation officer of the Red Army of 1943. Such was the form. Well done - filmmakers, were not mistaken in color reproduction.
        Although in my opinion, in traditional black and white, this film looks better, like "Seventeen Moments ..."
  20. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 22 February 2015 07: 53
    On the eve of the anniversary of the Bandera coup, before the eyes of the entire world community, the Debaltsevsky "bag" with the Armed Forces and the National Guard became a "boiler", it boiled and exploded. A sort of gift from New Russia to Nazi-Kiev.
    "We are afraid." But we will beat and beat.
    1. The point
      The point 22 February 2015 17: 13
      So that’s why they’re not all in a hurry to give up — scary at home.
  21. mamont5
    mamont5 22 February 2015 07: 55
    Organize JV "PMC im. Sudoplatov "in Central America it is necessary - in opposition to the CIA and as insurance against coup d'etat with our friends!"
    Soon needed. In Nicaragua, at least you have to send the sun to guard the canal. PMCs for this - that’s it. Well, and, accordingly, a complete military base with the assigned Air Force and ships.
  22. mamont5
    mamont5 22 February 2015 07: 59
    Quote: s.melioxin
    Zakharchenko ... first of all, we will simply destroy the Debaltsevsky Cauldron with the Ukrainian military ...
    The man said, The man did! Respect! Now there is no "boiler". What a time, one chews a tie, the other is going to run naked. We look forward to running. We will look if there is something to look at. But Tricolor will definitely like it.

    Yes-ah, you have to be more careful with such statements. Now what, just undress and run. It's like "card debt is a matter of honor". Although, what is it me ... Honor and dill are incompatible concepts.
  23. sazhka4
    sazhka4 22 February 2015 07: 59
    “To betray in time is not to betray. Anticipate it! ”
    "However, this is in the historical tradition. It is not for nothing that in Soviet times Ukraine was often called not" Kraina glad "(Ukrainian. - the country of the Soviets), but" Kraina zrad "(Ukrainian. - the country of betrayals)."

    Such a breed. At the genetic (genital?) Level.
  24. Proud.
    Proud. 22 February 2015 08: 00
    The appeal of the students of Ukraine to the students of Russia. Everything is as usual, you are blind, deaf, you are deceived by the "Kiselev propaganda", we alone know the "truth":
    1. krpmlws
      krpmlws 22 February 2015 08: 20
      Complete nonsense. The State Department wrote the text of the appeal, which these geeks read for 36 pieces of silver.
      1. brasist
        brasist 22 February 2015 10: 13
        How not to read, after all, they can even call and where they call, they will have to read the waste, if they still believe in God.
      2. does it
        does it 22 February 2015 14: 15
        Quote: krpmlws
        Complete nonsense. The State Department wrote the text of the appeal, which these geeks read for 36 pieces of silver.

        Our state media warned several years ago about the flows of disinformation. And they also urged us to think and compare.
      3. Plastun
        Plastun 23 February 2015 00: 14
        according to scripture 30 ...
      4. 320423
        320423 23 February 2015 13: 58
        cheaper for exemption from participation in the ATO
    2. TVM - 75
      TVM - 75 22 February 2015 10: 15
      Complete nonsense, ignorance or meanness! Rather, the last!
    3. does it
      does it 22 February 2015 14: 13
      Quote: Be proud.
      The appeal of the students of Ukraine to the students of Russia. Everything is as usual, you are blind, deaf, you are deceived by the "Kiselev propaganda", we alone know the "truth":

      I was recently told how one girl killed two siblings in Kiev for being Russian. What did they do there? Students came there to practice.
    4. Dmitry 2246
      Dmitry 2246 22 February 2015 18: 27
      Campaign Zhirinovsky right stubborn, stupid nation, and most importantly does not cure the unfortunate.
      Where are they going to build planes?
      And do we forbid Ukrainian journalists to work in our country?
      And they are right for the meanness and death of the Russian people have to answer.
    5. van50man
      van50man 23 February 2015 10: 39
      ... calculate, check out (wash floors and utensils)!
  25. Proud.
    Proud. 22 February 2015 08: 01
    Reverse. The appeal of students of Russia to students of Ukraine:
    1. gameover_65
      gameover_65 22 February 2015 14: 19
      somehow weakly, one could have done better!
    2. Dmitry 2246
      Dmitry 2246 22 February 2015 18: 32
      Competently, generously, respectfully, reasonably, benevolently - in Russian.
    3. van50man
      van50man 23 February 2015 10: 43
      ... calculate, award, write a scholarship (treat in a restaurant)!
  26. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 22 February 2015 08: 04
    Purely for info ... Nice to hell! Go Russia!
  27. Magadan
    Magadan 22 February 2015 08: 10
    As for the "evidence of the Russian invasion," I beg someone to draw a collage: a bear with a balalaika and a frowning muzzle crosses the border with Donbass. Well, the signature is there: "found from the satellite" or something like that. It would be nice to upload such a picture to American forums :)
    1. K-50
      K-50 22 February 2015 10: 35
      Quote: Magadan
      It would be nice to throw such a picture in American forums :)

      And if they jump out of the windows? belay
  28. Turk
    Turk 22 February 2015 08: 14
    "For Ukraine to get up from head to feet, you need to turn the flag upside down." ...... how do you understand it?, Was zhovto-blakitny, will become blakit in jo..e? Well done horses. Yes, and one more thing: They didn't cover Psaku, but it's a pity. Such a masterpiece was just released to the hospital. It will be boring without her, but I think the land of AMrika has not become scarce with such talking heads.
  29. thinker
    thinker 22 February 2015 08: 16
    After all, as it turned out, the speaker of the US State Department leaves the department on maternity leave. So it was finalized in his office ...
    1. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov 22 February 2015 09: 14
      Quote: thinker
      After all, as it turned out, the speaker of the US State Department leaves the department on maternity leave. So it was finalized in his office ...

      Clean work..)))) repeat
    2. Serg 122
      Serg 122 22 February 2015 11: 39
      After all, as it turned out, the speaker of the US State Department leaves the department on maternity leave. So it was finalized in his office ...

      The answer is found! laughing
      1. Viktor Kudinov
        Viktor Kudinov 22 February 2015 12: 50
        Jane, look where you sit! request
    3. 22 February 2015 18: 27
      And who told her that she was pregnant?
      1. Serg 122
        Serg 122 23 February 2015 19: 05
        And who told her that she was pregnant?

        In the office... laughing
  30. Name
    Name 22 February 2015 08: 16
    Sunday Gag 2:
    Ukrainian politicians reported a sensation. It turns out that gas in Ukraine is not Russian at all, but comes from some hefty pipe!
  31. Kunar
    Kunar 22 February 2015 08: 29
    Truly, Usraina is the only country in the world that exports whores and imports ministers what
  32. Name
    Name 22 February 2015 08: 53
    And they will arrive in Kiev to participate in the "March of Dignity" active amerovskie servants from Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia, Slovakia and a solid "president" nominee from Germany, they will bring gifts. laughing Parasenko probably described himself with happiness ...
    1. van50man
      van50man 23 February 2015 10: 52
      ... well, ADVANTAGE is among men! And entih something?
  33. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 22 February 2015 09: 08
    Svetlana Petrovna Zalishchuk deigned to promise in the social. networks: “all Rusnya ... you’ll take it in your mouth, not Debaltseve. If you take it by some miracle, then I will run naked in Kiev with the Russian flag. ” Svetlana Zalishchuk - Ukrainian politician, journalist
    What kind of people are these? One chews a tie, the other is about to run in negligee. About times, about morals. Zakharchenko Man. A man said, a man did. Debaltseve taken. Now we will watch a run, unless of course there is something to look at. But in extreme cases, Tricolor will definitely like it.
    1. Anper
      Anper 22 February 2015 11: 53
      The article also conveyed Svetochkin’s words very culturally. This quite normal-looking lady on Twitter swears like the last Odessa loader.
      1. Viktor Kudinov
        Viktor Kudinov 22 February 2015 12: 57
        And the shots will be - how is she naked running around Kiev with the Russian flag !? I'd like to see. And so - by jogging, jogging, and not by trot or gallop! wassat
      2. van50man
        van50man 23 February 2015 10: 59
        ... in a row with a flag in a famous place! And, after all, they will catch ..., there will be lovers of jogging with naked buttocks. Although, with such a terrible appearance, it would be worth it to “drive out” along Debaltseve, along the ruins, and so that the children (who remained) remember how the fascist villain looks (as an option).
  34. DUMYCH
    DUMYCH 22 February 2015 09: 09
    I didn’t understand a little. How many times have the Ukrainians destroyed the Airborne Forces of Pskov? We don’t have so many people.
  35. Egoza
    Egoza 22 February 2015 09: 12
    Thanks to the authors! ++++
    Well, 5 cents for a laugh ...

    Pearl from Alexander Yakush. This creature told the world: “Do you know that our Ukrainian damsels and lads have more dicks than your Russians?”

    Maxim Kupinov answers:
    Of course, Ukraine goes to Europe, and there Conchita Wurst (Sausage), but so that the divinas have more members ... This is worse than the Chernobyl mutations. Here are the catastrophic consequences of Svidomo. Who will roam the streets of the Ruin cities for years through 10, what monsters? There, Irina Farion will be perceived as a model of mental and physical health.
    1. Kunar
      Kunar 22 February 2015 12: 32
      Are you talking about girls bully
  36. The comment was deleted.
  37. Egoza
    Egoza 22 February 2015 09: 25
    It would be interesting to know exactly how much the French wanted to rip off India! Or the money ran out, and you have to pay for the Mistral ... so they decided to "find" money in case of a refund or fines wink
  38. sv68
    sv68 22 February 2015 09: 31
    Yanyk promised to return to the outskirts, now he’s probably sitting with a glass of vodka in his hands and thinking, why did I blurt out such nonsense, I mean there, I’ll rake everything and the pet of the reptile in Rostov will whip! fool fool thanks for the review !!!
    1. gunya
      gunya 22 February 2015 17: 16
      And who will let Patka into Rostov? He has a direct road to Lefortovo, in the UK it seems to him the case has been started.
  39. wanderer987
    wanderer987 22 February 2015 09: 38
    Shl. By the way, at the very beginning many people confused HOW to hang out the flag. After all, in Ukrainian "yellow-blakytny prapor" i.e. yellow-blue. But they decided to post as Bandera was, however, on this fact, no one (Kravchuk tried) did not focus on this. And in vain. And he and everyone else would have to remember what Bandera and his "army" finished under this flag.

    During the collapse of the USSR and the parade of sovereignties, he served in Sevastopol when the "new flag of Ukraine" was put upside down on the building of the mountain administration, I immediately drew attention to this, and this position of the flag means that the state is in a state of war, time has shown that it turned out to be correct accidents in such things do not happen !!!
  40. Vladimir57
    Vladimir57 22 February 2015 09: 45
    There is no boiler ... Now definitely not!
    1. Kunar
      Kunar 22 February 2015 12: 34
      It was smooth on paper .... click
  41. Gungar
    Gungar 22 February 2015 09: 45
    KKK also bleat Petrosyans, my cognitive dissonance has developed from such a pearl "the invasion of imperialist homosexual communists."
    z / s Cyborgs exciting planets have a rest.
    s / s s Chota ryu ...
  42. pensioner
    pensioner 22 February 2015 09: 56
    Apparently, the depraved spirit will completely disappear from the White House in 2017, when President Hillary Clinton is inaugurated.
    Oh doubt what ... you underestimate the talents of the old woman in this matter repeat .
    Thanks to the Authors for the Results! hi
    1. Kunar
      Kunar 22 February 2015 12: 36
      And all together! Caries is not transmitted sexually ..... She takes revenge on her husband! Suck at the whole white house! wassat
  43. Egoza
    Egoza 22 February 2015 10: 08
    In the Kiev press, agitation began for abandoning Lugansk and Donetsk
    In the Kiev press, agitation began for abandoning Lugansk and Donetsk: the authoritative newspaper Zerkalo Nedeli in the Ukrainian capital called for recognition of the loss of this part of Donbass.
    “The enemy himself with a new force, in the literal and figurative sense, suggests a way out. What, possibly, the occupied territories is a cut chunk. For what reasons - now we will not. Late. But, perhaps, recognizing this, we could make a productive attempt to begin peace negotiations on completely different, real terms. And the matter is not only in our mercantile calculations - we won’t pull economically, we’ll go into the abyss, Europe will not take ...
    The point is the real - mental, energy, political separation of the occupied territories from Ukraine. That is why the command of the "republics" behaves so brazenly. The gap occurred. And the point. No matter how painful and embarrassing it is, ”the publication says.
    “Perhaps the rejection of these territories is the very bottom that we will hit, bandage wounds, gather strength and, pushing off, we will go up,” the newspaper suggests.
    Actually, the signal is interesting ... especially considering that the weekly Zerkalo Nedeli is an LLC, where 51% are Americans, and the official director is the wife of Mr. M.os.k.a., who constantly criticized ministers of the Ministry of Defense, because he himself was not put in this post. However, I agree that "hit the bottom", but whether it will emerge after that is a big question!
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 22 February 2015 10: 32
      Quote: Egoza
      abandonment of these territories is the very bottom that we will hit

      Hit, hit yes . The letter Y. repeat
      Quote: Egoza
      and pushing off, let's go up

      stop But this is not even hoped. Break through the program further ...
      Good day, Helen! love
      I fish yes :
      1. OlegLex
        OlegLex 23 February 2015 21: 09
        damn it
    2. Lelek
      Lelek 22 February 2015 11: 11
      Quote: Egoza
      However, I agree that "hit the bottom", but whether it will emerge after that is a big question!

      Hello everyone. The "emerge" of the former Ukraine with the current load on its feet ($ 140 billion in total debt + tattered industry + agriculture brought to the Middle Ages) is a pure utopia. This is payment for the love of freebies and unwillingness to think with YOUR head.
    3. Kunar
      Kunar 22 February 2015 12: 53
      Do not let go !!! fool
      So just they can’t get away with it
  44. Shadow1
    Shadow1 22 February 2015 10: 20
    And here’s the video from the show! Don't be nervous to watch!

    Of course, because from what nooks and crannies of the warehouses of technology they dragged it!
    And here is a real exhibition of aggressor technique!

    Here after the Victory in the battle of Kursk!

    They have after the "victorious" drap from the "Debaltsevsky bridgehead"!
    1. 22 February 2015 19: 06
      Well done Shadow 1, found what you need. The main thing is that all our "partners" Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Romania are listed here. Do not forget about it. You can add Bulgaria, Spain, etc. ALL EUROPE.
  45. act
    act 22 February 2015 11: 32
    And once again about Petrushka and his puppeteers
    1. Kunar
      Kunar 22 February 2015 12: 43
      They are all controlled through the ass there. lol
  46. dEADj
    dEADj 22 February 2015 11: 42
    Let not celebrate, the Nazis should not defile this our holiday.
  47. Name
    Name 22 February 2015 11: 58
    Sunday gag (next):
    1. kush62
      kush62 22 February 2015 16: 35
      Namerek (6) Today, 11:58 AM New
      Sunday gag (next):

      Once such a booze went, cut the last cucumber.

      The Japanese came up with a watch that hurries forward by an hour from the mat. Hanged in an English pub. They arrive every other day, and the clock rushes for 12 hours. Hanged in a French cafe.
      They arrive the next day, and the clock rushes for 20 hours. Hanged in a Russian tavern.
      They arrive the next day, but there are no hours. The bartender is asked who stole the watch.
      And he answers: is it a watch? And we thought a fan. So much blowing.
  48. Starik72
    Starik72 22 February 2015 13: 58
    Thanks Alexey and Oleg for a great weekly review!
  49. X Y Z
    X Y Z 22 February 2015 13: 59
    "According to Siluanov, the retirement age in the Russian Federation should be 63 years for both men and women. According to the minister, it is wrong to spend 4% of GDP on the payment of pensions" right and left "...

    Yes, we fully understand this, let me report, Comrade Minister. Yes, that's bad luck, not everyone succeeds in harvesting millions of dollars for "old age", as is customary among officials. We are very sorry for that. So you have to whine money from a high-profile person so busy with state problems and hint that your statements, to put it mildly, border either on stupidity or on cynicism. Both are distressing for a statesman of your scale.
  50. pochtavas2014
    pochtavas2014 22 February 2015 14: 38
    Ukrainians and Ukrainians! Live quietly, you will not see the dashing.