Should the head of Russia's defense department be a military man? Poll

Should the Minister of Defense necessarily be a military man?

Yes, for Russia, the head of the army should traditionally be military - 1058 (74.3%)
No - 34 (2.39%)
Not necessarily, as long as it is a smart and dedicated patriot - 319 (22.4%)
I do not know - 2 (0.14%)
I will offer my version - 11 (0.77%)
Should the head of Russia's defense department be a military man? PollThe current Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation causes very violent feelings among opponents, which often turn into curses. One of the main arguments of his opponents is the fact that the head of the Russian defense ministry is civil. Like, so he does not understand anything in military affairs and ruin the army. But we must objectively consider whether the head of the armed forces should be a military man with military education and service experience, leadership in the army.

Arguments for"

- The leader must know all the details of the case he is in charge of, go a long way from a junior officer to the head of the defense department. Be an expert in their field. Otherwise, it can “break wood”.

- Psychological factor: civilian minister causes distrust. People believe that he is not an expert in the military field and such a person cannot be trusted with the country's defense.

- Traditionally, the army of Russia-Russia-USSR was headed by military people, "voivods" who served almost from birth ("service people"). And the overwhelming part of wars and battles our army won. This is proved by the fact that the army should be led by professional military.

- If the Russian leadership plans to restore Russia as an independent force on the planet, the head of the defense department should be a military specialist, who has come a long way from a lieutenant to a general, with combat experience, a good track record. Only such a person will be authoritative for the army and dangerous for potential aggressors.

Arguments against"

- It’s not at all necessary that the Russian defense minister should necessarily be a military man. In a number of countries, women or men who did not have anything to do with the army became the ministers of defense. The country's defense minister is just a kind of link between the armed forces and the highest authority in the state. For the head of the defense department, it is not necessary to know all the subtleties of military service, military affairs, for this the minister has a lot of deputies, advisers (experts in their field) and the chief of the General Staff. The main thing for the minister is to express the will of the country's leadership, to carry out his decisions.

- A military person is initially associated with the army, he represents the caste of the military, the interests of some group (Air Force, Strategic Missile Forces, Land Forces, etc.). Therefore, it can not be objective.

“And a non-military person can be an excellent organizer, manager who increases the country's defense potential.” So, Stalin, the son of a shoemaker, studied at the priest, Beria graduated from the Baku Secondary Mechanical and Technical Construction School, but both of these managers made a huge contribution to strengthening the defense of the USSR. Therefore, the main difference between the Minister of Defense is not military education, but organizational skills and the psychology of a statesman.

- When reforming the armed forces, that is, at the present time, only a civilian defense minister can carry out important organizational issues. The military corporation is very conservative and slows down the movement forward, the development of the army. The civilian minister is not associated with the military elite corporate ethics.

- The Minister of Defense is a political figure. This person should understand his field of activity, but at the global level - potential enemies, economic opportunities of the country, the main directions of the development of the Armed Forces, etc. More subtle questions are solved with the help of specialists in their field - Air Force, Navy, Ground Forces, Strategic Rocket Forces and etc. In addition, there is still the chief of the General Staff. The main task of the Minister of War is to keep the army combat-ready, while not ruining the state economically. This task can be accomplished by a civilian minister, but at the same time a statesman, a patriot of his country.

- During the transitional period, it is dangerous for the military to give such a post, a conspiracy, mutiny is possible. The civilian minister is a more loyal figure, unrelated to the military caste.
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