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About the reasons for the failure of the "storming" of Sirte and Bani Walid

About the reasons for the failure of the "storming" of Sirte and Bani Walid

After the assault and fall of the capital of Libya - Tripoli, the forces of the rebels, supported by the Western coalition, have already conducted five "assaults" (for us, the assault is the capture of Berlin, the Amin or Grozny Palace, but not the attempts of the cities to enter the city) Sirte and Bani Walid. And all these attempts ended almost the same - the flight of the attacking side from the battlefield, with the first serious resistance. The question arises, what is happening?

Especially interesting, these events look after the capture of Tripoli. There are several factors to consider. Firstly, the capture of the Libyan capital has been prepared for a long time, perhaps from the end of spring. It was from the end of May that messages began to come from Qatar about the construction of a double city, full-scale models of buildings and Tripoli squares, on which they finally began to conduct an assault on the city. Fighters of private military companies (PMCs), Arab and Western special forces "dragged" to Tripoli. Then the mock-ups were used again - for the informational cover of Operation Mermaid. Secondly, the factor of betrayal of the highest military ranks was fully used to capture Tripoli. Thirdly, the tactics of the “waves” were used, which were coordinated among themselves in terms of time and tasks. The first wave became a reconnaissance battle, in addition, it drove ordinary residents home, leaving the city completely empty. The second wave (air assault) consisted of groups of Western and Arab special forces, plus the activation of Islamist cells. She cut through the defense of the city and the disorganized units of Gaddafi were localized along the centers of resistance. In the third wave, the crowd went already, which was shown to the whole world, but the main role in it was played not by the rebels from the east of the country (due to their almost zero fighting efficiency), but by the Islamists. Fourth, a successful landing was carried out. The landing party was able to land on the embankments and in the port area almost unhindered, since on the shore of the capital, efforts aviation NATO had absolutely no means of fire that could knock out the landing on the way.

Bani Walid and Sirt

Attempts to take these cities on the move failed, the retreating units of Gaddafi, because of their desperate position, were entrenched there and put up fierce resistance to the enemy, who tried to attack almost from the traveling position. And then the factors that led to the defeat of other attempts to capture these cities began to play a role.

Thus, the locality itself helps supporters of Muammar Gaddafi. Bani Walid is an oasis, that is, the area around it, a flat desert, in which there are practically no natural shelters. From shelters only dunes and the bed of the dried river. There is water in the city, and once there is water, there is also a significant amount of greenery, i.e., good opportunities for sheltering vehicles and artillery. At the same time, it is difficult to detect the artillery of Gaddafi’s units from the air, positions are opened only at the time of its operation. NATO Air Force aircraft is not in a position to destroy all the heavy weapons of Gaddafi’s forces, while reconnaissance issues target designation, strike aircraft hit, until they strike, a very significant time will pass, during which you can change your position.

Gaddafi's opponents are fighting not only with Gaddafi units, but also local militias. This gives an advantage in the knowledge of the terrain - the reconnaissance of the enemy's positions, observation of him. Several reports have already passed on the successful strike of Gaddafi’s rocket launcher systems against the enemy. Apparently, the local well track the accumulation of enemy forces and they are immediately hit by artillery. In such a situation, it is impossible to prepare for the assault on the city without being noticed. So, knowingly, the “three assaults” of Bani Walid began, according to the media, after an artillery strike against the PNS force clusters.

The Western command cannot use the experience of Tripoli in Sirte and Bani Walid. There is no one to betray and surrender the defense sector, i.e. there is no “Trojan horse”, as in Tripoli. Cities are ready for defense. The rebels have no experience, and the desire to give their lives, storming the city on the present - house by house, quarter by quarter. The most combat-ready part of them is the Islamists, ready for terrorist attacks, terror, an offensive against a disorganized, broken enemy, but not a real head-on fight. Forces of the Arab and Western Special Forces are also not enough for this, and it is not their task to storm the cities. General military units are needed - a brigade or two, reinforced with additional armored vehicles, artillery.

Bottom line: for a successful assault on the cities of Bani Walid and Sirte, it is necessary to conduct a full-fledged combined-arms operation. Massive artillery strikes and air strikes, the advancement of armored vehicles and infantry in the main areas, the gradual advancement of assault groups (up to a company) under the cover of artillery fire and air strikes against strong resistance units. The problem is that the PNS does not have such a tool. So, under the Bani Walid mostly Islamists are located. They are able to fight as partisans, no more. In addition, the Islamists categorically do not like the command from the West, now they show their temper, they have their own plans for Libya, which differ from the plans of Rome, Paris and London. The Islamists do not have competent general commanders, there is no operational headquarters that could draw up a competent assault plan.

The same reasons are valid under Sirte, only there is another feature - under Sirte, the bulk of the rebels are men in slippers, with hookahs, with one shop for an automatic, who retreat at the slightest resistance. They do not know how to fight and do not want. That is why we see all the new “assaults”, the essence of which is an attempt to enter the city, after the air strikes of the NATO Air Force and artillery attacks. With the resistance of the "snipers" Gaddafi, the militia, the whole "horde" immediately makes legs.

Therefore, the West wants to push through the UN Security Council the decision to send a "limited peacekeeping contingent", apparently, just as part of one or two reinforced combined-arms brigades. Then the city will take, telling the world about a successful "humanitarian operation".
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  1. Skills
    19 September 2011 08: 27 New
    The next news on this topic: The troops of the Transitional National Council of Libya could not succeed in the September attack on the last cities, faithful to Gaddafi, that was launched on September 18. Armed forces of the government are defeated during street battles in Sirte and Bani Walide, where snipers of the cracked Libyan leader attack the attackers.

    Support for the army PNS provides NATO aircraft. Due to the alliance air strikes from Sirte and Bani Walid, civilians are fleeing. At the same time, in the cities the military firmly hold the defense. In the arsenal of supporters of Gaddafi - the volley fire "GRAD", from which they fire the forces of the PNS, reports "Reuters".

    The PNS Army also launches air strikes against Gaddafists. During the September 16 battles, 354 people died, they said, surrounded by Gaddafi. Correspondents who are on the scene, indicate inconsistency in the actions of PNS. Moreover, the failure to attack Sirte and Bani Walid caused mutual accusations among Tripoli supporters, BBC reports.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 19 September 2011 09: 01 New
      indicate inconsistency in the actions of the PNS. Moreover, the failure to attack Sirte and Bani Walid caused mutual accusations among Tripoli supporters, the BBC reports.

      Well, that’s right, while some are fighting, others are making money on this, and they’re grabbing ...
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 19 September 2011 09: 41 New
        There, 17 NATO prisoners were captured, and since by definition they should not be there, then they are mercenaries, and in general I am surprised at the decency of the colonel
        1. ballian
          ballian 19 September 2011 09: 47 New
          Where "17 NATO" "captured"? Do you know how to filter any lobuda, or did you dream about it today?
          1. PSih2097
            PSih2097 19 September 2011 14: 22 New
            In Libya, stubborn battles continue between the troops of the Transitional National Council and the troops loyal to the ousted Muammar Gaddafi, for the cities of Bani Walid and Sirte. The representative of Gaddafi, Mussa Ibrahim, said that during the fighting 17 foreign citizens were captured, including "technical experts" from France and the UK, Radio Liberty reports. Rosbalt 09:26
            Gaddafi’s troops, the complete defeat of which has repeatedly been announced by the new Libyan authorities, continue to resist. Having barely managed to report to the Western sponsors of the “revolution” about the capture of the cities of Bani Walid and Sirte, the rebels barely blew their feet tonight, fleeing the heavy fire of Gaddafi’s supporters. Komsomol truth 09:24
            According to agency reporters, NATO, as well as French and British authorities, reject information from Arrai TV that NATO troops were captured by Gaddafi’s supporters. In mid-February 2011, mass demonstrations began in Libya demanding the departure of the ruling country for more than 40 years Gaddafi. News 08:25
          2. Vadivak
            Vadivak 19 September 2011 15: 31 New
            The news was, why are you so angry? I understand that without names and surnames, but can still publish, at least I want to believe
        2. jamert
          jamert 19 September 2011 20: 14 New
          Well, firstly, not NATO, but mercenaries from France, Britain and Qatar. And secondly, this information so far only from the words of the Gaddafists.
      2. Ivan35
        Ivan35 19 September 2011 18: 40 New
        I just wanted to add that these people are fighting with our enemy - with the evil empire - while we are sitting in comfort and hitting the keys - the Libyans are clutching assault rifles in their hands and are fighting
        The Syrians and Persians are now ready to join the battle against internal enemies fed by pendos.

        Yes, Gaddafi is a controversial person - he was not consistent in the procurement of Russian weapons - he tried to make friends with the West - but now he is a martyr and a Banner

        We all need to understand that the third world has already begun and we are next in line - and people in Russia who are still trying to side with the pendos are their fifth column in Russia - our enemies
        1. Ivan Tarasov
          Ivan Tarasov 19 September 2011 21: 49 New
          Unfortunately, Gaddafi was not consistent in the procurement of Russian weapons, for which he paid ...
          If Gaddafi bought 5 S-300 divisions and 8-9 Tor divisions, plus a couple of Su-30 regiments, there would be no war.
          A lesson with Libya is to go to all heads of countries.
          You can not be greedy, saving on the defense of your country, while pursuing an independent foreign policy.
  2. Patriot
    Patriot 19 September 2011 09: 49 New
    Hurray, comrades. Hello everyone,
    Well, we waited for real confirmation that these PPS oppositionists did not represent any military power.
    Islamic mercenaries, a military company and the French legion did all the dirty work for NATO countries with the connivance of the UN and air support of Western armies from the air.
    "The troops of M. Gaddafi captured 17 British and French" mercenaries "
    Soldiers loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi captured 17 "foreign mercenaries" who assisted the army of the Transitional National Council in storming the city of Beni Walid. According to the representative of Colonel Musa Ibrahim, technical specialists and military consultants were captured. “Most of them are French. The group of mercenaries also included two Britons, a native of Qatar and a representative of one of the Asian countries,” M. Ibrahim said in an interview with Syrian television channel Arrai TV on September 18. Read more:

    I’m only afraid that this fact will never reach the Western Erectorate, intimidated by Alcaida through its media.
    1. ballian
      ballian 19 September 2011 10: 06 New
      in 1 there is no "confirmation" - when these supposedly "mercenaries" and "French" are shown - then it will be a fact.
      in 2 it talks about some technical experts and military consultants - not the "French Legion"
      c-3 The NATO command has already stated that none of the troops of the North Atlantic alliance was captured by supporters of M. Gaddafi, reports Reuters. Representatives of France and the United Kingdom also denied information about the seizure of military specialists from these states.
      1. Patriot
        Patriot 19 September 2011 10: 25 New
        It seems to me that they have no choice but to deny everything? For, this will be a complete violation of the UN resolution.
  3. подводник
    подводник 19 September 2011 10: 31 New
  4. Patriot
    Patriot 19 September 2011 10: 40 New

    It seems to me that the Russian media, dancing to the tune of the pro-Western Medveput power, filter almost all the information. Here I think the same situation with the massive information war, as it was in Russia during the aggression of Georgia 080808.
    1. ballian
      ballian 19 September 2011 10: 48 New
      here tinder comments - I already wrote that there were no visible confirmations.
      Making a video and distributing it is a trifling matter - but it is not done.
      Just like any allegations about "NATO special forces" and "PMC mercenaries" - the mercenaries of these companies are engaged in very specific safe affairs (see Wiki) and are not specifically engaged in combat operations. is it pure speculation or Samsonov, or from whom did he copy-paste. One asks - what for the "wave tactics"? such as the huge Tripoli, you can "walk" in waves and in small towns not? Kitchen strategists.
      1. ballian
        ballian 19 September 2011 11: 55 New
        Here is the map that now in Libya, Gaddafi’s forces control (light and dark green) There is no reason not to believe the mapФайл:2011_Libyan_Civil_War.png
      2. DEfindER
        DEfindER 19 September 2011 17: 51 New
        And what is the risk of light up then? They’ve shone so many times in both the photo and video that they don’t give a damn, as with all resolutions, too
        1. ballian
          ballian 20 September 2011 09: 31 New
          in your imagination and cadaphophiles "glowed"
      3. jamert
        jamert 19 September 2011 20: 16 New
        Well, actually, according to the recollections of our former military men, who at one time had succumbed to unemployment in Ethiopia, those things cannot be called safe at all. And field training of the army is hardly a safe thing.
      4. Anatoly
        Anatoly 19 September 2011 21: 57 New
        So in your opinion it was a handful of poverty in jeeps that captured almost all of Libya? but NATO just nodded beautifully and supported by aviation?
      5. Anatoly
        Anatoly 19 September 2011 22: 06 New
        And do you think a bunch of poverty in jeeps captured almost the whole country?
      6. подводник
        подводник 19 September 2011 23: 39 New
        And you begin with yourself! If you are so smart why so poor?
      7. Uhalus
        Uhalus 20 September 2011 00: 09 New
        Nah, you're wrong. See for yourself: quickly and naturally, they took the capital with a light jerk, and now the same ones (winners! They took the capital!) Can’t cope with two towns? It means that they didn’t take the capital themselves, but drove in after someone’s tracks.
        1. ballian
          ballian 20 September 2011 09: 26 New
          Uh, strategists - the "mighty" Russian army, armed to the ears, stormed Grozny in 1995 for MORE THAN TWO MONTHS, in 1999 for FIVE MONTHS.
          What is this talking about? The fact that if there is a WILL and motivation to fight - there will be a real war, where Gaddafi has real support from the population there and they are fighting for real.
          And it turns out that the Russian troops in Chechnya, according to you, are cowardly hares who, at the slightest fire resistance, were ticking and hollowing with artillery and aircraft?
          1. Uhalus
            Uhalus 5 October 2011 17: 54 New
            So I say - why did Tripoli take easily? Yes, and Grozny could be taken quickly - if you did not flood him with conscripts, pehtur, and capture the main points with special forces, dissect the resistance, and only then let the conscripts. And under Sirte the same thing is repeated as in Grozny, only _e_t_i_ cannot even enter ...
  5. BOSS
    BOSS 19 September 2011 12: 00 New
    I heard somewhere that these cities are not criminal in practice. They are thinking of the God-chosen at the expense of a tactical nuclear charge. most likely of course.
  6. svvaulsh
    svvaulsh 19 September 2011 13: 16 New
    The problem is that the PNS was recognized by the UN. There is now their representative. So now Gaddafi is not in the law. Therefore, after a new government is formed, it will ask for the introduction of international forces (read NATO) to resolve the situation.
    1. LESHA pancake
      LESHA pancake 19 September 2011 17: 58 New
  7. Che
    Che 19 September 2011 13: 34 New
    We have to admit with bitterness that NATO did not care about all the laws, at the UN, but at all. These are emotions. Well, the fact that rats drape at any difficulty, they are rats.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 19 September 2011 14: 34 New
      And where is the UN? Yes, and it’s already manual in America, which is blinking in the State Department, then it will be voiced at the UN, it’s time to disperse it.
  8. Crazyzy
    Crazyzy 19 September 2011 14: 13 New
    When defending Bani Walid from an attack by Libyan rebels, Muammar Gaddafi’s supporters (Libyan army) seized “17 mercenaries,” including French and British “technical experts,” Gaddafi’s spokesman Musa Ibrahim said on air on the Syrian television channel Arrai.

    In Bani Valid, a group of 17 mercenaries was taken. These are technical specialists and consulting officers, ”said the representative of Gaddafi.

    He explained that the majority of those captured were French, two Britons, a Qatari officer and an Asian whose citizenship could not be determined.

    Alas. But if Musa Ibrahim voiced the names and / or showed a video with them, where they would talk about themselves. Well, or the photos showed. It would be bomb and news No. 1 even for Western media. .
    And so, the Colonel needs to learn the information war ...
    1. Tyumen
      Tyumen 19 September 2011 16: 56 New
      technical specialists and consulting officers

      I would have them under the laws of wartime. After all, this is the brain of these monkeys in slippers.
  9. Owl
    Owl 19 September 2011 14: 28 New
    I wish Victory to the Colonel!
  10. aktanir
    aktanir 19 September 2011 14: 36 New
    1. LESHA pancake
      LESHA pancake 19 September 2011 17: 59 New
  11. Fray
    Fray 19 September 2011 20: 44 New
    In a few months, after Gaddafi, this “coalition” will begin to extinguish each other. Oil and 5% of world gold are no jokes to you.
  12. figwam
    figwam 19 September 2011 21: 01 New
    Hurray Gaddafi !!! People are fighting for an idea, for a revolution, I respect.
  13. Uhalus
    Uhalus 20 September 2011 00: 13 New
    And it is necessary! Indeed, they purged the war, it seems - everything, drain the water, but hold on! I would like to think that the Gaddafists will turn the tide in their favor ...
  14. Rico1977
    Rico1977 20 September 2011 02: 14 New
    A nightmare, you only think about it - the states of the West have discarded all shame, not even hiding behind beautiful words about democracy and freedom, they are not just bombing, but also waging war on earth with an independent state, with a recognized ruler of that state, they just want to kill him, without any international standards - and calmly declare this in the media. And all this to capture oil fields and everyone knows about it ... A bunch of thieves of rapists and murderers, modern fascists, sadists kill civilians, whose only fault is that they were born in a state where there is oil. Of course, I understand that this is a new colonial war - but after all, the world is no longer in the 16-18 centuries - or am I mistaken and we are degrading? Then the slaves will appear soon ....
    1. puffnutiy
      puffnutiy 20 September 2011 15: 05 New
      Rico1977, think what wealth our Motherland possesses and you will understand how dangerous it is. Here at the expense of Swer is already moving. All this is not joyful ...
  15. Shqvarqi
    Shqvarqi 20 September 2011 16: 05 New
    This is a new colonial redivision of the world. After the collapse of the Union, the entire system of political balances collapsed. Yes, and it was only due to the fact that there were 2 countries ready to blow up the whole world, only to win. Therefore, all the other small countries, in order to calm these monsters, shouted: Liberalization, Freedom, Equality, Honesty, Disarmament.
    This is how the animals (Wolves, foxes, hares, badgers, mice, donkeys ...) got into the "PIT" with the Bear and the Tiger. And let's yell that only the Real King of Nature, Who has a herbivorous disposition, helps hares, does not allow foxes to offend mice. Well, the stupid Bear believed and bent over from such a diet, and the tiger was smarter, he ate quiet animals in a quiet voice and supported the wolves and foxes in everything. And when the bear died, the tiger went to the middle and said that those who had long ears and generally all who he didn’t like were caught. Then the wolves with foxes realized that now they have nothing to fear and they too can eat someone thread. And the tiger looked at it and thought: "... eat my dears eat, if I can end the meat and have lunch with you ..."
    1. Rico1977
      Rico1977 20 September 2011 18: 19 New
      I would have set three points, so clearly explained ... Question - how will it end? Will the animals run out?
      1. kostiknet
        kostiknet 21 September 2011 13: 39 New
        animals will not end soon, in the world there are still so many countries where there are resources necessary for the Yakindos !!! But the trouble is that there is no “democracy" !!!!! For true democracy is only in the states !! And there is a dumb population (with incorrect views on the Universal Values) and inadequate rulers who simply need to be killed (with the wrong hands of course) in order to bring peace to the region (the fact that there was peace there before the “humanitarian bombing” , you can just “forget”) Victims of bombing are declared victims of the regime, democracy rules, and the “+” bonuses (oil, Gold, puppets at the helm, etc.) At this rate, the Tiger will not die of hunger soon.