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Russia rejected Viktor Yanukovych’s proposals for South Stream

Russia rejected Viktor Yanukovych’s proposals for South Stream

The construction of the South Stream gas pipeline through Ukrainian territory is inexpedient. On September 16, a statement to journalists in Sochi was made by Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprom Valery Golubev. Thus, the Russian company responded to the initiative of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Thus, the President of Ukraine made a proposal instead of building the South Stream gas pipeline under the Black Sea to lay a new gas transmission system (GTS) along the southern part of Ukrainian territory.

Viktor Yanukovych made this proposal at the Yalta International Forum on Global Issues. According to him, Kiev offers “a flexible approach without building the South Stream”. The gas pipeline should be laid in the south of Ukraine, on land, - said the Ukrainian president. Yanukovych noted that the offshore gas pipeline project, according to Ukrainian experts, is estimated at 25 billion euros, and Kiev offers "five times cheaper."

But Valery Golubev, deputy chairman of the board of Gazprom, doubts that the Ukrainian president’s proposals are beneficial for Russia. Ukraine “has been offering for a long time,” Golubev said, giving an interview about Ukrainian proposals. The gas pipeline could have been laid through the Crimean peninsula, “go to Evpatoria and further to the Black Sea, but what’s the point when you can just directly,” he noted.

It should be noted that 16 September, the agreement of shareholders on the "South Stream" was signed. To implement the gas pipeline construction project, it was signed by the following shareholders of South Stream Transport: Gazprom (Russia), Eni (Italy), EdF (France) and Wintershall (Germany). The new agreement on the sharing of South Stream will give the Italian company 20% shares in the underwater part of the pipeline, the French and German companies will receive 15% shares, with the result that the Western European energy giants will jointly own half of the project shares. For the Russian company "Gazprom" will remain the other half of the shares, according to a press release of the association. The document signing ceremony was held at the ninth international investment forum in Sochi. For participation in this project, Bulgaria will receive 2,5 billion euros per year for gas transit to other European countries. The agreement on the participation of Bulgaria in the South Stream project was signed in the presence of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The South Stream gas pipeline should be laid from the Russian Federation to Bulgaria along the bottom of the Black Sea. From Bulgaria, the gas transportation system will be divided into two branches: the first will go through Serbia and Greece to Austria, the second through Greece to southern Italy (part of the GTS will be laid by sea). The estimated cost of the gas pipeline (with a throughput of 63 billion cubic meters of gas) is estimated by OAO Gazprom to 15,5 billion euros, of which 10 billion euros must go to the sea section of the GTS, and 5,5 billion to the land 2010, the project cost was estimated at 8,6 billion euros).

The main task of South Stream, as well as of Nord Stream, is to change the transit routes of natural gas supply to European consumer countries, and thereby reduce the dependence of the Russian Federation on the transit countries. Meanwhile, Kiev has repeatedly opposed new gas projects in Russia bypassing the Ukrainian gas transportation system, although it lobbies the so-called White Stream (this is one of the projects of the Southern Energy Corridor), which provides for the supply of Azerbaijani and Turkmen gas through Azerbaijan and Georgia . On it I plan to lay a gas pipeline along the bottom of the Black Sea from Batumi to Ukraine.

On September 14, Ukrainian Prime Minister’s spokesman Vitaly Lukyanenko said that Kiev wanted clarity from the Russian Federation and the European Union regarding the use of Ukraine’s gas transmission system. If Russia is laying bypass pipelines around the Ukrainian state, Kiev wants to get a clear answer: whether to count on it that the Russian Gazprom will use the Ukrainian GTS, said the spokesman for the head of the Ukrainian government, Mykola Azarov. If the Russian government wants to abandon the use of Ukraine as a transit country for natural gas to European countries, then the content of the gas transmission system becomes unprofitable for Kiev, and it will have to be disassembled in order not to spend money on its maintenance, Lukyanenko said.

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  1. Vadivak
    Vadivak 19 September 2011 10: 02
    Yeah, star wars versus gas - have a rest .....
  2. cVM
    cVM 19 September 2011 10: 56
    Ukraine already has nothing to put pressure on us, but one thing is not clear on the map the pipe passes along the Ukrainian sea border will they pay for this?
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 19 September 2011 15: 13
      Who are we under pressure? On me, on you personally? Do you think gas will not go through Ukraine to us, it will be cheaper? No matter how it is, we will not be from this swarm .... and they (the Ukrainians) are fed from this transit (pensions, benefits, etc.), yes, but if Ukraine is indeed a fraternal country (I at least think so) then we need to support it that we produce this gas with our own hands? Thirst for profit and that's it, How Slepakov sang there; "After all, this is our common gas, And dreams come true only with you.
      1. Delta
        Delta 19 September 2011 16: 43
        Vadivak, although I live in Ukraine, I’ll notice to you that fewer and fewer people remember that Ukraine is a fraternal country for Russia. Therefore, the thirst for profit is normal in relations with those who are with the hand and then bite it. As for pensions and benefits from transit, ordinary citizens do not see money from transit in the same way as citizens of Russia do not see money from cheaper gas transit for Russia
        1. Vadivak
          Vadivak 19 September 2011 17: 27
          It’s a pity. Glory, it’s a pity, my distant ancestors in my father were Cossacks, maybe I am so worried? winked
          1. Delta
            Delta 19 September 2011 17: 40
            and I'm worried. It is a pity that our Galicians only worry about how to spoil the Russians. They’re not from Zaporizhzhia by birth :)
        2. Dovmont
          Dovmont 20 September 2011 17: 49
          You know, in Russia, we also remember less and less that Ukraine is a friendly country to us. The events of recent decades demonstrate the steady anti-Russian orientation of Kiev.
  3. Splin
    Splin 19 September 2011 13: 30
    Ukraine passes 100 billion cubic meters through the gas transportation system and has 1.5 billion dollars from that. How Bulgaria with 63 billion will have 2.5 billion euros? It turns out that the gas in the pipe will be several times more expensive. And plus Nabooco, which the US lobbied for. Another information provocation. Yes, and Nord Stream, under contracts, it is only half loaded. Transit on it is more expensive. And it’s impossible to simply cut or preserve the Ukrainian GTS.
    1. LESHA pancake
      LESHA pancake 19 September 2011 18: 32
    2. plotnikov561956
      plotnikov561956 19 September 2012 12: 16
      In 2009, it was planned that the first stage of the Nord Stream would be launched in 2011, and the gas pipeline will start operating at full capacity in 2012 [26], [22]. In March 2010, Nord Stream AG CFO Paul Corcoran announced that the company expects to start generating revenue by the end of 2011. [14] On April 6, 2010 Gazprom began construction of the underwater section of the gas pipeline [12]. In early May 2011, the construction of the first line of the Nord Stream was completed [9]. In the same month, Matthias Warnig announced that the project would pay off in 14-15 years [8]. The second string of Nord Stream was laid after the official launch of the project, in April 2012 [2].

      On September 6, 2011, Putin solemnly announced the filling of the first string of the Nord Stream with process gas [6], [7]. On November 8 of the same year, at a ceremony in the German village of Lubmen, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prime Ministers of the Netherlands and France Mark Rutte and Francois Fillon and EU Energy Commissioner Guenter Ettinger "Nord Stream" in operation [4], [5].

      At the end of December 2011, it was announced that Gazprom is going to start developing a feasibility study for the construction of the third and fourth lines of Nord Stream, which would double the total throughput of the pipeline, to 110 billion cubic meters of gas per year [3] ... This is the verdict of the Ukrainian GTS and South Stream with a capacity of 63 billion
  4. Ivan35
    Ivan35 19 September 2011 18: 34
    In general, of course, this is a shame for the Slavs and the apotheosis of the triumph of pendos - when perestroika and the collapse led to the economic confrontation of the two parts of the USSR

    Unfortunately, we will all have to go through a painful process - and I hope to "recover". Medicines are never sweet
    1. zczczc
      zczczc 20 September 2011 01: 16
      Ivan35, few people understand it. My heart bleeds when the fools, hearing on TV that Putin has given Ukraine or Belarus once again, rejoice and say "this is what they need." They do not understand that we only become weaker from this.

      Ideally, we need to trade resources only among our own, and do not sell anything to the West at all - to squander nefig.
    2. Marat
      Marat 20 September 2011 08: 16
      The more anti-Ukrainian or anti-Belarusian rhetoric in Russia, the more Pindos rejoices the other enemies! I support your comments. I am sure that fraternal peoples will maintain friendship and will still be together - in fact, they are parts of the same people
      1. zczczc
        zczczc 21 September 2011 01: 17
        Maratif the delimitation process does not drag on for 80 years, then it will be saved. And if it’s more, then there is a chance of getting a new Poland - brother to enemy is the enemy. I am ashamed.

        Well, it’s true that by separating with Poland we owe a Christian split (into Catholics and Orthodox), but what the hell difference is what we are and what Christianity is - a foreign religion.
    ZEBRASH 19 September 2011 19: 23
    I think South Stream is the right decision - although Russia and Ukraine are fraternal peoples, the government makes politics, and it is not always unanimous with the people. Who will insure us against a new gas war? Nobody. Therefore, you need to have an additional path. Well, this is understandable. But I would also like to see the oil money that the Russian "powers of this world" save on all these flows sad
    1. Splin
      Splin 19 September 2011 20: 25
      And yes, that's right! Tired of this constant fuss near the GTS. It’s time for the country to switch to saving technologies. We devour the most gas in Europe, and 1/10 of Germany’s GDP. We spend gas on 7 billion dollars. and we earn 1.5 billion in transit. Somehow it is not fictitious ...
  6. Sergh
    Sergh 19 September 2011 19: 57
    Zebrash, somewhere right. But the most annoying thing is that we’ll see the money, but only from far away! Well, yes, on TV!
  7. Victor
    Victor 19 September 2011 21: 59
    Fight fire with fire. It would be a pity no fraternal Ukraine would be, but to turn to Russia and begin to fulfill all election promises, Yanukovych will begin only when his metal oligarchs realize that there is nothing more to dump metal and pipes, since there is no more Russian gas, nor expensive not cheap. Europe does not need Ukraine; Pindos needs only military infrastructure. Without Russian raw materials, industry will rise. Including refineries. When it lights up everywhere ... pa, involuntarily you will run to the brothers.
  8. Gogaskr
    Gogaskr 20 September 2011 00: 21
    WHAT DOES THIS NEWS RELATED TO THIS SITE? AGAIN Pindos money is being worked out by the owner of the site ?? READ THE CORRECT SITES:
  9. Armand
    Armand 20 September 2011 11: 23
    After some time, Ukraine will call these gas wars gas and demand that they regret it :)
  10. SVD
    SVD 4 November 2011 10: 11
    I agree. Ukrainians-constantly shouting that they are so badly offended by Russia. However, they forget that they look CONSTANTLY OFFICIATED from the side. In fact, they are constantly offended - at all times - by Turks, Poles - and now, in modern and recent history, Russia is offending them. Some kind of forever offended territory. When they do not have enough fat - they start screaming immediately BROTHER !! HELP !!!