How much is the kilometer of the state border

How much is the kilometer of the state border

The content of the Russian record-breaking world-wide border colossus at all times was very expensive. But, as evidenced by the financial statistics of expenditures in recent years, this amount amounts to hundreds of billions of Russian rubles. State budget expenditures on cross-border affairs are scattered across many budget items, and today the state border of Russia has crossed the line, but only in financial terms. Only in the last 8 years, the state budget has allocated incredible 110 billion rubles for their arrangement and improvement. Very little has been done - a part of the money was simply stolen, a part - it was eaten up by “spiteful” inflation. Today, the state agency Rosgranitsa requires additional 658 billion rubles from the budget for the next 5 years. Of course, to cover all the demarcation lines with gold, this money is not enough, but rounding up the foreign accounts of some officials is enough.

Security is undoubtedly the biggest expense item. The inviolability of domestic frontiers is tirelessly monitored by the FSB Border Troops, which number more than 100 thousand people. Vladimir Pronichev, the head of the FSB border service, practically does not appear in public, but during one of the rare interviews he reported on an interesting fact. It turns out that border guards have a clear criterion for determining the cost of protecting state borders - the price per kilometer. According to the general, in 2006, ensuring the safety of each kilometer of the border was estimated in monetary terms in 786 thousand rubles, in 2007, this amount reached 904 thousand rubles. He refused to name the expenses in later years, but taking into account the rate of border inflation, it can be said with confidence that this amount exceeded one million rubles.

Taking into account these amounts, it is possible to calculate a fairly accurate amount that our state costs to protect its borders. The perimeter of the Russian Federation is 60 thousand kilometers. So, with the most minimal requests from border guards, this amount is about 60 billion rubles per year. And that's not all. It is estimated that for the year approximately 60 million people cross the border of our state. Most, as a rule, twice - back and forth. The maintenance of each transition requires 80 rubles, as a result, the amount goes decent - even 5 billion rubles.

The next no less costly item of expenditure on the maintenance of the state border is its arrangement and improvement. The border is the face of the entire state. Of course, when the customs services do their work like a Swiss watch, the effect on the state economy is invaluable. At the moment, in this regard, in our country, not everything is fine: on the western borders there are constant huge jams. According to experts, the worst situation at the checkpoint with Ukraine and Finland. On the other hand, the eastern frontiers stand idle, working almost idly.

In 2003, the government decided to eliminate all the flaws in the customs area. For this, the state has become generous in financing the federal target program “The State Border of the Russian Federation: 2003 – 2011 Years”. The deadlines have passed, the result of the program is questionable. In the first version, it was planned to allocate a billion rubles 8 for border modernization in 54 years. According to economic calculations, this was quite enough for arranging and modernizing 1,9 thousands of objects. As a result, 2 has spent more money in times, objects have been modernized and 3 has been equipped in less than the planned time - just 600.

We also planned to equip 22 with additional checkpoints in river ports, 21 - in rail transport. As a result, the railway workers limited themselves to seven objects, only seven objects, the river crew and even less - three. Even one of the most critical parts of the program, the construction of 35 terminals at the most mass customs points, has been broken. Really passed - 27.

So what is the reason for such a large-scale violation in such an important matter as the preservation of state borders. The frontier is far from Moscow, so all the costs of its arrangement are obviously on the periphery of government attention. The leaders responsible for the actual failure of the state program are the champions of official longevity. But still they reached the Rosgranitsa. It is necessary to recognize that news It sounds almost like a joke. You can not make fun of the names of people, but it is difficult to resist, quoting a message in the media: “Prime Minister Vladimir Putin dismissed by decree from the position held before the head of Rosgranitsa A. Zasypkin and appointed D. Bezdelov to replace him.”

These names are real, everything happened in May 2008. Another piece of interesting news about the activities, or rather the inaction of the guardians of the frontiers, appeared in the media only after 2. They did not cause a smile. In May 2011, the Prosecutor General’s Office summed up its own investigation into the implementation of the Federal Border Program. No one doubted that various frauds would emerge, but the real amount of the stolen money is impressive - 55 billion rubles.

The state was deftly deceived by reporting on the construction of various objects, which in fact turned out to be air castles. For example, Roszheldor proudly reported on the construction of new customs checkpoints on the railway line passing near Omsk. As it turned out, this branch has long been dismantled.

The rivermen also did not stand aside. According to the data provided by the Prosecutor General’s Office, Rosrechflot has long and scrupulously selected a plot of land for the construction of a new post in the port of Novorossiysk. The choice was 6 options cost from 0 to 400 million rubles. After much thought, they bought back (and who would doubt) the most expensive. Probably, the deeper the prosecutors delved into financial documents and construction reports, the more they laughed. For example, one of the checkpoints was planned to be built in absolutely deserted mountains near Novorossiysk.

Today, taking into account the “successful” completion of the first stage of the federal target program, the second is being urgently prepared. Term - 2012 – 2017 years. Naturally, requests have grown. Of course, the initially requested amount in 658 billion rubles Rosgranitsa not get. The Ministry of Finance is aware of the return of the first part of the money. Considering possible future losses and the balance of all interests, the Ministry of Finance is really ready to allocate a sum of no more than 130 billions. If the cost effectiveness of modernizing the state border is at the same level, then after 5 years in exchange for 130 billion rubles the state will receive absolutely nothing. With the exception of, of course, the growth of boundary problems and new receipts to personal bank accounts of the officials responsible for the work.
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