Air defense troops will fire on C-300 missiles

Air defense troops will fire on C-300 missiles

After-service munitions will play the role of the latest NATO aircraft and missiles.
The new target system “Favorit-M” will be created on the basis of one of the first versions of the C-300PS air defense missile system. The targets will be decommissioned 5B55 missiles. One shot kill two birds with the military: destroy old rocket and teach gunners shoot down the new American planes and missiles.

Missiles from C-300 2 reach speeds of up to km / s - so fast do not fly any aircraft or cruise missiles. And if the anti-aircraft gunners will be able to bring down this rocket, then the enemy "sluggers" will destroy guaranteed.

Former Chief of Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces Viktor Yesin noted that the conversion of the old C-300 into the target is a reasonable move by the military.

- It is more useful than simple recycling. The characteristics of the rocket allow you to make it a high-class target, despite the age and the expired warranty period, - said Esin.

According to him, the use of C-300 as targets became possible after the mass production of C-400 began.

“It makes sense to leave in service the more modern C-300PM systems and produce the newest C-400, and convert the old systems to target complexes,” said Esin.

As they told Izvestia in the Ministry of Defense, the main alteration is waiting for a rocket: they will remove the charge from it and put in place a generator of interferences. In addition, the missile attack imitation programs will be recorded in the control system of the complex.

It is noteworthy that the missiles from the old C-300 remain manageable, which is essential to the target, which will need to simulate the behavior of different types of missiles.

However, experts still doubt the ability of C-300 to imitate the most formidable weapon modern times - ballistic tactical missiles.

Former missile, Major General Vladimir Dvorkin, explained to Izvestia that the C-300 capabilities are not enough to portray the behavior of the American tactical missile ATACMS - the analogue of the Russian Iskander.

- Simulate the trajectory of ballistic missiles is very difficult, I can not imagine how C-300 can handle it, - said Dworkin.

At the same time, Said Aminov, the editor-in-chief of the Vestnik PVO website, claims that the speed and altitude of the 5B55 rocket is enough to imitate a ballistic missile.

- The speed of ATACMS is 1,5 km / s, and that of 5B55 - 2 km / s. Therefore, the imitation of an American rocket with the help of a Russian one is quite possible, Aminov said.

As part of the Russian Air Force today, combat duty is slightly more than 100 C-300 systems, of which 70% belong to the C-300PS modification, and the remaining 30% - to the C-300PM, the range of which due to advanced missiles reaches 200 km. C-300PS, produced in 1982 – 1993, have practically expired (the warranty period of this system is 25 years) and in the next 10 – 12 years will be replaced with C-400 systems.
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