Storm Sirta: conflicting information

The troops of the Libyan Transitional National Council are attacking Sirte, the hometown of Muammar Gaddafi, one of the last strongholds of his supporters. Significant forces were thrown at the assault, which were met with resistance - rocket fire and sniper shots. The results of the attack received conflicting data.

The last frames before the attack. The fighters of the Transitional National Council pray, sit in cars and go to Sirte - the hometown of Muammar Gaddafi. But here is what comes next, receives very conflicting information. According to the PNS, their people came to the city from several directions - hundreds of armed people supported by 900 pieces of equipment. These were, of course, mainly bulldozers and machine gun pickups, but there were Tanks.

Air strikes from the city aviation NATO. Gaddafi's opponents painted their equipment in bright red and yellow colors, so as not to fall under the Allied bombs. The fighting took place at the television center, airport, administrative buildings, there were even reports that Sirte was captured, Gaddafi’s troops were defeated, his son was trapped, and the official representative of Musa Ibrahim was destroyed.

But then there was silence, for several hours no News. Only an Al-Jazeera correspondent writes on his blog that PNS supporters retreated when they met fierce resistance and lost at least 14 people. It is said that the attack on Sirte was only a tactical move.

Then they began to receive reports of an attack on another city - Sabha. In his neighborhood, Gaddafi supporters set fire to a warehouse with ammunition and weaponsso that it does not go to the enemy. All this was kept in an old Italian fortress. According to eyewitnesses, the fragments of shells flew hundreds of meters. "There were anti-aircraft guns, heavy shells, rockets, and it all burned and exploded. People fled in panic from their homes into the desert," said Milade Omar, a resident of the village of Shueref.

However, Muammar Gaddafi himself, as his opponents believe, must be sought not in Sirte and not in Sabha, but in Bani Walid. It is possible that this city will be the next, a new assault attempt may begin in the next day.

It’s still a long way to complete victory, and this was talked about on the eve in Benghazi, where European leaders David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy arrived, who from the very beginning supported the opponents of Muammar Gaddafi. At a meeting with representatives of the Transitional National Council, they talked about humanitarian aid, about restoring the country, but also in Libya and in Europe they perfectly understand that the French and the British are not only interested in this. British Petroleum, Total and Italian ENI under the new Libyan authorities are claiming lucrative oil contracts.
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  1. Crazyzy
    Crazyzy 16 September 2011 09: 09 New
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    Channel 1 news.
    In Libya, troops supporting the Transitional National Council entered Sirte
    Sirte is the hometown of Muammar Gaddafi, where the colonel himself can take refuge. His supporters offer fierce resistance. But the rebels managed to break through the first line of defense 8 kilometers from the center. The operation involved almost a thousand SUVs with machine guns and anti-aircraft mounts. From the air, NATO aviation helps. How long will it take to take Sirte under control, no one can say. According to experts, there are now concentrated the main forces that still remained with Gaddafi.
    And the plot shows a lot of people and jeep-carts somewhere in the desert, and not a single house, no city is visible.
    But what does it sound like “In Libya, troops supporting the Transitional National Council entered Sirte” (8 kilometers from the center?)

    Probably the “Rats” mounted a fake video about the fighting in Sirte, as well as in Tripoli, which Al-Jazeera will soon show to break the stamina of the defenders of Bani Valid. There is nothing unusual here ... But this is enough to wage a psychological war !!!
    1. Vadivak 16 September 2011 09: 33 New
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      Hold on colonel
  2. подводник 16 September 2011 09: 39 New
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    After all, why did Medvedev betray the interests of the country by supporting this resolution? Didn’t he be aware that we could lose! On the other hand, where is all this UN after all, NATO planes bombed and bombed Libyan settlements, which the Colonel was first accused of! Even the mouth is open to our leaders’s guts! Immortal poems come to mind: “Our foreign commanders dare not tear their uniforms from Russian bayonets!” (Lermontov)
  3. Varnaga 16 September 2011 12: 08 New
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    Let's get away from patriotic hysteria and formulate the question differently.
    Why did China, with 75 large companies working in Libya concluding contracts worth $ 18 billion, betray the interests of their country and support this resolution? Did they not realize that they could lose?
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 16 September 2011 13: 21 New
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      China, the USA, and the Russian Federation have stars as a symbol in strategic matters as well, and money is secondary, otherwise they would not have kept reserves in the USA.
    2. подводник 16 September 2011 20: 37 New
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      Dear, I do not live in China !!!!!!!
  4. Che
    Che 16 September 2011 12: 30 New
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    It is a pity at the time, Gaddafi did not create nuclear weapons. Rats would not tear the country apart now.
    1. raf
      raf 16 September 2011 22: 01 New
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      How good that he did not create it! Nuclear weapons are not grenades which all monkeys can wave! It’s scary to think in whose hands it would now be!
  5. karnics
    karnics 16 September 2011 15: 41 New
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    Situation in Libya
    Fri, 16.09.2011 - 14:06 | qaddafi

    The assault on Sirte continues. Different messages arrive, most of which are hard to believe.

    At the moment, the situation looks like this:

    The assault on Sirte continues, NATO strikes to destroy the heavy equipment of government troops.

    Government forces offer fierce resistance. Many are wounded and killed by rebels.

    The rebels have not yet entered Sirte; fighting is taking place on the outskirts of the city (fierce battles at Sirte Airport are reported). Gaddafi’s troops hold on, although the “rats” began the assault from all directions. The outskirts of Sirte are very well fortified, it will be very difficult for the attacking side to overcome the strengthening of government troops.

    All residents of the city (the Gaddaf tribe) understand that they are in danger if the militants occupy the city, so they fight to the last. Fire is being fired from GRAD installations against the forces of the rebels. The greatest losses are the brigade from Misurata.

    Some Western media reported that the rebels entered Beni Walid. To believe this message is not yet possible, we will keep you informed.

    There is information that Aljazira will soon distribute a video in which the "rats" allegedly celebrate their victory in Sirte. This is a lie aimed at reducing the morale of the defenders of Beni Walid.

    On September 15, Cameron and Sarkozy flew to Libya. They talked a lot about helping to establish peace and order in the "new" Libya. They also said that contracts for the supply of oil are not the main thing, why did they come. Their visit was guarded by specials. special forces units that arrived in advance in Tripoli, and several helicopters.

    Meanwhile, the head of the PNS asked NATO for help in the assault on Sirte, Beni Walid, and Sebha, while stating that they themselves could not cope. (It feels like foreign special forces and constant bombing are not enough).ситуация-в-лив…15-16-сентября/
  6. Nocher
    Nocher 16 September 2011 18: 36 New
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