What wars await humanity in the near future

What wars await humanity in the near future

Recently, the process of war around the world seeks to impersonate. In connection with this, one wonders whether or not it can be a plan for introducing into the army inanimate military, who will blindly obey only their master, the instigator of war. Definitely it can be noted that if you eliminate the human resource, it will lead to the fact that attempts to preserve peace on the planet, unfortunately, will be meaningless.

With the help of products of the largest defense contractors, the battlefield will remind everyone of Skynet’s well-known defense system. It seems that we are stepping into a new future, in which the influence of a person is significantly reduced, due to the gradual elimination of it from the production lines of the assembly.

The centerpiece is rightly occupied by airborne “drones”, both reconnaissance aircraft and combat unmanned aircraft, which are dead from the air thanks to remote control, sometimes carried out thousands of kilometers from the scene of combat operations. Recently, there also appeared “kamikaze drones” that fit in a traveling backpack, which can be controlled both remotely and autonomously.

On a par with ordinary soldiers in the army are the robots, which are currently used for demining, intelligence operations and serve as auxiliary and autonomous agents. Also in the modern army there appeared whole combat systems capable of bringing hurricane fire to the enemy. In addition, more and more unmanned vehicles are gaining popularity. For example, borderline ships that patrol without human assistance.

Since recently, unmanned helicopters are engaged in the delivery of cargoes, which provide everything necessary (including ammunition) to the units performing combat operations. Theoretically, this unmanned system can be configured to fully interact with the robotic army units, and thus eliminate the need for human presence altogether.

Thanks to nanotechnology, “drones” are becoming increasingly miniature in size. With the help of an insect robot, you can explore the most inaccessible places. Particular attention is paid to nanotechnology in the United States. Financing the Nanotechnology Initiative by Barack Obama may lead in the near future to robotic wars, in which there is no place for human participation. The Agency for Advanced Defense Research Projects is testing nanotechnology developments aimed at armor protection of the body and transport. These developments open up the possibility of full integration of nature with the machine.

Modern military scientists have been receiving governmental financial support for the development and creation of cyborgs, which until recently had been met only in the field of science fiction. Cyborg-sized insects can play the role of a scout, and cyborg's bullet-proof skin will play a good role in hostilities where living soldiers could inevitably die. Scientists are engaged in the improvement of human capabilities. A clear example here is the design of exoskeletons. Honeywell, a giant of the defense industry, is developing a full range of body-to-computer interface that will serve to analyze and program a soldier’s mental and physical condition using computer programs.

According to the US Department of Defense and the National Security Agency, cyber-terrorism could be the greatest threat to humanity in the near future. In addition, in their opinion, it should be feared that the battlefield in cyberspace will be a continuation of military operations in the real world at a time when an attack using computers can lead to a real blow. This can lead to the final consolidation of computers and work networks for attack and retaliatory combat strikes. Humanity in this case will only wonder at the speed with which the situation gets out of control.

The modern world is more and more like a computer game in which players are not personally connected with the place of warfare. Secret military development, which draws funding from various sources, can significantly outpace the knowledge of society, therefore, realizing the possibility of fighting without the participation of the human factor, one can only guess what is then kept secret from military development from society.
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