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Russian Black Sea Fleet Hostage to Gas Scandal

Russian Black Sea Fleet Hostage to Gas Scandal
The gas scandal between Russia and Ukraine affected not only the political relations between the two powers, but also on the Black Sea Navy Russian Navy. Today, for the sake of Gazprom’s victory, the Russian authorities are ready to finally abandon Sevastopol.

The first, but by no means quiet, bell in the spoiled relations between the two former friendly republics was a humiliating scandal for the Russian Navy in the Kerch Strait. We are talking about the forced setting by the Ukrainian border forces on the anchors of the large landing ship "Azov" of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, it was September 8. BDK "Azov" left the port of Sevastopol and went to the water area of ​​the Sea of ​​Azov to visit the chiefs - to participate in the celebration of the Day of the city of Azov.

Russian sailors at a loss from what is happening, because the water space between the Ukrainian Kerch and the Russian Kuban up to this time is considered to be a zone of co-navigation of the two states. It was not demarcated and, as a result of the official maritime border, was not drawn on the maps.

The Kremlin continues to insist on two-way use of the strait. At the same time, Kiev is trying to establish sole control over the fairway and the right to collect a fee for the passage of all vessels. As the saying goes, “wanting doesn’t mean being able to.” After all, this is where the traditional route passes, on which no one has ever delayed the Russian navy men.

It was in connection with this that the Russian sailors were at a loss from the order that came to them from the ship’s control center of the sea-going ships of Kerch and in which it was stated that the BDK Azov should anchor at the entrance to the Kerch Strait. “This is a precedent! Previously, such requirements were not made to the ships of the fleet, the BSF headquarters officer said. According to him, the sailors refused to comply with the demands of the Ukrainian side. The crew decided to move to the Sea of ​​Azov across Russian territory - through the shallow Temryuk Strait. The case is risky, but a relatively light and flat-bottomed landing ship may well break through. The same route, the sailors are going back.

Today there are two different versions of what happened. At first, referring to a source in the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s General Staff, the Crimean media stated that the crew of the combat ship had been asked to hire a Ukrainian pilot and pay a fee for passage through the strait water area.

A diplomatic explanation of the conflict followed. According to him, problems arose because of documents that were incorrectly executed.

“We don’t know how earlier the high authorities of Russia and Ukraine agreed upon the passage of combat ships, but today the ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet arrived unexpectedly, without prior warning and coordination,” say representatives of the Kerch Port Authority. - The current pilotage service is a commercial organization that takes a fixed fee for its services. Pilots had a completely justified question: who will pay for their work? ”

It turns out that they suddenly forgot how it was "earlier." Forgot that the Black Sea Fleet of Russia on the traverse of Kerch quite safely did without third-party pilotage!

In this situation, we can recall how for several years in a row mass media exaggerated versions that Kiev in exchange for new ones and, one has to admit, considerable discounts on Russian natural gas are ready to make significant concessions in the dispute over the Kerch Strait. It seems that the topic has been completely exhausted. Gazprom is clearly not keen to come to terms with the Kiev dependents. It was for victory in the ridiculous, reckless "third gas war" that Moscow put the further fate of the Black Sea Fleet on the line.

Sources of the Free Press, which have official information at their disposal, unanimously declare that the Ukrainian side stopped the Azov BDK in response to the emerging threats from Russia to terminate the Kharkiv agreements. On September 10, Alexey Urin, an adviser at the Russian embassy in Kiev, who heads the economic policy group, told reporters about such intentions.

Recall that in April 2010 in Ukraine’s Kharkiv, the “newly elected” presidents of Russia and Ukraine agreed to extend the stay of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine until 2042. Since that time, this treaty is essentially the only large-scale achievement of modern Russian-Ukrainian relations at the interstate level. And also, perhaps, the only really fulfilled promise of those mentioned in the election campaign and that Yanukovych gave to the many millions of people in the south-east of the country. He did not do anything else for the Russian-speaking electorate who had given him his votes.

“The long-term lease of the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol was tied to the price of the gas supplied. Today, Russia allows for a break in the Kharkiv agreements if Ukraine goes to court to review existing gas contracts, ”said Alexei Urin. “That is, it is practically a rejection of the bases of the Black Sea Fleet in the Ukrainian Crimea.”

Last Thursday, during the Moscow City Council meeting, amendments were adopted to the current city budget, and simultaneously in three readings. The previously adopted estimate of the core international program and lobbied by the ex-mayor Yury Luzhkov has been annulled, the Black Sea Fleet will not receive the 70 million rubles allocated this year. Although the money was directed not only to improve the lives of sailors, but also to organize the combat duties of the Black Sea Fleet ships in the Mediterranean.

Tatyana Yermakova, the head of the Russian Community of Sevastopol, said: “The termination of assistance to the Russian Black Sea Fleet by the Moscow mayor’s office could not have happened without prior approval and approval from the top leadership of Russia. The Moscow government accepted, decided, approved ... I beg you, do not make us laugh! We know perfectly well who decides. They themselves have not created anything, but at the same time how skillfully they destroy the power of our power. So it turns out, on the one hand, the campaign of Ukrainian nationalists “Down with the Black Sea Fleet! Return our lighthouses! ”And on the other hand, the Motherland quietly and confidently destroys its main base in the region.”

Today, the absolute majority of the population of the “city of Russian seamen” thinks so. The inhabitants of Sevastopol live in a fleet - and they perfectly see what is happening in reality. Over the past decade and a half, the combat strength of the Black Sea Fleet has decreased by more than 10 times. Of the ships inherited by Russia with the division of 338 with Ukraine, at most three dozen remained on the move.

The “youngest” BDK “Caesar Kunikov” was launched in the distant 1986 year. And because of this, this amphibious assault ship was appointed as the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet group during a fighting confrontation with a group of Georgian boats in the summer of 2008.

Since then, the Kremlin has repeatedly and loudly announced large-scale plans to update the Black Sea Fleet. It was reported about the construction of two frigates for Sevastopol, new corvettes and submarines, doubling the power of the sea aviation new fighters Su-30SM.

As a result, there are no ships, no one has signed a contract for the supply of aircraft. And now the Moscow budget has been revised and "optimized", thereby leaving the main base of the Black Sea Fleet to the final and complete devastation of Minister of Defense Serdyukov.

In the autumn of 2010, Konstantin Gryshchenko, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, reassured deputies of the European Parliament and argued that the Black Sea Fleet of Russia in Sevastopol does not pose a threat to Europe. According to the Ukrainian diplomat, the Russian fleet is not a real threat to anyone at all. “Most warships have served 40 for over a decade. It is assumed, of course, that they will be replaced in the coming years, but in reality they do not represent a threat to NATO. This is a combat, but a local fleet to solve local goals, ”Mr. Gryshchenko fully rightly said.
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  1. Superduck
    Superduck 15 September 2011 09: 34 New
    What kind of thing, the Russians continue to wash Goebelsa type moguls like Pavlovsky. They demanded pilotage dues from Azov and not a duty. Otherwise, it looks as follows.
    An airplane flies to the airport that does not apply for a landing, starts approaching while sending the controllers' refuses and refusing to occupy the echelons recommended to it and enter the lane recommended to it, jeopardizing the safety of other aircraft and passengers. And actually this is motivated by the fact that the Black Sea Fleet has an unspoken order not to inform the Ukrainian authorities about the movements of military courts and armed units across the territory of Ukraine and its territorial waters. The Kerch Strait is not Gibraltar, there are medium depths of one and a half meters, strong currents are a lot of traffic from ships and 2 fairways, and if Azov were aground, there would be every chance to block the strait for a long time, and why I should not worry Ukraine, I do not know.
    1. sancho
      sancho 15 September 2011 10: 09 New
      Dear SuperDuck! Quote-The Kremlin continues to insist on the bilateral use of the strait. At the same time, Kiev is trying to establish sole control over the fairway and the right to collect duties on the passage of all vessels.
      It seems to me that you have not quite successfully chosen your example. If you live in Russia, then the example should be like this — let's say you drive your car from Moscow to Sochi along the federal highway M-4 (I will make a reservation for the FEDERAL), actually built on budget money from taxes and bam! Suddenly you come across a toll road signpost. Collection -50r with a passenger, etc. Question?! What a fright ... because you already paid the transport tax? Why is this section of the federal highway paid?
      We are returning to Sevastopol. There are signed contracts. Where today (as I think) nothing is said about the pilotage fees ?! After all, the money for the basing of the fleet is already, sorry paid! Timely and on time (and, not grudging about the amount of such an amount, + we give work to the population), the actual price of the issue probably included the conditions for moving the ships. Yes, and actually what .... to pay? Our ships have their own specialists who eat their bread for nothing. And, given the previously existing and existing state of affairs in interstate relations, the status of Crimea, its population and much more is at least not a friendly attack. And, given this, I believe that leadership at all levels must act in principle!
      1. Splin
        Splin 15 September 2011 12: 37 New
        Comparison with the federal highway is not entirely correct. If you take the appeal to the roads, then the second half of the route is in another state. If you take similar examples. There is Mos Oresund in the strait between Sweden and Denmark. Roads are free there and there, but you have to pay for the bridge. Moreover, all the money raised by both parties goes to the maintenance of the bridge. I think this is the right approach, and over the past five years, Russia has not given a dime to the fairway. So what to kick for events with the BDK?
        1. sancho
          sancho 15 September 2011 16: 57 New
          No! No! No! Respected! We must consider this in a general context. This "road" is paid. In Russian - paid to find the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol and its waters, to solve combat missions. What is meant by the word "paid for finding" - parking near the wall? Or is it all the same All inclusive? I think that the 2nd option is inherent in the contract!
          Ah, then I'm sorry .... it turns out that the Urainian leadership goes further ... dropped anchor-pay. Wire on the forwarding-pay. I wanted to move away from the wall ... Wham! Not! You can’t! The pilot has a day off, leave tomorrow ... what? AND! Bullshit, you didn’t inform us, you’ve been fined. The configuration of gentlemen YOU from three fingers all over ..... we have everything All inclusive! And, for those who say something about cleaning the forwarder, see paragraph No. 1 All inclusive, everything is paid!
          1. Splin
            Splin 15 September 2011 18: 14 New
            With this sauce, you can not pay for anything at all. Type to write off everything to the Black Sea Fleet and its rent. Let's fly flies separately — cutlets separately. When you rent a room for light, you pay outside this amount. With the Kerch fairway, these agreements are not included.
      2. Graaf
        Graaf 15 September 2011 17: 35 New
        ... dear sancho!
        .... And, given the previously existing and existing state of affairs in interstate relations, the status of Crimea, its population and much more - this is at least not a friendly attack.
        And how does your country behave (or rather leaders) is that? Friendly lunge? Or is it the rule of "good manners" in relation to neighbors, or should it be shown who is the boss in the house (even in someone else's house)? No gentlemen are good - you need to be friends with your neighbors. And we see how your leadership knows how to be friends on the example of Belarus. Well, here neither take away nor add.
        And what does the status have to do with it? Ukraine, this is another state, you do not come to Europe and do not demand from the former socialist countries that they would give you everything for free, like we once built here ... and here. Are you buying bread at the store? Do you pay money? So it is here. We pay for gas in Europe and even more than in Germany, and you are indignant at why money come on. You demand money from us and you receive it accurately and on time, but as they once said to pay, screams and snot immediately. Get used to the gentlemen, you have to pay for everything. We have long understood this and are paying. And where do we go, and you still live with the old Soviet concepts and thoughts that everyone owes you. All! Forget it! Times are different - each for itself. And your leadership does not get tired of repeating it every time on TV.
        Ukraine is a non-aligned state, neither in the Tam. Union, nor in the CSTO, nor in ... other other unions there. And the fact that we have chosen our path and we ourselves will fill up the bumps, but these will be our bumps, not your worries.
        .... Yes, and actually for what .... to pay? Our ships have their own experts .... they managed the same, went in shallow water. Why raise a cry? They passed along their fairway and saved their money.
        Good luck!
        1. sancho
          sancho 15 September 2011 21: 44 New
          Dear GRAAF! I don’t know your nickname is self-esteem? Anyway! Everyone has complexes! Including Ukraine. Apparently the complex is a big IBO! Regrettably, your ordinary people (not the bourgeoisie) for the past 20 years can not decide how to go ashore (as in a joke :)). I do not advocate loyalty to the path of Russia, but, at least it is somehow, but it is. So, you are so overplayed in politics that your chosen ones throw you and spit on you. Take the latest events with Tymoshenko. And what is the statement of Yanukovych on the viability of the signed INTERSTATE! gas supply agreement. In violation of an international convention then? What are we talking about some kind of fairway? You lads first learn how to comply with your agreement! Read them before bedtime! Join the customs union, then gas and you will have in Belarus for $ 270, not $ 400. And, go to the European Union, do not whine!
          1. Splin
            Splin 15 September 2011 22: 03 New
            The formula proposed by Yanukovych = price for Germany is $ 70; the difference in transit is $ 100 under the Kharkiv agreements.
    2. Banshee
      Banshee 15 September 2011 10: 10 New
      Something is not sewn ...

      Quote: SuperDuck
      From Azov they demanded a pilotage gathering and not a fee.

      And there is evidence that "Azov" requested the services of a pilot?
      And it looks like this: "Take the pilot - Thank you, we know the fairway - And you still take - We do not need a pilot - Well, then just pay!"
      Forcibly imposing services on many codes can be interpreted as extortion.

      A somewhat incorrect comparison, of course, is true, as well as the statement that Azov could block the strait in the navigable place itself. Considering that he actually passed where the depth is less. Truth must be sought in the wrong place. not near or on the fairway.

      I also liked it here:
      "Last Thursday, during the Moscow City Duma meeting, amendments were adopted to the current city budget, and simultaneously in three readings. The previously accepted estimates of the core international program lobbied by the ex-mayor Yury Luzhkov were canceled, the Black Sea Fleet now will not receive 70 million rubles allocated this year. Although the money was sent not only to improve the lives of sailors, but also to organize the combat duties of the Black Sea Fleet ships in the Mediterranean. "

      I didn’t understand at all what the Moscow City Duma is about and what kind of 70 million (!!!) rubles it is. This is bliss, for such great money they are on what is there to patrol the waters of the Mediterranean Sea? On a motorbike or something? And to improve the lives of sailors ...
      In general, the article is complete. But the fact that Ukraine, as usual, wanders is most likely true. Just started for health (gas prices, pancake, button accordion already), finished for the dead (problems of Sevastopol and the Black Sea Fleet). Nothing new.
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 15 September 2011 14: 00 New
        I did not understand something at all, what does the Moscow City Duma have to do with it and what kind of 70 million (!!!) rubles it is

        This is money for the Moskva Guards missile cruiser, over which Moscow established march ...
        Since 1994, the Black Sea Fleet has received considerable money from Moscow by Sevastopol standards. For the construction of housing and schools, the repair of barracks, medicine, and even the organization of combat duty in the Mediterranean. The flagship of the Black Sea Fleet - the cruiser "Moscow" - was saved from scrapping by the capital itself. Now help is discontinued. On September 7, the Moscow City Duma immediately adopted in three readings an amendment to the Moscow budget on the cessation of financing of the program of assistance to the Russian Black Sea Fleet.
        Former Deputy Minister of Defense, and now the head of the Department of Finance of the Government of Moscow, Vera Ergeshevna Chistova, explained: funds for the program were spent inefficiently and were allocated "according to a very crooked pattern." This year, the fleet support fund was supposed to receive a little more than 70,5 million rubles.
        By Moscow standards, the savings are penniless. For example, the Moscow metro receives thirty times more from advertising. But the new mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, announced in August: the federal budget is already allocating large funds for the armed forces.
        The Ministry of Defense believes that the help of the metropolitan government was useful in the 90s, during serious budget difficulties.
        1. PSih2097
          PSih2097 15 September 2011 14: 01 New
          "Today, the Russian army and navy are financed at a fairly high level," a source in the ministry told the Novosti news agency.
          At the same time, the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet expressed regret over the decision of the Moscow authorities, and in the central apparatus of the Ministry of Defense, the Kommersant newspaper stated: the lack of money from Moscow will cause the military more worries.
          In my opinion, the head of the finance department, with complaints about crooked patterns and inefficient use, proves his professional unsuitability: in this position, you just need to straighten out the schemes and achieve efficiency. And the mayor of the capital of a great power is simply obliged to prove its greatness by all means available to his order.
          Especially in Ukraine, still separate from the rest of Russia.
          Especially in Crimea, where the share of Russians is much larger than the all-Ukrainian five-sixth of the population. Especially in the Black Sea Fleet - the bones in the throat of our strategic opponents. Especially given the warning of Napoleon Karlovich Bonaparte: whoever does not feed his army will feed someone else's.
          Anatoly Vasserman
  2. Superduck
    Superduck 15 September 2011 10: 20 New
    "Take the pilot - Thank you, we know the fairway - And you take it anyway - We don’t need the pilot - Well then just pay!"

    This is exactly what it looks like in the whole world, though most often a pilot needs to be taken on board as a pass to the passage along a complex fairway, all channels, complex straits work this way. Pilot services are required in such cases, since he wanted to go along the fairway which serves (and not just loot shears) the Kerch rather than the Tomsk office, so please. What do you think that there is an office from cashier and director, a lot of dough is seated on the deepening of the channel, measurement of depths, cartographic support. And here: I have a pass, the Andreev flag. As a result, he walked along the fairway which is serviced by the Russian side, and the Ukrainian fairway is equipped with pilotage support by force, this is their right.
    In short, the captain tried to break the rules of navigation in this strait; he was not allowed to do this.
    And the fact that Russia wants to share this business tenth, Ukraine also wants a lot of things. But the fairway maintains the Ukrainian side in working order and cuts down loot for this and at the same time guarantees the safety of the passage by providing pilotage support, there is no policy.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 15 September 2011 14: 09 New
      I understand about the Bosphorus, it is necessary to take a pilot there, and all this is spelled out in the Montreux Convention on the status of straits ... Does Kiev have any document on the status of the Kerch Strait, is there a convention, an agreement?
    2. Ivan35
      Ivan35 15 September 2011 19: 46 New
      That's right SuperDuck! I agree - there is no policy and there is no need to look for it where it is not. This is an economic dispute
  3. Denis
    Denis 15 September 2011 13: 15 New
    "Gazprom" will win, there is no option, it is enough to estimate how many% of its shares in the most honest, progressive, tolerant, etc. medveputov
  4. SLAVA
    SLAVA 15 September 2011 13: 26 New
    "necessarily as a pass to the passage along a complex fairway"
    Do you even know where and how the Azov Strait passed? And what turns out to be more difficult fairway near Kerch or from Taman? I have been there many times and dived. )))) But, as they say, time and labor will grind everything !!! This is me to the fact that the shipping part (fairway) in the near future will be on our part))))
  5. PLO
    PLO 15 September 2011 14: 45 New
    previously asked to buy a brick, and now take a pilot)
  6. AleksUkr
    AleksUkr 15 September 2011 17: 39 New
    Problems, there are only problems around. Profuka country - now we are reaping the benefits. And for some reason they are getting bitter and bitter! And the statements to politicians that ours, that theirs is all the same as against the wind ... At a loss. Here again EdRo is eager for power in full. Give a constitutional majority. And they will receive it with our toothlessness. They shut up everyone's mouths. They invented Prokhorov, and crowed a little for something — down with Prokhorov. Or maybe he’s afraid that he will be overturned?
  7. Vyalik
    Vyalik 15 September 2011 19: 31 New
    Maybe someone doesn’t know. The fairway in the strait was built, it was built by Eduard Ivanovich Totleben when he built the fortress. Therefore, this is one of the most difficult fairways, it was not so much intended for passage of ships, but in order to force ships to go under the guns of the fortress. As for the passage of ships, it seems to me the easiest way for RUSSIA to build its fairway between Tuzla and the dam. To build it more direct and our Ukrainians will sit on the ass, if there is another way along the strait, which is difficult to go. This is, in my opinion, much easier than paying and wasting nerves.
    1. Splin
      Splin 15 September 2011 19: 38 New
      Not work out. I remember it was already discussed in 2003. We’ll type Ukraine with our fairway. Scientists said no, because they decided to build a dam so that Tuzla became Russian, then the fairway could be divided equally.
      1. SLAVA
        SLAVA 16 September 2011 14: 45 New
        ))) And here it’s not yours! Do you know how the built (not fully) dam affected the island? Take an interest! And the fairway that Totleben built (in xs knows which year) needs ANNUAL deepening, which has not been happening for a long time !!!
  8. Vyalik
    Vyalik 15 September 2011 20: 20 New
    They will never divide Ukrainians evenly. It’s easier to build your own. How do you imagine that they will give you Tuzla? As Stanislavsky said, “I don’t believe”
    1. Bogatir
      Bogatir 15 September 2011 23: 30 New
      Quote: Wyalik
      Divide equally

      - It's like - to share? You can only give Alaska.
  9. mishok
    mishok 16 September 2011 10: 32 New
    ok guys admit that we are just being what