400 thousand vacancies will be open in the Russian army

400 thousand vacancies will be open in the Russian armyAccording to Nikolai Makarov, Chief of the General Staff, in 2012, the army will recruit contract soldiers for vacant positions as well as junior sergeants. Against the background of rising unemployment, the defense ministry of Anatoly Serdyukov is obviously ready to become the largest supplier of vacancies on the Russian labor market.

Currently, about 150 thousand contract servicemen serve in the Russian armed forces. But the Ministry of Defense has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the level of training of these sergeants and soldiers. “We cannot be satisfied with the quality of training for military personnel who are currently serving under contract, as well as the existing conditions for their education and training. Therefore, we have decided to switch to training contract sergeants in various military schools of the Ministry of Defense, ”the chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces said. He also said that the first graduation of contract specialists trained over the course of three years will be carried out at the Ryazan Airborne School this year.

“Every year we will recruit approximately 50 thousand people for soldiers and sergeant positions,” said Nikolay Makarov. In this case, the applicants will be a completely new contract, significantly different from the one currently in force in the army. According to the Ministry of Defense, much higher and more stringent requirements will be applied to the newly recruited contract servicemen, they are planned to be trained in advance. In total, the ministry currently needs 425 thousand contract servicemen. But within one year, as Makarov noted, it is not planned to take them.

According to unofficial data, the salaries of contract servicemen will be more than 20 thousand rubles, but the exact amount in the Ministry of Defense of Russia is not said yet. In fact, contract service in the Russian Armed Forces was possible for quite some time. However, this large-scale project launched by the government at the turn of the 1990's and 2000's cannot be considered completely successful.

At the same time, the General Staff is well aware that they are threatening a very difficult task for implementation. “The main problem will be not only in the training of such contract servicemen, but also in the training of those who will directly train servicemen,” said Nikolay Makarov.

Meanwhile, significant changes will affect personnel officers. The incident that occurred not so long ago and was associated with the generals who gave preference to firing into the reserve rather than moving to the specified new duty station for the purpose of rotation, became the beginning of a large-scale campaign. According to Makarov, rotation will now be the norm of everyday life in the army. "In the last years 20, some officers have moved away from this, until they retired, they lived, for example, in Moscow," the Chief of the General Staff complained to reporters.

In the future, it is planned that each personnel officer will serve in the border region for about 3 years and approximately 10 for years in the depths of the state. At the same time, the defense ministry intends to undertake everything necessary so that the officers will be relocated during the rotation period. After all, it was a perennial catastrophic problem with a housing shortage that was the main reason why most of the officers did not want to leave their homes.
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