One day in the boarding house of pupils at the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The boarding school for pupils of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation was established by decision of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation A.E. Serdyukov as part of the implementation of the Strategy for Social Development of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for the Period to 2020, by order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 21 of July 2008 and by order of the Minister of Defense RF dated 1043 July 29 G. № 2008. Pension is located on the territory of the former faculty of military conductors at the Moscow Conservatory.

• Pupil’s pupils are the children of military personnel serving in remote military garrisons, from incomplete and large families, the daughter of the dead military personnel and combatants awarded with state awards for performing their military duty.

• Pupils are trained from 5 to 11 classes, the maximum number of 840 students is assumed. In 2008, the first set was made in 7, 8 and 9 classes in the number of 180 people, in 2009 year - the second set in 5, 6 and 7 classes in the number of 140 pupils. Given the set of 2011 of the year, 640 pupils study at the boarding school today. In 2011, the first release took place - 11 class finished 55 pupils.

• The educational process is built using advanced Russian and international experience. In addition to the compulsory school curriculum, the curriculum includes a wide range of additional education: three foreign languages, dance classes, sports, art and music education. Mastering the skills of playing a musical instrument, vocal art, orchestral play, art of painting, the basics of graphic design, easel composition, sculptural plastics, basics of batik - this is an incomplete list of subjects to be mastered by the pupils.
The procedure and rules for admission to the boarding school pupils can be viewed at Pension site.


This post will not be exactly about my day (although I also participated in it), and not even quite about the day, but rather about the lives of girls from military families who study at the boarding school pupils at the Russian Defense Ministry. The restaurant itself is unique, and the girls are so clever and beautiful that I want to share this information with others =)

Sorry to describe not from the beginning of the day, but only a few hours, but the institution is closed and get there is not so easy! Although in my story it will be clear how the girls spend their day.

Actually, I (and many others) have an interest in a guesthouse after the recent release of the program "The Most Intelligent". The girls were so easy to answer questions and set records, that involuntarily you begin to think: what training program do they have there, how are they all like geeks?

One day in the boarding house of pupils at the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

I managed to talk to the participants of the game, but first things first.

So, the boarding-school pupils are located in close proximity to the center of Moscow, a stone's throw from the Begovaya metro station. It was there that we, a group of journalists and bloggers, were met by representatives of the Ministry of Defense Press Club and the guest house teacher. As soon as we stepped over the gate, Moscow disappeared with its bustle, and we saw a beautiful park in front of us:

In the guesthouse, which was opened in 2008, the daughters of military men of only distant garrisons study (there is no discrimination, they simply have fewer opportunities to get a good education), as well as the children of fallen servicemen. Now 640 girls are studying in it from 5 to 11 class.

The competition for a place is not announced, but it is likely that it is very large, because a free education of this level in our country is nonsense. Parents of pupils are allowed to see 1 once a month, holidays - 2 once a year (winter - December 14 begins, and summer - almost 2 months). Of course, girls are at first hard away from home, but, as teachers say, this quickly passes.

At the entrance we were met by young drummers. This ensemble has become accustomed to universal attention: they themselves have become entangled in the geography of their performances - this is the Kremlin's main horse, and the Cannes Film Festival “Window to Russia”, holiday concerts for February 23 and Victory Day:

For those who are interested, video presentations:

Every day the pupils are literally minute by minute: first training sessions, then additional (or vice versa, depends on the schedule), sports, cultural events, a few hours for self-study.

We started our excursion from the center of extracurricular activities - they are also, as well as educational ones, mandatory, but each girl can choose any circle (or several) to her taste. And the eyes diverge from diversity: painting, batik, sculpture, designer toy, drama circle, school of journalism, school of style, school of cook and school of the reader, various dances ... These are, for example, modeling classes:

The equipment is the most modern, the teacher shows the kiln and potter's wheels in the photo:

These are art classes, the Decoupage technique:

And a circle of soft toys:

It is easy to guess from posters and photos on the walls that stars and important guests often visit the pupils:

Further through the park we rush to the main educational building. It turns out that there used to be a parade ground (!) In the place of this beauty, but now a whole rose garden has been laid out here (famous roses of Russia were planted with the pupils to open the pension):

Unusual ducks swim in small ponds in the park:

Near the corps, we met up with fifth-graders rushing to study:

And, of course, they were asked about new impressions. Someone liked the park, some were educators, one girl, with childlike spontaneity, declared that she had rubbed her legs in new shoes)))

This is the room of a psychologist, there are several of them in the educational building:

This is a math lesson:

These are interactive whiteboards (although maybe these are now in every school? I am not up to date)

Cooking and table setting classes are held here - girls must learn this. At the last dinner party in the hostel were Valeria and Joseph Prigogine.

Physics lesson. Again, interactive whiteboard and the best educational technologies:

Chemistry Cabinet:

The lingophone class (at the boarding school, the girls study the 3 language, and many then associate their lives with linguistics).

At recess, you can watch your own TV:

Or look at the information on such interactive stands. For example, go to a personal electronic diary, or read a lesson schedule, or find out what lunch is today. By the way, parents also have remote access to the electronic system, and online, not only see their child's assessments, but also comments to them.

Menu for the day:

Meals at the hostel are organized according to the buffet system, however, the metabolism and weight of the girls are strictly monitored. The program for a healthy lifestyle was developed jointly with the Russian Academy of Sciences, and each girls contribute to the electronic form of calories, types of physical activity, etc.

Instead of salads - a salad bar, a lot of vegetables without sauces and additives:

Pasta and potatoes are missing, these products in the boarding house are replaced, for example, with soups and vegetable casseroles.

Playing sports is one of the important components of studying in a boarding house. In addition to additional classes in equestrian sport (each girl has the right to 5 classes in the equestrian club) and figure skating (each class 2 once a week is engaged on the basis of the CSKA Ice Palace), swimming lessons are mandatory:



Volleyball sports section:


Shaping and aerobics:

There are many masters of sports among teachers, and even two Olympic champions. However, and in the composition of teachers only teachers with the highest qualification category, doctors and candidates of science.

The assembly hall on weekdays is used for music lessons:

and dance sections:

Classic dance circle:

And the Irish dance ensemble. By the way, the champions of Russia in Irish dancing, and in February of this year, took 1 and 2 places at the European Championships in Ireland. Ahead - the competition in Milan.

In the library, we met with the very girls from “The Most Intelligent” who conquered everyone with their knowledge. To begin with, I propose to watch this video in order to understand what I am talking about:

So Nastya Varlamova herself - in the game she took second place, but in the hearts of TV viewers probably the first. Modest, but open to communication, Nastya said that it was easy to play, but exciting. Nastya from Primorye, her mother - midshipman on the ship. She says that she uses all the facilities of the guesthouse to get a good education, but even before the guesthouse she has repeatedly won various regional and city competitions and contests. Playing the violin.

Team girls:

Finally, we went to the residential buildings to see how the pupils live. These are the rooms, according to 2 in a block, each for two people. On the 2 toilet unit, a chic bathroom and a large walk-in closet:

And here newswhich can not leave indifferent any woman: on arrival in a boarding school girls are given 80 (!) clothing sets. This evening, cocktail, ball gowns, 6 various forms of training clothes, several coats, winter jackets, ski suit, purses, shoes, pajamas, bathrobes - in general, everything you need!

In a prominent place - photos of relatives and friends:

105 days left until holidays =)

That turned out to be a guided tour. It remains only to rejoice at girls from different parts of our vast Motherland who receive such an education. Of course, the question of their isolation from boys (although they often have discos with Suvorovs and Cadets) remains controversial, and in general, I think, at first it will be difficult for them to go beyond the walls of the guesthouse and get into adulthood. But this is a good chance, and for many it is the only opportunity to realize oneself.
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