Turkey is ready to launch an invasion of Iraq

Turkey is ready to launch an invasion of IraqThe Turkish army is ready to invade the northern provinces of Iraq at any time, Lenta.ru reports on Tuesday, September 13.

A statement was made by Turkish Minister of Internal Affairs Idris Naim Sahin. According to him, artillery and aviation For several days now they have been massively attacking the positions of Kurdish militants entrenched in the poorly managed northern provinces of Iraq. “The ground operation can begin at any time,” the minister said.

At the same time, Sahin noted that the final decision will be made after consultations with Iraqi officials.

During the talks, representatives of Ankara will try to convince Baghdad that the defeat of the bases of Kurdish militants will benefit not only Turkey, but also Iraq itself. However, even if the Iraqi government does not agree, it will have little effect on the situation.

According to Turkish observers, the operation may begin even before the return of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan from Egypt.
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  1. Vadivak 14 September 2011 10: 42 New
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    if the Iraqi government does not agree, it will have little ability to influence the situation.

    What is the Iraqi government? They would write directly if the Americans are graciously willing to agree, and in Baghdad, clowns
  2. PSih2097 14 September 2011 14: 27 New
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    Turkey is from the north, Iran is from the east, and Syria only needs to strengthen its eastern border, because the Kurds will have nowhere to go, no one needs them in Iraq.
  3. datur 14 September 2011 17: 00 New
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    if the wolf is driven into a corner, it will beat to the last drop of blood. and the Kurds are not clowns from Libya know how to fight, much less nowhere to go. zavarushka will be mom do not worry !!!