Brothers in Arms

Brothers in ArmsEven in the most prosperous country, as one of the most popular proverbs says today, there will be a sufficient number of people who remain dissatisfied with something. According to the established tradition, the power of such people does not like, but foreign countries can rely on these citizens to wave as a foundation for the implementation of their goals. It was precisely these conclusions that prompted the representatives of the military departments of seven CIS states who had gathered in Dushanbe to sign an agreement on the collective confrontation of the new threat. Such a threat was unanimously called by those gathered the possibility of foreign states to organize various kinds of tulip, pink, hyacinth and other colored revolutions. Due to the fact that lately even the UN Security Council cannot prevent some states from encroaching on the territory of another country with the aim of overthrowing the head of state and imposing their views, representatives of the participating countries of the Tajik forum signed a declaration on mutual military assistance. According to this agreement, if, for example, some residents of Kazakhstan call Nazarbayev a traitor to the nation and take knives and axes in their hands, and the United States and other adepts of democracy support them in this, then Russians, Belarusians, Kyrgyz, Tajiks, Uzbeks and Armenians will come to the aid of Nazarbayev. . Of course, if similar events do not suddenly occur in these countries.

Today, Washington has already imposed sanctions against Belarus, saying that the policy of Alexander Lukashenko, to put it mildly, is not to the liking of the US Congress. Yes, maybe the Kremlin doesn’t like it either, so now, is it possible to bomb Minsk? In general, the concerns of the forum participants are understandable. With all due respect to our states, the style of government is far from democratic, but to allow it, so to speak, to redirect to a somewhat different direction, external forces cannot be.

Using the example of the orange Ukrainian Maidan and the Georgian “Rose Revolution”, we can clearly see what kind of intervention this translates into. Well, let's say, we will not provide each other with military assistance in the event of a development of events as in the same Libya. Then people with familiar anti-Russian rhetoric will come to the place of the same Nazarbayev or Karimov. Again, we learn that Russian fiends and barbarians, as Mikhail Saakashvili likes to express himself now, have oppressed the Kazakh and Uzbek peoples for centuries. Will start again история with the recall of ambassadors, the ban on the import and export of products and other fruits of "democratic" revolutions.

Today, the export of these same riots and coups put on a real conveyor. Do not have time to cool down Tunisia and Egypt, as Libya flared. Not finished blazing Tripoli, as the waves of protests in Syria. Even well-off Bahrain almost felt the charm of American “help”. Apparently, the citizens of the Bahraini crown thought better of it in time and realized that they themselves did not know what they were asking for. The whole world looked at Bahrain with its average salary in 3 thousands of dollars and with slogans about freedom with some incomprehension.

In this connection, it was decided in Dushanbe to build some psychological wall before the ambitions of the West. Like, try to touch - we have a lot.

It would be desirable to hope that the fraternal peoples, who have already become fairly unaccustomed to mutual revenue, will indeed come to this revenue. In this case, even the West may be interested to see how Armenian soldiers neutralize the revolutionary movement in the territory of Tajikistan. Ashot will throw his kebab house, pick up a rifle and fly to fraternal Dushanbe to put down the vile "fifth column". And the same Jumshut will stop laying brick on Rublevka and stop the enemy on the approaches to Mother Moscow. Of course, this whole idea looks ridiculous. However, the revolutions themselves, if not for the shed blood, are also a kind of comedy.

Therefore, the response of the CIS to the West can be considered quite adequate. Some people like motley revolutions with the possibility of oil profit, others love to sit in their chairs for five terms. This is how a spit on a stone will be found, if someone nevertheless has the sense to start a “whistle dance”!

In the meantime, the agreement was signed, the parties entrusted each other with the most valuable thing they have - their opposition. So the strategy of mutual assistance in the CIS, at least on paper, but valid.
Alexey Volodin
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