Does the Libyan war develop into a people's stage?

Does the Libyan war develop into a people's stage? interesting news come from Libya. Apparently, there is a possibility that ours is waiting for another stage of the Libyan war. 12 September ITAR-TASS reported that the Libyan rebels are preparing for a new assault on Bani Walid, while Sirt continues to be fierce battles using jet artillery, mortars, and NATO aircraft.

Speaking in a simple way - two days of the storming of Bani Walid ended without positive results for the PNS, the stories about the heroic seizure of almost the entire city turned out to be just another misinformation. The rebels are once again preparing to take Bani Walid once again.

This time, Gaddafi’s snipers have been named the main problem of the stormtroopers, and for some reason they don’t let the rebels take this town. According to the rebel military representative Abdullah Kanshil, 17 rebels died or were injured from their fire. The rebels never learned how to fight after the assault on Tripoli - the 17 people have lost and already retreated during the “assault on the city”. At the same time, it turned out that, in addition to the snipers of Bani Walid, it was not government units that defended, but about one thousand warfalla warriors. The emergence of militia seriously changes the situation on this front. In addition, 11-th in the victorious reports of the rebels the city center was confidently called taken under complete control of the PNS, 12-th revealed that the gangs did not reach him 2-2,5 km. In general, if you look at a map of the city on Google, you can see that the size of Bani Walid as a whole is such that 2-2,5 km from the center is the outskirts. Here in the suburbs yesterday's offensive stopped.

Failures under Bani Walid are superimposed on a completely deplorable situation for the rebels near Sirte. There, apparently, the situation for them is no better. And this is despite the brutal bombing of the NATO air force, and the shelling of the city. There is no significant advancement of the rebel forces. Apparently, and there the city is not protected by a handful of Gadhafi’s last associates, but by the people's militia. Given the factor that Sirt is the tribal nest of the Gaddafi tribe, they will not surrender. When taking the city they are waiting for genocide.

The information from Sebha is also very vague and sad for the rebels. Cyrenaica completely plunged into revolutionary chaos. If, prior to the capture of the capital of Libya, the eastern front was the main one, now there is no movement of rebel forces from the east. It seems that in the east everyone is busy with carving and clarifying the relationship with each other, and they simply don’t care for Gaddafi and his supporters. The fact of a hasty move, in fact, the flight of the PNS from Benghazi, is supported by a complete informational vacuum in this area in recent days.

This news, or lack thereof, may lead to the following conclusions. The Alliance of Rebels and NATO forces, taking the capital of Libya, for some unknown reason failed to develop its success (some experts talk about heavy losses in Tripoli), giving the government of Gaddafi time to regroup, regain control of loyal units and forces, to rebuild defense. Now, supporters of Gaddafi have received reinforcements in the face of the militias, who have a great advantage over the recruitment of Libyan rebels from the mercenaries - they protect their hometowns. The war gradually begins to turn into a national one, as the leader of the Jamahiriya said. There is no other explanation for such persistent resistance.

The people's war has its own peculiarity - the militia will fiercely defend their cities and their tribal territory, however, having repulsed the attacks of the rebels, they are unlikely to want to go further, and if they go, their combat capability will fall as they move away from their territory. This is the problem of the Colonel. Libyan leader to solve it. Perhaps somewhere in relatively calm places in the south of Libya will form new units that will become the basis of the new army of Gaddafi.

The war finally goes into a stage of protracted conflict. The West will have to decide whether to again carry out local land operations, or to contribute to the final collapse of Libya. It is clear that the Libyan rebels alone will not be able to break the resistance of the militia and government units, and the termination of air support will automatically lead to the military defeat of the Transitional National Council of Libya.

Other news

Gaddafi went on the air again. The leader of the Jamahiriya, Muammar Gaddafi, accused the Libyan opposition of betraying its people, yielding to "foreign influence," and promised to continue the fight against traitors and interventionists, the Associated Press reported on Monday.

The short address of the Colonel was broadcast on Monday on the Syrian television channel Al-Rai by its owner, the former Iraqi deputy Mishan al-Jaburi. Gaddafi called opposition supporters, PNS traitors to the motherland, who decided to transfer the oil wealth of Libya to foreign corporations.

China recognized the PNS as the legitimate government of Libya. As stated by the official Beijing, the Libyan PNS is "the ruling power of Libya and representatives of the Libyan people," the BBC reported, citing Chinese media. Until recently, China remained one of the few powers that did not recognize the power of the Libyan rebels, claiming that the Transitional National Council was only a party to negotiations with the legitimate authorities of the Jamahiriya. The legitimacy of the authorities of Gaddafi - Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Erytheria, Zimbabwe, Syria, is still supported.
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