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Who needs Somali pirates?

Who needs Somali pirates?

As shows история humanity, piracy is a phenomenon with a very ancient history. Piracy in the days of the Minoan civilization, the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians. People wishing to profit from someone else's good, always enough. But only in the majority of the population this phenomenon is associated with the film “Pirates of the Caribbean”, sometimes with caravels, galleons, with Tortuga, John Silververe from “Treasure Island”. Although, someone may recall the Soviet film “Pirates of the Twentieth Century”, there the sea robbers owned a fairly modern ship, had their own island, where they sat out between the pirate raids.

Somali "pirates" strongly knocked out of this associative series. Some wild negros in small boats inspire fear of the entire world community. This phenomenon is truly unique, if you do not take into account the fact that all the events around Somalia are well planned. The actions of Somali robbers fit into a certain scenario of current and future events.

A person with a sound mind will never believe that the mighty fleet of the United States and Navy of NATO countries, a number of leading countries of the world, cannot cope with a gang of sea robbers.

Therefore, a legitimate question arises: Where is the United Nations resolution on the need for a peacekeeping maritime and land operation in Somalia, in order to eliminate piracy in this region of the planet? After all, many countries suffer from the industries of sea robbers, suffer great losses, and the prestige of the great powers themselves suffers. For example, in April, at the anti-piracy conference in Dubai, the damage from this fishery was estimated to be from 2011 to 7 billion dollars a year. For comparison, only small groups of disgruntled people were enough to attack against Libya. And then there are direct armed attacks on ships. Where is the reaction of the world community? Why not bring order to the collapsed independent Somalia?

Somalia currently consists of several state entities. The situation of the population that lives off agriculture (mainly livestock) is aggravated by the fact that Somalia has almost nothing to offer the world market. There is some natural gas, some ore, but they have no strategic value for other countries. Somalia is a country not even of the third world, but of the fourth, one of the poorest regions of the planet. The situation is worsened by regular droughts, undermining the food base of the population, and constant local conflicts. Therefore, the most profitable occupation becomes sea fishing. The “Pirates” are also complaining, they say, to the naval forces of the international forces that “cause great damage in the region” and interfere with the “work”.

If you combine the naval forces of various countries (October 7 2008 of the UN Security Council adopted resolution 1838, it allows states to use their naval and air forces to fight pirates in the Somalia zone), which are involved in patrolling, then a decent fleet will be released. So, ships of the Russian Federation, NATO countries, India, China, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, etc., not less than 20 states participate in the operation. In 2008, the EU launched Operation Atlanta, the first international collective action to combat piracy off the coast of Somalia. It turns out that a more patrolled coast of an African country cannot be found. The whole world is guarded, and successful attacks of pirates both happened and happen. The media regularly skips messages about another successful or repulsed attack by Somali sea robbers. Moreover, the pirates manage to expand the region of their operations, penetrate into the Indian Ocean. And this is after the start of the operation of international forces! In 2010, Somali sea robbers captured a record number of trophies - the 53 civilian vessel and the crew member 1181.

Water area subject to attacks by Somali pirates (

When you look at the "armament" of Somali pirates, a number of questions also arise. It is not clear how, by what miracle, pirates in general seize ships in their boats. These are ordinary fishing boats and boats. And the naval forces of the countries of the whole developed world cannot overcome them? It is difficult to believe in it, if at least sometimes the brain is turned on. Those who are caught are usually simply released.

Another interesting fact is that the world media covers the facts of piracy only off the coast of Somalia. Attacks of pirates occur in Latin America, off the coast of West Africa, off the coast of India and Indonesia, etc. Can you recall reports of Colombian, Venezuelan, Indian, Indonesian, Philippine pirates? The attention of the world community is riveted only to Somali pirates.

Attacks of pirates on ships.

Various experts have repeatedly reported that if there was a desire to solve this problem, it would be solved. Pirates have bases, strong points, communication channels. All their ground bases are well known, there are also their maps, they can be destroyed, striking a serious blow to their cause. You can arrest intermediaries who have a stake in the same London. But we still see only the struggle with the consequences. Only the French and US naval forces are fighting the most with sea robbers so far: they often shoot to kill, commit power grabs. However, they use such methods only during the liberation of compatriots and ships marching under the flags of France and the USA.

What could be done?

“The international operations of the sea forces cost hundreds of millions of dollars every year, according to a number of specialists, if this money were spent on restoring the statehood of Somalia, the country's economy, its coast guard, the level of piracy would plummet.

“A strike at well-known coastal pirate bases would also reduce the number of their attacks, as well as the tightening of international legislation. Pirates at all times punished very strictly - usually the death penalty.

It should be noted that this phenomenon (“Somali pirates”) fits perfectly into the scenario of the general destabilization of the Islamic world and Eurasia as a whole. Allows the United States and NATO to keep on the strategic sea route a significant combat-ready grouping of the Navy, which can be used for other purposes, for example, to strengthen forces directed against Iran.

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  1. PSih2097
    PSih2097 12 September 2011 09: 15
    A person with a sound mind will never believe that the mighty fleet of the United States and Navy of NATO countries, a number of leading countries of the world, cannot cope with a gang of sea robbers.

    The Americans already had experience in Somalia, even a film was made about it, "the fall of the black hawk."
    The damage from this fishery was estimated at between 7 and 12 billion dollars a year.

    it means someone needs it, although the American AUG can destroy not only pirates in a couple of days, but also Somalia itself.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 12 September 2011 09: 38
      Quote: PSih2097
      it means someone needs it, although the American AUG can destroy not only pirates in a couple of days, but also Somalia itself.

      Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year on a naval operation by international forces

      Here is the answer to you, how many people feed on pirates, how many politicians make the image of fighters against terror
    2. Marat
      Marat 13 September 2011 21: 16
      Nikolai Starikov gave a good analysis of these pirates in his latest book "Chaos and Revolutions ....." By the way, he described and explained the incident with the attack on "Moscow University" - if I am not mistaken in the name of the tanker - when Russian sailors acted decisively and the Russian government played hard

      He believes that pendos stand behind the pirates - therefore, if necessary, the "pirates" receive an "international" tribune in their media - publish their statements - voice their positions - remember - during the aggression of Georgia - neither Russia nor Ossetia could "get a tribune" for a whole week - but pirates in 3 hours - please

      He writes that more often pirates attack those ships that they "advise" And if desired, the US Navy and the government would liquidate this activity immediately
      1. Denis
        Denis 15 September 2011 14: 33
        The situation with al-Qaeda is very similar, how did the Pindos fiddle with it before, so that it could spoil the Union and Afghanistan?
        but for what they fought for it and ran
  2. datur
    datur 12 September 2011 16: 57
    Somali famines pirates and supermen rebels from Libya - one field of berries.
  3. mitrich
    mitrich 12 September 2011 19: 14
    The problem is on the surface: one of the countries that are part of the anti-piracy coalition must open a "hunting season" on them, destroying the attackers or trying to attack and destroying the pirate bases from the air. Then the rest will join, including Russia and China. And the USA should do it, tk. the bulk of sea freight from the Persian Gulf countries falls on this country. They do not want to, because the Somali pirates, no doubt, will begin to kill the crew members of the captured ships.
    I really liked how ELECTRICALLY and DEMOCRATIC a year and a half ago, the Russian Pacific Pacific sailors arrived with 20 captured Somali pirates. They ... let them go, however, 600 nautical miles from the coast and removing the engines from the boats, but in bad weather. Swim, they say, pigeons, swim wink ! Beautifully for a lovely sight.
  4. krymskij
    krymskij 12 September 2011 20: 11
    If something happens somewhere, then someone needs it. And Somalia has no oil and there are many problems. By the way, they have long said that the pirate bosses are well aware of the load, how much it costs, when it will be. Helmsmen far from Somalia.
  5. Cvetluy
    Cvetluy 12 September 2011 22: 58
    In PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN company management tried to clean up all the pirates, I hope this will end here bully
    1. ballian
      ballian 13 September 2011 09: 51
      Is the author so ignorant? It is clear that the Peacekeeping Action in Somalia has already been and failed, even the United States was forced to withdraw troops from there after the battle with local militants in Mogadishu
      (Everyone has seen the movie "The Fall of the Black Hawk Down" about these events)
      The language to fight pirates is really "very simple" - and you try, you also need to find them - they are all under the guise of "peaceful".
      Try to stop them - they are submachine guns in the water - and "fishermen" on land are the same.
      They capture ships very simply - because they are unarmed - if the author is not a pirate and does not know how to do this, then there is nothing to write here.