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Tajik "human rights activists" accused Russia of "occupation"

Tajik "human rights activists" accused Russia of "occupation"It would seem, so from whom it would not be worthwhile to expect Russia to reproach the "occupation", so it is from quiet and gentle Tajikistan. In contrast to the boorish Baltic states, which have crossed the line of Georgia’s decency and are kicking Belarus and Ukraine here — silence and grace. Is that Afghanistan is alarming at hand, but drug trafficking routes, but at the official level, bilateral policy is proceeding in an exemplary and everyday way.

However, it happened. The local intelligentsia unexpectedly “mirrored” and issued to the mountain a remarkable document, kept in the almost forgotten style of the 80-x and 90-junction, when the Union Republics wanted sovereignty so much that they “could not eat”. Eat then, by the way, some really could not. However, this rhetorical digression is a memory refreshment for. The essence of the claims to Russia is beaten up and inexpressibly vulgar. The text of the letter speaks for itself.

“President Medvedev, in the presence of the President of Tajikistan, questioned the very notion of independence of our country and announced that Tajikistan would remain hostage to Russia's policy for another half a century. We are confident that Mr. Medvedev should publicly apologize to the citizens of Tajikistan for such a statement, ”the authors note. If from someone's life suddenly this is not the most interesting episode of stories bilateral relations, I recall: September, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev 2 during a meeting with his Tajik counterpart, Emomali Rakhmon, said that he had ordered to prepare an agreement to extend the stay of Russian military bases in that state for 49 years.

Amazingly, the president did not hint in words or gestures that Moscow intends, figuratively speaking, to take Tajikistan “hostage” to its policy. It is equally strange to say that this republic is in such a position today. Unless, after distorting logic, one can say that Tajikistan is “under the yoke” of Russian money. That is, that is - according to official data of Rosstat, in Russia there are about a million Tajik citizens, whose “investments” in their home country have already come close to $ 3 billion a year. This, I emphasize, is only official data.

But more - more! We read the document further: “Even if we imagine the most terrible picture, when, after the withdrawal of the American troops, Tajikistan begins to fight the Taliban, we should not forget that a huge number of Tajiks live in Afghanistan. These are those Tajiks who were separated from us by the efforts of the Russians and the British. And their love for Tajikistan cannot be compared with the “unlimited love” of Russia for Tajikistan. ” That is, the authors at least believe that the Tajiks who by the will of fate in Afghanistan, happen to be the “terrible picture”, will certainly kill the Taliban in the name of love for their homeland? Awesome naivety. And this is if we discard the deliberately offensive for Russia distrust of its ability to act as a stabilization factor in the region (this is not the case yet, but it would be naive to believe that the Russian authorities, with all conceivable and inconceivable reservations, do not care what is happening near the southern borders of the country ). No, brothers, Afghanistan and the Taliban - it's all too well studied, at the cost of the lives of thousands and thousands of our fighters.

Well, for dessert, apparently, so that the reader relaxed and laughed, the authors drew some joke. “Russia may introduce a visa regime with Tajikistan, which will affect the activities of our labor migrants. Tajikistan, without waiting, must introduce a visa regime with Russia. It is necessary to create conditions for the work of our migrants in their homeland and to find new routes for migrant workers. One of the measures could be the refusal of the services of Chinese workers at construction sites in Tajikistan, ”with the idea of ​​destroying the Taliban patriotic Tajiks in their own lair, this, of course, cannot be compared, but you can laugh. It is interesting to acquaint with this proposal guys in Russia from Dushanbe, Khujand, Kurgan-Tyube and other cities that regularly transfer money to their families living in the 140 economy in the world in terms of GDP near Zimbabwe.

A letter from the Tajik intelligentsia demanding to President Dmitry Medvedev to apologize to the Tajiks for the intention to extend the deployment of military bases on 49 for years in a conversation with the KM.RU columnist Anton Demidov, a sociologist, commented on:

- I think that in any country there are such "human rights activists", the so-called intelligentsia, which leads the country in a certain way. If now the Russian military will not remain in Tajikistan, then I think that Tajikistan and Afghanistan itself will have every chance to go the way of Libya, when with the presentation of such “intellectuals” countries will begin demonstrations, riots, the media will join and, as a result, we will get in their underbelly, radical Islamist states that will threaten us with war and, at a minimum, destabilization in the North Caucasus.

It is enough to recall the not so old events in Kyrgyzstan, when some leaders at the White House called on the Russian authorities to send troops to “pacify” the Kyrgyz-Uzbek clashes — I’m talking about memorable events in Osh. Thus, the backstage planned only to push the opposing sides together with their heads and accuse Russia of provoking interethnic conflicts.

So, this kind of protests should be treated calmly, the Russian business is to ensure their security, surround themselves with friendly states, where attempts of any kind of revolution will be prevented. In addition, a fairly large flow of money goes to Tajikistan from Russia through remittances that are made by citizens of this republic working in Russia. I can still understand when Russia, for its part, may impose visa restrictions in the order of political pressure, but such initiatives coming from within the republic are seen by me as extremely unpopular in Tajikistan itself, they will not find a response among the people, since there is almost every family there anyway gets money from Russia. And if we assume that the decision on the introduction of a visa regime with Russia will nevertheless be made, then there will indeed be a risk of getting a serious destabilization. A huge number of young, able-bodied men who are out of work will simply go to the drug trade, to mercenaries - the consequences in general will be disastrous.

- It is precisely these most poorly controlled drug flows that are now being put forward as the main argument in favor of the visa regime ...

- No visa regime to solve this problem. Those people who offer such a "simple" solution - they either sincerely do not understand the situation, or are deliberately deceiving. The point is not visas, but the fact that a huge amount of drugs are being grown absolutely openly in Afghanistan - by the way, especially impressive “yields” came after the American troops entered there. Our anti-drug and Tajik services should cooperate more closely, more intensively — this is where the main efforts need to be applied, and the administrative closure of the border will not lead to anything sensible.

And the Americans, if they care about the problem of drug trafficking from Afghanistan all over the world, we should start systematically destroying the drug plantation, and not the laboratories - they are being destroyed four times a year, with a quantity that is a hundred times larger.
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  1. Cvetluy
    Cvetluy 10 September 2011 22: 29 New
    As always, you need to ask who benefits from destabilization in Tajikistan - the answer is obvious to Amers / the more hotspots in which the Russian Federation participates, the better they are and it is necessary to counteract this, including information bully
    1. Ivan35
      Ivan35 11 September 2011 18: 49 New
      That's right - beneficial to pendos! And "local human rights activists" are bought agents of pendos - a variant of our Moscow "democrats" of the 80s and 90s - these are the enemies with whom the Soviet Union would act "decisively"

      The poorest Tajiks benefit from their country's course towards Russia - the only big state - interested in stability and peace along the southern borders
  2. almost demobil
    almost demobil 10 September 2011 22: 35 New
    And where did the Tajiks get their intelligentsia? belay
    1. zczczc
      zczczc 11 September 2011 01: 45 New
      Brought from Israel ...
      1. raf
        raf 11 September 2011 22: 38 New
        Come on, the intelligentsia doesn’t have one that comes from the USSR.
    2. raf
      raf 11 September 2011 22: 52 New
      Come on, the intelligentsia in Tajikistan is at least one that comes from the USSR! Just "shit defenders" once again stir up the water, hoping for a handout from overseas!
  3. Banshee
    Banshee 10 September 2011 23: 28 New
    With the “intelligentsia” everything is simple: you can buy it. But at the same time and "guide the true path." The whole question is (to which the author points out very transparently) where this path leads.

    Familiar to all ugliness. Alcoholism begins with a shot glass, and a rotten bazaar - from the Maidan.
    APASUS 11 September 2011 11: 56 New
    An interesting story! In a country where there is practically a dictatorship, it turns out there are human rights activists and dissatisfied intelligentsia! If we assume that they have one, then they will have enough work there for a couple of centuries, their internal problems, and there would be no time to deal with interstate relations !! !
  5. figwam
    figwam 11 September 2011 13: 37 New
    Again, this lousy intelligentsia, which knows best how anyone needs to live. And the salary is in dollars.
  6. Rico1977
    Rico1977 11 September 2011 16: 47 New
    Selling mongrel. It's not even funny anymore ...
  7. Sanzyro
    Sanzyro 11 September 2011 17: 23 New
    No, this is really funny! Soon the Yamalo-Nenets okrug will accuse us of occupation, and God forbid, the war will be declared ... repeat
  8. mitrich
    mitrich 11 September 2011 19: 34 New
    The most correct comment, in my opinion, is ALMOST DEMBEL: "And where do the Tajiks get their intelligentsia from?" That’s where the Tajiks got the drugs from, it’s understandable, but where the intelligentsia don’t come from ... And in this case under discussion, most likely the Tajik “intelligentsia” and the Afghan drugs are the same thing. And Rakhmon is already very funny like a Colombian drug lord, since he is the most important Tajik "intellectual"!
  9. Civil
    Civil 11 September 2011 20: 11 New
    Watering feces neighboring people is that a sign of our intelligentsia? It may be worth recognizing that other nations have wonderful and very influential citizens. Respect is a sign of culture. Or all poor nations have no right to exist. Here you have to think
    1. mitrich
      mitrich 11 September 2011 20: 22 New
      in Yekaterinburg there is a news program "9 1/2" (MikhailVl can confirm). Every day, except Saturday and Sunday - for an hour (in the evenings). And each, I emphasize, every day (Mikhail Vl can confirm) there are messages with very characteristic videos about the detentions of "beautiful and very influential citizens" from ... (from silence I’m silent) states. Drugs get out of bags, pockets of clothes, from the ass, finally ... And all, as one, intellectuals ...
    2. Marat
      Marat 11 September 2011 22: 29 New
      Dear civilian! No one here is "watering" the whole people! After all, we are talking only about pseudo-intelligentsia "nurtured" by pendosy - who writes anti-Russian (formerly called anti-Soviet) articles

      I myself am not Russian (but I consider myself a patriot of both Russia and my republic) and always speak out against discrimination of any people from the USSR - but in this case there is clearly "not that case" - these "human rights defenders" are enemies - they are just as evil as drugs from Afgana - both organize pendosy.

      I used to think that you just need to strengthen the CSTO’s position — to set up military bases in neighboring republics — but this is clearly not enough. We need ideological work - the propaganda of our ideas, the exposure of the destructive policies of the United States, and we need to expose these "human rights activists" - until they are completely eradicated
      1. Banshee
        Banshee 11 September 2011 23: 04 New
        Quote: Civil
        It may be worthwhile to recognize that other nations have beautiful and very influential citizens.

        I think no one will deny this. There are wonderful citizens in any nation. Even Obama and both Bush are wonderful citizens from the point of view of the country for whose good they worked tirelessly. Well, Obama is still working, but this is only because they have the Ku Klux Klan there.

        Very influential citizens (oligarchs, bankers, drug barons, arms dealers, crime bosses, clergymen - choose the right synonym!) Also exist in every country. But it was about the intelligentsia ...
  10. dmb
    dmb 12 September 2011 10: 24 New
    Yeah. Our "president" of course carries a lot of nonsense, but this is a bust.
  11. oper66
    oper66 12 September 2011 22: 36 New
    In 1984-86, I served in Tajikistan as a whole people as a people moderately tolerant in the mountains and villages, good-natured and friendly, but there were also old and young Basmachis both in Dushanbe and in the mountains. everything in them was aimed at honoring the rais, that is, the boss, and in Soviet times, it was enough for them to join the party, but only in the army, at home it would not work, they had to pay a big bakshi. so it’s not worth paying attention to some scribble of Tajiks, they don’t have their own opinion of what they will say, they will do it, and they have a lot of hatred for the Russians, how many Russians fled from there before the plants began, but there’s no one to treat . then they asked me to return, and they intensely guarded the remaining Russians. I killed my friend’s son in Dushanbe, he was from there, his father taught at the Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Dushanbe, he sent his son to his grandfather and he was simply beaten on the street in the Lenin Center park cities for speaking Russian
    1. Banshee
      Banshee 12 September 2011 23: 09 New
      Wow ... It turns out, all the same 20-e years of the last century?
      1. oper66
        oper66 12 September 2011 23: 33 New
        and this happened in 2001
        1. Banshee
          Banshee 12 September 2011 23: 36 New
          And there is nothing to say. Generally not familiar with this country, with its people, so just a shock. It's a pity.