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10 years witch hunt

Ten years have passed since the day when one of the worst disasters happened stories humanity in peacetime. This is an unprecedented terrorist attack in the United States. Recall that 11 September 2001, captured passenger liners were sent to destroy certain objects in the United States. As you know, two aircraft rammed the WTC building in Manhattan, the third crashed onto the Pentagon building, and the fourth headed for the White House, but fell in the fields near Shanksville.

It was a real shock, not only for America, but for all of humanity. There were cries that the terrorist underground had lifted its head and was now crushing the entire system of social regulation that had developed over the centuries. Someone, looking at how multi-meter buildings collapse, covered his face with his hands and thought in his mind that the world, in that sense of which everyone knew before, had come to an end. From television screens, from high tribunes, more and more cries were heard that the enemy would be found and destroyed. However, it is worth noting that the events of 11 September were the first in history when thousands of people died, and no one knew the enemy by sight. The US authorities were in dire need of information about who struck the empire a devastating blow.

Do not have time to disperse the smoke of fires in Manhattan, did not have time to settle clubs of asbestos dust, as the face of the enemy appeared on the screens and front pages of all world newspapers and magazines without exception. The enemy was the leader of the terrorist movement Al-Qaeda, a subject of the Saudi crown, Osama bin Laden. The enemy showed himself to be very helpful, because before that the American authorities were like the very Cyclops, whose eye Odysseus had put out. We will not, of course, compare Bin Laden with Odyssey, but the parallel is that the wounded beast, which the United States can undoubtedly be considered, has begun to look for whom to throw out its righteous anger.

Bin Laden, as it turned out, could not even be found by the ubiquitous American intelligence agencies, which already suggests some reflections. Then George Bush, as an ambitious president, made the right decision, as it seemed to the entire American people, to attack Afghanistan, where, according to intelligence data, Bin Laden allegedly hid. However, the search for a bearded terrorist did not lead to anything, then Bush decided to attack (to the heap) Iraq and destroy Saddam Hussein, with whom Bush had a senior score. The decision looked so far-fetched that even today no one in the world can find a connection between the terrorist attacks on Manhattan and Saddam Hussein. If you do not take into account the Iraqi oil ...

The world was distracted from the American tragedy. However, there are still people on the planet who decided to analyze what happened in the USA on September 11. At the same time, such people began to express truly sensational ideas that the attack of a certain terrorist Bin Laden is a fiction of the very American intelligence services. Perhaps no one would have paid attention to the words of these "blissful" if it were not for a number of facts that remain inexplicable even after ten years.

The first inconsistency in the case of the grand terrorist attack of “mean Arabs” against the stars and stripes country is evidenced by the fact that the buildings of the WTC were somehow too well formed after passenger planes hit them. Subsequently, numerous attempts to create in laboratory conditions a situation similar to the impact of a powerful external force on a high-rise construction, led only to the fact that the layouts of buildings collapsed so that their parts flew hundreds of meters throughout the district. The twin towers simply collapsed perfectly along the central vertical axis. Specialists immediately suspected that the buildings could collapse like this only as a result of pre-built explosive devices in certain places of the structures.

In addition to the inconsistencies can be attributed to the fact that since the collapse of the first tower the hole from the plane hit, if it was a plane, was almost perfectly flat. Many military engineers decided to express the words that the first skyscraper was hit not with an airplane, but with a rocket. But if so, by whom and from where was it released?

The next question, which excited many no less than the terrorist act itself, is that a month and a half before the tragedy of the WTC tower, the American billionaire Larry Silverstein purchased. Until now, experts have been wondering why the huge buildings, which bring nothing but losses, suddenly needed a billionaire. At the same time, it was rumored in the USA for a long time that it was time to demolish the towers, since they do not meet any sanitary requirements because of the high level of carcinogenic asbestos. Surprisingly, Mr. Silverstein not only bought towers, but also insured them for an amount exceeding their value. And why did Larry Silverstein highlight the point about a possible terrorist act? How many terrorist attacks did the world know by then about the buildings served by trading organizations?

In general, whether Silverstein had anything to do with the September 11 attacks - the question is open, but the fact that he received in excess of his billions still a solid profit, without having managed to pay a tenth of the purchase price, is an obvious fact.

It should be noted that the catastrophe that occurred in the US in September 2001 of the year, untied the hands of George W. Bush. Now, for obvious reasons, he could invade with his troops anywhere and search for this elusive Bin Laden. Bush would be happy to “search” in Russia, but the Topol intercontinental missiles with nuclear warheads gave him an unequivocal answer that there is no point in looking for Bin Laden in Russia.

What made the world out of that terrible catastrophe, the real organizers of which are unlikely to be known in the near future? Bin Laden destroyed. However, this did not make the world any easier. Moreover, American troops are still continuing to “look for” something in Afghanistan. Hung Saddam Hussein. And the stars and stripes are in no hurry to leave Iraq. The president of the United States has changed, and the witch hunt outside the US is still not over.

In this situation, it is worth noting our American partners: maybe you need to look around and look for these very witches in the immediate vicinity of the White House? I think that the chances of finding them will be much greater than in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

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  1. MaxArt
    MaxArt 11 September 2011 07: 01
    Everything is true and nothing new. The falsification of 9/11 is well described in the second part of the film "Zeitgeist", for all the shallowness of the film. But this is just a matter of technique.

    Another thing is surprising: as in the modern world, when it is clear to billions of people what’s what, you can continue to look for terrorists in oil-producing countries with an innocent look. Well, or to sow democracy - it’s stupid in several states at the same time to look for one Bin Laden, other reasons are needed. Everyone in the know, everyone is silent (or bombed). This is not even a witch hunt, but simply a measured implementation of the plan. Resources are needed to delay America's demise.

    Mankind is kept by sheep. Is it unfair? I do not know.
    1. frame5
      frame5 11 September 2011 07: 30
      No, that's right.
      In Africa, millions of people know, for example, that AIDS is being treated by rape of a virgin, and the authorities are hiding it!
      1. MaxArt
        MaxArt 11 September 2011 15: 10
        I did not understand you.
        1. makrus
          makrus 11 September 2011 15: 23
          no one understands him wink
          1. Marat
            Marat 11 September 2011 23: 13
            Really makrus - made to smile!
      2. Mesniy
        Mesniy 11 September 2011 16: 22
        That's right! Cool answer! Respect and respect! Plus!
    2. Marat
      Marat 11 September 2011 23: 18
      I already have my whole family laughing - all my relatives and friends - when on TV with the most serious air they are "looking for bin laden" or pushing pompous speeches about his "capture" - or "Saddam's atomic bomb" - their lies become more and more rude and the arrogant - and surprisingly - their people swallow it! Total brainwashing!
  2. Roman Skomorokhov
    Roman Skomorokhov 11 September 2011 08: 04
    The first case in the history of mankind, when to achieve a hidden goal they beat their own. Moreover, they were beating openly and on display, reveling in the grief of people who had lost relatives and friends, showing it to the whole world.
    Of course, all this was not planned by Bin Laden. Here, excuse me, the guts are thin, such a turn.
    More than once I watched on "Discovery" how old buildings are being demolished by explosions in the states, it looks like two peas on the towers. Only planes are not inserted there.
    The thing is different. The point is exclusively in resources. It is clear that without them the house of cards (more precisely, the dollar house) will collapse. And it must be kept at all costs. But not the same price. Although, they say that to achieve the goal any means are good. And the planes crash into buildings, unknown people blow up houses, lay charges on the subway ...
    States turn into monsters, sacrificing their own interests to their own citizens. About which, in theory, should care and protect. For which, in general, they (the state) and created. But in fact ... In fact, the dirt and meanness.
    1. Mesniy
      Mesniy 11 September 2011 16: 28
      Well, if what, houses in Moscow were blown up with hexogen at the request of the FSB, so that there was a reason to untie the Chechen 2, “everyone knows that!” Why are you driving a blizzard?
      Well, you envy America, you envy fiercely, everyone understands this. But why go down to frank stupidity?
      You are small people, because Russia is in the ass, because the population like you has degenerated almost everything ... Ugh on you.
      1. Roman Skomorokhov
        Roman Skomorokhov 11 September 2011 23: 19
        Well, if Che, then I wrote about it.
        Read everything, and not through the line, even though you will fart into the topic.

        And I don’t envy America. In my concept there is nothing. And my relatives live there enough to go there if desired. The first in 1094 went to Canada, the last - in 2009. And the call will be sent, if that, and help the first time. Only I have nothing to do there, like a rosum, that my place is here. But these mongrels, spitting in everything, I observe here regularly. The times when they were imported, alas, have passed, here you are and you are straining from your impotent malice and inconsistency. We would be happy to dump, but who needs you there? His already missing.

        As for chma ... Look in the mirror, it's there. On the other hand, as long as here people like me have not yet translated, there will be no freedom like you. All that all of you only remain at the rallies to bark and stink on the Internet. But at rallies it is not for everyone, there they can give in the face. It's easier here.
        So good health to you and long life. Do not choke on your bile, otherwise there will be no one in zoos through 20.
        1. Ivan35
          Ivan35 12 September 2011 10: 17
          All right Banshee - support!
      2. LESHA pancake
        LESHA pancake 12 September 2011 04: 31
        do not go to insults respected by yourself first look at the truth-loving crap.
    2. Anton S
      Anton S 14 September 2011 04: 41
      -The first case in the history of mankind, when they beat their own to achieve a hidden goal.

      Not the first. Here is a short list of UWB provocations with the killing of UWB citizens:
      1. Cruiser Maine, blown up in the Havana raid. The officers, which is typical, did not suffer, since "by coincidence" they went ashore before the explosion. Spain was blamed for the flooding, which was the reason for the war, and as a result, Spain lost the Philippines.

      2. Liner "Lusitania", allegedly sunk by a German submarine. Reason for joining the First World War. Exactly on the eve of major Entente offensives on both the Eastern and Western fronts.

      3. "Sudden" attack by the Japanese Navy on Pearl Harbor, which was known for two months from the deep. correspondence between Tokyo and the Japanese Embassy in the UWB, thanks to the broken cipher. As a result, not a single modern battleship, cruiser, aircraft carrier, or submarine was damaged. were withdrawn from the base before the attack. Only 4 battleships built in the 20-30s sank.

      4. An incident in the Gulf of Tonkin, when DRV boats allegedly attacked a Pindos ship, which became a formal reason for the invasion.
  3. almost demobil
    almost demobil 11 September 2011 08: 42
    About 3 years ago on TV they showed the docfilm of the Italian director (about an hour and a half), where all this is proved so that there is no doubt, a lot of experts, eyewitnesses, snot analysts recreated everything and proved that the Pindos blew themselves up, and with overlays. a premature explosion of the third building near the towers, for just a couple of seconds, such an embarrassment. Freaks!
    1. ballian
      ballian 11 September 2011 22: 16
      Such films and are designed for mugs and ignoramuses - like bungled propaganda for suckers - and they already "everything is clear" and "proved" - what a "premature explosion"? Don't be delusional.
  4. almost demobil
    almost demobil 11 September 2011 08: 46
    I forgot about the fabulous benny of ladin. Everything is sewn with white threads on the principle that the more impudent a lie the more likely it is. If you caught the elusive which you had been chasing for so many years, then show the world until it decays, but no, they’ve flooded.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 11 September 2011 10: 10
      Yes, with Benya they have been overly clever, and it begs "Was there a boy?"
  5. makrus
    makrus 11 September 2011 14: 11
    And why are you surprised. They banged their president in front of everyone.
  6. datur
    datur 11 September 2011 14: 19
    YES AMERICA opened a Pandora's box - and now the whole world is paying for it.
  7. Sanzyro
    Sanzyro 11 September 2011 14: 29
    "Oil has been found in Antarctica. The bloody regime of penguins will soon be -removed-!" .. From the headlines of the American press.
    1. makrus
      makrus 11 September 2011 15: 36
      neighing, hold plus wink wink wink
  8. figwam
    figwam 11 September 2011 14: 40
    Goebels is held in high esteem, good students. The lie of the United States is no longer surprising, but continues to eat America itself.
  9. Boos24
    Boos24 11 September 2011 19: 08
    everything new is well forgotten old, Hitler set fire to the Reichstag and amers blew up the towers, and at the same time imposed themselves on both the 3rd building and the Pentagon, and everyone supposedly believes that the spirit from Afghanistan did it, but it's sad that no one opposes this expansion, sometimes it's a pity that there is no Soviet Union that helped the "fraternal peoples" with weapons and specialists. It is necessary to soberly assess the realities of the bridgehead created in the Middle East and the undermining of Russia's historical ties with the Slavic peoples is by no means friendly and requires immediate action, start at least with strengthening ties with the remaining friendly peoples and, first of all, with Syria and Iran, if these countries surrender, then follow on the path of "DEMOCRACY" will be Russia.
    PS Gryzlov correctly said that over the 10 years of Afghanistan's "democratization", the production of heroin increased by 40 !!! time.
    Draw your own conclusions
    1. ballian
      ballian 11 September 2011 22: 52
      Yes, yes - the amers themselves were on the planes?, :)))) with which 3 building, which Pentagon? :))) The USSR did not help the fraternal peoples, but any scumbags would be against America, or would declare the construction of "socialism", which wrought lawlessness in themselves and outside. Just like Syria and Iran - these "friends" even Abkhazia and Ossetia did not deign to admit what their "friendliness" was - it is impossible to understand. In Afghanistan, they also "helped" the "brotherly people" - they started from Amin's palace and ended with an inglorious flight. , and in the Czech Republic in 68, in Hungary in 56, they "helped" the "fraternal peoples" ...
      I am amazed how the scoops are afraid of themselves - the turnover of power is the most normal phenomenon - what does America have to do with it? type or Putin or "bad"? - slaves.
  10. zczczc
    zczczc 12 September 2011 02: 22
    Let's vote on the topic "Who was the cause of the terrorist attack in the WTC in New York?"
    Variants of answers:

    - al Qaeda
    - US intelligence
    - Other

    Admins, what do you say?
    1. krymskij
      krymskij 12 September 2011 20: 17
      For some reason, it seems to me that this is not the first option wink
      1. Roman Skomorokhov
        Roman Skomorokhov 12 September 2011 23: 08
        Because you have a head, and you not only eat it, definitely.
    2. Anton S
      Anton S 14 September 2011 04: 58
      The first and second are one and the same. In general, an AK is not an organization, but a database (DB) of UWB special services suspected of terrorism. This is to clarify this. And the way they famously collaborate with the persons involved in this database in Libya very clearly confirms the thesis from the first sentence of my review.