Modernized tank T-90С "Tagil" in all its glory

Modernized tank T-90С "Tagil" in all its glory

At the ongoing exhibition of weapons in Nizhny Tagil was presented a modernized tank T-90С. This is a real “nail” of the program, because for a long time the Russian “defense industry” did not represent anything like it at the Nizhny Tagil Expo. A tank can really be called an excellent armored vehicle. Compared with foreign counterparts, it is much easier and more maneuverable, while the designers supplied the car with effective means of both defense and attack. It was expected that the modernization of the T-90C would affect only the reinforcement of side and frontal projections, but the presented version at the Staratel training ground turned out to be much more modernized than previously thought. The car is completely new. It could well be called, for example, T-92 or T-2011. However, it seems that the designers themselves have not fully decided on the name, since more recently it was about T-90AM. The confusion turned out because there were some problems with the declassification of the new tank. And the process of presenting this particular machine exactly at the salon "Nizhny Tagil-2011" was already launched. On the "Uralvagonzavod" did not take risks and called a brand new tank modernization T-90С.

First of all, it is worth saying that now the tank does not have a turret, in the usual sense of the word, but a module. This module is literally crammed with innovative combat control systems. Now the crew commander has an autonomous opportunity to destroy the enemy's manpower, which is close to the tank. This is due to the fact that the commander can get a picture of a circular view due to the panoramic sight and prism instruments. In addition, the tank has an improved 125-mm cannon, which is made of special materials, allowing it to extend its service life even in conditions of extremely intensive use. It should be noted that foreign designers still could not solve such a problem, so in the context of direct combat contact of the Russian T-90C tank and, for example, the German Leopard, the first one has a distinct advantage due to maintaining more intense fire on the enemy guns out of action.

On the eve of the opening of the Nizhny Tagil exhibition, many have already tried to criticize the development of Uralvagonzavod in advance, indicating that the tank will not be able to resist the ATGM. However, the developers reserved a surprise for skeptics in the form of equipping the modernized T-90С with a protective complex, which makes it possible to disorient the laser-guided systems of anti-tank missiles and projectiles. It is worth saying that the tank is also reliably protected from so-called sabot shells. The protection system simply breaks the cores of this type of ammunition, making them completely helpless. The new dynamic protection system of the upgraded T-90С is so effective that no anti-tank missile known to date can hit an armored vehicle in a frontal projection. This, indeed, is striking, given the power of modern ATGM.

In addition to its reliable protection, the tank has undergone significant changes inside. Thus, the driver now had the opportunity to control an armored vehicle, not with the help of a hopelessly outdated system of levers, but on the basis of a functional steering wheel. In this case, the control can be transferred to manual mode. The T-90C is equipped with an automatic gearbox that “unties” the hands of the driver. If in previous versions of Russian tanks it had to work with the turn levers and simultaneously switch gears, then there is no such inconvenience in the modernized armored vehicle. The developers also took care of the fact that an air conditioner appeared in the tank. In other words, the days when the designers were the last to think about the crew of the car are disappearing.

Now the tank T-90C appeared and autonomous generator of electricity. Its introduction will allow to minimize the possibility of detection of the tank by the enemy in the infrared range during his stay. Previously, a tank in this state was an ideal target for the enemy. At the same time, even a disguise did not save him from the ubiquitous infrared radiation recording systems. Now the crew and the armored car itself are reliably protected even while the tank is not in a state of activity.

It is also necessary to point out that in the modernized T-90C, the ammunition load is not inside the case, as it was in previous models, but in a special module. This approach to the "storage" of shells increases the "vitality" of the tank, preventing ammunition from detonation when it enters the body of the enemy shell.

Not surprisingly, not only the Russian Ministry of Defense, but also foreign specialists became interested in such an armored vehicle.


Combat weight, t: 46,5
Gun, type: 2А46М-2 mm 125 gun, smooth-bore, stabilized in two planes of guidance
Caliber, mm: 125
Barrel length, mm: 4800

Length x height x width, mm: 6860 x 3780 x 2228
Ammunition, shots .: 42 projectile (of which 22 in the automatic loader)
Type of shots: sub-caliber armor-piercing, cumulative, high-explosive
Driven by weapon: Guided missile
Armor protection, mm: 800 — 830 mm against BPS, 1150 — 1350 mm against cumulative ammunition
Dynamic protection: built-in, "Contact-5"
Engine: V-shaped, 12-cylinder, multi-fuel Engine power, kW (hp): 1000
Maximum travel speed, km / h: 60 Suspension type: individual torsion bar
Cruising on the highway, km: 550
Depth of water obstacle to be overcome, m: 1,2 (1,8 with preliminary preparation, 5 with OPVT) "

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