Dmitry Medvedev and the policy of multiculturalism

Dmitry Medvedev and the policy of multiculturalism From the speech of the President of Russia at the Yaroslavl World Political Forum, many expected sensations, at least - reports of the nomination of his candidacy for a second term. However, the entire scenario confused the plane crash. To make loud statements in such a situation, Dmitry Medvedev did not. As a result, the speech of the Russian president turned into a set of political stereotypes, we will focus on the national issue.

The head of Russia highlighted two main themes - the national question (multiculturalism) and poverty. According to Medvedev, it turns out that it is poverty that is the main reason for the growth of tensions between nations. The President believes that it is precisely among the disadvantaged segments of the population that xenophobia and intolerance are spreading the fastest.

But it is difficult to agree with him, in the last decade, the standard of living of the population, compared with the 90 years, 20 has grown over the century, but there are only more interethnic conflicts. The wealth of the countries of Western Europe did not help either. Rather, satiety, prosperous life in Europe attracts the attention of new hordes of migrants.

Almost every day there are reports of mass brawls on “domestic soil” between representatives of various “fraternal peoples”. And it is necessary to highlight the fact that basically the conflict occurs between the "alien" and "indigenous". Between the peoples of Russia and the Chuvash, the Russians and the Mari, the Russians and the Mordovians, etc., who have long lived in the same locality, the conflict is insignificant. It turns out that the reason is not at all in the poverty of the population, or at least not in it alone.

The head of the Russian Federation reports that the geography of interethnic tension is expanding. The flows of internal migration in Russia go mainly from south to north. In the areas of traditional residence of the Russian people, an increasing number of “aliens” appear, who come from the territory of the Caucasus (and not only the Northern, but the Southern), and the Russian population of the Caucasian regions gradually decreases.

It is easy to see that the president himself contradicts himself, at least by mistaking the main cause of interethnic conflicts. It turns out that there is one more cause of conflict situations - the problem of mass migration (and not only people from the Caucasus, but also from Central Asia) to traditionally Russian regions. The main complaint that ordinary citizens usually make against foreigners is not that they are poor, but how they lead in Russian cities, in rural areas. Often their behavior is associated with images of invaders, occupiers, full of "masters" of life. In fact, there is a "colonization" of Russian regions. With the collapse of Russian statehood and the development of neo-feudal relations, the “newcomers” find themselves in a more advantageous situation.

They are helped by cronyism, cronyism, fraternities, "hello" from the tribal system. When people from the Caucasus or Central Asia commit offenses, their diasporas “sign” for them. There is informational pressure, numerous “connections” are used, bribery, and sometimes force pressure. As a result, people who have committed serious crimes, such as murder, rape, etc., are released in a few hours. Then the person may simply disappear. From the Caucasus and Central Asia will not get it.

Interestingly, while in the leading countries of Western Europe, the failure of the multiculturalism model was acknowledged, the Russian president defended the concept of multiculturalism closely related to the tolerance. And this despite the fact that the Russian political "elite" for at least two decades, has been guided by the "best practices" of European civilization. What should we experience the sad experience of us? With the neighborhoods of national minorities, where the police do not appear, their laws reign. With riots representatives "fraternal peoples."

Dmitry Medvedev comes from a completely false concept of “diversity”. Reporting that we in Russia have a unique experience of social, cultural, political diversity, living together 180 peoples and nationalities. The Russian president has forgotten (?) To say that approximately 80% of the population of the Russian Federation, its core and foundation is the Russian people. The fact that Russian culture and Russian language - this is what unites us all. And without the restoration of the Russian factor, the Russianness of our people, Russia is doomed to disaster. Only reliance on the Russian people, the Russian culture and the Russian language can save our state, otherwise chaos will absorb Russia.

The solution to the problem of interethnic conflicts lies in the sphere of restoring Russian culture, the Russian people, the need for tight control over migration flows, the implementation of the laws of the Criminal Code, which should be equal for all.

Further destruction of Russian culture, the Russian people - the core of the state, will eventually lead to the collapse of all the other indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation. Without the Russians, they will not be able to withstand globalization in a Western way. All Russia will be one big "Kosovo".

Medvedev has once again proved the fact that he is a “doll”, a talker. He blunts the issue with beautiful words about “tolerance”, “multiculturalism”, and about “the country of 180 peoples”. One gets the feeling that he has been put in his post for one thing - to completely discredit the Russian statehood in the eyes of the people ...
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