"Bison" - the largest hovercraft

The Zubr class ship, or the 12322 Project, is a small landing craft equipped with an airbag and developed in Soviet times. After the project was declassified, the Zubr was recognized as the world's most powerful ship with an air cushion. The vessels of this class have in their arsenal countries such as Ukraine, Russia and Greece. It is noteworthy that the Zubr is the first ship produced in the USSR and subsequently acquired and put into service by the NATO countries.

"Zubr" is designed to perform the following tasks: transports personnel of military units, military equipment and is engaged in cargo supply to unequipped coastlines. Air cushion allows you to land on 70% of the coasts of the world's oceans. The cargo compartment holds three tanks, the total weight of which can reach 150 tons, or 10 armored personnel carriers (up to 130 tons) and another 140 man of marines.

In addition, 8 infantry combat vehicles or amphibious tanks with approximately the same size can be accommodated here. When re-equipping the load compartment, 366 people can be accommodated here. It turns out that the total number of people that the Zubr can deliver to the shore reaches 500 people.

The engine of the ship has a capacity of 50 in thousands of horsepower. The engine is a power plant M35, produced at the Nikolaev enterprise “Zorya-Mashproekt”. The vessel has four NO-10 injection units with a propeller, the diameter of which is 2,5 meters. Their rotation consumes all the power of the power plant. Three reversing screws are responsible for the horizontal movement of the Bison. The diameter of each 4-blade propeller is 5,5 meters.

The length of the "Bison" is 57,3 meters, width - 25,6 meters, height has 21,9 meters. Displacement reaches 555 tons. Fuel reserves in tanks are designed to overcome the distance in 300 nautical miles (550 km), the maximum speed limit - 60 nodes (111 km / h). Manages and maintains the vessel crew in 27 people.

The ship "Bison" has artillery and rocket armament. Artillery armament is reduced to two X-NUMX-mm AK-30 automatic artillery systems mounted on a ship. The ammunition of each is 630 shells. Two A-3000 “Fire” launchers for 22-mm unguided rockets are the ship’s missile armament. Their ammunition includes 140 NUR-s to each. 66 portable Igla anti-aircraft systems are designed for air defense.

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