What to do? To live according to conscience!

Ungrateful there is a man without conscience, he should not believe.
Better a clear enemy than a sneaky flatterer and hypocrite; so disfigure humanity.

Peter the Great

What is happening on the planet is more and more like a mass madness, or the death agony of mankind. The operators of Western civilization, who after the collapse of the USSR were able to gain almost complete control over the world, are clearly losing their nerves. There are more and more mistakes in management, they are turning into an avalanche leading to a global catastrophe. "World backstage" is acting more and more rudely and clumsily - they are in a hurry to get rid of the slightest obstacles that still can prevent their free parasitism on the body of our planet and human civilization.

More and more people are thinking about the question: where is our world going? Warnings of the planet: earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc., follow one after another with ever-increasing intensity. Geopolitics, politicians, futurologists, ecologists, geophysicists, biologists, astronomers, astrologers, etc. looking for reasons, each in their own area. And every thinker gives all new interesting arguments, puts forward versions, hypotheses. But where is the source of the problem? Is there anyway? Or are the events taking place - an accident, an element in which there are no regularities?

It is worth listening to the great Russian thinkers, who proved that man is a microcosm, it has everything in order to understand the essence of global processes. Man, any country, all of humanity - these are organisms that have their own diseases and methods of their treatment. If left untreated, the disease becomes chronic and can lead to death. If a healthy person is initially, every day he is not engaged in preventive maintenance: hardening, hygiene, exercise, does not develop his intellect and spiritual sphere - he will get sick. These laws apply to all of humanity.

Our ancestors knew that mentally healthy people, strong in mind and spirit, should manage the community. They have basic programs in their psyche: “one for all and all for one”, “God is not in force, but in Truth”. Therefore, the Ruses, the Russian people won wars, healed the most severe wounds - “with the whole world,” in unity, sobornost was its strength. We rebuilt the burned cities and rivers, threw open the abandoned fields, built and built. Other peoples, seeing the power and truth of Russian life, became Russians to Rus.

At present, the management has been taken over by “aliens”, their psyche is based on other programs - “each for himself and against all”, “man is a wolf” - these are egoists who live only for their own interests, the interests of their clan-family, for the sake of etc. They are alien to the Russian civilization. Given the fact that "the fish is rotting from the head," as a result, the virus of decomposition penetrates everywhere.

A feature of these degradants is the constant depression of their own lack of realization and dissatisfaction. Therefore, the whole world around them is obliged by something, and everything around is to blame. It is “aliens” who constantly claim that “Russians are fools, lazy people, they don’t know how to work, they are completely drunkards,” etc.

Normal people, who have order with “software”, are ready for self-sacrifice, do not whine about “sausage”, the absence of orders and medals. They simply fulfill their duty to society, each in his post: someone at the helm of an airplane or a ship, the other - guarding the borders of the Motherland, the third - teaching children mathematics, the fourth - doing operations, etc.

These are people of the Russian Family, they will not betray, they are the "salt of the earth" and such are the majority. But "alien" flooded the offices of government agencies, TV channels, all media. They teach our children the “right” life: tolerance for evil, injustice, perversions. Learn to "live beautifully" for yourself. They talk about the need to forget about “complexes”, that is, useful programs that came from the depths of millennia - to love your kind, Motherland, nature, not to betray your soul mate, to live in conscience, the truth of God.

We need to remember that we are Russian, God is with us and we are in God! To live according to conscience, the truth. Only in this way, and not otherwise, can the world around be changed. Hoping for good rulers to come and “live” is naive, and besides, they are talking about wanting to shift their responsibility to the “good king”. Each of us is responsible for the mess that is happening in Russia and on the entire planet. By our actions at any moment of our life, we increase or decrease the amount of evil on the planet.

Only when our people will come to terms with their memory, cling to the life-giving sources of our past, throw away the troubles of mischief and offer the world a plan for a just living arrangement, perhaps a general salvation. We must remember, every moment of our life, about responsibility for all. If you sleep - wake up, if you wake up - do not fall into the previous hibernation. To live according to conscience. Recall the principle: if not me, then who?

Otherwise, the "world backstage" will drag us into the inferno ...
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