Ten years ago, the United States received a reason to start its "crusade" against the Islamic world.

Ten years ago, the United States received a reason to start its "crusade" against the Islamic world.

It took 10 years after the attack of the “terrorists” 11 of September 2001 on the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York. Despite the tremendous efforts of the powerful information and propaganda apparatus of the United States and its allies, the version of the direct participation of American (and possibly Israeli) intelligence services in this operation not only did not lose its relevance and importance, but gained even more supporters on all continents of the planet.

After all, the current war of the West against the Islamic world, which V. Putin called the "crusade", began just then - in 2001. The United States, with the help of the September 11 attacks, was able to strike at Afghanistan and Iraq and almost any Islamic country that they liked. But the “modernization” of the Islamic world, which at the beginning of the 21 century was the main opponent of the West on the way to complete domination over the planet, has stalled. The United States, in spite of all its might, turned out to be incapable of virtually alone solving this task. Therefore, this year London and Paris began to show unprecedented agility in the process of "democratization" of the Islamic world.

Why do Western operators need to “modernize” the Islamic world? The answer is very simple. Koran. With all his flaws, he gives the basic understanding of Good and Evil, the presence of the Supreme Mind of the Universe, and not just the life of a smart animal, which is formed by the Western system of values. All other reasons are oil, the disobedience of a number of leaders, the struggle for “human rights” and so on, not the main ones. The question of the "king of the mountain" - full control over the planet Earth.

Of course, this terrorist attack decided a lot of other issues. So, even people far from geopolitics began to understand why this superbly organized sabotage operation was carried out in the very center of Manhattan: the American military-industrial complex, the American elite, after the collapse of the USSR, required a new "enemy", terrible, bloody and whose power would not cause ordinary American voters no doubt. For this role, the real owners of the United States, who can put any clown in place of the American president, have decided to appoint a terrorist organization, Al-Qaida. Her Anglo-Saxon intelligence services themselves created, led by Osama bin Laden, a former agent of the Central Intelligence Agency, who led the Mujahideen troops during the Soviet-Afghan war. He was recently triumphantly "won", "the Moor did his job ...".

It is clear that the Afghan Mujahideen could not turn such a brilliant operation, not their level. Such an attack could arrange only the most powerful intelligence service such as the CIA or the Mossad. The premiere performance of the new “world threat” in the changed historical conditions was prepared very carefully, involving the former curators of bin Laden through the CIA and Pakistani intelligence, with the inclusion of additional human resources from a number of Muslim countries in Al Qaeda. In principle, it does not matter much whether Osama bin Laden was used in the dark or he himself agreed to participate in this production. Perhaps this ambitious millionaire adventurer from Saudi Arabia even tried to play his game. Its potential was used in full. A real war against “international terrorism” was launched on the planet, during which they solved a number of important tasks: they consolidated their hold on Central Asia, dumped Saddam Hussein’s regime, tightened control over American philistines, mastered huge finances, forced almost all countries to dance to their tune etc.

A very important result of the operation was the fact that Washington managed to delay the start of the global financial and economic crisis by 7 years. Huge resources were thrown into the fight against "world terrorism", the military industrial complex worked on conducting several military campaigns. Now the United States is again forced to determine: world war or a complete default of the economy. Apparently, the option of war, war of the North with the South of Western civilization against the scattered Muslim world, in which many political elites act on the side of the West, has been chosen.

So far there is no information about who exactly in Washington gave the sanction to carry out this operation on American territory. There is a possibility that the order was given by US Vice President Dick Cheney, a politician who is capable of taking the most radical steps, a secret admirer of the policy of Adolf Hitler. Dick Cheney was inspired by a deeply patriotic task: at all costs to ensure that the United States retained the status of the sole superpower so that the 21 century would become “American”. To establish the control of Western companies over the hydrocarbons of Iraq, Libya and Iran, complete the creation of US military bases around the perimeter of Russia and China, pull the power out of the abyss of the imminently approaching financial and economic crisis.

And through CNN on the air, and through other controlled, censored media, the combat capabilities of the “deeply disguised” Al-Qaeda terrorist groups, which allegedly seized in the territory of the American empire, were demonstrated to the entire planet (if there are several "Monsters" for intelligence, counterintelligence and national security!) Several passenger airliners and sent them to selected objects: the WTC, the Pentagon and the White House. Frames with burning and falling towers of the World Trade Center were repeated over and over again by all the TV channels of the planet, shown in the mass of printed publications. The Pentagon was subjected to the impact of an unknown object, apparently a cruise missile, as independent experts later proved. The White House was lucky: the aircraft crashed to the ground somewhere along the route. According to the official version, the rebellious passengers prevented the attack, on the other - the plane was shot down by an interceptor fighter.

The “show” operators (recently, a similar “performance” was allegedly shown from Tripoli) managed to achieve the desired effect: Americans, and residents of other countries, were shocked. Virtually all states expressed solidarity with the United States, even Cuba, which itself had been subjected to attacks of various kinds by terrorists for decades, which received funding from the US special services and secure operational bases in Florida.

Although the daze was short-lived, sensible people soon began to ask questions, the deed was done. The myth of "international terrorism" frightened the whole world with its destructive possibilities. Although "international terrorist" should be called the United States and its NATO allies. Given how many countries they destroyed, how many millions of people were killed under the slogans of "human rights" and "democracy." Then, thanks to the virtual technologies of world terrorists, their organizations became more and more. Another fact speaks about the lies of the West, its politicians, the media - Islamists, including from Al-Qaida, are fighting in Libya in alliance with the West.

The first major politician who dared to doubt the official version of the events of 11 September, was the president of Venezuela. In 2003-2005, President Hugo Chavez spoke publicly several times on this issue, describing the dubiousness of the official version of the White House. In September, 2006 Mr. Hugo Chavez bluntly stated that the hypothesis that the United States itself had planned and carried out this operation, “this terrible terrorist action against its own people and citizens from all over the world (who worked at the World Trade Center), is becoming more and more powerful. In his opinion, this was done in order to justify the impending aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan and other possible attacks, for example, on Venezuela. Chavez reported on the version of journalist Carlos Sicilia, which was supported by famous scientists and architects. According to this hypothesis, the WTC skyscrapers were blown up using pre-prepared explosive charges, otherwise the towers would not fall. In addition, Chavez voiced the view that the Pentagon did not attack the plane, since there are no debris, he could not completely melt. The territory was fenced, and the wreckage was collected by “people in civilian clothes” (most likely, by the security services), the images from video cameras were kept secret, where you can see that the object that hit the Pentagon was not a Boeing.

According to one version, it was a cruise missile, which in its characteristics is similar to the Russian system "Granit". If this is true, then the September 11 terrorist attack initially had a “Russian trace”. It can be assumed that they wanted to blame Moscow for the loss of control over their weapons, including nuclear ones, the Western media regularly launch such ducks. After that, it was possible to raise the question of "international control" over Russian arsenals. Why the White House has not worked in this direction and refrained from the ultimatum of Russia is still a mystery. It is possible that the then statement of Moscow about its readiness to help the United States in the fight against "world terrorism" played a role. The transit of US and NATO military cargoes to Central Asia was opened, and Moscow helped in the seizure of Afghanistan.

At present, the first - highly successful in terms of pragmatism - the ten-year period of the struggle of the United States against "Islamic terrorism" is over. Washington urgently needs a new incentive that mobilizes the Western world for new sacrifices. It will help maintain control within the United States, where protest sentiments against falling living standards are growing.

Involuntarily, the development of expert conspiracy therapists come to mind, who believe that the election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States initially implies his tragic death at the hands of “terrorists” or during a mega terrorist act, such as a “dirty bomb”. Under this case, even the prophecy of the Indians there. US operators have their own logic and chronology of actions. Perhaps, new groups of “especially dangerous” terrorists, prepared at the bases of special services, from Venezuelans, Cubans or Persians, Russians, North Koreans, are already ready ...

And the war with the Islamic world is gaining momentum, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Libya are already destabilized, in turn Syria and Iran.
9 / 11 Investigation from scratch

Country: Italy
Year: 2007.
Genre: Documentary.
Director: Franco Fracassi, Francesco Trento.
The film was created based on the investigation of the famous Italian journalist, political scientist and public figure Giulietto Chiesa "9 / 11. Investigation from scratch." The film, prepared by an international group of experts and documentalists led by MEP Giulietto Chiesa, became the sensation of 2007 of the Year in Europe. The picture caused a great public outcry during the show at the European Parliament and at the Rome Film Festival.

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