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The first photos of the T-90M with the exhibition RЕА-2011

The photos were taken from the 6 press tour on September 2011 of the year before the opening of the "Russian Arms Exhibition-2011" (RЕА-2011) in Nizhny Tagil.

The first photos of the T-90M with the exhibition RЕА-2011

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  1. Igor Vladimirovich
    Igor Vladimirovich 7 September 2011 10: 29 New
    Interesting photos! Still, the gun barrel and external fuel tanks would be angular and clean STELS would be smile
    1. vasek-3180
      vasek-3180 7 September 2011 10: 38 New
      and next to the terminator is winked
  2. drench
    drench 7 September 2011 10: 38 New
    Handsome. more would be in the Armed Forces of Russia.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 10 September 2011 11: 24 New
      Today I saw him in a box, menacing and powerful, a village with an enemy shot on the move for about 40 km / h, on an unpaved road, impressive, dived, flew - handsome
  3. Phoenixl
    Phoenixl 7 September 2011 12: 58 New
    And what kind of new screens does he have?
    In them DZ is installed?
  4. figwam
    figwam 7 September 2011 13: 05 New
    I understand that the ammunition is now located in the rear of the tower?
  5. Yars
    Yars 7 September 2011 13: 52 New
    very good, for faster to the Army such
  6. Siberian
    Siberian 7 September 2011 16: 12 New
    On the back (outer) part of the tower in our tanks, according to tradition, a drawer for spare parts (spare tools and accessories) is hung. Basically, it contains: a kit for cleaning the bore (rods, bannikas, brushes), hoses for pumping fuel from additional barrels, MZA (small-sized refueling apparatus) for the same purposes, and every little thing (spare parts for radio stations, guns, machine guns and etc.). It is made of aluminum alloys and simultaneously plays the role of additional anti-cumulative protection of the stern of the tower. Also, air supply and exhaust pipes from the OPVT kit (equipment for underwater driving of tanks) are usually placed in the same place, but something is not visible.
    1. Phoenixl
      Phoenixl 7 September 2011 17: 55 New
      Is this ZIP necessary?
      In fact, it is always empty. All confused and stolen
      On Western tanks, he is also not
      1. Siberian
        Siberian 7 September 2011 18: 19 New
        It depends on the commander, and this is the attitude to the safety of company property. A trifle, of course, is always lost and rubbed, and the main spare parts are in place. The one that is in the aft box - without it, I personally do not imagine the normal life of the crew in battle or on the march. After the battle you need to clean the gun, you won’t wait until someone arrives and brings you the necessary supplies.
  7. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 7 September 2011 18: 41 New
    The Russian army needs a new tank and infantry fighting vehicle.
    Approximate parameters.
    Mass xnumx t
    2000 hp diesel
    160 mm gun
    crew 2 people

    Weight 60t
    1600 hp diesel
    Armament: 57mm automatic gun
    7.62mm machine gun
    3 crew
    Landing 9 people.
  8. serezhafedotow
    serezhafedotow 7 September 2011 19: 19 New
    In my opinion, a promising infantry fighting vehicle should differ from MBT only in lighter weapons (57 mm.) And layout (front location MTO)
    1. Ivan Tarasov
      Ivan Tarasov 7 September 2011 20: 16 New
      Yes you are right.
      However, the fuel consumption parameter also needs to be considered.
      Probably, a modular scheme (of a single object) is needed in order to select the optimal parameters.
      One thing is clear, guns 125 and 30 mm yesterday.
      Under the new tools and you need to select the parameters of promising samples.
    APASUS 10 September 2011 11: 44 New
    The most interesting thing should begin after the exhibition closes. I hope we will announce which models and in what quantity our MO will purchase.