Recognition PNS is a mistake of Moscow. News from the Libyan front

Recognition PNS is a mistake of Moscow. News from the Libyan front Moscow’s recognition of the Libyan Transitional National Council, which took place on September 1, is a big, gross mistake of the Russian authorities. And the matter is not in Gaddafi himself, whether he is bad or good, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is the principle itself. The Russian Federation recognized the power of people who betrayed their homeland on the order of London, Paris and Washington. Those who led their country to civil war and plunged a fully prosperous Libyan state into the abyss of bloody war, bombardment of Western air forces and the death of thousands of people. The consequences of their actions are generally difficult to predict, given the factor that the Islamists are the main strike force of the PNS, current events are far from the final.

There are other reasons confirming the fact of the error of Moscow. Libyan rebels are artificially created by the Western world and completely independent political force. This is very obvious. The West has provided the most powerful information, political support, supplied weapon, ammunition, ammunition, provided his instructors, assisted in planning operations, helped his Air Force and Navy. In the end, seeing the low effectiveness of the actions of the rebel forces, even conducted an operation to capture Tripoli. Traitors were used in the army of Gaddafi, the special forces of Western and Arab countries, divisions of private military companies took part in the assault.

Their support is stupid, it is clear that the PNS will not fulfill the contracts previously signed by Gaddafi, since Russia doubted for a long time in the previous period. Thus, this action is not justified by economic considerations.

With this step, Moscow dropped the authority of Russia, both in the world and within the country itself. Respect and confidence in Russian foreign policy has become even less. Russia has lost its trump card in the “bargaining”, both with the future winners in the Libyan war and with their masters. Giving this recognition just like that. And so we could bargain for ourselves, at least part of the existing positions on Libya, for example: cooperation in the field of railways, the military-technical sphere, etc. It was necessary to take an example from China, to pull time. Gaddafi is not yet killed, the war continues. Contact and with the "rebels", promise recognition for contracts. Secretly in contact with Gaddafi, the world is amazing, what if a revolution begins tomorrow in the USA and they will not have time for Africa ?! So, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua refused to recognize the NTC and did the right thing.

It was necessary to take time, let PNS prove its viability. After all, in a month the “Mujahideen” can seize power. They also recognize immediately? Civil war, revolution, the phenomena are complex, their feature is the fact that in the morning there can be one power, and in the evening another.

News from the Libyan front

Tripoli. Now, from the scattered data, we can put together a relatively complete picture, which gives an insight into how we were able to take the capital of Libya. Enemy agents were thrown into the city in advance (including under journalistic cover), the local Islamist underground was activated, the main forces were prepared to capture the capital in the special forces of Great Britain, France, Qatar, Jordan and the UAE, soldiers of private military companies (PMCs) and Al-Qaida's most combat-ready units. There is an opinion that American Marines took part in the landing. When this operation began, one of the generals of government forces opened the western sector of the city’s defense, while he was still able to arrest the officers he had allegedly assembled for a “meeting” and paralyzed defenses in this area with his orders. Therefore, the rebels were able to break into the western outskirts of the capital. At the same time, the enemy’s agents (several subversive units) and the fifth column made a speech in the city. But the main blow was inflicted from the sea; without it, the rebels did not take the city. Amphibious assault troops of NATO, PMCs and Islamists.

A large negative role was played by the factor that the deputy head of intelligence of the Jamahiriya was a traitor for a long time and worked all the time for the enemy. But it was not possible to take the city on the move, the battle for Tripoli was going on for a week. The army units and militia members who remained loyal to Gaddafi retreated to Sirtu to the east and to Ben Walid to the south from the capital of the Libyan state. Unable to capture and kill Gaddafi, his family, it was one of the main tasks during the capture of Tripoli.

Another fact speaks about the sad future of the capital and Libya in general: at present, different areas of Tripoli are ruled by several independent groups of local tribes, reports The New York Times. So, fighters from the western city of Zintan control the airport of the capital; Misurata rebels control the central bank, the port and the residence of the prime minister. And the Berber fighters of the city Yafran occupy the central square of the city. These groups designate signs on the walls of the territory that they control, arguing about zones of influence.

Tragedy sirta

"" published excerpts from a letter from one of Gaddafi's associates, a former officer of the Soviet and then Russian special forces units, retired lieutenant colonel Ilya Korenev. According to him, NATO aircraft has been delivering powerful rocket-bombing strikes on Sirth who has refused to surrender for several days in a row. The city is completely blocked by the checkpoints of the rebels, who are supported from the rear by special forces of a number of Arab states, England and France.

Departure from Sirte is completely blocked. Rebels do not let out neither women, nor children. Men who are detained while trying to leave the city with their family are killed on the spot. Families are sent back to the city. Attempts to enter the city were repulsed by government units. According to a retired lieutenant colonel, “the situation is reminiscent of the terrible 95 in winter, when everything that moves is bombed. Without aircraft operators, without exact coordinates. Only Russian aviation had little fuel at that time - the intensity of the raids was much lower. Now NATO aircraft are in the air almost around the clock. ”

PNS managed to achieve delivery stronghold Gaddafi?

Rebel units who besieged the city of Bani Walid, where Gaddafi and his sons Seif al-Islam, Saadi and Mutasim were hiding under one of the versions, were allegedly able to agree on the surrender of the city. This is referring to the television channel Al-Jazeera, reports Reuters. In accordance with this agreement, on September 6, PNC representatives must enter the city, having received full authority over it. The city was blocked in early September, at the same time supporters of Gaddafi were given an ultimatum demanding surrender. But the first negotiations did not work out; Gaddafi’s supporters refused to lay down their arms; there were armed clashes.

Reaching an agreement on the surrender of the city with the representatives of the Varfall tribe, the PNS succeeded after Bani Walid left a number of supporters of M. Gaddafi. But the information needs confirmation.

Niger has become a haven for Gaddafi’s forces.

The Libyan military convoy, which includes 200-250 military vehicles, arrived in the evening in 5 September in the territory of northern Niger in the city of Agadez. This was reported by Reuters on the morning of September 6, citing sources in the French Defense Ministry.

According to the French military, who wished to remain anonymous, fighters from the southern units of the Libyan army arrived in the Libyan convoy in Niger, who remained loyal to Muammar Gaddafi. As suggested by the French, the route of the military convoy ran through Algerian territory.

The French military also said that, according to their information, the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and his son Seif al-Islam were considering the possibility of joining this convoy. The interlocutors of the news agency made the assumption that the final point of the route of the Libyan military is Burkina Faso - the state that offered asylum to the Colonel and his family members. In this case, the French reported that at the moment do not have information about the whereabouts of Gaddafi.

Earlier, 4 of September, it was reported that the commander of the "security brigades" (a kind of Gaddafi guard) of the Libyan armed forces of the pre-war period Mansur Dao arrived in Niger. It is believed that this column was taken and part of the gold reserves of Libya.

On the night of September 6, the official representative of Gaddafi, Musa Ibrahim, in an interview with one of the Syrian television channels, said that the leader of the Libyan Jamahiriya had not left his country. This news was voiced by Agence France-Presse. According to Musa Ibrahim: "Gaddafi feels great and is engaged in organizing the defense of Libya." He also said that the sons of the Libyan leader also remain in the state, helping to organize resistance and “willing to sacrifice themselves” for the sake of their homeland. M. Ibrahim himself, according to some assumptions, is located (or was, since the city is being prepared for surrender) in the city of Bani Walid.

There is no reliable information about the whereabouts of the Libyan Jamahiriya’s leader himself since the insurgents, with the support of NATO forces and the Arab enemies of Gaddafi, were able to take Tripoli.
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