Correspondence of Western intelligence agencies with Gaddafi intelligence found in Tripoli

Correspondence of Western intelligence agencies with Gaddafi intelligence found in TripoliThe operation to “democratize” Libya, which is fading away, then flares up with a new force, recently gave unexpected results for the participants themselves. Western journalists and human rights activists found in Tripoli materials of very entertaining content. According to the data contained in the detected papers, the American and British special services for several years worked very closely with the Gaddafi regime. Cooperation was carried out through the ex-head of Libyan intelligence Mussa Kuss. This man was once one of the most devoted people of Colonel Gaddafi.

Despite the fact that the authenticity of the detected materials has yet to be verified, the discovery in the world has caused a lot of noise. It turns out that shortly before the operation in Libya, Western intelligence agencies not only did not oppose the colonel’s regime, but also encouraged him in many ways. Some documents contain information that, in the strictest secrecy mode, MI-6 contributed to the fact that the oppositionist Abdel-Hakim Belhadj was taken to Tripoli. The operation to arrest him was held in Bangkok, where Belhadj, who took the pseudonym Abdullah al-Sadiq, was with his pregnant wife. Such behavior of British agents could have become quite an ordinary phenomenon, if not for the fact that today Belhadj is the commander of the rebel forces. It is curious how the appearance of such detailed descriptions of his delivery to the territory of Libya with the active assistance of the British intelligence officers today was taken by Abdel-Hakim Belhadj himself. It turns out that those who are supposedly supporting Belhadj today, 7 years ago, “surrendered” him to Gaddafi “with giblets”. So allies, so followers of democratic and legal norms.

Naturally, the journalists immediately decided to ask politicians how they would comment on information about the West’s participation in helping Gaddafi to return to Libya for active opposition to crack down on them. To this, the official representatives of the British Cabinet of Ministers responded as follows: they say, all these stories Belhadj and other opponents of Gaddafi took place when he was at the helm of the cabinet of other people, and we, they say, have nothing to do with this. It turns out that the policy of the United Kingdom either over the past 7 years has changed beyond recognition, or, more obviously, MI-6 and now continues to play a multi-level game in Libya.

The CIA also could not stay aside, as evidenced by the same documents found in Tripoli. Among the papers, journalists found interesting facts that the Americans provided the Libyan side with information about Iraqi scientists and petroleum engineers who were in Guantanamo prison. In addition, the CIA very quickly reported to the Gaddafi Palace data about possible provocations against the son of Colonel al-Islam. American representatives were also asked why they had such contacts with the “undemocratic Libyan regime.” The answer was received in the spirit of the United States. It turns out that the Americans were simply afraid of the spread of the terrorist threat around the world, so in the form of direct interactions with Gaddafi and his people, they allegedly monitored political processes in Libya. It should be noted that the monitoring was very peculiar, as evidenced by the numerous documents found. The Americans “to a terrorist and a usurper,” as they themselves call the colonel, betrayed the same terrorists for the accomplishment of a “democratic” court. All this looks like some kind of ridiculous game, whose sole purpose was to get closer to Libyan oil.

Why then did the contacts of the Libyan intelligence with the CIA and MI-6 suddenly stop. On this account, there are several opinions. First: the contacts did not stop at all until the start of the operation against Gaddafi, they simply did not have time to find another folder with similar documents. Second, Gaddafi made it clear to the West that he was not going to give in exchange for a kind of "fraternal" help the threads of control of the oil business in the country.
In the meantime, the discovered documents are checked for authenticity, I would like to note that the double game has always been distinguished by world intelligence services, so there is nothing surprising for specialists in the published materials. But the reaction of the former Gaddafi oppositionists, who are now planning to come to power in Libya, to the actions of their "allies" may be unexpected for the United States and Great Britain. The same Belhadj is unlikely to “swallow” the insult that Western intelligence services inflicted on him at one time.

But it seems that very soon, in order not to wave a red rag in front of the bull, someone admits the compromising material found in Tripoli as an ordinary fake.
Alexey Volodin
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