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Ukrainian refugees in Primorsky Krai. Chronicle

A couple of months ago I wrote a comment, for which they put me already three dozen minuses. About the fact that it’s good that the Berkutians did not go to Primorsky Krai, but settled in the European part of Russia. I made this statement on the basis of information about how refugees from Ukraine live in the Primorsky Territory. I suggest you look at the chronicle News from the news site of the city of Vladivostok VL.RU.

June 5 2014.
"Big promises": what will the Primorye receive from meeting with Vladimir Miklushevsky in Vladivostok

During the three-hour talk of the governor of Primorsky Krai, Vladimir Miklushevsky, many promises were made to the people. We are interested in this:

Help refugees from Ukraine.
From the Mikhailovsky District, Miklushevsky was asked whether "we are planning to create a migration center in the province to help refugees from Ukraine." Such a family arrived in the Mikhailovsky District a month ago. People are trying to get refugee status. Vladimir Miklushevsky said that "we must help people who want to move from Ukraine or other places and settle in Primorye." He said that there are some problems regarding the internal documents of the FMS, but he “literally today” (that is, already yesterday) will call the director of the “migration office” personally and discuss the issue. Terms of resolving the issue silent.

8 July 2014.
Vladivostok residents collected medicines and clothes for the citizens of Ukraine (PHOTOS)
The first collection of humanitarian aid in Vladivostok.

8 July 2014.
“Affectionately Proceed”: Ukrainians in Vladivostok are waited in the UFMS and the Investigation Committee (CHANGE)

The editorial staff of offered Ukrainians who left the country homeland and everyone who has information about them in Primorye to respond — in order to find out how the “immigrants” settled in our region, whether their rights are being violated, what is actually happening in Ukraine.

9 July 2014.
The citizens of Vladivostok are waiting for the citizens of Ukraine

Ukrainians arriving in Primorye will be told how to legalize themselves in Russia, get a job, where to look for support. On Saturday, July 12, a seminar will be held at the Migration Center (Komandorskaya Street, 12.00) at 11 on legal status settlement and comprehensive assistance to Ukrainian citizens, the press service of the regional UFMS reports.

Representatives of national public organizations, employers, and interested persons are invited to the meeting. And be sure the citizens of Ukraine. Following the meeting, it is planned to form a working group comprising representatives of the regional migration service, the Primorye administration, national public associations, employers ready to receive citizens of Ukraine.

4 August 2014.
“Nobody wants to be a refugee!” The working group discussed the legalization of Ukrainians in Vladivostok.

Helping Ukrainians coming to Primorye is not the first time becoming the main topic on the agenda of the maritime authorities. This time, first of all, it was about helping refugees in the only TAP in Vladivostok, located on the insular territory of the FEFU campus on the basis of the hostel number 8. The temporary accommodation center is equipped with 210 beds, and Anatoly Khmelinin, deputy director of the Main Directorate of the Primorsky Krai for fire safety, civil defense and emergency situations, is appointed as its head.

“In this issue, the timeline must be tightened. We cannot wait a month until people get status and begin to consider job vacancies, ”said Alexander Los.

Marina Zavyalova, deputy head of the UFMS, retorted: “We are marking time in the same place for several days. Today we learned that all citizens of Ukraine want to get exactly RWP (approx. temporary residence permit). They do not need refugee status. And then there are problems that are not yet resolved at the moment: medical certification and state duty - 2000 rubles from everyone who submits documents. Then the state will reimburse these two thousand people, but it will not happen soon. Now we have to find this money for them. We contacted Moscow, but no solution was found. There is an option to use sponsorship. On the part of the migration service, I cannot help here, no matter how much I want. ”

The nuances associated with obtaining status are decided by the joint work of the departments. However, representatives of the Finance Department and the Legal Department of the Primorsky Territory did not attend the meeting of the working group.

5 August 2014.
“No one is waiting for the manna from heaven” - visitors from Ukraine told about a new life in Vladivostok (PHOTOS).

Here you can read interviews of immigrants and refugees. In general, people are happy and hope for the best. Many have already found work. The following seems to me quite interesting:

We ask: "Why did Vladivostok choose?". A little thought, Natalya Fyodorovna replies, grinning: “We are the occupiers, as we are called. They wanted to go as far as possible. We want to stay here, but we cannot live in Vladivostok. Only in the region will be allowed somewhere. And in the Voronezh region was very bad in the TAC. People were rude. I said: “If the bullets were whistling over you and throwing bombs, you would also run somewhere.” But there are a lot of people coming. And here is good. Grandchildren feel great. ”

15 August 2014.
Humanitarian aid was delivered to immigrants from Ukraine on the FEFU campus in Russian.

On Friday, August 15, about 10 tons of household chemicals for IDPs from Ukraine were delivered to the FEFU campus on Russky Island. The humanitarian cargo included shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, shaving accessories and cosmetic creams, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reports.

We add that, by decision of the government, Primorye will be able to accept no more 2835 refugees from Ukraine - the relevant decree was signed by Dmitry Medvedev.

19 August 2014.
Refugees from Ukraine arrived in Vladivostok (PHOTO).

On Tuesday night, August 19, a train arrived at Vladivostok station with citizens who were forced to leave Ukraine. From the station to the temporary accommodation on the island of Russian went 14 man, among which are six children.

28 August 2014.
More than 600 new settlers from Ukraine met in Primorye (PHOTO).

The train with citizens who were forced to leave Ukraine arrived on Wednesday night, August 27, at the Sibirtsevo railway station. In the number of arrivals near 200 families, of which 21 - kids age up to one year.

According to the press service of the regional administration, in a cafe at the station, Ukrainians were given hot takeaway lunches. Also, families with children up to 5 have been given special kits for babies. They contain cereals, baby food, biscuits, milk, and diapers. Humanitarian aid was collected by the Primorsky Center for Social Services of the Population with the help of caring Primorye.

In 22.00, officers, EMERCOM of Russia officers, police officers, ambulance crews and social workers met the train in the Chernihiv municipal district.

Ukrainians were assigned to buses that took them to the 7 municipalities of the region - Arsenyev, Spassk-Dalniy, Partizansk, Khasansky, Kavalerovsky, Chuguevsky and Mikhailovsky districts. There, they promise to arrive at the temporary accommodation centers.

28 August 2014.
“There is no Ukraine for us anymore”: trains and airplanes bring hundreds of Slav brothers to the Primorsky Territory (PHOTO; VIDEO).

27 August is exactly on the 22.00 train with 608 Ukrainians arrived at the station Sibirtsevo in Primorsky Krai. Even more 400 people arrive on August 28, 24 hours later, at the airport of Vladivostok with a special board.

At first, six hundred new Primorye residents were given hot meals and food packages to families with children. “Each has a portion of borscht, buckwheat with meatballs, bun, bread, compote. Today, from three o'clock in the morning, they cooked, ”says Elena Komaha, director of the cafe“ Visiting Komashki ”. She is helped by girls from the local basketball team. For the smallest social welfare center prepared food packages. “Slightly more 50 grocery sets were collected by the entrepreneurs of the region. Milk, mixes, cereals for children, diapers are included in the set ... People carry shoes, clothes, warm clothes, bedding, ”said Elena Okmanyuk, deputy director of the seaside social service center for the Spassky district.

One of the smallest recipients - five-year-old David Zimin. He and his mom and dad rode the train for eight days. Stepping on the coastal land, rejoices and waves to journalists. “I was somewhere there — far, far away,” the little boy thinks. “When they left, the computer was taken down to the cellar, the TV was taken to the cellar.” All in the cellar. In general, there are children on the 200 train, 21 of them are not even a year old ...

Right at the railway station in Sibirtsevo, Ukrainians were distributed by buses, and they went to seven cities and districts of the region: Arsenyev, Spassk-Dalniy, Partizansk, Khasansky, Kavalerovsky, Chuguevsky and Mikhailovsky districts.

"We expected 575 Ukrainians, arrived 608 a man, - commented the vice-governor of the region, Alexander Los. - There will be more in Primorye 2800 person. Vladivostok already has more 250 person. Most of them will apply to the FMS for a temporary residence permit, and then for citizenship. Now they will apply for refugee status. After three days they will be given this document, and people will have the right to get a job. We will offer people work in the mining industry, agriculture, pedagogy ”.

29 August 2014.
More than 400 Ukrainian refugees arrived by plane at Vladivostok airport (PHOTO).
On Thursday evening, 28 August, a plane arrived at Vladivostok International Airport from Simferopol, which delivered more 400 forced migrants from Ukraine.

According to a press release from the Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia in the Primorsky Territory, specialists from the department, as well as representatives of the Primorye administration, rescue workers, psychologists, police officers and emergency medical teams were brought in to meet people.

The administrations of Nadezhdinsky, Shkotovsky, Kirovsky, Chernigovsky, Khorolsky, Oktyabrsky and Partizansky municipal districts provided buses to transport people to temporary accommodation centers.

Vladimir Fokin, Colonel of Internal Service, head of the EMERCOM Main Directorate for the Primorsky Territory of Russia, noted that, thanks to the operational and coordinated actions of the personnel, people were organized in municipalities, assisted in boarding buses.

30 August 2014.
“Crimeans and Ukrainians will go to the shipbuilding complex '' Star '' - Dmitry Rogozin in Bolshoy Kamen (PHOTO).

On Saturday, August 30, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin arrived at the Zvezda plant in Bolshoy Kamen. The curator of the military-industrial complex and the state defense order held a meeting with the leadership of the Far Eastern Center for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair, the regional authorities. Behind closed doors they discussed construction at the shipyard plant, as well as the creation of a shipbuilding cluster in Primorye.

Dmitry Rogozin admitted that working hands are the main problem in the province. “The machines can be bought, delivered, the plant can be built. But the people in the Russian Far East is not enough. And in shipbuilding, even more so. If we talk about the plans for the development of this enterprise before the 2025 year, we need an additional about 10 thousands of workers. They will need to be brought up from local staff and invite professionals, providing them with housing, the Deputy Prime Minister said. - I think wages here will be pretty high. Higher than the whole edge. In this regard, there is motivation - people will come from other regions, from the European part of Russia. I think some part of the Crimean people will arrive - the shipbuilding industry is quite developed there. Given the situation in Ukraine, we can expect a large influx of workers and qualified specialists from the Nikolaev region — there are huge shipyards that now stand without any orders, and it is clear to all that Kiev does not need industry. And we need these people. They adapt very easily to new conditions. Now there are all conditions for the acquisition of citizenship. On the other hand, in the Primorsky Territory reserves are not exhausted. The main thing is where to live? The city with the status of ZATO has always been under such a virtual "fence". And you need real housing, which must be built quickly. This is the main problem - we will pay close attention to it. ”

1 September 2014.
The children of forced migrants from Ukraine went to school on Russky Island with new backpacks (PHOTOS).

According to the administration of Vladivostok, 50 students from Ukraine are enrolled in the city’s schools. Among them are 18 guys from families with official refugee status. These families were accommodated in the FEFU hostel. Three children of preschool age are admitted to kindergartens.

“The remaining 32 schoolchildren remain in the position of internally displaced persons - their parents are involved in paperwork for obtaining official refugee status. They live with their relatives in Vladivostok, ”the city’s press service noted.

5 September 2014.
Ukrainians from Mikhaylovka: “Most of the TAPs left, people carry medicines and sleeping bags to us”

The immigrants from the south-east of Ukraine, who were brought to the seaside village of Mikhaylovka, are looking for work and are leaving the temporary accommodation center, from where they were promised to expel 5 September (details ...). About how things are going, told one of the inhabitants of the TACs Elena.

According to our interlocutor, today the TV has already been taken away from the TAP. Previously, she said that, citing safety standards, they were forbidden to erase people (if they had fallen into this case, the curators would not be happy). True, they are not promising to evict everyone now, September 5, but on Friday, 12. September 14, we recall, in Primorye elections of the governor will be held.

“Our family passed the passports in the FMS, we received certificates of identification. We participate in the State Program for the resettlement of compatriots. We wrote a statement that we want to become citizens of Russia. After three months, we will be given "temporary passports" (apparently, Elena means temporary residence permit - approx., in three years we will receive citizenship. We heard that it would be necessary to live in the same place in order to later acquire citizenship.

As for returning to the Donetsk region, we don’t know, no one calls us there, ”Elena said. - Most Ukrainians from Mikhailovka have already left. From 74, the person left is about 30. Tomorrow we are leaving for Olginsky district. So near the village of Milogradovo there is a farm where English cows are raised. My daughter and I will work as milkmaids, and my son-in-law will be a tractor driver. We were promised that we will earn by 20 thousand rubles, then - how we will work - maybe more. They say the school is there nearby, the son will ride the bus. Now my grandson is ill - for the third time since August 15. The doctors wanted to put the child in the hospital, but we refused - to leave tomorrow. People help: they carry the medicines that the doctors wrote us out, they brought the stroller, the bath, the clothes, the apples and the pears ... They even brought sleeping bags - they said if we were evicted so that we could sleep. ”

According to Elena, her compatriots are gradually finding work. One family went to Novoshakhtinsky (Mikhailovsky district), where his wife would work at a small bakery, and her husband a carpenter, he was even offered to open a workshop for assembling, hauling upholstered furniture. People go to Ivanovka, Grigorievka, Vladivostok.

Those who persistently do not hand over their Ukrainian passports have remained. People are afraid to remain without documents in general. The certificates that are issued to them for a time, in exchange for a passport, are valid only in the territory of the region. If people want to leave, they will remain without an identity card. The citizens of Ukraine can stay on the territory of Russia for up to six months (unlike other citizens of the CIS countries for whom there is a three-month “corridor”). Another thing is that they cannot get a job simply on the basis of Ukrainian passports - for this you need to decide on your status on Russian soil.

9 September 2014.
Migrants from Ukraine are not in a hurry to register for work and leave the TAC in Vladivostok - UFMS.

Representatives of the Situational Center for Work with Arrivals from Ukraine do not know cases of forced evictions of citizens from seaside TAPs. However, Ukrainians are asked not to hope that the items will always work. On Tuesday, 9 of September, at a press conference in Vladivostok, experts said that every day they help displaced people to draw up documents, although not everyone is in a hurry to legalize.

Today, on the territory of Primorye there are 53 temporary accommodation centers for citizens. Their residents are provided with food, caring for the heads of districts and the migration service, assured Maxim Beloborodov, head of the Federal Migration Service of the Territory. As a rule, citizens arrived purposefully, therefore problems with their registration did not arise.

The participants assured that even today agricultural enterprises and plants, especially in the outback, are ready to offer vacancies to migrants. Mostly workers are required - accountants and lawyers have enough of their own.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainians who arrived from the points will not be forcibly evicted, Yevgeny Malyshev, the acting head of the Primorye civil protection department, assured the regional budget, the costs of placing them under the treaties.

“Naturally, the contract has a tendency to end. The issue of the timing of evictions and employment is still under construction. Job fairs are regularly held at which Ukrainian citizens are offered jobs and areas for permanent residence. Of course, the TAP cannot exist forever, ”noted Evgeny Malyshev.

He added that without the “right to choose”, people living in TAPs in Russian will not be evicted. The acting head of the civil defense department also commented on the incident with migrants from Mikhaylovka, one of whom, Elena, told that they were being evicted from the TAP at a local school (details ...) to prepare it for the upcoming governor’s election: “The curator of the TAC could offer she has to move to another room for the time of the elections - no more than that. We repeatedly talked with Mikhail Chapter on this topic. ”

10 September 2014.
In Vladivostok, again accept documents from the Ukrainians for registration of temporary residence.

FMS of Russia on PC found a reserve in the framework of the quota of temporary residence permits for citizens of Ukraine in Primorye, the department said in a press release. Thus, the acceptance of documents for receiving RVP from refugees in Vladivostok and the region has been resumed.

The reserve was obtained at the expense of the canceled and refused to issue permits for temporary residence. To ensure the receipt of documents, an appropriate disposal was sent to the regional structural units of the Federal Migration Service Directorate for the Primorsky Territory.

12 September 2014.
In Primorye, 53 TACs for Ukrainian refugees have been approved.

In Primorye, a list of temporary accommodation points has been approved, intended for persons forced to leave the territory of Ukraine. The list contained in the resolution published on the official website of the regional authorities contains the 53 TACs. And the list itself is provided with phone numbers and addresses.

15 September 2014.
Ukrainian refugees in Primorye: "We are returning to the Luhansk region, it is impossible to live here."

Forced migrants from Ukraine leave Primorye. The conditions provided by the regional and federal authorities do not suit the Ukrainians: not all find work, with housing even worse. keeps in touch with Elena - she and her family came to the edge of August 27.

Savchenko's family was first identified in Mikhaylovka, in the TAC. From there they began to drive out, less than a week, referred to the gubernatorial elections. The family quickly found a job - at first they were told that they would take them to Milogradovo (Olginsky district) on a farm where English cows are raised. And they identified the family in Deciduous - about five kilometers from Milogradovo. Elena told about how they live and their future plans by contacting correspondents by telephone.

Interview in the article. Already 11 people, according to the Department of the Federal Migration Service, left the temporary accommodation centers of Primorye. In total, 2385 Ukrainians arrived in our region from the beginning of the year, and left the region 2440. More often people from TACs leave at their own expense. According to the law, they explained to us in the migration service, they have the opportunity to travel once at the expense of the state - after receiving the status of forced migrants. Usually they use this opportunity to get to the TAC.

So did the Savchenko family. According to Elena, they have no money for the way back - even in Ukraine, the bank has blocked all funds on the card. She asks all concerned to respond and help a family of four to get home. Elena Savchenko's contact phone number is in the edition.

26 September 2014.
“We don’t even have toilet paper” - Ukrainian refugees ask Primorye to help them return home.

September 27 will be a month since the day when several hundred people arrived in Primorye from the south-east of Ukraine. From tomorrow they will no longer be fed. No money, not all found work. People who stayed at the temporary accommodation center in the village of Mikhailovka contacted correspondent.

The Savchenko family, which from the Mikhailovsky TAP, arrived in Foliar (Olginsky District), soon leaves for their homeland. With life in Primorye, they did not work out. The promised "golden mountains" turned out to be a damp house with a clogged toilet and work in a distant village, where there are no schools or hospitals and it is not known for sure what the salary is (details ...).

Not indifferent readers of helped a family of four with tickets to the Rostov region - from there across the border to the Luhansk region, to Sverdlovsk. The whole family moved back to Mikhaylovka and is now engaged in paperwork, gets their passports, which they have passed to the FMS. Through Elena, which is currently located at the temporary accommodation center, we keep in touch with the rest of the Ukrainians. In total, four families remained in the TAC. People who have the opportunity, leave home.

29 September 2014.
In the village of Mikhailovka, Ukrainian refugees fought over money.

On Sunday evening, 28 September, a conflict on financial grounds occurred at the temporary accommodation center in the village of Mikhaylovka. Forced migrants from Ukraine fought, the police arrived at the scene, which immediately took the position of one of the parties. About what happened, we were told by one of the participants in the incident.

After published material on the plight of Ukrainian refugees in Primorye, lack of hygiene products and warm clothes (details ...), caring readers began to call and come to them - to offer things and bring money. Actually, because of the money, everything started. At 22.00, our correspondent was called by an agitated Elena Savchenko and said that the police would not let her and her son out of the TAC, although they had to go to Vladivostok that evening and from there by train to the house.


Now four families live in the TAC, 11 people - six adults, five children. Children from two to five years. The youngest 11 months. Tickets are not required for them, only for adults. While the documents are in the FMS, but people are ready to leave as soon as they return the passports. And return them when there will be money for tickets.

“People helped us, carried warm clothes, diapers, children's things. Elena took much with her: “You are adults,” she said, “survive yourself. I will not leave you anything.” But we do not need anything anymore. If only I could go home. It’s quiet there, they don’t shoot, kindergartens are opening, people are returning, says our interlocutor. - I arrived with godfathers - they have two small children. When we went to the refugee camp, we were told that there were places in Khabarovsk or Vladivostok. They promised that they would bring us to the city, that there was a sea, fleet, mines ... We did not know that we would get to Mikhaylovka, that there was no work in the region, there was no housing, and the mines for which our husbands had arranged were not mines. such Already half of those who got there, quit.

October 9 2014
Ukrainian refugees ask readers to help them return home from Mikhailovka

Forced migrants from the south-east of Ukraine want to leave the village of Mikhailovka. Svetlana was in Mikhailovka with her mother and five-year-old son Nikita. There is no money for the return journey, but it’s impossible to find housing and get a job in Primorye.

Now the family lives in the TAC - they are the last who could not find a job and have not left yet. In the gymnasium where the Ukrainians lived, it was now cold, and they were moved to the second floor in a smaller office. Meals at a local cafe are no longer paid, but they give “daily allowances” - Svetlana says that it’s even better: you can buy sweets or cookies for your child.
Others have already left, many even in a compartment. People helped. We do not need a coupe - we just want to go home. In Rostov-on-Don, they promise to meet us, and the bus goes again, and there you are within reach ... ”

December 30 2014
Refugees from Ukraine in the Chernihiv region threaten to be evicted from the TAC in the taiga 1 January

46 immigrants from the south-east of Ukraine risk starting a new year on the street, without food, work, money and documents. Now, in the temporary accommodation center in the village of Mushroom of the Chernigov region, there is simply nothing to feed the people. And on Thursday, January 1, representatives of the district administration promise to expel everyone into the street, despite the lack of money and documents.

Sanatorium "Spring" is located in the taiga, 15 kilometers from Chernigovka, in the tiny, courtyards on 15, the village of Mushroom. There is no housing, work and what is called “infrastructure”, but sometimes a bear cub comes in, and it is freezing outside in minus 35-40 degrees. There is not even a shop where you could buy food.

On August 28, people of different professions got into it: miners, financiers, salesmen, there is even a former bank director. Total 46 people, 16 of them - children up to 16 years. The youngest child is two months old.

"Work? We would be happy! Yes, with the inquiries, no one takes us to work. So they say: this is not a document. Several people got a job without documents - but they were not paid. In the cafe, people worked, on the basis of "Diamond Coast" - for the month they promised each of 40 thousands, did not give anything. But there we were advised by people from the district administration to get settled!

We have no money, no documents. We were immediately warned when we were brought here: there is no housing in the village. Rent an apartment in Chernigovka - about 15 thousand rubles per month. There is also a dormitory for three thousand rubles, with a common shower, it is impossible even to wash it there. But we don’t have this money either. ”

January 5 2015.
Ukrainians from the TAC in the village of Mushroom starving. is keeping under control the situation of the internally displaced persons from the south-east of Ukraine, who remained in the village of Mushroom in the Chernihiv region of Primorye without food or money. 1 January they were promised to be evicted from the TAC in the taiga. Not yet evicted, but the promised money for food is not listed.

28 people from Donetsk and Lugansk regions live in the sanatorium "Spring", which 46 of August became a temporary accommodation point, 16 of them are children up to 16 years (details ...). At first, there were about twice as many immigrants in the TAC, but many of them had left. Those who stayed say that they are not hired by their temporary asylum certificates.

“Some of us have the documents - temporary residence permit - done before. They left the TAC, got a job and live. We do not, although for half a year they have already promised to issue passports. Now we have certificates in which it is written by hand that they have been extended for a year. Maybe, according to the law, we are obliged to hire us to work with them, but they all say in one voice that this is not a document. On November 10 we were promised to give testimonies to the participants in the State Program for the resettlement of compatriots - we take part in it, and in another ten days to issue a “lift”. But there was no evidence. We do not want to leave, on the contrary - we want to get Russian passports. We were told that they would be made in half a year, but now it’s obvious that by February 28 we will not have them. Those who tried to get settled illegally, without documents, were deceived - they did not pay money, ”said Oksana, a resident of the temporary accommodation center.

Total. Historically, in the Primorsky Territory, the ancestors of the majority of the modern population are migrants from the territory of Ukraine:
During 1858 — 1914, 22 122 peasant families moved in Primorye, 70% of which came from Ukraine, while their share in the South Ussuri region was 81,26% of all peasant migrants.
Therefore, it is not surprising that the majority of modern migrants easily settled in a new place.

Those who could not get settled, either didn’t try very hard or were unlucky. Although the fault of the officials in this too.

I believe that if the Berkutov people came to Primorsky Krai, they, of course, would have settled down and found work and housing, but not as well as in the western part of the country. That confirms the constant outflow of the population from the Primorsky Territory to the western parts of the country or in general to other countries. Personally, I have many acquaintances who have gone to the west, to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Yes, we have a difficult climate, which the inhabitants of even the colder northern regions swear. Yes, in comparison with Moscow salaries we have 1,5-2 times less (15-25 thousand rubles. - average, “normal”, 40-60 thousand rubles. - very good, rarely where it happens), products in 1,5 are more expensive , but the apartments are comparable in value with Moscow. Yes, we have officials - a lot of promise, but little crooks. But even in such conditions, it is easy for us to find a job and survive. If you want.

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    1. PN
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      The premise is that the authorities constantly insist on the necessity of developing the Far East, but at the same time there is very little that they are doing for this.
      1. 17085
        17085 8 January 2015 09: 10
        Well, you know, now they’re at least doing something. Rather, the last five to seven years. I myself am from Primorye, it was a shock to me to find out how well they live in the western regions. Although I hear a lot of whining, there is only one answer - go to the seaside, there you will find out what bread is for freezing, live without light, what is the February accident on a heating main or the August typhoon. Although I repeat, new plants appear, they raise old ones, construction sites, construction sites, construction sites ... but I’m not interested anymore, I moved twelve years ago and don’t live badly, I correspond with classmates, who settled in Moscow, who in St. Petersburg, who else where ... Late to catch it ...
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          Low bow to the author for the work done hi

          I have relatives in the Russian Federation, there is where to live, and that is, and I could not begin work for a long time, I got this right through 5 months after crossing the border for 4 the day before the New Year. And what about those who have nothing and no one? sad

          It's a shame that many Russians (although this is probably normal), do not have the slightest idea about the work of the FMS. Many met me in a couple of months, asked, and that you do not have a RF passport yet, you are not working yet ?! After all, they said on TV ....

          Well, it is like bureaucracy everywhere, it is understandable. The incomprehension of Russians in Russia is incomprehensible. How is Lugansk region different from the Kurgan region? Why look like lepers? request
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            It wasn’t in my rules that they began to sculpt a minus, but dear Nevsky, no one has canceled the bureaucracy, especially now. In Moscow, from 1996 to 98, I had a family and a son, and I received citizenship at 2002 and I don’t complain and I don’t blame anyone, and now, under the guise of refugees, you yourself know who can come to Russia, if in Novosibirsk even the monuments were painted. Who? if not disguised as refugees?
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        If there was an opportunity, the locals themselves would have moved to Vladik. Our government, apparently, does not know how people from the "Moscow Ring Road" of Russia live.
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          They know that they themselves live outside the Moscow Ring Road (on Rublevka)
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        Our authorities have been talking about diversifying the economy for 15-20 years already. But things are still there! Maybe not those people rule the economy? Yes, it seems we ourselves chose them. belay
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        Yes, there is no tragedy. People are alive and this is important. And sooner or later they will receive a passport. It happens worse.
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  4. Magadan
    Magadan 8 January 2015 08: 35
    the attitude towards refugees is swine. The authorities pretend that they are sympathetic, but they are doing everything so that people can’t get settled.
    I wanted to write an article about the relatives of our friends from Slavyansk. A young guy in the Militia since May (at Strelkov started), the family went to the Belgorod region. Friends have an apartment there, i.e. although there is no problem with housing. BUT nobody could get a job either in kindergarten or work. A man worked for a private trader, he was not paid. Women cannot get settled for the reasons described in the same article. None of the officials helps what, on the contrary, does everything so that people go hungry and try to get back under the bombing.
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 8 January 2015 11: 16
      Quote: Magadan
      BUT nobody could get a job either in kindergarten or work. A man worked for a private trader, he was not paid. Women cannot get settled for the reasons described in the same article. None of the officials helps what, on the contrary, does everything so that people go hungry and try to get back under the bombing.

      My colleague works in the regional FMS in the Moscow region. so he says that those who went through the centralized points of refugees and received quota allocation have long been granted refugee status in a simplified manner, who wanted the relevant rights in our region. Basically, problems for those who arrived on their own and if they come with a statement to the FMS, then for them refugee status is determined on an individual basis after a thorough examination of the specific circumstances of the applicant’s case. And this process is about the same as when applying for a passport after conducting requests and checks i.e. about 3-4 months.
      And citizenship
      In accordance with paragraph "c" of the second part of Article 13 of the Federal Law "On Citizenship of the Russian Federation" term of residence in the territory of the Russian Federationestablished by paragraph “a” of the first part of Article 13 for foreign citizens and stateless persons, necessary for applying for applications for citizenship of the Russian Federation, for persons recognized as refugees, reduced to one year.

      So after a year of mercy, we ask ...

      Therefore, you cannot row everyone under one comb, many initially did not plan to immediately obtain refugee status in the hope of spending the war, there are those so-called permanent labor migrants who, on the contrary, want to legalize using this situation, etc. At least those who ran away without a stake and a yard without a roof over their heads and help did not remain. And officials, too, can be understood to give refugee status to no one in a row.
      Refugees are entitled, in addition to protection, to
      medical and medicinal assistance on an equal basis with citizens of the Russian Federation;
      receiving assistance in the direction of vocational training or employment on an equal basis with citizens of the Russian Federation;
      employment or entrepreneurial activity on a par with citizens of the Russian Federation;
      social protection, including social security, on a par with citizens of the Russian Federation;
      registration of a travel document for traveling outside the territory of the Russian Federation of these persons
      applying for a right of permanent residence on the territory of the Russian Federation or for the acquisition of citizenship of the Russian Federation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation
      Refugees have advantages in applying for Russian citizenship.

      Persons recognized as refugees in the Russian Federation enjoy the rights and bear duties on a par with citizens of the Russian Federation,
      Refugees also have certain obligations to their host state, the main one is compliance with the laws of this country.
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic 8 January 2015 11: 31
        Quote: Ascetic
        My colleague works in the regional FMS in the Moscow region.

        By the way, I also participated in this procedure and helped my cousins ​​who escaped mobilization, although for their parents living in one of the central regions of Ukraine I am Putin lackey, slave and zombie scoop. When I asked: why didn’t you turn to your aunt’s native in France, it was said approximately in the sense that in a free and democratic country it’s not accepted to help, and slaves can also be slaves on the neck request Some kind of insane reserve what
        Maybe I'm wrong. Of course. I did ... But there is such a parable
        The neighbor did not know how to annoy the neighbor. One fine day, scooped up a bucket of slurry in the toilet and poured it on the porch of a neighbor. Seeing this, the neighbor washed the porch, cleaned the bucket. In his garden he picked up selected apples and placed on the porch of a neighbor.
        The son was indignant: “Why did you do that !?”
        Father answered him: "Everyone shares what is in abundance!"
        All the same, we live together and the Russian mentality does not allow us, although I have already promised to help someone, because apart from the guan you won’t get anything under the door, with rare exceptions.
  5. Spike
    Spike 8 January 2015 08: 36
    The salvation of drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves. It seems to be a pity for people, but we ourselves are not in chocolate. Some kind of double feelings ...
    1. 97110
      97110 8 January 2015 12: 44
      Quote: Crutch
      Some kind of double feelings ...

      There was a case. Worked at an enterprise (2002). The average salary is about 1400. But there are men who EARN 10 or more at the same half-dead enterprise. And they get it. They just crawl into every hole, grab any job. We started a new project. It was necessary to do a decent amount of concrete work urgently. Earn - I don't want to! Again the same, although the salary has already become decent, and the main job is above your head. No one came from the employment service - people are not listed there for work. With obscenities, they formed a brigade from the protection - as I remember, I shudder. I'm just sure that among those who have arrived there are many who are greedy for work. But they settled down long ago, work and earn money. And they are not thrown with money - that doesn't work out somehow. And someone is good at reporters to complain about officials. Well this is a trend. And the topic is grateful for the media. Readers will read and admire - a fighter, eprst, with bureaucracy. And what a syllable. You cannot demand objectivity from a media employee, his FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I would just sit in a corner, look at the hardest work WITH PEOPLE, I would not write about the bastard Americans who organized the Maidan, but about them, about "chinodralov", about their salary as a rent, about their housing and children. Not a format? Well, of course, this is not about Ksyusha's lovers and gays in show business. There will be no rating, circulation or BABLA.
    2. ultra
      ultra 8 January 2015 13: 50
      Quote: Crutch
      Saving the drowning is the work of the drowning.

      Strongly disagree! We simply must help people in distress!
      1. sergbasic
        sergbasic 10 January 2015 18: 07
        Quote: ultra
        We are simply obligated to help people in distress.

        How is everything you categorically ... And people are not obliged to solve the problems of their state, (by the way, arising with their tacit connivance)? Or will they change states like gloves, and those around them will "... just have to ..."?
        Everything is ambiguous ...
  6. Warm Padded Jacket
    Warm Padded Jacket 8 January 2015 08: 39
    I have heard a lot of stories about refugees, both good and bad, and how they take help and sell it, and leave for another place to get something for free, and how glory to Ukraine is shouted in temporary camps in the Rostov region, mainly about those who are used to live on a freebie, and those who are used to working, work and live and are happy that they stayed alive, if there were bones and meat would grow, if we had counted on power in the 90s, we would not have survived until the 2010s.
  7. AX
    AX 8 January 2015 08: 42
    About a hundred people came to us. At the beginning of August. Now there are four families left. Those who really fled from the war remained. And they do not vomit, and they take on any work. They became friends with everyone. Simple and wonderful people. They don’t ask for help, they themselves we help. Amur ...
  8. Sorry
    Sorry 8 January 2015 08: 47
    Most Russians are not ready for mercy. In the 90s, when there were refugees from the republics of the Caucasus and Asia, neither the authorities nor the people were morally ready for this. They met with hostility. Orthodoxy did not work then and does not work today. : "come in large numbers ..." So much for the Russian-Slavic world ... And for the Donbass, none of the Russians will fight for this reason. Individuals saturated with the idea of ​​the Russian world will die, but not more. Here in Ukraine they somehow managed to educate the nation in 25 years, which the majority shouts: "Glory to Ukraine!", and in the Russian Federation only in the Caucasus you can hear Allah akbar and everything. And where vivat or hurray Russia! This is your main problem, not the price of oil and the exchange rate. Putin alone will not hold you together, because he is not eternal for anyone, like a mere mortal.
    1. Semurg
      Semurg 8 January 2015 09: 29
      Yes, a very instructive article, that our Russians were excited in the spring on the issue of northern Kazakhstan should read and think hard, it may be easier and better to admit that Kazakhstan is my homeland and try to do it better as much as I can, cherish the hope for the formation of the South Siberian province in place of northern Kazakhstan.
      1. Sorry
        Sorry 8 January 2015 09: 51
        That's right. Live in peace and friendship wherever you live, only this is your future. Drive away all sorts of historians, politicians and other Lord charlatans.
      2. sabakina
        sabakina 8 January 2015 10: 33
        Quote: Semurg
        Yes, a very instructive article, that our Russians were excited in the spring on the issue of northern Kazakhstan should read and think hard, it may be easier and better to admit that Kazakhstan is my homeland and try to do it better as much as I can, cherish the hope for the formation of the South Siberian province in place of northern Kazakhstan.

        Tell me, my friend left Uralsk. More precisely, he was forced. So tell me, who founded this city?
        1. Semurg
          Semurg 8 January 2015 11: 10
          Your friend left and did the right thing if he didn’t take root here, go and look for a place where he thinks he will feel better (now we have 21 centuries and everyone has a passport laughing the whole world is in front of you), more than two hundred thousand who left the Russian Federation in 2014 were also "more precisely forced"? or decided that somewhere they would be better? ... Who founded the city of Astrakhan, Kaliningrad, Bakhchisarai, etc.? Then start asking yourself these questions. Today, there are the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan that have recognized each other's borders and people who are calling them to reconsider and calling for war. So they need to read this article, it is only a small part of the troubles that the people who fought for changing the borders in the spring fell upon themselves (although the people who instigated this turmoil in eastern Ukraine are now far from the place of battles, and ordinary people have their forelocks cracking)
          1. Yuriwhite
            Yuriwhite 8 January 2015 11: 29
            I experienced the Kazakhstan tragedy through the experience of my uncles (and their families) and myself (participated in the evacuation) forced to leave the glorious city of Tselinograd. So you would be silent about the fact that you went there where it is better and other nonsense. I don’t like Kazakhs - these are also guys like kaklov. My friends and I consider northern Kazakhstan to be at least a temporarily occupied territory. And believe me, there are a lot of such people and they pass on the memory of their roots to their children.
            1. Semurg
              Semurg 8 January 2015 12: 18
              Astana is a beautiful, bagaty, sleazy city was not bombed to evacuate its uncles from there (which the Kazakh lover smoked laughing , sick with xenophobia) At the expense of northern Kazakhstan, don't worry about ending up in prison, and maybe worse. In general, he powerfully pushed into the account "about the memory of their roots that passed on to children" laughing ... Probably and you know the chants that you memorized at the annual "Russian marches".
              1. leva_125
                leva_125 22 January 2016 14: 51
                Eh, the guy is not a fig, you don’t understand, because of the work I work with the Chinese a lot, I constantly communicate with my fellow countrymen Seaside Koreans in China at work. So it’s not a secret for anyone that the Han people are thrown into Kazakh nationalism. You dig into who invests most of the Kazakh enterprises, the Russian Federation and the Russians leave Kazakhstan. The Han people come in place of the Russians, the point is that when Nazarbayev leaves, they will choose a nationalist fed with whales, he will defend the law allowing the whales to prey on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan independently. And the withering of the country will begin. Everything that I wrote is not difficult to check. Take off your pink glasses. In general, for me, your nationalism is a mystery, if your businessmen do not raise the Chinese question, they know the situation perfectly. Ah live as you know, only grows hungry in a hungry year. PS not one Russian will not declare himself a Kazakh, near his native country
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. siberalt
        siberalt 8 January 2015 10: 35
        Quote: Semurg
        Yes, a very instructive article, that our Russians were excited in the spring on the issue of northern Kazakhstan should read and think hard, it may be easier and better to admit that Kazakhstan is my homeland and try to do it better as much as I can, cherish the hope for the formation of the South Siberian province in place of northern Kazakhstan.

        There was no southern Siberian province. There was Tomsk. But living in one country was better. Something like this hi
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. Semurg
          Semurg 8 January 2015 12: 30
          Quote: siberalt

          There was no southern Siberian province. There was Tomsk. But living in one country was better. Something like this hi

          well, everyone has their own opinion. At the expense of one country, for me life in Kazakhstan is harder than in the USSR, but oddly enough it is better. Let's live in different countries, but good-neighborly, as it is written in the commandments, do not covet the neighbor's land, do not commit adultery with the "Russian world" in the neighbors, do not meddle with your neighbors laughing etc . And we will have a world that is always better than war.
          1. leva_125
            leva_125 22 January 2016 14: 52
            I wrote above, think not about the Russian world but about the Chinese
      5. leva_125
        leva_125 22 January 2016 14: 38
        because of nationalists in Kazakhstan, they have been going to Primorye since 2004. Several families know these. I was not a little surprised by their stories about being appointed to good posts along ethnic lines. It is also interesting that my energy acquaintances in the Far Eastern Economic University work and at the TPP 3 wives are linguists, one microbiologist at FEFU teaches. Shorter brain drain from the RK. In principle, I am only for it. Moreover, they do not spontaneously move, but gradually. And you Kazakhs would be better if not worried about the Russians, but because the most beautiful Kazakh women in South Korea. We will accept our own here not strangers. Only here, as if you yourself were not strangers in the Russian Federation when the Russians left
    2. 97110
      97110 8 January 2015 12: 48
      Quote: Pardon
      And where is Viva or Hurray Russia! Here is your main misfortune, not the price of oil and the exchange rate

      I immediately wanted to object, especially to
      Quote: Pardon
      And none of the Russians will fight for the Donbass for this reason.
      But I read it to the end. I agree. Correctly you pose a question. a plus.
  9. Gray 43
    Gray 43 8 January 2015 09: 16
    As always, we are not ready, neither morally nor financially, and even this artificial crisis, our grabbers immediately raised prices
  10. Viktor Kudinov
    Viktor Kudinov 8 January 2015 09: 32
    Indeed, there are problems of settling refugees from Ukraine in Primorye, and they are not always resolved quickly and positively. On the New Year's Eve, in a short conversation with the General Director of the Vostochnye Vorota company Ivan Bulenko (Vladivostok), I learned about the following problem: a company that is building housing throughout the Primorsky Territory is ready to employ dozens of refugees from Ukraine, but the issues of their legalization do not dare. Meetings with the mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev, regional officials have so far been unsuccessful. The company needs working hands, but, accepting them, he risks being bombarded with fines. However, there is also a positive experience. More on this later. I already tried to write everything, but for some reason the text flew off.
  11. cergey51046
    cergey51046 8 January 2015 09: 57
    Interestingly, how is life in the basements of Donetsk?
    1. lg41
      lg41 8 January 2015 10: 54
      In Lugansk on Gaeva quarter for the New Year there was no electric energy, water, heating
      1. 97110
        97110 8 January 2015 12: 54
        Quote: lg41
        In Lugansk on Gaeva quarter for the New Year there was no electric energy, water, heating

        An hour ago, they discussed why a nephew (a citizen of the Russian Federation) with his young wife (a former Ukrainian citizen, I do not know what stage the documents are) did not go to celebrate the New Year in the center of Krasnodon, where the Administration invited them.
  12. 3axap
    3axap 8 January 2015 10: 11
    I read the article. What can I say. The author, Aleksey, collected and posted a bunch of facts in the forum. Here we are indignant, we will angrily knock on the keys, spit saliva on the monitor. The author, I live in the Rostov region, it’s hard for me to imagine jien in the Primorsky Territory, fate didn’t throw fate beyond Sverdlovsk Region .Therefore I saw the problem of refugees and I know. There are no identical people. We are all different. But if you, the descendants of the same Novorosov, could not accept them and pour them into your many-sided world, then we believe it is even more difficult. We are neighbors, and neighbors are like it’s always known that they’re frustrated. But nothing terrible happened. This is life. The one who wanted to stayed there. And Alexei, you were closer to what was happening, you had to ring all the bells earlier and not when it was snowing and freezing outside. hi
  13. nogBogHuk
    nogBogHuk 8 January 2015 10: 34
    The fact of the matter is that they only repeat, but do nothing. They wait until the "uncle" from the West to invest money in our production, and they themselves can only speculate in currency, there is nothing else. The state does not invest in production, and banks enslave the population I lend at such high interest rates.
    There is no particular choice for refugees either. They used to go to Primorye to earn money, and now to Moscow. It’s just that Moscow has the offices of all large state-owned companies and they pay money to the Moscow budget, and they work in the regions. That's where the injustice is.
    1. 97110
      97110 8 January 2015 13: 00
      Quote: nogBogHuk
      The state does not invest in the development of production, and banks enslave credit to the population at such high interest rates.

      Look around. Wipe your eyes. Even through the blizzard, you can see that they are building, investing and lending. It’s not true that anyone wants to talk about it. The trend is to smear the homeland with mud. Good luck in this noble and approved by civilized countries. How to spud a bag or two of fees, invest, lend at divine interest. And God will forgive the sin of betrayal.
  14. Yuriwhite
    Yuriwhite 8 January 2015 10: 54
    Was this summer in Vladik was struck by the severity of the resort. Without a bulldozer after the Urals, this is a resort. Swam in the Sea of ​​Japan - Black is resting. Already began to think about relocation and found out how much the new apartments are in a high-rise building with sea views. On this my desire fell away - prices are commensurate with Moscow. Although the Ippon sharpeners are extremely cheap - they were probably :)

    What I didn’t like - my dear fish, I don’t have any vegetables — everything imported (and this in such a climate) is generally silent about berries and fruits. I asked the locals - where is agriculture - they answered - it’s more profitable for us to caviar and fish than to poke around in the ground.
  15. Evil dan
    Evil dan 8 January 2015 11: 20
    I don’t know what it is in Primorye and how it is in Vladivostok, but on Sakhalin these refugees were met at the airport, and employers and by profession took people to work (they had nothing to sit on their neck) to provide housing, for example, in my city they had a whole apartment building the five-story building has just been rebuilt. So it all depends on the authorities and on the refugees themselves. Just sitting on the neck of the local population and whining without working and demanding money for handouts and everything else just because they are some kind of refugees there (especially men who ran away like mice) - in this case, welcome back to Ukraine.
    Shl still add - seven such refugees have already been sent home .. in one local nightclub, having started drinking vodka, they started to run into local people saying that you are the Russians to blame for Colorado and all that ... well, the local shop windows were broken in the trash and no one else saw them . Maybe they flushed back to Urkaina, maybe they fled to another city. There is nothing to do with such an attitude towards the locals here, otherwise you can eat with your hands and do not care - let Uzbeks go better, at least they work
  16. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 8 January 2015 11: 26
    Yes, many have already written about local leaders who can do nothing but fill their own pockets, Russia is also not a paradise. Russia is Ukraine a few years ago, there is less and less work, communal services are not cheap, (this has always been the case in the Russian world for people were not considered) and in politics the opposition, which is legal (and no one knows how much illegal), constantly pulls at the authorities and behaves insolently, which means that soon the same thing will start in Russia as in Ukraine. Ordinary people treat refugees not so badly, but the leaders get confused in the desire to help and the possibilities to do this, they are not even independent in many issues, which means that if more or less organized people like the Ukrainian "Right Sector" come, THEY WILL RENT THE COUNTRY. Motivating "there was no order." And then again the claims of ordinary people "why did not stand up", and questions arise "against whom?" "for what?" and begins the answer "for the Motherland" which these fat-bellied and arrogant in peacetime drowned in mud and lawlessness.
  17. dimasialyt
    dimasialyt 8 January 2015 11: 42
    I am practically a neighbor with the author, from Khabarovsk. So, in the fall on the local TV there was a story (like a report, how the problems of refugees are solved, etc.). Such a calm program, without fanaticism. Interview, of course. The hostel, several mothers-grandmothers, around the chicks. They say: that but how ... And throughout the entire conversation, two wanderers loom in the background ... "Orphans of the Volga Region" from "The Twelve Chairs" probably everyone remembers ?! IN! One-to-one! Two boars, 130 kilos each, 30 - 35 years old! And such heroes cannot find work for themselves? !! So the problem is not only in the bureaucracy. Many dancers (hopak) get in the way of eggs (bacon). hi
  18. Viktor Kudinov
    Viktor Kudinov 8 January 2015 11: 57
    I come back with a positive example. Last August I talked with a family of Ukrainians who moved to Vladivostok from the Petrovsky district of Donetsk. The head of the family only a few days as he arrived in his car with things that could be taken away on it. There remained a 4-room apartment, which was allocated under Yanukovych under the program for WWII veterans, a house with a plot, used as a summer residence, etc. On the way to one of the Donetsk forums, the tragic news came that one of his close relatives had died - not managed to hide in the porch, an explosion tore off her head. It’s good that before that several relatives were saved by ferrying to the Russian Federation by their own car. The family was lucky that his brother, in Soviet times after the army, remained in Primorye and he could stay. For a while, a two-room apartment took this refugee. Prior to the owner of the family, his wife, an adult son and granddaughter from his daughter, who miraculously managed to take out, arrived in Vladivostok. For a couple of months, a job was found for his wife - a health worker, him and his son - at one of the decent enterprises in the city. In addition, the son basically decided the question of moving from the Dnepropetrovsk university to a federal university on about. Russian. The issue of housing was also resolved positively - of course, not in ownership. Of course, there was a lot of trouble, bureaucracy, but we ourselves are constantly confronted with this - let alone the visitors. In principle, if the Ukrainians liked the city, they really regret what they lost. However, even when peace is established there, they already doubt that they will return there. The head of the family noted that their area was bombarded with phosphorus-containing bombs, and the living environment in which they previously lived was poisoned. His opinion about Strelkov and the militia was unambiguous - these are real heroes who stopped genocide. I think this family is adapting perfectly to the Far East. After all, it was mastered jointly by several generations of Russians and Ukrainians. Yes, actually, these peoples are really friendly here.
  19. Ivan 63
    Ivan 63 8 January 2015 12: 02
    The Far East, and for whom is it the Far East? This is for residents distant all-local and Moscow officials. They are distant for all citizens of Russia, and we are close for them, from which we can tear off the last skin. Zhirinovsky proposed a development plan for the Far East, and not only, they just do not accept it. Apparently does not take into account the interests of close officials.
  20. fktrcfylhn61
    fktrcfylhn61 8 January 2015 12: 06
    Yes, we have officials - a lot of promise, but little do crook. But even in such conditions, it is easy for us to find work and survive. If you want.

    To the delight of officials, and a hedgehog with them!
  21. Evilcat
    Evilcat 8 January 2015 12: 08
    I'm freaking out. The Far East authorities are doing at least something for their own people. Well, immigrants from Donbass, logically, are also their own. And they do not need any indulgences and "help" in getting a job. Issue a temporary identity card as a citizen of the Russian Federation. This is an equivalent replacement for a passport, right? And you can get a job. If you have the ability and profession is in demand. And who in the Donbass did not need nafig, even if he does not roll his lip to the Far East. Nobody owes him anything.
  22. forest park 86
    forest park 86 8 January 2015 12: 49
    I don’t know how it is in the Far East, but in the Moscow region on the roads there is no overcrowding from cars with Ukrainian license plates. Looks like refugees. Yes, all not sickly cars, not "Zhiguli"
  23. Victorio
    Victorio 8 January 2015 13: 09
    what is the point of the article, that the reception of immigrants is poorly prepared and not organized by the local authorities, so it’s no secret to anyone, the same thing happens with other visitors and in other territories! somewhere better, someone was lucky, someone helped, everything is fine only on the papers in the reports of the migration authorities, and there is no end in sight (((
  24. zhuk-51
    zhuk-51 8 January 2015 13: 09
    Well, I don’t like it in Russia, let them return to Ukraine. What’s the problem? Let them go to Kiev, Lviv, Lutsk and meet them there as relatives. They will give them work and an apartment and a lot of good things. And let the author come to Ukraine and see how accepted refugees in the homeland.
  25. homosum20
    homosum20 8 January 2015 13: 24
    Since the spring of the 14th, people from Lugansk have been working for me. 53 years old. Education: Leningrad Polytechnic. Position: production control manager. Family: wife, three children.
    He is poorly versed in production relations (now it’s better, but the mentality is different). Very diligent. Compromise. Trainee.
    He spent the last 2 months in Norilsk (he supervised the installation of 2 gantry cranes that we passed before the New Year). Temper. to -43. Sometimes a blizzard. Its task is to ensure that the installation crews come to work, to provide them with a work front, to ensure contact with the Customer’s management. Tasks completed. I won’t say that it’s excellent (disruption of the schedule for 3 weeks), but fulfilled (they fit into the contractual conditions.)
    Salary of a brow for half a year 753 tr (on hand)
    Judge for yourself.
  26. Alexey Boukin
    Alexey Boukin 8 January 2015 13: 37
    Quote: YuriWhite
    I asked the locals - where is agriculture - they answered - it’s more profitable for us to caviar and fish than to poke around in the ground.

    Only Koreans poke around in the earth and for them, for some reason, everything is growing, while the locals in the garden have burdocks with a human height.
  27. rozowik
    rozowik 8 January 2015 13: 55
    So this situation is not only with refugees, here it is difficult to find work with citizenship, and without documents I can not imagine how people live. He himself was looking for work a couple of months ago, there is no work in his small homeland, what they offer is just a penny
  28. 23424636
    23424636 8 January 2015 14: 10
    the Russian Mafia is in control of the Far East; the Russian immigrants are therefore stupid, it’s time to take up ethnic clowns and expand the presence of those who are widely watching.
    1. dimasialyt
      dimasialyt 8 January 2015 14: 54
      "What class were you kicked out of for failure?" (C). In Ukraine, punctuation marks and the presence of intelligence were canceled ?! It is illiterate to write about what you do not know - double redneck !!! negative
  29. dimasialyt
    dimasialyt 8 January 2015 15: 15
    Quote: 23424636
    expand the presence of wide-eyed.
    When did they write IT with which finger and where they were picking? !! In the brain through the nostril ?!
  30. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 8 January 2015 17: 09
    Quote: dimasialyt
    I am practically a neighbor with the author, from Khabarovsk. So, in the fall on the local TV the plot was (in the type of a report on how refugee problems are solved, etc.). Such a program is calm, without fanaticism. Interview, of course. The hostel, n
    There are a few mothers-grandmothers, there are shpanyat around. They say: what and how ... And throughout the conversation, two wanderers loom in the background ... "Orphans of the Volga Region" from "The Twelve Chairs" probably everyone remembers ?! IN! One-to-one! Two boars, 130 pounds each, 30 - 35 years old! And such heroes cannot find work for themselves? !! So the problem is not only in the bureaucracy. Many dancers (hopak) get in the way of eggs (bacon). hi

    Those boars that "work horses" they were rotten in peacetime, the same "batmen" and other carpenter's men who lived for their pleasure from permissiveness, they did not and do not have acquaintances in the upper circles of the city where they lived all their lives walking with children on the sidewalks and all sorts of "fixers" flew past in foreign cars, business-like and dashing. They have no perspective under capitalism and their children are extras which will be led by the current majors, the children of cops and bosses. And you want to convince them to give their lives (and who will feed the family) for the head of the local Internal Affairs Directorate or the district executive committee !! ?? To which quite rightly the "pravoseki" made claims. And those bosses and the suckers themselves did not understand that they were specifically allowed to commit lawlessness so that then they did not find sympathy and support from the people. Now yours is bursting with "power" and time will pass they themselves fall on their knees before the people. As planned by puppeteers from abroad. hi
    1. dimasialyt
      dimasialyt 9 January 2015 14: 17
      No, Savushka! These guys are heavier than x "I have not raised anything in my life! They will not dig a grave for the mother of the deceased, - you can get tired!
  31. tasha
    tasha 8 January 2015 18: 53
    Minus to the author of the article - exclusively for the first paragraph and nagging about the set minuses.
    Dear Alexey - do not chase after virtual approval of the VO forum participants. Most of the commentators are chasing the number of comments, but not the quality. Do you know the joke about the rooster? "My business is to crow, and then - even though it doesn't dawn ..."
  32. Masha
    Masha 9 January 2015 19: 36
    It feels like the author was ordered an article to rock the situation. About refugees were already tantrums on the same site. Someone actively dislikes the governor Miklushevsky, apparently local. it's just that this is not the only topic that they are trying to rock here. I am from Vladivostok.
    I found this article on the site and interesting comments to it. therefore, the question is what the author seeks and for whom he works, who pays him for such tantrums. to put it mildly, all this is an exaggeration. but still believe !!!
    Below, the actual comments, who wants to, can be found on the internet.
    + 2
    Almost all the written lies !!! I came with refugees from Ukraine! The same refugee ... So: You can find a job, everyone who wanted to find ... salaries from 15000 to 40000 who were lucky, who wanted to build up normally. And in the Spring are either mothers with children who really can’t work because of the children (but there are few) or freeloaders who stayed who don’t want to work or spend money on housing and food. The administration and the FMS help if they see that the person is interested and not a freeloader. P / S He came and lived for the first time together with them in the Spring, so I know everything by heart.

    + 4
    It's a pity, of course, mothers with children. You can't do a lot of work when you have babies in your arms. But the situation is not clear. PVR is your temporary home and refugees themselves can wash the floors, dishes, cook food, heat the stoker, etc. Instead of this, all this work is done by Chernihiv residents for a meager salary, which has not been seen since October. Throughout the fall, the employment service and the administration rushed with them to employers. I know for sure that refugees were offered work and even housing for a nominal fee. But some refused - I do not like the salary. Whoever wanted to get a job and work. The employment service drove several people to Nakhodka and there they found work. In the fall around the Rodnik there was a rich harvest of walnuts and whoever wanted to earn more than a dozen thousand in three months. 55 kilometers from the "Spring" 2x-3x room hut can be rented for 7-8 rubles + light. But it's still some kind of city and you can find a job. So the problem is mainly with the documents. "

    + 6
    As long as you can with these refugees .... already no strength. In Vladivostok, everyone asks our organizations whether refugees from Ukraine have applied. Everyone is shaking for them. Who would be so worried about us. I went to such a point in Vladivostok a couple of times and heard so much about them. When people brought things to them, the refugees who are so poor and unhappy said: "We don't need these things, it would be better if they brought food." In the Russian prison, two rooms of things remained. And those people who wanted to stay here have long found work and housing. Now it’s not easy for us Russians, but I don’t really want to think about someone because of whom all this is happening to us now! "
    The director of the bank has been working as an economist on the railway for 2 months already, and before that as a security guard, watchman and at the construction site of the stadium in Chernigovka at the same time! And as for waste funds, God forbid someone to be in such a situation. And in Gribnoye there are freeloaders, which are everywhere. And in the Primorsky Territory there are a lot of them among the local population! "
  33. leva_125
    leva_125 22 January 2016 19: 02
    The author is an interesting article, or rather, a set of articles with ow, I, by the way, is a descendant of those same migrants who went here oxen from Poltava region. However, I note that I’m in full crap the American site and is full of our liberal-oriented seaside crests with brain washed to the eyeballs a vivid example of Valery Fedorenko For refugees, the trouble is that the administration did not bother to elementary to put up ads asking for help to refugees on billboards. I didn’t know about them at all, for example, I have 2 ka on a quiet one in Vladivostok, and a yard in Spassk-Dalny. He would have let the demon go; Governor Nazdratenko would have had no questions with the FMS. Muscovites ruined the region, imagine this situation at 99 m when Nazdratenko worked as governor of Didenko, the crockery was sitting on the fish was the mayor. Moscow is ruining the land appointing managers here without understanding what is here and how
  34. leva_125
    leva_125 22 January 2016 19: 21
    Many indigenous Primorsky people may have forgotten, but in my family they remember how they rushed from here to their historical homeland (to Ukraine to their relatives) during the events in the Domansky. Father was taken to school in Zenkov without any problems (despite speaking at a local surzhik who had existed throughout the Khankai lowlands until the 80s and sometimes abounded with Russian and Ukrainian words in Chinese too) and their great-grandfather who didn’t accept home to the Poltava region and not one he bunch of sisters and brothers who lived there helped. They lived there for 7 years and returned to Primorye. And now they have grief, but what are we? And we about this grief and we don’t know what the refugees really are, but who they are and where, who don’t know, we live in parallel realities. And they fall into the bastards of the FMS, but the FMS is simple if you can’t give a bribe, you don’t need it, that's why I’m sure the refugees have problems with the documents, the Uzbeks and Tajiks don’t have these problems