Ministerial Defense of Anatoly Serdyukov

Ministerial Defense of Anatoly Serdyukov

The commander of the naval base in the Moscow region, which had burnt down in the hot summer of 2010, was found innocent by the court and reinstated in military service. Now Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov, who undeservedly defamed the officer before the president of the country, is in fact hiding from the bailiffs. 70 rulings sent by registered bailiff addressed to the Minister of Defense are ignored by a high-ranking recipient!
... For ten days, the 2512 naval base soldiers, risking their lives, put out the burning forest. The commander received first-degree burns. When asked for help, the general sent from the ministry will say: “You'd better burn yourself!” Instead of a reward for dedication, the officers got a kick in the back ...
History This one began in a memorable 2010 summer of the year, when half the country was clouded by burning of forest fires. The fire came to the aviation and technical base of the Navy 2512, which is located in the forest near Kolomna. For ten days in a row, without receiving any help and risking their lives, the personnel of the base - four officers and thirty sailors - selflessly fought with terrible "high" fire. Defended 16 repositories from 41. But the high command appreciated the heroism of the subordinates in a very peculiar way - according to the formula “punishment of the innocent and rewarding the uncomplicated” All the officers at the base, led by their commander, lieutenant colonel Viktor Biront, were found guilty. All the officers immediately and without complying with the formalities required by law were simply thrown out of the Armed Forces.

Scorched earth
I met Lieutenant Colonel Viktor Biront a year ago when he saved part of the fire. Now I'm going to visit him. The lieutenant colonel is waiting for me in his green "Zhiguli" at the road junction. Then we go together, turn off the main road and find ourselves in a “dead zone”: in this forest there are neither beasts, nor birds singing - only barbed wire and trees burnt from roots to tops.
Viktor Biron tells how everything here was flaming 29 July 2010 of the year, on the very day when the fire destroyed part of the base. In a local gardening association, several houses burned down, people died. Firefighters were called, but they could not drive through the narrow forest path. “The Emergencies Ministry didn’t have enough forces and means at the time,” says Viktor Biront. - Two fire trucks arrived from Kashira only six hours after our call. The dacha residents were putting out their homes, and we saved our unit, fighting ourselves as best we could — using shovels, leaves brooms, and ten fire extinguishers — each with a capacity of twenty liters of water. ”
We enter with the officer into the territory of the unit, which is similar to the post-war village: scorched earth, burnt down buildings, hunched huts, some kind of military equipment. But a year has passed. Dead silence. We go in the entrance of the house where the commander of the unit lives: horror! To say that it is pathetic, to say nothing. On the threshold of the apartment, the mongrel Tuzik meets us - his paws were burned in a fire then, but he survived. And now thanks to the local population - guarding the entrance. He is kind, looking with a squint, they say, "I have everything under control." And Victor proudly says that the sailors were able to pull out of the fire twelve dogs, although their aviary burned to the ground.
The lieutenant colonel lives in a service apartment on the territory of the unit with his wife and student daughter. And still standing on the queue for housing. Victor dreamed of becoming a soldier from childhood - like a grandfather who was a lieutenant to the tsarist army. In 17 years, Victor came from Ukraine and entered the Ryazan Higher Military Automotive Engineering School. Soon he got acquainted with his future wife and together with her went along the distribution to the 6-th separate army of air defense forces. Then he served in the Baltic Fleet - near Kaliningrad, he studied at the military academy, in 2005 he was appointed deputy commander of the very naval base near Kolomna. Five years later he became the commander of the unit.
The officer's wife is disabled, she moves with difficulty on her own and almost died during that very fire: she was taken out of the fire by servicemen. The Lieutenant Colonel himself, by that time already pretty burnt (Biront received first-degree burns of his arms and legs), saved military property.
“For ten days we did not go out of the woods, put out the fire,” recalls the lieutenant colonel. - And on July 29 a strong wind rose at four o'clock in the afternoon, the fire somehow spread to the part on the water tower. She was the first and caught fire, burning chips flew in the direction of our club. We ran out of the woods and began to rescue a new technique. ”
When the fire, spreading at a speed of up to sixty meters per second, spread to the administrative part, all forces were thrown at the headquarters, the barracks, the warehouse of fuel and lubricants (fuel and lubricants), the gas boiler, to save the secret documentation, weapons and ammunition. We managed to defend all this, although any spark that reached the fuel or boiler room could have caused an explosion, and then human sacrifice would have been unavoidable.
Later, the State Fire Supervision Department for the Kolomna district of the Russian Emergencies Ministry counted the losses, issuing a certificate to Biront, according to which “sixteen storage facilities, a club building and several AHT auxiliary buildings” were burned, worth about four billion rubles. According to the officer, the old property requiring write-off burned down - it’s not clear where billions of rubles came from! Probably, these figures arose from the fact that the equipment was evaluated as new, although it is already more than thirty-five years old.
In connection with such a scale of material losses, Viktor Biront was fired from the ranks of the Armed Forces with a wind speed - in two days. The president then asked the Ministry of Defense to find the guilty. And the minister, as the court later established, actually misled the president of Russia. With Serdyukov’s submission, giving an assessment of the consequences of the terrible summer fires, Dmitry Medvedev said, in essence, the verdict to the base command: “All that happened is simply a failure to fulfill official duties, criminal negligence, when the fire spread, and not quite managed to localize. And the leadership of the base is completely unknown where it was! ”
By dismissal, the commander of the military unit 13180, Lieutenant Colonel Viktor Biront, his deputy, Major Ruslan Hidayatov, the head of logistics, V. Karandak, the head of the seventh storage department of the air base V. Melsisidenkov, Lieutenant Colonel V. Marchenko and the company commander, Major A. Ermolov.
By the way, when the generals made decisions about dismissals, the forest and military unit continued to burn. And there was no help. And there was no time for bureaucracy: not one of the dismissed ones left a part - everyone fought with fire until the wind changed. I remember that Viktor Biront told me then, a year ago: “We are four officers in the unit, and we work around the clock. We all stayed here, because the fire is still going on, fires are continuing. No one helps to put out the fire. They sent ten people. I’m almost fired, and all the officers are fired. I just asked: let's wait for those who come in return, so that there is no complete discord here. We still have thirty sailors here, one very badly burned. Nobody talked to us, except for the prosecutor's office, and they could not even write out all the milk! A third of the property burned down. Civilian personnel arrives, an inventory of what's left. And there remains something else - hoo. For us now the most dangerous thing is the wind: as soon as the wind rises, the fire starts again. Here the property of 40 years lies: how can it become billions, the property for airplanes and helicopters, which is not in use, is decommissioned? It was still in Soviet times, no one made a decision on it: maybe, it will be needed, it may be, it will not be needed, maybe we will hand over to the factories for repairs. There were no missiles or bombs here - the usual economic warehouse. Warehouse fuel we have defended. Gas boiler also defended. The main objects that could do harm, thank God, with the sailors defended. Ten days beyond the territory of the unit there were fires: we went there, dug in, extinguished, because the forest was burning. And then the squally wind lifted everything ... ".

50-meter strip between the Minister of Defense and subordinates
Lieutenant Colonel Viktor Biront was fired because there was no fifty-meter strip of felled forest around the base. Although Viktor Biront himself, since taking the post of commander of the unit, since May 2010, has repeatedly addressed reports to the authorities asking for permission to make a firebreak strip - to cut down the forest on the approaches to the unit. But the leadership of such initiative did not approve. “113 hectares are clogged with property. No special equipment, cutting down zones, felling forests, - says Biront. “I invited environmentalists, representatives of local authorities here, asked: start sawing the forest, start.” The previous base commander, Boris Dolkhonov, in order to prevent a fire, in 2008, he began to chop wood himself. So, a criminal case was opened against him, he was fired, and he was even sentenced to a fine of 500 thousand rubles. (And this is another illustrative pattern of trampling officer's honor).
The military extinguished the fire and rescued a part, but what was the Emergencies Ministry doing at that moment? Or, as usual, “the salvation of the drowning is the work of the hands of the drowning”? It turns out that part of the firefighters called incessantly, but they did not wait for help. On the night of July 30, Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov personally arrived in Kolomna and cursed loudly when he saw what was happening there. And Lieutenant Colonel Birontu, Army General Bulgakov, threw out: “Better if you burned yourself!”. To which Biront calmly answered him: "Yes, I will have time to burn more."
“The deputy minister called the Emergencies Ministry from my phone, he called the leadership,” recalls the lieutenant colonel. - But no one arrived even after his calls. The fire train, which he, too, was trying to call, appeared only a day later. I suffered burns, but I did not hide in hospitals. We were a 30 man on 113 hectares of a piece, and if the wind blew again, everything would catch fire again. And we were considered criminals! In the order of the Minister of Defense about my dismissal, the colonel printed me, although I am still a lieutenant colonel. I thought, here is some joy, finally became a colonel! I did not leave then, I waited until someone replaced me, because it was necessary to hand over weapons, ammunition. All were witnesses: I did not leave here anywhere, and all this time a part was saved. But I, understand, not the fireman, and for the first time I saw such fire in my life.
But Sergey Manakov, deputy head of the base for logistics, said: “At that time I was the acting head of the rear. He was appointed to the position of July 21, and the 29 of the first was set on fire. Arrived in part two hours after the fire. Meanwhile, the city turned off the light and thus turned off the water supply pumps to the fire hydrants, it was impossible to draw water on the territory of the military unit. Biront had one fire truck. On the way, I called our fire truck from Ostafyevo there, I called the Emergencies Ministry in Moscow, in the region, Kolomna. Through the Central Command Post of the Naval Aviation of the Navy, we asked for a helicopter to be allocated from the peatlands. Two firefighters EMERCOM-sovskie cars came only at one o'clock or at two in the night, and the fire happened even in 16 hours. We did not have any masks or gas masks ... I was also fired, no one did not understand anything. I had a desire to serve, but in the current situation, he is no longer there, because there is neither truth nor justice. ”
At the same time, President Medvedev announced the dismissal of the Chief of Naval Aviation of the Navy, Major General Nikolai Kuklev.
“I was dismissed from the armed forces after a fire on the basis of the 2512 Navy is completely unfair,” says Nikolai Kuklev. “But part cannot, without having any fire calculations, people who are cut down, can cope with the fire itself.” (Eight months before the fire, 17 in November 2009 of the year, the entire fire brigade of the military unit was reduced. A directive came from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation demanding: to remove the extra twelve people, two fire brigade cars and the entire militia unit military personnel whose duties included including ensuring fire safety. - Auth.) We fought against the reduction, but no one listened to us. But the warehouse can not be without fire equipment, the more it was created in the Soviet era, and therefore placed it in a dense forest - for camouflage. And if it lights up again, what to do - again the sailors must run around with shovels and sand to fall asleep? There are no fire engines, instead of them they were given some sort of satchels there - sprinkling local fires. But the elements can not be countered by such means. Nevertheless, the fire extinguishing was assigned to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the fire engines of the city of Kolomna. But they also did not help, did not come. Then the Deputy Minister of Defense General of the Army Bulgakov arrived, began to directly call the leadership of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Part of some funds allocated. When everything happened, by order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, I was on a short vacation, but immediately flew out the very next day. I have been in the Armed Forces since 1975, I have served 35 for years, but I have nothing - neither an apartment, nor a dacha. I live in a dorm with a family of five people. I am not a parquet general - 27 has served for years in the Northern Fleet, flew in carrier-based aviation, went to combat service on the Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, did not slip on the parquet ... ”.
Instead of Biront, Major Denis Kosyakov was sent to the unit from the Black Sea Fleet. A year has passed, but during this time nothing has changed. The central aviation technical base of the Naval Aviation of the Navy 2512 is surrounded by dead, dry, burnt forest, everywhere dry grass is waist-high. There is still no smell of firebreak, and the peat bogs in the nearby Lukhovitsy district just didn’t catch fire this summer.
Although the State Secretary is the Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Relief, Vladimir Puchkov believes that the conclusions are still made: “The legislation has been amended, which clearly distinguishes responsibility for preventing and preventing forest fires, as well as the interaction of federal structures in solving these problems and interaction with the regions is regulated. ” But here it is not clear to me what is behind this beautiful speech: we got the most up-to-date fire-fighting equipment and increased the staff of the relevant employees? Or is the same naval base 2512 insured against repeating the senior 2010 fire of the year?
According to the "spring" data of the Deputy Head of the National Crisis Management Center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Igor Solokhov, "out of eleven and a half thousand municipalities that are at risk of fire transition from the forest, only 60 percent are more or less ready for the fire-dangerous season." Apparently, the department again relies on Russian, perhaps, and we - on ourselves.

At the beginning of the summer, Viktor Biront was sure that the repetition of last year’s fire in the unit was even more realistic than before. If dry forest and grass had flared up, the naval base would have burned to ashes in a matter of minutes — after all, nothing had changed in a year. And the illegally dismissed Lieutenant Colonel Biront was preparing for the fact that, together with other officers and sailors, they would again rush to fight the elements, again they would fight with fire - for them this is an honor.
This summer, the Ministry of Defense was lucky - fires bypassed the Moscow region. In the meantime, Viktor Biront continues to live in the unit - in a service apartment, located in the most natural barracks built in the first post-war years. A lieutenant colonel gets twenty thousand rubles a month - no bonuses and allowances are paid to him ...

Bailiff Sugrobov and Minister Serdyukov
All year long, Lieutenant Colonel Biront and other dismissed officers had been suing the Ministry of Defense and the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, challenging the illegal dismissal. The officers defended their honor in court, winning the case in the Lyubertsy Garrison Military Court. The Moscow District Military Court confirmed this decision. It would seem like a small matter: to implement a court decision that has entered into legal force - the Minister of Defense and the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy appear as debtors. They are obliged to reinstate illegally dismissed officers. But the Minister of Defense is in no hurry to execute the decision of the court. Moreover, Anatoly Serdyukov runs from bailiffs, like a malicious alimony! The executor in the case of Bironta, an employee of the Office of the Federal Bailiffs Service in Moscow, Vladimir Sugrobov, is trying to present Anatoly Serdyukov with a resolution in the 70 time! The police officer, as it should be, first went to the Ministry of Defense - they simply did not let him in there. Now he regularly sends documents to the Minister of Defense by registered mail: 70 sent letters - and no reaction from a high-ranking government official. Apparently, Anatoly Serdyukov is not easy to admit that he did not understand, defamed the name of his officer and also misled his Supreme Commander.
To my question, “how long will you send letters to the ministry?”, The police officer Sugrobov replied: “Until the end of the execution period”. And why not take other legal measures to the minister, not to bring, for example, to criminal liability for malicious non-execution of a court decision?
We said goodbye to Viktor Biront at the entrance of his hut. Once again, she looked around the part, and it became embarrassing for my country: complete ruin and poverty - that would be where to go and see the president or prime minister, see what wretchedness can be found at the base of the Navy a few dozen kilometers from Moscow. I was ashamed in front of the lieutenant colonel, who had given the service to the Motherland for twenty-seven years and lives in a tattered apartment, drives an old Zhiguli.
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