Yanukovych and his team revealed their true identity to the world

Yanukovych and his team revealed their true identity to the world Yanukovych and his team, who were able to seize power in Ukraine only thanks to pro-Russian rhetoric, actively exploiting the wishes of the multi-million army of Russian and Russian-speaking voters, completed its “multi-vector games”, finally showing its true nature. President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych has dotted the “i”, informing Ukrainian citizens that the foreign policy choice of the Ukrainian state is clearly in the direction of European civilization, the European Union.

“Despite the difficulties, the main step has already been taken: we have finally decided on our future. The European choice became the basis of Ukraine’s foreign policy identity, and European values ​​the basis of our development, ”the Ukrainian president directly admitted in love with European“ universal human values ​​”without any ambiguities. And this happens simultaneously with the actual “war” launched in the field of energy and gas issues.

The President of the Russian Federation D. Medvedev has also recently made some sharp statements. While in Ulan-Ude, he said that Russia is not ready to offer Ukraine special conditions for joining the Customs Union (CU), Kiev must enter the CU on general terms, or a different regime will be applied to it. So, according to Medvedev, Russia can move to other customs regimes in respect of Ukraine.

While the EU is experiencing a lot of problems and does not know how to solve the problem of bankrupt and semi-bankrupt countries, such as Greece and Portugal, the Ukrainian president still radiates inexhaustible European integration optimism. "We are confident that the Association Agreement and the creation of a deep and comprehensive free trade zone is what Ukraine and the European Union need today." Kiev is not going to give its consent to the merger of Gazprom and Naftogaz. In Ukraine, it seems, they have decided to tackle the problem of Naftogaz radically. Since the “Tymoshenko case” didn’t serve as a sufficient reason for Moscow to revise, in favor of Kiev, the contract concluded at the beginning of 2009, the Ukrainian side made a really Solomonic decision to liquidate Naftogaz and create a new gas producing company. According to Azarov, after that Moscow will have to renegotiate the contract, since a new entity appears.

True, Yanukovych did not explain by his electorate how “European integration” would help Ukrainian industry and agriculture. It is enough to analyze the situation of the national economy in the post-Soviet Baltic countries, the countries of the former Warsaw Pact, to see that negative processes are taking place almost everywhere. London, Paris and Berlin do not need developed economies of these countries, they need markets for their products and obedience. European business will not modernize the Ukrainian national economy. The West finally “optimizes” both the economy of Ukraine and its population.

“We want to join the great European project,” Yanukovych continues, “building a united Europe based on the values ​​of freedom, democracy and law ...”. It turns out that this “introduction” was hindered by “tough pressure”, Kiev was “deliberately slowed down”. This, apparently, a shot in the direction of Moscow. In Russia, many experts believed that Moscow practically did not use the reserves of significant pro-Russian forces in Ukraine.

Although, for those who have long and carefully analyzed the activities of Yanukovych, his statement is not unexpected or sensational. Many Russians living in the Ukrainian state have long understood the essence of this politician and his regime, as well as the Party of Regions headed by him. In fact, this party is the Ukrainian national-bourgeois party (expressing the interests of a significant part of the Ukrainian oligarchy), which fears the onset of Russian capital, which motivates it to focus on the EU, the Western world.

In principle, the current Ukrainian president and the forces behind him never intended to integrate with Russia. They are all happy, they are the owners of Ukraine. For some reason they think that the European elites will "embed" them in themselves. Although it is clear that the West’s present comprador “elite” of Ukraine is needed only to free Little Russia from Great Russia, to further crush Russia. As soon as the “Ukrainian Moor” does its job, they will get rid of it.

It’s time for Moscow to stop and look back, having analyzed its entire past policy towards Ukraine. This will allow to radically reconsider its policy towards Ukraine. It's time to forget about the current “kraplennoy” deck of Ukrainian politicians, to look for Russian leaders, who will be our true allies. After all, it is clear that in a strategic, long-term perspective, it is much more beneficial for Ukraine and its population to integrate not with the West and the EU, but with Russia. The current Ukrainian "elite", in truth, are simply enemies of the common people, they are busy plundering the territory, where they were able to seize power by deception. And everything stolen by “overworking” has long been in the West - children, capital, real estate. They themselves have long been "attached" to the "European values." And they are ready to fulfill the role of a kind of "policemen" and "burgomasters" for the population of Ukraine in the new western project.

Therefore, Yanukovich, Yushchenko, Tymoshenko and the like will, until the last moment, resist integration with Russia, this process is death for them. Political, “elitist”, and possibly physical, if the death penalty is restored in the new united Union. It is clear that theft on a particularly large scale, the betrayal of the people, must be “rewarded” only in this way.
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